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  1. Can't believe ya'll got NEGA cancelled lmfao

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    2. Akrus


      @IGM_OficialI saw some micro tags with autismo supremo or austim. Funny as hell 😅


    3. Ada Suilen

      Ada Suilen

      Dir en Grey is a massive band, no one can doubt of this... but why someone necessarily rates something saying "Hey is a XXX ripoff", "Hey that thing is too similiar to XXX", while appreciating it for what is in its core? I have seen this garbage happening in visual kei fandom, reminding of a similiar debate on other fandoms, such as GoT, where other new fantasy/sci-fi shows have necessarily that feature which gets a comparison to what GoT did... honestly this thing is bothering me a bit, but is only my opinion.

    4. Himeaimichu


      Who the fuck even cares if they copy Dir en Grey these days? They sound cool. It's music. It's just fucking notes, timbres and words that sound good together to our ears. It's not that deep lol.

      I personally like the Diru influence in Nega. I think Nega is a cool interpretation of different influences, including Dir en Grey, and they manage to stick some Gauze influence in the mid 2000's

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