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  1. YES! it is finally time to redeem myself. I have done nothing but regret not going to see them last year when they came for their pink anniversary tour.... I'm so happy that they are coming back.
  2. dude that is so soon too, hype
  3. just play them on dolphin emulator bruh! also MP2&3 aren't as good as 1, just sayin... they are still worth playing tho. if anyone is interested I have a YT playlist I've been working on with all the E3 2017 trailers/demos/interviews so far... Still adding stuff since it's not over yet. I'm gonna wait till this weekend, but I'm also gonna do a highlight write up in this thread about my favorite games at the show, coming soon.
  4. Hey everyone don't forget about the  FEAST OF V SENSES Trade-Off! signup's close tomorrow, last chance to get in!


  5. Okay so once signups are done Zeus will pair every body up with a partner, you send your partner the mix through private message. Either package the mixtape in a zip file or you can send it in a YouTube playlist if that's more convenient for you. All the details for how long the mix can be and what not are at the top in the first post. Once you've listened to your partner's mix a few times come back here and post a write up, song by song blurbs, at least a few sentences each and a rating for each song. and you're done. Don't worry too much about whether your partner will like it or not, just make the best mix you can within the confines of the theme. deadlines are; Partners will be revealed 6/12. Mixes must be sent to your partner by 6/19. * Please PM your mix to your partner. Don't post them in this thread. The *NEW* deadline for final reviews is 6/25!
  6. so hype! can't wait
  7. Dammit. Worst timing ever for me, but I just can't resist these things! Count me in
  8. Nice news, I'm gonna assume this means no new album this year? if so that's probably for the best. I think they need some time to properly write and plan their next full length, especially after the same-y and forgettable feeling of last years effort. We need the next evolution of their sound not more of the same shit that doesn't go anywhere new. please no more resting on your laurels guys I'm interested in hearing some of their older material rearranged here though, should be fun. waiting for a tracklist!
  9. wow this looks pretty interesting, nice variety of bands too.
  10. that build strike gundam and universe booster combo for the star build strike <3 Awesome shit, I wanna build one sometime as well. also that exia dark matter kit looks really sick, nice choice Here's my backlog at the moment... Way too many, but I'm addicted. My next kit will be the 00 riser, I've been putting it off for too long. the next custom build will probably be that hguc gyan you can see posed up on the first shelf, still brainstorming on the colors.
  11. It's time. as promised here's the album for my first custom painted kit, along with commentary notes. Really loved doing this build, definitely gonna start planning my next one soon!
  12. about damn time