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  1. oh man they're actually coming to my city! yep I have to go, I already regret not going to see boris last time they were here.
  2. wow wth happened here today? all this drama and now spammers are attacking... I'm actually having to do some moderation work for once, dusting off that banhammer feels nice LOL

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      @CarmelzorsCan you stop hiding behind a bunch of vague accusations and scare quotes? Until you make an actual reference to something specific and with facts and evidence there's no point in taking what you say seriously. If you got a problem just tell us what it is already. 

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  3. no you're right, BLANKFIELD is the circle. warinside is the the arranger. I tag all my doujin music very specifically, Artist field I always tag as the specific arranger or performer for that song and then the album artist I tag as the circle. I'm too OCD about it honestly VGMDB is your friend in these cases tho. http://vgmdb.net/album/30631
  4. Well the theme was Doujin Music, specifically Touhou arrangements, although there was a few non touhou arrangements thrown in. I'm very much a fan of the doujin scene, but I don't really showcase that part of my taste very often. I love how DIY the scene is at times and it helps to have your own arrangement niche as well. For me I'm a big fan of the Touhou albums, but I've been getting really into the Kancolle arrangement camp lately. Also I'm a big metal fan, but I'd be lying if I said that I haven't neglected that genre in recent years, it doesn't help that outside of a few acts I just can't resonate with the newer metal bands in Japan... The Doujin scene is great for that, theirs a plethora of great power metal and similar genre bands to check out. In hindsight I probably should have changed the theme to something different, when I learned you were my partner... I had a sneaking suspicion that you weren't gonna be feeling it XD honestly I just feel bad that I made you sit through that mammoth of a mix tape and didn't really find anything you truly liked. After all the reason I do these are to promote new music to people and break people out of their musical bias, and if I can find new stuff to listen in the process then awesome. the tracklist in case you're interested; 01 Overture | SUWA by ALICE's EMOTION 02 Mystic Scherzo by Thousand Leaves 03 Baneful B Abject by 龍5150 04 Emergency by ニケ 05 Instead of the Pills by kors k 06 Netsubyou by 岸田教団&The明星ロケッツ 07 DESIRE DRIVE ~ Desire Dream by Demetori 08 Hate 2 Love by Undead Corporation 09 月まで届け、不死の煙 by Eru 10 戦闘フル by ECE-SMZ 11 Plastic mind feat.めらみぽっぷ by Pizuya's Cell 12 幽雅に咲かせ、墨染の桜~ボーダーオブライフ by まらしぃ 13 Dream in a dream by SWING HOLIC 14 迷彩スナイパーBANG by 150P 15 This is the Dead, and I Reached the Deathless. by warinside 16 Program AWAKE by Regnum Caelorum Et Gehenna 17 Finale (Resurrection) by Thousand Leaves Now to get your review going. My partner was @Carmelzorsand they sent me a mix titled "caramelsauceofbleepsandbloops".
  5. A bit of back story real quick. So a few years ago (early 2015 I believe) I re watched the original Mobile Suit Gundam for the first time in many many years, I enjoyed reliving the classic gundam so much that I intended to re watch all of the Universal Century series in order of production all the way up to Unicorn... but shortly after downloading all of the series needed I got extremely sidetracked with stuff (literally I don't remember what ) . Well some time passed and eventually my anime HDD with my archived collection shit the bed and I lost my entire collection last year... welp fast forward to now and I've finally hunted down my collection again and now I'm happily re watching Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam ! Also IBO season two is fucking awesome. I'm really enjoying this series.
  6. You're fine take your time, as my review of your mix will probably still be a day or two away as well
  7. And this is why I fucking love Yoko Taro XD he's the man.
  8. So I wasn't supposed to buy any games this month, because I'm saving my moniez for the Nintendo switch launch here in a few weeks.... but I just couldn't resist and a week after release I finally caved in and bought Nioh. I had to do it, I just couldn't stop worrying about spoilers and hearing other peoples impressions. I'm so glad I caved because it's so good, like seriously good... man team ninja did a solid on this one the next problem is I really want to get For Honor as well.... but I'm gonna resist. I hope.
  9. I'm just gonna go ahead and say that if you didn't preorder a Switch, you will not be getting one launch week (hell probably not even launch month xD), unless either you have friends in high places or pay out the ass for it. Everywhere sold out of it and has been sold out since the first day or two that the preorders were open. As far as I know from talking to various retailers, nobody is gonna be getting more preorders, and it's very likely that no one will have more shipments of the console in until a few weeks after launch at the earliest and even then those shipments will probably be sold out instantly because of the demand. on another note I was able to get a preorder somehow at my local gamestop... Walked in the day after it was announced and dated and asked for a preorder and I apparently got the last one XD mind you this was not even 24hours after the preorders went live. so I guess I got extremely lucky because I have so many friends and acquaintances that are trying to get one but missed the small preorder window
  10. here's a different look at the kit with it's 200mm guns attached. also doing a really cool pose reaching for that sword mace I'm resisting putting this thing on a action base so hard right now.... man this is a fun kit to pose XD
  11. What program did you use to remove the tags? I recommend using an actual tag editor to clean the file of information since using built in media player tag utilities can be a bit unreliable. I use Mp3tag to edit my files.
  12. Here's the straight build of the 1/100 Full Mechanics Barbatos Lupus, the only thing that's been modified is the v-fin where I cut off the safety nubs and sharpened the points a little. Other than that really simple modification and a little sanding for clean nub removal, it is totally untouched. I thought about going ahead and panel lining this beast, since it has hella panel lines... but I do plan to fully paint this kit in the near future (the next few months), so I will keep it as is for now to save me the trouble. next kit is going to be the HGUC 1/144 Gyan Revive, I'm so excited to do some Zeon mobile suits
  13. received my mix from my partner @Carmelzorsbut it will still be another day or so before I can send out my mix, apologies in advance.
  14. awesome looking forward to it. As for my mix I'm gonna be going with a theme that I don't showcase very often in my taste so hopefully it will be exciting and unexpected for you
  15. NSFW!