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  1. Lily

  2. Lily

    Why do they look like Royz lately... I miss Paru....
  3. Lily

    I'm looking forward to this!
  4. Lily

    That sucks....
  5. Lily

    That's not true, but they obviously have more in Osaka.
  6. Lily

    The fuck... I'm shocked...
  7. Lily

    I'm looking forward to this! Dimlim became one of my favourites from the very beginning and Sho is one of the best vocalists in the scene! He really knows how to sing and scream!
  8. Apparently their label managed to copy Shimizuya too. First the guy from Datura and now this.
  9. Lily

    I could scream from happiness now!!!!
  10. The covers of モザイク
  11. That's weird they didn't make any kind of announcement about Kana. I'm curious what's going on. Photo and pv shoots are months before the actual announcement, of course Kana is there.
  12. Lily

    SAVAGE vs SCAPEGOAT 2MAN TOUR「生殺与奪」 03月20日仙台 03月23日、24日札幌 03月28日博多 03月30日大阪 03月31日名古屋 04月04日東京
  13. Savage will release their 10th single on 21th March 2018. Title and other details tba.