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  1. Great idea! I want to sign up, but I feel like I will forget when it's my turn and there's no telling if I'll even be available that far into the future... jeez this is conflicting. I guess put me down as well.... I'll make it happen i guess XD
  2. Just breathtaking. I aspire to reach this level of dedication and technique one day in this hobby.
  3. yeah pretty exciting. was thinking I might buy this actually...
  4. cool, nice to see I'm partnered with @JukaForeveragain. Whats weird is that it's been exactly 2 years to the week since the last time we were partnered for a tradeoff... coincidence? anyways I'll have my mix sent off sometime this weekend, anticipate it.
  5. habits die hard, and plus I haven't had major problems with their scrobbler desktop and mobile plugin in over half a decade, so it's just really easy to install and get going now a days that there's really no reason not to be using it for me. Also like many people have said, artist pictures! one of the best places to go for band pics all in one place. sometimes band bios come in handy too when i go on the random research binge sate my own curiosity.
  6. Been using Last.fm since 2008, but I did a full reset back in January 2015 at about 40k scrobbles. here's my top 8 artists as well as albums. I'm now back at 24k, but my chart numbers don't really reflect that since I listen to so many different bands and artists XD also it's funny that Diru is #1 because I almost never listen to them on purpose.... I have their entire discography and like a few dozen live audio rips, so they come up a lot when I listen to my collection on shuffle. as a bonus my top songs. My account link is below in my sig, feel free to add me.
  7. youtube playlists are also welcome!
  8. of course I'm doing this.
  9. Recently discovered Vivid Undress while browsing JPS. Knowing how I'm such a sucker for female vocalists, it was a instant love for me. They also remind me heavily of SFP at times.
  10. yep it's happening. soon.
  11. You have to ask yourself a very basic question, which console has the exclusives you want to play more? Because that's really all it boils down to, sure the XboneX will be the more powerful machine, but if it doesn't have the games you want to play then what's the point? Also another really important question is; do you have or plan on having a 4k TV? If you don't have one or plan on getting one, then I wouldn't even waste the extra money on the PS4pro or the XboneX, I'd just get a PS4slim or a XboneS. 4K is really what these consoles are made for, most if not all of the visual and graphical enhancements are going to be in the higher resolution support.
  12. @chemicalpictureshttp://blog.honeyfeed.fm/6-anime-like-zankyou-no-terror-terror-in-resonance-recommendations/ That link may help you out a bit, but honestly there aren't many shows out there that captures the same vibe that ZnT does.
  13. As far as I know Super Mario Odyssey will only be on the Switch, unless i missed something... Other reasons to buy one this year would be the mario + rabbids game, splatoon 2, and supposedly Xenoblade Chronicles 2 which is supposed to come out at the very end of the year according to Nintendo. I'm sure there's a few other games that will come out that will be decent, there's also a bunch of smaller indie titles being released on the eshop regularly that are fun to play in portable mode. my opinion? if you want one this year, then don't wait till black Friday.... you'll most likely not be able to buy one due to the manufacturing setbacks that Nintendo have been experiencing due to component shortages, and since everybody and their momma will be trying to get one around holiday, the chance that their will be enough to go around will be quite unrealistic. However it's not that hard to find one atm as long as you don't mind calling around and keep an eye on local retailers. I might. depends. the subscription will be required for online play, so if that's a thing for me around the time it goes live I will probably get it. Also there the whole free game service they will be launching with it, similar to games for gold and ps plus. Will have to see how that is received first.
  14. done. I have one, too lazy to look up my friend code right now tho, i don't really have any multiplayer games for it anyways. The only game I've had since launch is Zelda which i need to get back too XD I can't wait for Mario and Monster Hunter though.