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    Kind of two weird examples today. The first, I think it is more coincidental, but I could be onto something. The main melody of the song "After Dark" by Seraphim Shock sounds a lot like Aliene Mariage's "SUICIDE," just at 1/3 the tempo and without the cRaZy vKeI VoCaLs ayiiiiiiiiiiiiiii edit: it'd be really great is the spoiler tags weren't eating each other Now, this particular case I think is more of a coincidence, than a ripoff. While the Seraphim Shock song did come out first, I don't think they were popular enough for a relatively small (on a macro-scale) goth band across the world to pick up their albums and thing "...huh, I could be a prettier version of this!!" That being said, I have seen people say Aliene "borrowed" from Slipknot on their 2nd album, so it's not an impossible thing to imagine. However, I am leaning towards this sample being a weird, but cool, similarity. Example number two: "Brave Heart," from the Digimon OST vs L'arc~en~ciel's "Vivid Colors" vs
  2. Peace Heavy mk II

    what a boob
  3. Peace Heavy mk II

    That's vk.gy vk dot gy!
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  5. Peace Heavy mk II

    That album art is gorgeous, so I'm going to have to get the best-fan-ever edition again 🤑
  6. Dad rock Kiryu put their stuff on Spotify
  7. Peace Heavy mk II

    mmmmmmmmmm SW at least helped get their first promo-single digitally distributed. They might be like Visage, who was "supported" by UNDER CODE but wasn't actually signed to them.
  8. Peace Heavy mk II

    Hmm odd, seeing it on a different computer as well I found it using chrome on both OS Mojave + Catalina
  9. Peace Heavy mk II

    Aside from their finale, most of these seem like smaller venues (100~200 people). When you're playing in bumbfuck, though, you can't really expect more than 15~30 people to show up anyway unless you're a big name. But the repeated exposure over time will help
  10. Peace Heavy mk II

    Was this intentional, or was the text supposed to be a title / alt property?
  11. Peace Heavy mk II

    they loved it so much as gossip, they're doing it again!!!
  12. Peace Heavy mk II

    Glad they're still good after all of their weird lineup issues and hiatus Also happy we get to hear the song about June 6th, since that mini it was on originally is impossible to find.
  13. Peace Heavy mk II

    Wow, Kyuushuu bands are just falling apart left and right this month.
  14. Peace Heavy mk II

    LOVE the Maria sample and his dollar-store Yayoi vocals
  15. They can afford a showy best-of album and a US tour but not a steamer smh
  16. Don't block off my way, you all buzzing smallest fry No one should cut in nor doubt my steady faith Even if the Moon quits beaming in coal-black nights This aspiration I've got for blazing out inside Fly high Angel of Immorality 美しいならばそれでいいじゃない! (Utsukushiinaraba sore de ii janai!) (If it's beautiful, it isn't good (?)) Blood-sucking for praying. It blooms in the dark Crimson pain from thorns proves sweet caress it gives If tragedy is our destiny we must go along A ray of light will leak in at some point in time Welcome the dawn of our new cosmos Fly high Angel of Immorality 美しいならばそれでいいじゃない! Blood-sucking for praying. It blooms in the dark Crimson pain from thorns proves sweet caress it gives If tragedy is our destiny we must go along A ray of light will leak in at some point in time Forbidden blue roses bedew us in a dream They welter in deep water of immorality If tragedy is our destiny we must go along A ray of light has reached out right there on your back (apparently the English was translated by Miki Nakayama, oof)
  17. Peace Heavy mk II

    is that deadman
  18. Peace Heavy mk II

  19. MEME have announced on Twitter that they will be releasing a new single on January 8th, entitled "ヘンリー ・リー・ルーカス" (Henry Lee Lucas). They will also be hold a 6-month consecutive oneman series from February through July.
  20. Peace Heavy mk II

    Motivate Crucifixion to do this again too
  21. Peace Heavy mk II

    Or Sigh
  22. Peace Heavy mk II

    Lyrics: 貴方の希望を失えば 私も絶望へ堕ちましょう 貴方の全てを受け入れましょう 離れられぬよう埋め込みましょう 思い出は全て冷凍したの 賞味期限付きの二人の息 じっくりと煮込んだ忠誠心(Last character is read as "しん") 数日後のディナーが楽しみね 真夜中4時の鐘が鳴る 〜Screaming〜 私と貴方だけの味 貴方と私だけの味 貴方の希望を失えば 私も絶望へ堕ちましょう 貴方の全てを受け入れましょう 離れられぬよう埋め込みましょう 〜Screaming〜 2人だけの秘密の味 私と貴方だけの味 貴方と私だけの味 「お待ちかねのディナー」 (始めましょう) 貴方がその目を失えば 私はこの目くり抜きましょう 貴方その腕を失えば 私はこの腕を切り落とすの 貴方が理性を失えば 一匙味見をしてみましょう 貴方が声帯を失えば 私の舌を足し隠し味よ 貴方が温度を失えば 私の皮膚(はだ)を剥ぎ茹でましょう 貴方がその骨を失えば 私の骨砕き調味料に 最後に貴方を失えば 私の心臓を盛り付けて 絶品な手料理(フルコース)召し上がれ お味はいかが?良くできたでしょう? 同じ世界で一つになりましょう 同じ世界で散っていきましょう 同じ世界で神となりましょう これは歪んだ愛なのでしょうか? いいえ、紛れもなく純愛でした
  23. Peace Heavy mk II

    Dezert are back!!!!!!!!!
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