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  1. auxiliary'l
  2. I can't believe megaromania was going to be reviving and will performed amongst. Hopefully they will be decided to announce they played Amethyst this coming November.
  3. It'd be great if Kams went back to having a label with the output and consistency of 06-08 Sherow instead of just signing random solo projects for one single each
  4. another stroke-related condition? I'm glad they caught it before it became a huge issue
  5. "ULTIMATE SACRIFICE" means they're going to kill LEDA on stage
  6. I was worried this was going to be rerecordings of Railtracer songs (again)
  7. The fewer the band members, the better the band
  8. Didn't know about those two, but I was thinking Baiser's "Magenta Story" originally.
  9. He's still trying, huh
  10. yikes, he ate her finger
  11. this has to be the second vkei pv with black people
  12. The mixing is kinda weird. Everything except the vocals is very loud
  13. ok wow drag me Also, this brings back memories of when people would get mad in the Dio shoutbox and refer to non-American Dio as "that gay yugioh shit." Lastfm used to be so fun...