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  1. 8/10 nice art :0 I like the colors and how it's (probably) cropped so the face is on the center. Light/shadow balance confuses me a little though. Also I'd ask her name but it seems she has none. :S
  2. Yaasss I feel like Nintendo FINALLY understood that this is important! Taiko no Tatsujin for everyone finally!! I agree that it's totally different from the WiiU... Also there are a lot more companies this time around, so I don't think it's weird that they're bringing up games from the previous generations, I actually think that's good thinking. It's a start. Though the launch lineup may not sound so good, they're (as always) betting on their exclusive trademark games like Zelda, Super Mario and Mario Kart, but also games that were a huge success on the previous consoles like a sequel to Xenoblade Chronicles and a new Splatoon... So yeah, the launch games are especially focused on Nintendo fans and I don't see anything wrong with it. Now it also depends on what they're planning to do next. I have a Wii but I could never buy a WiiU, though I kinda wanted it... but I also felt a little bit betrayed because it felt too much like "Nintendo Wii: The Full Version" to me. Still, I'd have bought it if I had the money, but it's true I didn't feel the hype then and boy, do I feel it now!! My (financial) situation isn't much better than it was around that time, but now I'm seriously considering buying it. Ofc I know only buying it won't do and that I'll have to buy games too and all, but it seems sorta possible... or maybe it's just that I really, really want it lol. Not only for what it does in general (so many good ideas there!), but because I like those exclusives too. I'm not sure I can call myself a "Nintendo fan" or anything like that, but I like them and I like games. Nintendo is all about the games and even if they're sometimes really "mean" to some fans (and they are), they still make some really good games in general. So it's kinda sad to see how they're not as 'relevant' in the gaming world as they used to be... a lot of that is due to poor marketing aaand probably some bad decisions, I think. Many people also complain about the graphics, but I think that's kind of missing the point when it comes to them. I wrote more than I had planned but, I mean, I'm feeling the hype greatly this time and it feels GOOD (...also frustrating lol). What I've been wondering is.......the 3DS is also reaching its end, probably, and Switch IS *also* a portable console. So.......Will they release any Pokémon games there? Will we get to play Pokémon on a big screen??
  3. The hype is REAL It's f*cking Xenoblade Chronicles 2!!!! Did you guys watch the presentation?? Many good announcements and new Zelda as a launch game! I wonder when I'll manage to buy it..... >_< Also it's funny how some people are saying the Switch is what WiiU was supposed to be, because to me it feels like the WiiU is what Wii was supposed to be. XD
  4. So I started watching a new anime this season called Kuzu no Honkai. That title interested me because its (official) translation is basically "Scum's Wish" and that's not something you see everyday lol. The trailer doesn't do it any justice; it makes it seem like any other romance anime so I wasn't sure whether to watch it or not... but hey, it's a noitaminA show so it's worth a try at least. In the end, it was different than I thought it would be! The main characters don't seem to be the nicest people and there's an interesting premise: they both are in love with someone who doesn't love them back, so they're going out with each other to be those people's replacement for each other. It's a bit messed up and surprisingly NSFW (especially for a noitaminA show), but strangely endearing. It has some light-hearted humor but not too much, most of the episode was narrated by the protagonist and that's nice. Some of the lines remind me of manga, and it's probably on purpose since there are also some manga-like panels thrown in. It was a good first episode overall, I'll definitely keep watching it. Apparently the manga is still being published, but the whole anime is set to have 11 episodes. I also finally watched Litle Witch Academia's movies! I really like them, so I'm gonna start the TV series soon too.
  5. sorry, no, you're invalid :<
  6. i hate myself for not coming up with that one first lol
  7. why do u have such long eyelashes?!?!
  8. I apologize for the lateness!! m(_ _)m Like I said before (and warned my partner through twitter), I'd be late due to my camping, but even though I came back a few days ago, I only had the time to review it now. My partner for this mix was @CAT5!! And I gotta say making a mix for someone you know and talk to regularly may be even more difficult than making it for someone you know nothing about, like I did last time lol. But it's definitely much more fun. I didn't have much time to prepare mine and got it done in a rush, but I was satisfied with the result since I was able to convey what I felt with it. First of all, I'd like to reply to some things from his review in the spoiler down below, and then I'm reviewing his mix <3 (you may skip it if you want haha) So, I got @CAT5's mix a few days before Christmas but didn't listen to it until I could fully focus on it, so I did it when my camping started. Since it's far from the city, I had the oportunity to listen to it the first time lying down on a reclined beach chair, a little far from the camping site, while gazing up to this sky: Aaaand this is the concept behind his mix, in his own words: When I read it, I thought it was funny it intended basically the opposite of my mix lol. That made it even more interesting to listen to, imo. I apologize in advance if it gets too long, but I sometimes can't help but write a lot :x 『sink』 01. Piana - In Silence 02. sleepy.ab - ループ 03. number0 - literal noise 04. downy - 椿 05. Radiohead - Weird Fishes/Arpeggi 06. SEQUENCE PULSE - Hush 07. wooderd chiarie - バー 08. 푸른새벽 - 우리의 대화는 섬과 섬 사이의 심해처럼 알 수 없는 짧은 단어들로 이루어지고 있었다 09. NUUAMM - 深海の人 10. 睡蓮 - 夕鶴会 11. Chouchou - 空蝉の時雨 01. Piana - In Silence Like most bands on this mix, I didn't know this one at all. I like the way it starts, with a -gasp!