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  1. Which Yuuga? Assuming Devil Kitty since they had a song on an omnibus he produced loool And was this 蒼?
  2. who was the one in the wheelchair? Did his legs get better or what happened
  3. The samples kind of remind me of The Gallo
  4. I thought this said "MISARUKA" when I scrolled by too quickly and was about to get angry b/c that mess had finally ended. The sample is actually kinda nice.
  5. I miss the 1999~2004 style of vkei promo pics: super blown out faces that are slightly tinted green or orange with early pokemon card-esque backdrops
  6. Jesus wore that
  7. They are also doing a 2-man tour with Ziggurat
  8. oh jeeze
  9. I don't think so--there may be in the future in another PV collection since they tend to make PVs for old releases kind of arbitrarily. I haven't seen samples yet either. This single doesn't really seem to be well promoted online, so I'm worried it's all filler tracks ;(
  10. I can think of at least 4 other examples of bands using a manji in their song titles, so I'm sure there won't be much backlash.
  11. Yaasss @ Lineage reaching into Epica's "Design Your Own Universe"'s back catalogue

  12. Wait, is it just AvexPictures or the entirety of AvexGroup? They're a huge conglomerate so it would be even stupider if the latter were the case.
  13. Asagi foretold this prophecy which is why D started flopping hard enough to get dropped from Avex. Wonderland has truly been saved!
  14. STOP