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  1. To be fair, a lot of tr*mbe's old threads started with "It was announced at _____ live, that ____ will be releasing a single sometime in Spring 201X" and that was taken without question.
  2. You heard it here first, folks. More details will be shared here once they make more official announcements on their home page or Twitter accounts.
  3. the goth brazillians r going 2 lov this
  4. Gossip vs DiSPiNA 2-man live footage
  5. is that tr*mbe
  6. This is a big mess
  7. The album art is pretty
  8. Sleepy art-kei group More announced that they will be releasing a new mini-album next year on April 20th. The cd is entitled "tyrantura," and the start of sales with commence with their live series "美しき暴君 (Utsukushi Boukun)." Further details have not yet been announced.
  9. Is this band about militant, non-buddhist people?
  10. ThatSucks.com
  11. Also fuck that @ the vocaloid collab
  12. Right, but I was more commenting on how the use the same serial number pattern as Sherrow ("SASCD"). I thought CHATEAU AGENCY was a whole different label, but it seems to be more of a separate branch. CA still works directly with Warner and Sony, so I wouldn't say they're totally independent (http://chateau-agency.com/?page_id=64).
  13. His last solo album was actually surprisingly refreshing, so I'm hoping he can keep up that momentum. You may have to suspend any aspiration for him to step outside of his typical compositional style, though, to be excited.
  14. They couldn't even wait for Grieva to officially disband before bastardizing their logo