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  1. Hello and welcome to the community! Sorry for the wait, I'm glad that you decided to wait it out though If you have any questions feel free to ask me or any other the other staff members (green, red, blue names).
  2. Final Fantasy XV, post-game is pretty fun in this game, I'm pleased Working my way up to Lvl.99 and doing all the optional bosses and dungeons, as well as the platinum trophy. Can't wait for the carnival DLC later this month
  3. lol Canada and Europe always getting the shaft on these things, I'm sorry I don't think it's a Wii U situation at all tho, there's so much buzz and hype around this thing that's totally different from the WiiU, nobody talked about he WiiU like how people are talking about the switch, it's totally different from a commercial standpoint. Nintendo has actually done a really good job this time around with letting people know exactly what the switch is and what it does, and not beat around the bushes about it. Their advertisement and marketing is on point as well. Now the press conference did leave a bad taste in my mouth like most people, but let's be real, that has always been the case with Nintendo conferences, they just don't have that spark that the western conferences have or more recently the Sony conferences. That's part of the reason why they went to the online video method, and also that's why the wiiU was such a misunderstood console XD but I digress, the launch lineup at this time doesn't look the most exciting, will most people buy the console just for Zelda, probably. Is it a smart decision, absolutely not. Can we talk about the fact that this thing is not gonna be region locked for a second tho? Because that shit is huge!
  4. Just so you guys know this has leaked and has been on JPS for the last two weeks, in case anyone is interested, just sayin
  5. Just wait till you get to season 2, shit gets nuts glad you're enjoying it, I am too.
  6. Take my money Nintendo! please take it all :D 

  7. we are doing late night plug, come hang out if you want :Dhttps://plug.dj/monochrome-heaven

    1. shiroihana


      i fell asleep lol

  8. My new one
  9. I don't think most of the stuff they are gonna add in ch.13 in that patch will even be story related.... I believe it will be mostly game play related tweaks. without going too much into detail, let's just say ch. 13 is a totally different experience from the past chapters and does something interesting game play mechanic wise that a lot of people didn't really think worked too well or liked. I do think their are some things story wise that could be done a little bit better in ch. 13 however. I just don't think it will be the drastic change everyone thinks it will be in the patch. In my opinion if I was you I would just go ahead and push through and beat the game, then when all the patches have dropped just do a second play through once all the really cool stuff like multiplayer, additional playable characters, hard mode, and a proper newgame+ have been added.
  10. Beat the main story of FFXV, without spoilers all I can say is I'm pretty satisfied with the ending. The bond between the four friends, ahem.... the four 'brothers' is really compelling and by the end of the story I was really attuned and made to care about them in ways that not many video games have been able to accomplish this generation. I really felt their relationships and development were very well done and was awesome to learn more and more about them. MILD SPOILERS AHEAD, YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!
  11. Put together my new action base tonight, and snapped a quick picture of my HGFC Shining Gundam doing his thing
  12. Still waiting on my review as well....
  13. Also I want to learn how to airbrush custom gunpla kits
  14. What are yours? Mine are to organize my digital (read: pirated) music collection, proper tags, album art, and folder structure. Also to play more of my backlogged game collection, mainly a lot of Japanese RPGs that I haven't gotten to.