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  1. This probably doesn't contribute much to the conversation, but "二〇〇七~二〇一七" looks like "NOOT~NOOT" I liked the second preview more.
  2. exist trace never sounded better
  3. Smart marketing: uploading your songs to YT before jajaBijiaruBR does so you get ad revenue and control over distributed quality.


    Dumb marketing: 


    1. AimiGen7


      "Death Penalty" Ohhh what are they gonna do? Come to my house all the way in the United States and lynch me? 

      Actually, I'm tempted to go to whatever video that was on and reply that to them for shits and giggles

    2. Peace Heavy mk II
  4. Is track 10 and 11 supposed to be the same name?
  5. oh no. RIP
  6. Since they’re following the アルルカン release pattern thus far, I expect at least 2 more pressings of this single by the time their 2nd maxi-single is announced 😆
  7. The drumming is really weird in the first sample. I'm surprised that these are mostly slower songs, too.
  8. Deshabillz #impact
  9. The Runaway Bass has returned
  10. I hate that I actually l really liked that chunky monkey sample
  11. The tracklist for POIDOL-EP is: 01. 夜な夜なバカを見る (Yoruna Yourna BAKA wo Miru) 02. アイオライト (IOLITE) 03. Pinky in the Dark 04. LIVING DEAD. Kind of figured they'd re-release their two sample songs (Arlequin did). Didn't see someone else had it posted. "Pinky in the dark" sound precarious
  12. Chloe grew up and is ready to save visual-kei