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  1. At least they admit to being influenced by sl*p kn*t where most bands would be like "Oh....this sounds like them? That's so weird aha 👀"


    Also, I didn't realize NeiN were so nu-metal-y? I thought the singles I heard from them in the past were lighter, but I could be misremembering them with the other band Shun is in (Quiet Rain?).

  2. They kind of sound like a lighter Verxina. 


    Hopefully their 6/20 oneman doesn't get cancelled like their 5/17 show. It must suck to want to get started with activities but then having to constantly postpone them.

  3. 32 minutes ago, evenor said:

    I think the songs might be different/re-recorded, due to the current band having different members. I saw these guys live @ CHOP last year; I tried to buy their first mini but they actually encouraged me NOT TO due to the release not reflecting the songs they played during the live lol. 



    Ah, that makes more sense. It's very vkei to just remaster your stuff and resell it so that's why I assumed the worst lmao



    They told you not to buy their stuff???? 

  4. I think in the case of Hueye, it seems like less of "someone is writing the music for them" and more "they're being heavily produced / guided to be portrayed a certain way". A release every 6 months really isn't astronomically overbearing, but people are quick to compare them to Mejibray and I can't help but feel that was done on purpose.

  5. 1 hour ago, Manabu said:

    I think that's their only artist, arlequin aren't listed on their twitter or their homepage anymore.

    Goemon's site has been down all afternoon, but their twitter still retweets events Arlequin are in / promotions for their material.


    I know mid last year, they formed their own sub-label "Anima", but I don't know if that's truly part of Goemon or was created with the intention of eventually breaking off and being their own thing.

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