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  1. Announcing the North America dates 4 months prior actual tour. Good luck in selling those tickets, it's 2019 and not 2009. I don't like the fact they added North American dates, USA will make them tired and Europe will not get good show
  2. Title track has beed modified from "The world of mercy" to standard English capitalization "The World of Mercy". http://direngrey.co.jp/discography/3755/
  3. sebbivism

    cover artwork is very nice.
  4. "0" is definitely their best song, and they are a very promising band! I think they will be very popular. Since MEJIBRAY is not longer active, I think this band can fulfil my needs in music
  5. sebbivism

    I wonder how many visual kei music videos have been recorded in that "church"? Where is it even located and is it an actual church?
  6. Wow, they are still active? I thought they were gone years ago...
  7. Probably because he was too expensive?
  8. Anyone actually received their preorder yet? I chose DHL Express and my is expected tomorrow... I actually assumed it would be here already today since CDJapan shipped it yesterday morning (Japan time)
  9. I assume it will be out on EU time since Okami Records is the licensor of the European release digitally and physically. When it's Wednesday in EU territory it'll be available.
  10. The album artwork made me laugh when I saw it, but now I actually think it's impressive and for the first time since ever DIR EN GREY finally put colors onto an album cover. I expected something dark (or white) with something typical Dir en grey-ish a statue or something symbolising the album title, playing with the name in some way. But it is actually quite refreshing they used so many colors for this album artwork and now I expect full colors for the booklet, and the other printing for the packaging. I prefer the limited edition cover artwork more than the standard edition. I guess they soon will start teasing us with samples of some of the new songs, a 15 sec clip of Ranunculus should be revealed within the week following a longer preview clip and finally a sample of some of the songs.
  11. The only information I am disappointed of at this time regarding the album is the fact the album contain so many live recordings. I mean, couldn't they do what they did on DUM SPIRO SPERO and put a lot of remixes and other versions (early ver/demo/shot in one take) of the songs onto the bonus disc/BD-DVD? Live recordings are pretty boring for bonus material I think, especially when they release at least one live BD every year... The three live performances on the bonus CD could be remixes instead, and with the fact they dedicate the full BD/DVD for live performances, I think we are pretty full of that material for this release. Btw, have y'all preordered the album yet? I'm in a bad situation since Swedish post now scanning EVERY package coming outside EU territory and put a nice fee (at least 8€, basically VAT must be payed on every parcel) only packaging that comes from a private person are free of charge... Meaning CDJapan and YesAsia are not longer an option to buy from
  12. It sounds good, but yet another short song... Here's the duration for the full single: 1. 人間を被る (3:44) 2. Ash (4:36) 3. 詩踏み [LIVE] (Live Take at Zepp Tokyo on October 12,2017) (4:20)
  13. sebbivism

    They are good at advertising and their spoilers/trailers are always interesting. But seriously I am not hyped for this. The album will be recycled songs as the last two albums unfortunately. But I hope for the best...
  14. sebbivism

    It's decided now, the BEST compilation album will be released in winter 2017 their OHP says, although details haven't been revealed yet. http://direngrey.co.jp/news/3009/
  15. sebbivism

    Bajs!!!! MEJIBRAY is the only VK-band I still listen to, sad but what to do about it?
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