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  1. Peace Heavy mk II

    Piracy can also lead to the end of this as well ☠️
  2. Peace Heavy mk II

    Aiolin Avanchick (Romanized titles) Blesscode DAMY (Only 2 releases) DEXCORE gosan0.1g (One single, romanized titles) MIZTAVLA
  3. Peace Heavy mk II

  4. Peace Heavy mk II

    Yuzuki looks qt go 4 it sis
  5. Peace Heavy mk II

    @The Reverend gives vkei car reviews. That’s good content
  6. Peace Heavy mk II

    just admit you wanted to talk about this
  7. Peace Heavy mk II

    He joined right before they got signed to Forum in 2017... so he hasn't really done a whole lot with the band.
  8. Peace Heavy mk II

    Lmaaooo @ Yoshiki being like "Thanks for being here!!! We know we are playing at the same time as Beyonce and you needed to see something after not getting in, right??? hahhahahaha wwwwww "
  9. D....having two decent releases in a row....????
  10. Strut up 2 McRonalds and order yourself a large McBAM 

  11. Their look is like they poached the carcasses of Diaura and Avanchick
  12. Peace Heavy mk II

    I’ve been thinking about this thread all day and can not fathom how bad things must have gotten to be kicked out of the Kisaki Project. Like, we have a whole thread of Kisaki bullshit, and someone with that much dirt on him said “yikes, you need to go” to Satsuki. Amazing / tragic because I really liked that incarnation of TKP
  13. Peace Heavy mk II

    @cvltic x