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  1. Peace Heavy mk II

    Some new updates that I've found. It looks like Terakoya bands are on Spotify now, plus some others. -Ensoku -Floppy -GalapagosS -Leetspeak Monsters -Minus Jinsei Orchestra (only one album) -Psycho Le Cému -Roman Kyuuko -Sandwich de 120pun? -Sendai Kamotsu
  2. Peace Heavy mk II

    I liked their single a lot, so I'm here for this
  3. Re: Kisaki's secret yahoo auctions account
  4. Peace Heavy mk II

  5. Peace Heavy mk II

    Yep, new release of some sort this winter and that they'll announce details later. Didn't they announce another new single for the fall too, or was that Virge? Edit: that was Virge. 😅
  6. Peace Heavy mk II

    don't out me as bi, thanks
  7. Peace Heavy mk II

    Love La'Mule!
  8. #theory : Tr*mbe was Yukari from Baiser, and that's why they had so much insider vkei info about no1cur bands performing at Cyber once ever 19 months

  9. Peace Heavy mk II

  10. Natsuki isn't going to quit getting that -oz-vocado money for this, guys
  11. Peace Heavy mk II

    Change their name to Faire Baiser [2]
  12. When is their offshot DVD called ✝✝You're Fired✝✝ dropping?
  13. this is what happens when you don't overthrow your aristocracy
  14. New single "不招請な肉棒写真" inspired by recent Twitter events
  15. Peace Heavy mk II

    electric chair
  16. Just bought FFXIV again and haven’t played since Heavensword. Wish me luck xoxo

    1. Marchen


      Yay! If you're on Primal and need anything, just give the word o/

    2. tetsu_sama69


      Have fun! If you ever need anything I'm on Excalibur!

    3. platy


      I hope you're on Louisoix! 

  17. Imagine being so sick of hizaki's shit that you willingly opt to be in a fursuit band managed by ex-UCP wannabe yotamonos
  18. Peace Heavy mk II

    I'm gooped because I.A. is actually Iria from Ruellia's band.
  19. Peace Heavy mk II

    Chiru is apparently also in an Aural Vampire ripoff band called "Psychopath" and they def escaped from Area 51
  20. Peace Heavy mk II

    this is going to be garbage but I am excited because garbage is what makes vkei exciting
  21. the devil's lettuce claims another innocent teen.......
  22. Peace Heavy mk II

    An actual reply: The lesbian silence meme I've also seen it referenced or ~implied~ in a couple animes. One being Btooom! and the other is SSSS Gridman
  23. Peace Heavy mk II

    My spotify playlists wtf who put all of this bad music in here lmao
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