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  1. Is he free from the Da ViViD Code?
  2. why are their eyebrows drawn into their eye sockets
  3. 2017 S.K.I.N.
  4. Wearing 1970's ski attire w/fake snow video overlay 『 好き-ski- 〜心・入り・高山〜』
  5. Aruba is literally a small island of just beach resorts, so if you're going there with that intention then you've picked the right destination They do have some touristy stuff, as their main industry is tourism, but I haven't been there in 9~ish years so I'm sure a lot has changed. I remember they had a natural bridge (which has since fallen over), a donkey sanctuary, a coral reef you can snorkel in, and there's a city area as well which I'm sure has some nightlife attractions. Oh, also, there's a shitton of iguanas everywhere. They like pineapple, so carry some around with you if you want to make some friends. Most of the states I've listed were because my family used to drive from NY to SC every year. I think the only pass-through states were North Carolina and Maryland. The rest I've actually either stayed in or did other things there. I'm kind of in the same boat as you with Georgia, as I've been to all the states around it and don't have a real reason to go there. I've heard Atlanta is nice and has a huge aquarium, and I also live off of Diet Coke, so maybe that'll be on my to-go list one day. iirc @CAT5lives there, so that might mean I put it off for even longer (he sucks)
  6. Internationally, I've been to: -England -France -Spain -Aruba -UAE -India Domestically*, I've been to: New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland, Delaware, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Illinois, Arizona, California, Oregon, and Washington. *Breaking this out because the US mainland is bigger than all of Europe, so going from Boston to Portland, for example, is quite a trip. I'd really like to make Japan my next trip so I can stalk lady boys and go to awful concerts, but I'm not sure how or when that is going to happen. There's like 230430242 places I'd like to go to as well, but that's #1 haha
  7. I've only seen their promo pics for when I update fyeahvkeipromopics, but I have never actually listened to them. I'm interested in knowing more about them too!
  8. featured list

    2016 - the year Zess gave everyone a second chance
  9. This is some weird adult diaper kink gateway drug and I will not allow my children to view this material
  10. I kinda wish they looked more doll-like, if their single is about being a puppet.
  11. ELYNDAL-エリンダル's setlist is great
  12. Now I won't have an excuse to not think about Gackt while taking hole pics
  13. Finally broke my career high elo :')
  14. I can't believe Luna Sea is breaking up