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  1. Original Saku

  2. Original Saku

    man this is such a loaded discussion but since it is top 5 "favorite" here are mine in no particular order. Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Hajime no Ippo FLCL 3-gatsu no Lion That was legit hard as fuck, if you were to ask me to do it over next week it would likely be completely different (except FLCL, that shit will always be a fav). oh btw I started watching anime in 1999 when I was around 7 years old. now i will include what I consider to be top 5 of all time, there's a important distinction between the two; Dragon Ball Kidou Senshi Gundam Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu Cowboy Bebop Ghost in the shell (would probably throw evangelion in here somewhere as well as Akira if we are doing movies)
  3. Original Saku

    violet evergarden is very good, one of the best shows that season and year, I'm excited for the movie.
  4. Original Saku

    I've heard some good things about shure IEMs, the only thing I've ever used from them though is their alcantara earpads which are legit some of the softest pads I've ever worn. My current IEM endgame is the BGVP DM7 Excellent pair of IEMs luckily I was able to avoid a QC nightmare and my pair works perfectly, Hopefully they'll get their process under control because they really make some of the best value Chi-fi IEM you can get right now.
  5. Original Saku

    I've never listened to the mad dogs myself but I've heard that the MK3 is close but just not as refined at the MD mod. Also the MK3 are even more power hungry than the MD, if you can barely push the MD then you have no chance for the MK3. It is the most power hungry cans I own. As for sound the MK3 is super mid focused with a decent amount of treble, they shine with female vocals and is my favorite thing about listening to them. They are a little bass-lite which is one of the main reasons I'm gonna send them in for the Argon conversion. Yeah Zeos is a big influence on my purchasing habits as well as a few other reviewers, I took both the foobar portrait ultra wide monitor and the yoga mat idea from his setup for my own. but seriously yoga mat is like one of the best things I ever discovered from him, I put that shit on everything now. It is vibration and sound dampening as well as slip proof and it makes everything look cooler imo, also don't have to worry about dust anymore.
  6. Original Saku

    Nice setup! I was gonna go with a modmic wireless but then I saw the price tag and it kinda scared me away (too much for something that could and probably will crap out after a few years), for around the same amount of money I got a Blue Yeti Desk Mic instead. How do you like the HD 600? I have the 6xx (basically a 650) but have never tried the 600. Might be getting one soonish though if I can find a good price used, Heard they are amazing on a OTL Tube amp like my Darkvoice.
  7. Original Saku

    Nice shit stack you got there I've never used anything from schiit but lots of people swear by their amp/dacs. I wouldn't mind getting their hybrid tube amp at some point, the Mjolnir I believe it's called. How are those mad dogs? I'm about to get ready to send my T50RP3 in to modhouse for the Argon conversion soon myself.
  8. Original Saku

    Here's my ultra portable IEM setup. Fiio M6 with Sony MH755 (recabled)
  9. Original Saku

    yes its the final season that is gonna finish the adaption. lets just hope they don't mess it up... so far so good
  10. Original Saku

    Mob psycho 100 is one of the most satisfying adaptions I've ever seen, also one of the most uniquely animated, it is so good. I can't wait for the 3rd and final season. 3 gatsu no lion is likewise amazing as well, I'm confident saying that it is one of my favorite shows ever.
  11. Original Saku

    yeah that is legit one of my biggest gripes with the show, Zenitsu is so annoying in a lot of his scenes, but i guess that is the point of his character and makes sense in the long run with his character payoff in this current arc.
  12. So I've fallen pretty hard into HiFi (High Fidelity) audio gear and lifestyle. I've amassed a pretty good setup and a nice collection of gear and was wondering if there was any interest here on the forum. We can pretty much just use this thread to post pictures of each others setups and stuff essentially as well as discuss different gear. I know we already have a headphone thread, but don't be afraid to post headphones/earphones in here as well, I'm aiming to make this a general audio gear thread, so post away. post pictures of whatever you want your full setup or individual gear. Doesn't have to be limited to desk setups either, shows us your living- room setups and movie watching systems. I'll start by just posting some pictures of my current desk setup . that's enough for now, next time I'll get some pictures of my tv setup and maybe some of my portable gear.
  13. Original Saku

    Can we all just take a fucking moment and appreciate the most recent episode (#19) of Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer)? I've been enjoying this show quite a bit and yes it's had some minor problems, nothing big. Started off very strong and kinda slowed down for a little while now, but overall it's been way above average and some quality shit. Then there's this episode that just cranks every fucking thing up to 11. Holy shit the production value is ridiculous! Animation, soundtrack, voice acting, everything is just oozing top quality "production let's fucking blow there minds value". I know there is a lot of hype around this show right now and rightfully so, but let's be realistic here. Do I think this is the best shounen ever like many people are claiming because of this episode? No not even close, but do I think this might be one of the best directed and produced anime episodes that I've ever seen? Yeah probably. I'm always asked what my favorite studio is and I might throw a few out because hey it's hard to just choose one, but I always give UFOTABLE a high spot and people roll there eyes 9/10 times. "I mean yeah their animation is pretty, but those FATE adaptions are rough... and too hard to understand". It is ridiculously hard to adapt a work into an animated series especially a video game source and especially a series as bat shit insane and complicated as FATE and I think they do a fairly decent job at it. But give them a smaller project with less convoluted source material and freedom to do what they want ? We get some hella good shit. This manga was just the adaption they needed to flex a little TLDR; Demon Slayer episode 19 is AOTY (so far), it is legit objectively & subjectively good.
  14. Original Saku

    They only did that with Fire Emblem Fates... and I agree it was stupid . I don't want to have to buy it twice to get the whole experience. Fire Emblem Awakening though is still worth checking out if you're interested in the series, it's the game that kinda ignited the series current popularity over here in the west and is really good, perfect game to start with as well.
  15. Original Saku

    Been playing the new Fire Emblem on the Switch and it's.... good. Like really good.
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