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  1. Lily

    Yuriko (ex-Ganmi, 黒い11月) 29
  2. Lily

    According to tanuki Ryuka is around 35-36 but I met him without make up and I think he must be around 30-31.
  3. I really like the songs! They did an amazing job, again! ☆
  4. They're one of my favourite bands... I really hope they'll be back... (maybe with Kei /ex-balalaika/) I wish everything good for Tatsuki.... I will miss him.
  5. Again? What the hell is going on?
  6. Lily

    They do but they don't post anything important... Grimoire twitter
  7. Lily

    No, I don't exactly remember what he said about his age, but definitely not that old. Late 30's early 40's only if I remember correctly.
  8. Lily

    Now I know why I never opened the CDs he gave me as a gift LOL
  9. Yeah I'm upset they didn't. I expected gallo and morrigan to have more fans when I went to the 3man but surprisingly Savage's performance was the one everyone went crazy on.
  10. They had similar looks before too and they just announced a mini album. I really hope they won't dis band near in the future but I got to see them twice in Japan last year and they seemed really popular! Their lives are amazing and everyone goes crazy!
  11. Lily

    You got a point there! I'd love to see Luvia in Dadaroma! I really love them and I honestly hope they'll be back soon! They became one of my favourite bands and I really badly wanted to see their live, but sadly couldn't for some reasons....
  12. Lily

    The vocalist cosplayed Ryuka too. Haha but their music is quite good better than Akaku somatta kioku.
  13. Lily

  14. Lily

    Why do they look like Royz lately... I miss Paru....