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  1. crucifiction

    There you go!
  2. crucifiction

    Some Marvelous Cruelty stuff.
  3. crucifiction

    Owszem, przybywam ^_~
  4. crucifiction

    Kudos, obviously* ^_~
  5. crucifiction

    Kodos for Ash of Ashes!
  6. crucifiction

    You nailed it!
  7. crucifiction

    ^ Got FerrisWheeL stuff from puresound or bought at their show?
  8. crucifiction

    Why even bother using such shady websites when there are proxy services like ZenMarket or FROM JAPAN? Affordable and reliable.
  9. crucifiction

    Jaki - 狂旋律 La'veil MizeriA - 呪縛郷 -Reincarnation ver.- La'veil MizeriA - 緋い縷 V.A. - EMERGENCY EXPRESS 1994 La fẽerie - La berceuse AZALEA - Fetish ~Masochistの喜劇~ MaitoeriA - 明星 MaitoreiA - ユグドラシル Waiting to be shipped: glamscure - Succubus≒incubuS LOGiQ - はじまりの詩 Crucifixion - 十三月ノ明晰夢 第零夜 「réveil」
  10. crucifiction

    BAISER - Terre Celluloid - Parasite Celluloid - sensitivity Crucifixion x La’veil MizeriA - 「死穢」ニ惑イシ慟哭 Crucifixion x La’veil MizeriA - 禁断ノVIDEO TAPE Cécile Corbel - Harpe celtique & chants du Monde Earl Grey - Geeks MaRiLL - Invitation R-Café - 劇場恋物語 Secret Garden - Songs from a Secret Garden Secret Garden - Dawn of a New Century ナナ - 赤卵 らせん - 想失
  11. crucifiction

    Check their products out: https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/photo/
  12. crucifiction

    R-Café - 硝子の街 月ノ破片 - 契り FerrisWheeL - 黎明レゾナンス Ordered: La'veil MizeriA x Crucifixion - 「死穢」ニ惑イシ慟哭 らせん - 想失 Enigma - MCMXC A.D. (180g) (Red LP) Gheorghe Zamfir - A Theme from Picnic at Hanging Rock (LP) Clannad - Macalla (LP)
  13. crucifiction

    Regular ticket prices for their Polish gig: 110 PLN (approx. 26€) - pre-sale 130 PLN (approx. 31€) - at the door
  14. crucifiction

    Definitely gonna attend their show in Warsaw. Would be cool to meet some of you there ^^
  15. crucifiction

    It's been a while since I last visited WeLoveUCP and I have to admit that I love the idea of expanding its scope beyond UCP-related bands. I've already contributed some info, yet there are still quite a few bands that I'd like to see added but can't do it myself. Unless there's a possibility of granting me access to this part of the website, would you mind adding the following artists? Larme d’ange MARIA'N † ROSA Maria「…」nette Gram∞Maria Eve of Destiny Entice:Vignette DEJAV DEFLOWER D†ress Croix Allcine Cla vi us -クラヴィアス- Celluloid BLOODY VALENTINE