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  1. Not a bad thing It's just unpopular because I don't think anyone has ever said it lmao
  2. Schwarz Stein sounds like La Bouche
  3. Looking forward to it!
  4. 蟲聲 Google translate says that means "Shamisen," but I don't really believe that.
  5. An interesting piece about streaming that's been discussed at work is that big artists, at some point, will no longer need to make music. Every time someone like Beyonce, as an example, releases an album, the streams of her entire catalogue sky rocket. Most of the money she makes isn't from the new album, but it's from people seeing she has new music and then going back and listening to their favorites from 10 years ago. This same thing happens when they do large events, i.e. the Super Bowl or VMAs. Why spend the money promoting and producing a new album when you can just cash in on the rest of the stuff you've already done for free-ish? Imagine X got behind that mindset too? We'd really never see that new album
  6. Good morning my dearest 🙅 family, how are you all😶☺😊? To today's 👭International Children's Day👪 there is for you the Ending of the most successful, emotional and unique 🎬music documentation🎬#WeAreXFilm in the 🎶Music Universe🌌. On May 25, the Fans in 🎌Korea🎌 were able to admire the 🎬Film🎬 in the 📽Cinema📽. Enjoy the best 🎶music documentation🎬 of all time and the 🌞beautiful weather🌞. Let's go to the first June 🌹🌸🌞🌺🌻summer weekend🌹🌸🌺🌞🌻🌹.
  7. TIL "shangri la" and "Sangria" are not the same thing
  8. I tweeted one of their members asking how to romanize that and instead of answering, he just liked my Tweet. Thanks I guess!!!!
  9. Here is some leaked source footage of his new music video
  10. Visual-Kei

    Maijyu was also in Babylon at one point, so he could be friends with Misa too (not that that always equates getting a record deal, but who knows).
  11. Madonnamijo is back
  12. Can we light a prayer candle for LAER, please?