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  1. crucifiction

    Finally got to see Kælan Mikla yesterday ❤️
  2. crucifiction

    Starwave Records lucky bags are in. +
  3. Hi, I'm looking for someone that is currently in Osaka and would be willing to attend a show for me (obviously, I'm going to cover all the expenses involved + give you some extra for the trouble). I'd like something from one band's merch and there's no other way to get it. Suggestions of proxies that are based in Osaka and offer such services are welcome as well. Thanks!
  4. crucifiction

    La'veil MizeriA x Misaruka - La'veil Misaruka ~悲麗なる幻想死儀式~ La'veil MizeriA x Crucifixion - 「悲哀」 ト懺悔 ギルト - elm -エルム- 先行限定盤 Croix Allcine - 花に沈む夢想月 V.A. - INDIVIDUAL INSISTENCE Féria - 堕神者の叫び・・・ ぐりむ - magical snow 関西耽美系~Lily project~ - L'air d'amour pour ma belle Sylmeria - Squall L'eveil en Roseraie - 静寂の闇に舞う愛と悪戯の遁走曲 L'eveil en Roseraie - Lumière
  5. crucifiction

    Aliene Ma'riage, along with a few other bands, are going to hold a one-day revival in March.
  6. crucifiction

    Welcome back!
  7. crucifiction

    Since quite a while...
  8. crucifiction

    Gosh, you're right. Way too many people from Crucifixion-related accounts shared it and my brain automatically processed it as 二人静... - fixed.
  9. crucifiction

    Considering the bands involved, you'd rather expect an ultra limited, live distributed release with the only traces of existence being a Twitter announcement Either way, I'm excited.
  10. crucifiction

    We've got a new player in town. Members (positions are currently pure speculation, to be confirmed...): Vo. BaN [The Ghost Inside of Me] Vo. Ruika (類歌) [ex-ナルコレプシィ] Ba. Shinobu (忍) [ex-Crucifixion] Gu. Ryth (蜊栖) [ex-Vallquar] Gu. RYUKA (琉華) [Crucifixion] Dr. Takuro (拓郎) [ex-Magistina Saga] They will hold their first live at SOCORE FACTORY on 2020/4/4.
  11. crucifiction

    It's a privilege CD that you'd receive after buying 5000¥ worth of chekis at their show. You had to make a reservation in advance.
  12. crucifiction

    らせん - 罪ト罰 らせん - eternal Wind 5 chekis: 2x 祈狂, 1x 祈〜いのり〜, 2x 二人静
  13. Is that the only European date?
  14. crucifiction

    3x glamscure - Gloria
  15. crucifiction

    Considering the spelling, I take it that you mean the Drabikowski's version of the band - if so, kudos! Attending any of the upcoming shows? Great taste overall - Drab Majesty is definitely among my favourites as well ^^ I'll post my list later!
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