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  1. Peace Heavy mk II

    Yuuga, for wearing cat ears and singing about cutting up Oshare-kei fans.
  2. Peace Heavy mk II

    I hate how people hate everything.
  3. Peace Heavy mk II

    I don't think *anyone* is currently signed to Sherow Artist Society. That label is pretty much like Midi:Nette when Malice Mizer went major in the fact that it's open but not doing anything until it's leader needs it. I think it makes more sense that they're with Red List since XOVER was on that label, as was Dio - Distraught Overlord.
  4. Peace Heavy mk II

    It sounds almost like a Hizaki Grace Project song...just with more castrato.
  5. Peace Heavy mk II

    I have a close friend on Last.fm who really likes them and I've been meaning to try them because of that. I heard that they're more gothic / punk-ish in comparison to the other bands on Ecstasy from that time as well as being one of the more important, yet under acknowledged, early VK bands. If you could pick 3~5 songs for me to try out it would be much appreciated.
  6. Peace Heavy mk II

    Patient: Ayame Diagnosis: Not being in bands that are prolific. Cure: Less time being sexy for Kyota and more time making music D
  7. Peace Heavy mk II

    Billy and the Sluts has been a personal favorite of mine.
  8. Peace Heavy mk II

    What happened to their Flute / Violinist?
  9. Peace Heavy mk II

    I couldn't really get into them. A friend sent me "Mother Earth" and I thought it was pretty bland even though I like classical music : / . I like a few songs off of "The Heart of Everything" and the song "Angels," but that's probably all I'll get out of this band.
  10. Peace Heavy mk II

    I have 3 songs by them and love two of them...does that make me a fan? I'm not a melodic death metal connesieur though. Stupid firefox for not knowing that connesieur is a word in English too D
  11. Peace Heavy mk II

    Love her
  12. Peace Heavy mk II

  13. Peace Heavy mk II

    I started playing Destroy All Humans again...but I didn't know there were more than just 1 and 2 for playstation D: ...there's a 3rd one for xbox360 which I don't have... Aside from that, I'm playing through the .hack G.U. series as well. I'm up to the last game and have to finish it before I go back to school since I'm borrowing them. ^o) The only MMO I've been playing recently is Perfect World...but I haven't had much motivation to go on lately. Games I know I'm going to be playing when I get the money for them: Digimon World DS, Portal 2, Star Craft II, and probably a Kirby DS game since I've never played one.
  14. Peace Heavy mk II

    The latest thing I've been following is Digimon Xros Wars because I never grew out of it that show's still the shit. My boyfriend watches with me so I have nothing to worry about [/denial]. The last show I watched before that was Witchblade. I liked it, but there wasn't as much perversion as I wanted . Sure there were a few titmonsters and they bled white sticky stuff...but Newtype magazine described it as being much more My-mom-wouldn't-want-me-watching-this. Before that I re-watched Neon Genesis Evangelion. I love that series so much for dozens of reasons. I almost cried when Shinji squashed Kawru (Kaoru?)
  15. Peace Heavy mk II

    L'etate, c'est moi. Is it sad that I can tell whose who by how they post on here on last.fm? ._.
  16. Peace Heavy mk II

    Just a random collection of pictures I've taken from blogs I've visited, be it fan blogs or actual musician ones. They don't really have a theme I guess, as in cute or funny or sticking with just one band, but most of them aren't official promotional pictures. Actually taken from Ameba (I think) : Oh Mana: Other: Thought this was a cool picture. Srs costume. Anti-Anti-Feminism.
  17. Peace Heavy mk II

    Previews can be very misleading. A lot of times, for me that is, I *hate* the previews because they pick an awkward 20 seconds. I have the mindset for when I listen to the actual songs and find that I in fact do like the whole release. Even if these samples sound kind of like other songs, specifically "Heretical Glare," that's still 20 seconds out of anywhere from 4~7 minutes and E'm is prone to having several themes in their songs. **Edit: OH GOD I USED THE WRONG "THEIR" /selfmutilation
  18. Peace Heavy mk II

    Did they give a date for this song / maxi-single? I hope it's not a live distributed .___.
  19. Peace Heavy mk II

    Adding to Misa, I think Werkmare is a bit on the underappreciated side, as are the Piass for being around for almost 20 years, Garasu, pretty much all of Anarchist Records bands that don't have Kenzi in them, and ?????? (Glammy, Bio-Glammy, etc.).
  20. Peace Heavy mk II

    Mast is in Lauder now, isn't he?
  21. Peace Heavy mk II

    Well of course they're real o_o I mean, look: Those stupid bakugon things are fake D
  22. Peace Heavy mk II

    *pretends to sing along by mumbling random nonsense* /hasseenpeopledothat
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