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  1. NSFW
  2. I had a blast building this granddaddy gundam, definitely one of the best master grades I've built. The articulation is just ridiculous on this thing. I can't wait to find some time to paint it.
  3. My partner was @JukaForever and the sent me a mix full of "songs to put on after work while having a pint or two". Good songs here and there, and I really found some that I will be pursuing further and checking out in the near future. Now the biggest problems of this mix is that it doesn't sound like a cohesive record. It feels more like a compilation of random songs or a playlist put on shuffle. The flow from track to track is almost non-existent and the tracks have zero connections that I can hear. Which really brings me back to what I was saying in my earlier post about making a mix with such a vague theme, without a deeper focus the mix just turns out to be a total mess and all over the place. That's not to say I didn't enjoy it, because I did. In fact there's more songs here that I feel positive about than negative. It's just that as a cohesive mix tape it fails to blend very well. Thank you for the mix, I look forward to next time we're paired... however many years that will be from now XD
  4. Hey thanks for the criticism. I'm glad you found at least a few things that peaked your interest. I would like to address your thoughts pertaining to the off-themed nature of my mix. I can totally see that as being the case from a outside perspective, since I purposely try to fit a theme within a theme for these trade-offs. That is especially the case for this trade-off since the theme is rather vague, and in order for me to create something with with more cohesion and flow I really need a solid theme to keep things grounded. In this case it was the genre based theme of female vocals, and on a deeper level the thematic description of Arduous passion that fervently smolders over the course of years until a 'boiling point'. The slow buildup of first half lends itself to that description and in turn the second half is the rising point where things are kicked up a notch. Now with all that said, I do feel like when dealing with a theme as vague as this one, it is accepted to take some liberty with the interpretation. Most of all though I feel like this mix fits the theme perfectly for me. All songs are ones that I love and have great passion for, as well as give me great joy and even lifts my mood. Just a little insight into how I made the mix and with what purpose. I will be posting your review momentarily
  5. SONIC MANIA!! Like shit, if you're a old school sonic fan and not playing this game then you are fucking up. Also I'm calling it right now and saying the absolute best way to play this game is on the switch in portable mode on the go. so good.
  6. that's pretty dope, also digging the track selection. I'm gonna order this i think.
  7. dude i think about this all the time... I actually have already experienced this back in 2015 when one of my close gaming buddies died suddenly. Like it's a really weird feeling, someone who I talked to almost everyday over voice chat for years just gone like that. A online friend who I never met irl, but constantly was there for me to just blow some steam off with after shitty days. It's a rough experience that's for sure. The hardest part is working up the courage to go looking for answers. In my case it had been weeks without contact and no activity on the account, several messages gone ignored and that was when I finally knew something was wrong. Luckily I knew his real name and a quick google search later revealed a obituary entry which then later I confirmed to be him through facebook. I never have felt my heart sink so fast in my life.... The second hardest part is breaking the news to the circle of online friends that also knew him and were just as close as I was... Toughest thing I've ever had to do and I do not wish the experience upon anybody. The stuff that really keeps me up at night are the questions, to this day I still don't know what happened. Was it a accident? complication? who knows. I start theorizing and things that I remember start standing out as sorta fishy, like different facts that don't quite seem right or at least doesn't match up with what I knew about the person and his life. Then I start wondering whether things weren't as good with him as he was letting on, maybe he was intentionally not telling us things because he didn't want us to worry or have even more emotional baggage. it is a endless rabbit hole and it sucks. the only remedy is to just forget.
  8. Great idea! I want to sign up, but I feel like I will forget when it's my turn and there's no telling if I'll even be available that far into the future... jeez this is conflicting. I guess put me down as well.... I'll make it happen i guess XD
  9. Just breathtaking. I aspire to reach this level of dedication and technique one day in this hobby.
  10. yeah pretty exciting. was thinking I might buy this actually...
  11. cool, nice to see I'm partnered with @JukaForeveragain. Whats weird is that it's been exactly 2 years to the week since the last time we were partnered for a tradeoff... coincidence? anyways I'll have my mix sent off sometime this weekend, anticipate it.
  12. habits die hard, and plus I haven't had major problems with their scrobbler desktop and mobile plugin in over half a decade, so it's just really easy to install and get going now a days that there's really no reason not to be using it for me. Also like many people have said, artist pictures! one of the best places to go for band pics all in one place. sometimes band bios come in handy too when i go on the random research binge sate my own curiosity.
  13. Been using Last.fm since 2008, but I did a full reset back in January 2015 at about 40k scrobbles. here's my top 8 artists as well as albums. I'm now back at 24k, but my chart numbers don't really reflect that since I listen to so many different bands and artists XD also it's funny that Diru is #1 because I almost never listen to them on purpose.... I have their entire discography and like a few dozen live audio rips, so they come up a lot when I listen to my collection on shuffle. as a bonus my top songs. My account link is below in my sig, feel free to add me.
  14. youtube playlists are also welcome!