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  1. To celebrate his 20th anniversary as a visual-kei performer, Aika has recently put out a cover of the song "DAMAGE" by his first band R.A.I.D. . He is currently hosting a poll on Twitter for the next song to cover. According to his tweet, he had intended to remake "FLARE" by Werkmare, but wants to see if there are other songs that people would want more. Voting ends on June 27th. Only one of the songs listed is currently on YT, but for reference:
  2. Peace Heavy mk II

    No, she meant "Kim, oh no!"
  3. Peace Heavy mk II

    Dusty mirror better be a Kalen cover
  4. Peace Heavy mk II

    I like Byouki. It's just the right amount of sloppy and #respectTheHustle that visual kei is good at it. Nee is....something.
  5. Peace Heavy mk II

    I think they meant "Depressive and Melancholic" because their lyrics are sad or something, but people here keep clinging to that tagline and expecting early Girugamesh 2.0. This is the same day as Hueye's singles, so I might just grab them all at once. If I don't buy this, no one else will 🦸🏻‍♂️
  6. Peace Heavy mk II

    They pooped out 2 albums and a D-typed maxi-single all in less than 12 months, so it's safe to say that they have more than enough material to go to another label / producer and not be scrambling for set fillers. BGFN left BP and seemed to be just fine for a while, so I'm don't think this will be the end of them.
  7. how long until they release an anniversary album called 31 and it's just 13 but played backwards
  8. Peace Heavy mk II

    halfway through it cuts to joe biden doing jello shots off of rachel maddow
  9. Peace Heavy mk II

    Latest update, which covered a good deal of CDs I've received from my Rarezcrate subscription (hence, why these bands are a bit unlike the content I typically share). I've tried to refine my editing technique a bit as well -- hopefully my images are starting to look a bit better
  10. Peace Heavy mk II

    visual kei got popular again
  11. Peace Heavy mk II

    ugghhhh @ the two kiryu profiles vkei labels need to step their streaming game up!!
  12. Peace Heavy mk II

    Not my favorite vocalist, but I like Eventide
  13. Peace Heavy mk II

    Love that this is probably meant to be cvlt for "witch" but in Japanese it's perfectly viable to pronounce it like "BITCH"
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