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  1. literally destroyed my buzz right now... god dammit.
  2. Perfection.
  3. been working on a few online competition entries the past few months, here are some WIP photos.
  4. I'm a 180 hours deep into Monster Hunter World.... and the grind is fucking insane, but so addicting. Taking a break from MHW to play Final Fantasy XV PC version that dropped yesterday, ready to throw at least another 100 hours into this version (probably more than that once user mods start trickling out over the next few months).
  5. @reminiscing2004 I'm really curious how you were able to deduce it was me lol. I guess I have some sort of tell in my mixes. I'm really happy you enjoyed it so much. I sorta ran out of time and definitely would of liked to work on it a bit more. there's a reason why that ohashi trio track feels so out of place with the rest of the mix... i just simply ran out of time. @yuugure Wow it's hard to believe you're so new to the community, I mean your mix feels like the work of a seasoned mixtape maker xD Seriously this is only your second tradeoff (right?). just absolutely breathtaking, our tastes is definitely compatible.
  6. https://www.last.fm/user/OriginalSaku/listening-report/year
  7. I chose a mix called Love, Loneliness & Longing and I have to say I was wholeheartedly surprised at how well put together and emotive it was. I have participated in these trade offs since the very first one, I've only ever passed on a few of them, and this is by far one of the best mix tapes I have received in these events. The mixer obviously has a very good understanding of what makes a good mix good and has a great grasp of structuring and pace. The flow was second to none and the sheer descriptive imagery that was called forth while I listened through this is just jaw dropping. I did not start the write up of this with the intention of delving so far into descriptive emotions. But as I got halfway through I couldn't stop myself and the words just sorta leapt into action. Definitely the mark of a well put together mixtape. The general theme of winter was met and the deeper theme's of the namesake Love, Loneliness & Longing shined through and smashed me in the feels. in a general sense I would give this mix a 5/5 but on a personal I would have to deduct it for the 2nd track which just did not jive with me on a mental level. without it it's a perfect mix with it it's still a perfect mix since objectively it works within the confines of the theme and flow. Subjectively 4.5/5.
  8. lots of good music this year
  9. Ah well I'm glad you enjoyed it. It's okay just replay it in a year or two down the line when your headphone game is better ggood thing about this game is that its not super long so replays are more realistic and viable.
  10. I'll take Love, Loneliness & Longing please
  11. as per usual I'm continuing my trek through the Mobile Suit Gundam U.C. anime timeline this holiday with ZZ Gundam. This has become somewhat of a Christmas/new years tradition the past few years, since I decided in 2015 to re-watch the entire timeline chronologically by production date. I'm gonna try to actually keep going throughout the year this time though... otherwise it'll take me ten years to get through every series XD oh and expect a 2017 top 10 anime rundown from me in the first few weeks of 2018. I've already got the list nailed down, just got to find the time to do a write up on it all.
  12. Really great game tho, I hope you can get past the nausea and see it through to the end. Headphones are a must for this game, the sound engineering is just out of this world and the added sound isolation and immersion a good pair of headphones add just amplifies the game's atmosphere so much. I'm currently chipping away at Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and it's ridiculous huge world. Really great world and environments, very fun, deep, and technical battle system, and the soundtrack.... just amazing. I know this is a year with 5/5 OSTs like NieR Automata, Persona 5, and Zelda BOTW but srsly this is probably gonna beat all of those in my book.