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  1. Happy Birthday, young man! Hope it's been a good one for ya.

  2. Happy b-day Saku! <3

  3. Happy birthday, Saku! Have a good day~ :magic:

  4. yes it did. a really nice surprise, and a surprisingly solid port. Sega <3
  5. Okay, @rekzerI'm finally finished. I had to literally will myself to write this, I hope it doesn't read too lazy. here's a protip kids, enjoy your youth while you can, being an adult and having to work sucks. Overall a good mix, although it could be a lot better with better song placement, definitely had some weird flow issues going on. I still enjoyed this a lot tho.
  6. PERSONA 5!!! Fuck yeah, it feels good to be alive! what a fucking year 2017 is lit.
  7. yeah me and @rekzer have exchanged mixes, I've started writing mine up but I won't be able to finish till Tuesday/Wednesday due to work.
  8. Lol found these while browsing Jake's old myspace. I'm pretty sure this is from the very first acen panel we did. Also more promotional images lol
  9. Do yourself a favor and read the manga, ten times better than any of the adaptions. With that said, the movies are what I consider to be the best adaption of the series so far... the 90's series is good but a severely inaccurate adaption, and the newest series is just not really that good, horrible animation, shitty pacing, and skips a lot of key scenes.
  10. 91 Days Prohibition era mafioso revenge story, really dark and bloody and goes the extra mile in character development. perhaps the best thing about the show is it's a short series (12 episodes) and it has a definitive ending. Ajin Supernatural series about demi-humans. Has a lot of morality conflictions and goes into how demi-humans are treated in society. Dark and gory as fuck. Also It's CG animation so if you want something that looks a little different from the norm, that's a plus. Claymore Supernatural Fantasy with flesh eating demons called youma. Badass female protag with vengeance on the mind and a pension for bloddshed, very heavily inspired by Berserk (imo). Death Note It's hard to believe there are people who haven't heard of this show, but for the sake of new comers. Pretty much one of the most popular anime over here in the states. About a high schooler who finds a notebook called the death note, he soon finds out that any person who's name he writes down in this book will die mysteriously. With this power the protag decides to do good in the world and meat out "justice" as he see's fit, none the less there are other's with this power and a lot of mysterious surrounding the whole thing. Also there are demons, yes. Hands down one of the best psychological thriller series ever created, a must watch. Gantz Sci-fi series with a a lot of super natural elements. without spoiling too much, the main characters die but then are brought back to play in a "game" of sorts, along with other "dead" people. together they are forced to fight aliens and other sci-fi entities tot he death, if they are not victorious then they die for real. Deals heavily in psychological themes such as societal acceptance and what it truly means to want to die. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Super natural horror mystery where... quite honestly shit just goes wrong over and over and over again for the main characters. Desperation and psychotic breakdowns, violence to the extreme, and psychological themes a plenty. Mousou Dairinin (Paranoia Agent) Possibly the weirdest series on this list. Goes into a lot of bizarre themes of paranoia and the the story can be a bit on the complicated side to follow if you're not paying extra close attention. Not gonna say anything about the actual plot because I feel it would lessen the experience when you watch it. Soukyuu no Fafner: Dead Aggressor Post apocalyptic mecha show with some serious shit going down. Hidden gem of the mecha genre in my opinion, very similar to Evangelion except you'll actually care when these characters die, and die they will, tons of them in fact, in horrifying and sick ways. Which is the problem, this show has A+ character development, you get so attached to characters but so many die that it hurts inside You want a dark mecha series with lots of gore and terrific plot? here you go. just what came to mind, that's all for now.
  11. I've been Original Saku for 12+ years, so that's always been the same... but I dig up some stuff on my ancient photobucket account from 10 years ago... I'm pretty sure I used all of these in the very early years of TW, alos here's one that precedes this forum from myspace also a bonus gem from the the old days when Jake (Spike760) was heavily into advertising (spamming) the forum all over the place.
  12. Ten years ago on this exact day my thirteen year old self was browsing myspace, like most kids my age back then did in their free time, when I came across a post on a Jrock group I frequented at the time. The post was by a "Jake" advertising a brand new Jrock forum that he and a friend created just earlier that day. At the time I was chomping at the bit for any new way to discover new Japanese rock music (VK in particular), I immediately registered and became the fourth member of that brand new empty forum. That forum's name was Tainted World and the Jake and friend in question were none other than Spike760 and Ito. Since that day I have had many ups and downs with this community for better and worse. I've discovered a thousand or more bands, talked with hundreds of people from all corners of the world, made dozens of friends and like minded acquaintances, and even made a few enemies as well. I have witnessed every drama thread/post/chat log that this forum has generated, participated in profound thought invoking discussions that have sprouted up in various topics over the course of a decade, and even was here to witness the almost catastrophic implosion of the site back in 2010-2011 that led to the current domain name. I became a moderator and for a time actually did my job quite well (LOL) this gave me a direct line to grow the community in other ways than just music, in those efforts I would like to believe that the anime and video game fans of the community found this place a little more accommodating and welcome. In ten years my musical taste has gone through multiple transformations that were no doubt in big part due to the people here in this community. I have grown as a person due to my time here, I've learned how to deal with life's unfortunate circumstances and how to cope when things go bad. This place has been a eternal sanctuary for me in my depressing and boredom filled times. I'm now twenty four years old and no longer the child I was when I came to this place, that in itself is a little sad, since my most fun and memorable moments were from those early years when I was still in middle and high school just trying to find a place I could fit in and kill some time. But one thing is for sure... This place is a second home for me, no matter how busy my life gets I know that I can come back here and just be myself and feel good about it. Ten years? I say that's not enough. I won't be satisfied until I can say I've been apart of this place for 20 years, what the hell fuck it. 30 years! Why not? WE CAN KEEP THE DREAM ALIVE AS LONG AS WE BELIEVE! ~ Saku
  13. I'm down
  14. Kotaku is cancer as far as I'm concerned, stopped going there years ago. It's a bunch of clickbait-y circlejerk articles and a bunch of random shit they try to pass off as industry news, but really most of the time they're just grasping at straws trying to stay relevant. Also more on a personal note, whoever over there that does the anime REC articles, has really shite taste most of the time, in my opinion.