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  1. Peace Heavy mk II

    Look is good, sample is not :X
  2. Peace Heavy mk II

    What I think is super weird is that really really indie bands embrace streaming, big-time bands are just starting to embrace it (thanks to L'arc starting that trend), but mid-tier or big in the indies scene labels completely refuse? Like, why are Loop Ash, Plug, PSC, or Speed-disk's catalogs not available? It's so weird.
  3. Peace Heavy mk II

    It's a grey area for me. On the one hand, it's way easier to chuck $2.58 at a single on iTunes than it is to spend $30 to have it physically imported from CDJ. But at the same time, sometimes record deals fall through or the band splits and then their material is gone from streaming services. For example, GE+IM's digital single is now gone, and all of UnsraW's materially used to be streamable, but that got removed a few months ago. Unfortunately, being available digitally comes with an asterisk that says *(for now)
  4. Peace Heavy mk II

    Yeah, you can definitely tell this is 100% his band, but some of their answers were more thoughtful than other bands in past interviews. It's cool to see that he admits he draws inspiration from DAVID, which people have compared this band to before. It always seems to be the drummer that acts like he's being harangued into doing these interviews. Are vkei drummers just not in it for the fantasy?
  5. Peace Heavy mk II

    They have a new single coming on July 16th called "Neo-Tokyo" (ネオトウキョウ) and a free one-man on September 30th at Shinjuku BLAZE.
  6. Peace Heavy mk II

    I always wondered what La'veil would sound like with worse vocals ngl there's a hint of this that sounds like early 弥叉
  7. Peace Heavy mk II

    don't answer this question
  8. Peace Heavy mk II

    just fyi this has started for real, so I'm basically the Steven King of this board
  9. Peace Heavy mk II

    Showing up DEZERT yaaass
  10. Peace Heavy mk II

    Are any of the proceeds going to helping rebuild the outback or is it just #thoughtsPrayersAndBDSM
  11. Peace Heavy mk II

    They left the photoshopped mess of Virgin to become a sex doll wow
  12. Peace Heavy mk II

    HGP, Kamijo, Versailles... Just like IRL, from the plague comes the Renaissance!!!
  13. This sounded like complete noise the first time I listened to it, but now that I have more attention devoted to the second time, I like the nod to Madeth's backwards song they did here.
  14. Peace Heavy mk II

    I feel like I'm not osaka-ben enough to get their humor
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