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  1. Peace Heavy mk II

    The Not So Illusive Chanteuse
  2. It's a shame Hide couldn't hear this great rendition of this song before he died. Or maybe he has...?
  3. Peace Heavy mk II

    Love that this project has gone from Kamijo 3.56 to showing up Mana in release ambition and graphic design
  4. Peace Heavy mk II

    Those flyers must be tearing up his GI track as hard as their music is tearing up the visual-kei scene!
  5. Peace Heavy mk II

    I believe a large amount of indie vkei labels distribute through FreeWill in some way or another, but aren't actually associated with them on a corporate level. I don't know much about officially how that relationship works, but my guess is that a label tells FW that they are paying to have a CD manufactured, and then gives them a fee to have it distributed to various music stores and venues. The actual production of the album (artistic production, not physical production) more than likely has nothing to do with FW at all.
  6. Everyone's praising X for playing to an empty stadium during a storm, but Satsuki has been playing at empty venues for years 

  7. Peace Heavy mk II

    If they fuck up 0 I am going to be so mad
  8. Peace Heavy mk II

    @Zeus please officially review this when it #drops
  9. Peace Heavy mk II

    ohh, I made a separate thread for this. I'm surprised they waited this long to do...something? They lost nearly half their lineup and haven't released anything new in almost 2 years.
  10. Peace Heavy mk II

    This series of demos has had some great tracks
  11. Peace Heavy mk II

    There are only 2 good songs on this best of. They should have taken a page out of Dream Theater’s book and name it after the songs someone cares about: “Hybrid Truth / Orion once again (and 12 other songs we recorded at one point)”
  12. Peace Heavy mk II

    The album is apparently called "Bräemör." Idk what that means, but Kra seems to like picking Germanic / Gaelic sounding names for their albums. Track list: 01. GUSTAV 02. It is What It is 03. フクロウ (FUKUROU) 04. 犬も歩けば (Inu mo Arukeba) 05. 夢駆け行く(Yume Kake Yuku) 06. ダイス (DICE) 07. 幻想的な音楽隊 (Gensouteki-na Ongaku-tai) 08. メッセージ (MESSAGE) 09. 黒猫と愚者 (Kuro Neko to Gusha) 10. ブレーマー (BRÄEMÖR) Limited edition art: Regular edition art:
  13. Peace Heavy mk II

    Kiwamu on the sidelines, hoping this sparks a connection with younger Western fans
  14. Peace Heavy mk II

    Should have been Jame RIP