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  2. every time you like one of my ancient posts I am forced to confront my past and it is giving me a several psychoses 

  3. My older usernames are: -Magatsu -MyBFFHeidi -Tromb -TaintedWorldIsShit
  4. "She's a dude?!"
  5. This is a visual-kei nude lip appreciation status



    1. YuyoDrift


      What has been seen, cannot be unseen.

  7. Hon, everyone here goes through an awkward introductory phase. For a long time, I'm pretty sure @CAT5couldn't stand me. And for a while, I used to think @Zeus was an elitist jerk. Once you start knowing people a bit more, it will feel a lot less awkward. Now Cat tolerates me. I also don't think Zeus is an elitist anymore. After talking to him and eventually meeting him IRL, I know he's an elitist jerk. You've honestly done nothing wrong and I don't think anyone was actually upset or physically affected by anything you've seen. We've seen a lot of weirdos here -- you're no where close to being on par with what is considered "bad" by MH standards. You haven't: -Hacked anyone's account -Stalked + harassed several users -Pissed off the mods on a daily basis -Threatened the security of the site -Created a hostile environment for others to contribute information to -Caused a shitstorm of drama and made a new account with a "new identity" (for the 8th time) It's still your choice whether you'd like to lurk or not, but there's nothing to beat yourself up over.
  8. Maybe there will be more Azelea covers? :V
  9. Khlaha
  10. I don't think that's necessarily true. I've seen a lot of smaller bands do "one-man lives" that have "special guests" or "featuring ___" that perform as well. My interpretation is that a one-man is that the show is organized by one band's management in an effort to promote that band only, where as other shows the effort for promoting and organizing is done by one-to-many artists performing. Dir en Grey + Kagerou doing a tour vs. Dir en Grey touring and Kagerou opening at a few of their shows. The latter is still putting the focus on Diru, so it is still "their show." Sometimes vkei / formerly-vkei acts have loose definitions for things (like maxi-single vs a regular single that comes in 100 types, as an example), or maybe I'm putting too much stock in what these "special guests" actually do (do they MC? Do they sing one song? Do they just collect drink tickets? Sell merch??? Who knows!)
  11. what sort of gackt crying-in-the-rain nonsense