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  1. Original Saku

  2. Original Saku

    I got my HE4XX a few days ago and they are great set of cans. Really enjoying the difference in sound signature from my sennheiser and AKG cans. But I also got something else in the post that I ordered a while back from massdrop... LCX x SDAC aka my end game headphone amp (for now).
  3. Original Saku

    Still playing Assassins Creed: Odyssey... damn this game is long. like really fucking long, it's almost to the point where i just don't know if I want to continue... Like it's good but not amazing and it's definitely scratching a massive open world RPG itch for me atm, but sometime I just don't feel like even bothering when i know that I've been playing 40 hours and I've barely even been to a quarter of all the landmasses on the map and probably completed even less than a quarter of the content 😫 I just really want to start Yakuza Kiwami too so... that could be a reason why i just want to bail... hahaha
  4. Original Saku

    Alright boys and girls, I am here and ready to party! Fuck yeah! I'm Finally on time for one of these again It's free-for-all too... holy shit, my luck something else right now. Sign me up Neko-san!
  5. Original Saku

    Just ordered a pair of the Massdrop x HIFIMAN HE4XX Planar Magnetic Headphones last week and they are already shipped and on the way! Couldn't believe it considering that the ship date was not supposed to be till the middle of July. I really don't need to buy anymore headphones, this pair is gonna make number 10, at this point my headphone rack is starting to look like a youtube reviewers setup I just couldn't resist these sexy things... the plus side is that these supposedly sound a lot different than most of the cans in my collection, at least according to several reviewers so... I guess having options in sound signature is pretty dope
  6. Original Saku

    Been playing around with rainmeter a little bit
  7. Original Saku

    My current foobar setup on my secondary ultrawide monitor in portrait.
  8. Original Saku

    If you want a really good old school style JRPG to sink your teeth into, I can Recommend Dragon Quest XI. One of my favorite games from last year and you could easily sink 100+ hours into its story and post game activities. Just be warned that it is very "purist" in a lot of its design, so if that doesn't bother you I'd say it's a good pick. I've been playing the hell out of Yakuza 0 recently... finally bit the bullet and started it up last month, I regret not starting it sooner. I'm already done with the main scenario and now i'm sinking a ton of time into completing all the sub stories and mini games And I just started Assassin's Creed Odyssey, and man does this game really remind me of The Witcher 3.... in a good way! I'm really digging what I've played so far and I'm glad that I can finally enjoy another AC game again, after the disaster that Unity was I never went back. Feels good to know they bounced back. I'm also Twitch streaming now occasionally, most nights around 9pm CST for a few hours. anyone that wants to drop by feel free! http://twitch.tv/towa_sky
  9. Original Saku

    damn I always be missing the good ones... I really need to spend more time browsing the forum LOL
  10. Happy b-day Saku! ❤️

  11. Original Saku

    Finished Kingdom Hearts 3 last week. It was everything I hoped it would be and more. A excellent culmination of the past 17 years in the franchise. BIG KH3 Spoiler below I Also just started Metro: Exodus and goddamn is this just about the best graphics I've ever seen, 4A is really pushing some amazing super graphics with this engine. Some of the lighting effects are the most impressive I've ever seen.
  12. YES let's go! that shit is hype. Would it be too much to ask for a possible new album.... I really do hope this is more than just a reunion live/tour, but if that is all it is, I would be more than happy to settle for a live DVD
  13. Original Saku

    neat app, might be a good way to connect easily with other people of similar interests. I'll check it out
  14. Original Saku

    never has a more blasphemous sentence been uttered.... naw but seriously new vegas is awesome, my favorite fallout game. which platform are you playing on?
  15. Original Saku

    Welp I caved and joined in on the 58X master race. I gotta stop buying headphones, it is starting to get out of hand (I'm up to 7 pairs now)
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