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  1. Oh, I thought you meant the Rumina who keeps forming Luna Sea worship bands and then quitting them after 4 months
  2. Peace Heavy mk II

    It turns out that the band isn't actually new (?), or at least this is an official restart with some budget. They at one point had VELDIA's other guitarist as a member, and some dude named Ryon as a vocalist. This may have been a session band, since it doesn't look like they've done anything past this one random show in August last year, but #theMoreYouKnow
  3. Peace Heavy mk II

    no...wait... they're the same people in the picture lmao
  4. Peace Heavy mk II

    Draw the line that says you will not be looking to have any relation with this person and that any further push to coerce you into doing so will result in the breaking off of your relationship with her as well. Your safety and happiness should trump the comfort and justifications that are enabling him to never apologize or improve. Of course, this is assuming you are in a position where this is possible. Telling someone in your support system "no" is extremely hard in general, so I cannot even imagine what it's like in this dark of a situation.
  5. Peace Heavy mk II

  6. Peace Heavy mk II

    seremedy are starting to grow on me
  7. Peace Heavy mk II

    Ask for eyes ask for eyes
  8. Peace Heavy mk II

    literally who is anyone on this cd
  9. Peace Heavy mk II

    This is really cool, thank you!
  10. I wish they would make new music instead of just cross-covers :///////
  11. Peace Heavy mk II

    This are the six stages of trying bath salts for the first time
  12. Peace Heavy mk II

    New mini-album is entitled 九龍頭 -KOWLOON HEAD- (Kuuron Atama -KOWLOON HEAD-) and will come in two types. Type A comes with multiple booklets and a music card (not sure what that means) and Type B comes with a bonus 7th track. [収録曲] 01 九龍頭 02 SEX 03 The pain song of the beast 04 砂漠のバシリスク 05 Too young to die! 06 切り落とされた翼 07 人間失格
  13. Peace Heavy mk II

    love spiv states
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