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  1. We already have ゴシップ though?
  2. Ugggghhh I saw this guy's videos on FB this morning and was about to go awf on him but remembered that 90% of the people in the vkei facebook group use Yohio as a reason to not kill themselves. Plus there's a few people who are still bitter from when I told Bataar they had bad makeup.
  3. reflections

    I've been meaning to look into them more. I love their 思春期の吸血鬼 single because the guitar work is great and the English is even better. Of the 4 or so CDs I've heard, my favorite is their 毒・夢・月・殺・狂乱舞 demo. #funfact: I used one of their promo pics as an avatar here, and I'm not even super familiar with all their work
  4. queens of outsourcing
  5. featured list

    What is a "pickle card?" ---Other Drama--- There was a small band called "ARREST" that had the worst luck, although nothing as high as kisaki-tier drama (more akin to Kodomo A). Most of their former members are in the new-ish band Ashley, but the reason their first band broke up is because their bassist stole all of their costume funds and ran. If I'm remembering their news thread here correctly, several members were later involved in a car accident and then one of their CDs ended up getting canceled. If I had such a crappy luck streak, I'd call it quits too! seriesOfUnfortunateEvents.jpg
  6. featured list

    Didn't someone from Dear L'Novel get kicked out for doing something to a fan? Or am I misremembering him as someone from Black Cat? Chloroform almost disbanded because of something their vocalist did. I believe the thread here said the other band members described it as "inexcusable behavior," although no one's come forward with what it was iirc. Supposedly Yuuga (of both Devil Kitties) used to beat bandmen who were signed to his label. There was probably another issue at some point with the vocalist of Curse / Mareli (who is currently the vocalist of The Kiryu) being super young, since I read he joined at band while in middle school and both bands were signed to Yuuga's label. I believe Curse eventually up and left his label and turned into LutenA, but any insinuation of drama to cause this is purely speculation on my part. There was also a stint where he forced a member of Rentrer en Soi to grovel on stage for getting his sister pregnant (which is why one of their first guitarists left). @Takadanobabaalienmay have more details on Yuuga's workings in general. Also, prayer candle lit for when Noah of Avanchick told Betty to not perform with them because it would make less people show up to their gigs, which then caused most of Rockstar Records come forward about the label dumping all of their funds into one band. #visualKeiWikiLeaks2016
  7. So glad The Egoist are back!!!!
  8. Perfect for an elevator or department store shoe department
  9. + probably Twix I like gummy candies a lot too, but they often hurt my stomach after :x
  10. Welcome! My general advice is that people can be fairly facetious here, so if someone says something pretty ridiculous you may not want to immediately take it for more than face-value That being said, have fun and enjoy trying out other bands you may not have heard of yet. Every so often there's a mixtape thread that gets started where people send each other groups of songs that match a theme. It's a great way to find new stuff, even outside of vkei. This thread is a good place to get started.
  11. Details about their upcoming split-single with glamscure
  12. I see you using CHVRCHES references in your music video
  13. I wonder if Tr*mbe now writes for Visualoner 

    1. Peace Heavy mk II

      Peace Heavy mk II

      **** Visualioner


      Sorry, assuming they had no friends was def a micro-aggression xoxox 

  14. Sounds alright. The chorus is a nice balance of his solo project and how he wrote music while in Lareine, but the first minute and a half didn't really do much for me.