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  1. https://www.last.fm/music/the+Raid./+wiki I've heard of them, but never actually listened to them. I know that their vocalist participated in the Kneuklid Romance revival live in 2012 or so. I don't know if he acted as their guest vocalist, or the vocalist of some sort of session associated with the show.
  2. eww they played with a recorded vocalist? ざま
  3. They've added a new vocalist, Satsuki, and a support guitarist YURI (ex-Ancient Myth). MIRAI is also only the keyboardist now.
  4. "Michi wa ROAD" where???
  5. My favorite is still "Malice Mizer 1th Anniversary Live"
  6. ^ the part at 1:04~1:09 also sounds like "Zombie" lolol It really is a piecemeal of random inspirations
  7. It's like he said "Hey, how can I make this sound like Miyavi but worse?"
  8. I'm still working on that Remembering 2014 review, please wait and continue to support me onegashimasu! I also don't think I've done many, if any, trade-offs since then, knowing that I am inconsistent with following up. If it will make you feel better, I'll sign up for the next one and Cat5 can publicly tell me "NO"
  9. Added several Penicillin albums to the images section. I also have scans for ULTIMATE VELOCITY, but for some reason those never made it into my "to edit" folder, so they'll come in another update https://t.co/tlvkNvjZIg
  10. Thank @inartistic Does anyone know of their older material? I had a hard time finding anything on YT
  11. @seikunThere should be a discography thread floating around somewhere.
  12. These guys aren't actually new, as it turns out. V.L.T. is the revival of the band ヴァレンタイン (VALENTAIN), which was around in 2007~2010 or so, but the only original member is the vocalist. 髑髏 was also a roadie for R-shitei https://vk.gy/artists/v-l-t/
  13. I actually like this. Come through 90s ~dramatic~ chorus Just wish their name was b.l.t. instead.
  14. HaPpY BiRtHDaY