- and then a soft voice comes in along with the acoustic guitar and some dreamy effects. It's a perfect intro for the mix. The vocals are very mellow and comforting, a little nostalgic, the melody is somewhat soothing and the instrumental is very pleasing. I really like the overall arrangement and the drums! The song feels like it's growing in some way, becoming more intense, but still in a pleasing way. It's full of emotion and it feels good. I really like it! In a way, this song was good to present the overall feel of the mix, though it doesn't yet feel like I'm sinking -- it feels like I'm floating instead! Which makes sense, if I'm about to sink next. That's what I thought. 02. sleepy.ab - ループ ...And I was right! The transition from the previous song to this one was so well done and the tone is so similar I could swear they were made to be presented this way lol. I've always been meaning to listen to sleepy.ab, but I never really got into them. I don't know why. Like I said, the tone of the song is similar to the previous one, but this time I really feel like I'm starting to sink. The vocals were calm at first, but they seemed to get more desperate, if not pleading. There was a ghostly aspect about them that really pleased me! I kept thinking about the concept of the mix while listening to it, though the starry sky distracted me a little bit, and I tried not to pay the lyrics much attention... still I couldn't help but understand a few words and was surprised to hear what I think was "mawaru uchuu, mawaru omoi" (spinning universe, spinning thoughts) at some point, because it actually matched with what I was seeing + what I was hearing right then. It really made an impression on me. Also nice bass! 03. number0 - literal noise Now, I'd to like to make it clear I avoided looking at the song's titles/band's names while listening to it for the first time, there are 2 main reasons for that: I didn't want to spoil it and distract myself & I didn't want to stop looking at the sky and risk ruining the whole experience. Still, I wonder what I'd have thought about that song then, if I knew it was titled "literal noise". It starts off very quietly and it gets all melancholic. It sounds weirdly familiar. There's a soft clinging throughout the whole song, and the other instruments slowly appear. I'm definitely "underwater" here and it got darker all of a sudden. The song felt so chill and dreamy that I gotta admit my attention shifted at some point, probaly because it also carries a similar tone to the two previous songs. For some reason, this song always fails to capture my attention and I always get distracted even when listening to it later... But it was a nice song. I felt all relaxed and definitely letting myself sink further when the song ended. 04. downy - 椿 ...So when this song came on, I got REALLY startled lol. downy is another band I kept hearing about but never got into. This might be just the push I needed to make it happen! When I thought about the concept again while listening to this, I figured the start might've come from me having found out I was sinking and I was suddenly aware of it. This is the song that brought my attention back to the mix on my first listen and all the listens that came after that. I don't really know what is it about the chorus that captivates me so much, but it's sO GOooOOD i can'ttt. The bass and drums are outstanding, but the vocals don't fall behind. It feels very ethereal and it made me want to look at my surroundings immediatelly lol. Fortunatelly, there was nothing creeping on me. Nothing I could see, at least. I was camping afterall, remember?? It doesn't hurt to check. Yeah... ;; Anyway, LOVED IT. <3 It gets stuck in my mind all the time lol. It was my favorite. 05. Radiohead - Weird Fishes/Arpeggi I did think this sounded familiar, but I'm glad I didn't know it was Radiohead. I mean, I'd just hold expectations for that and some of them might not be so good. I have a love/hate relationship with them, though I haven't listened to them that much tbh. It's just that I sometimes lack patience to listen to them. ((( /runs ))) haha but I won't let this influence me. : 3 This song felt far too familiar, I'm not sure if I've listened to it before though. It succeeds in capturing the overall feeling of the mix, and though it's pleasant, it didn't make me "feel" much. Even if it fit the mix very well and its tempo isn't that different from the previous ones, it feels too slow at times. And I do like slow, but... it didn't click. I think it was maybe the way his voice sounded sometimes. Idk. Though I liked it, it was just ok. 06. SEQUENCE PULSE - Hush The moment she said "Hush... now", the first word sung in this song, she had me relaxed instantly lol. What is it with this mix and the mellow, soothing voices?! <3 I know nothing about this band, so I just checked their website and... what?! They're all guys and no vocals? WHO'S SINGING THIS? lol. I assume they must have guest vocals. I'm gonna assume it's sung by the girl on the cover. (It sounds like it could be her!!) I don't know why, but this somehow felt very like korean indie to me. Something about the melody+vocals+arrangement combo, probably. But it's japanese. Not that it makes a difference really. The post-rock-ish feeling had me focused back on the mix (yes I lose focus very easily I'M SORRY) 07. wooderd chiarie - バー BAA! it is. What's this title about? "BAR"? "VAR"? Is this a javascript reference? :0 Jokes aside, it felt like this song was telling me to sink some more, so I did. It's a slow, veeery melancholic song, depressing even. The chorus gets a little happier (if you can even call it that), but the way he sings "aitai" (I want to meet <you>) makes me think he really can't meet the one he wants to meet. (And that's exacly what he sings next lol.) Which is sad. Probably. EVEN NOW (he says). I know I said I wouldn't focus on the lyrics, but this was too on my face to ignore lol. I didn't pay much attention to the rest of the lyrics though. The verses are really good, but the chorus isn't much to my liking tbh, buuut it's not bad... I think I just expected the song to continue differently. I don't feel too strongly about this one, but still nice. It's nice enough to have made me look at my mp4 player's screen curiously every time it started, when I listened to it afterwards. 08. 푸른새벽 - 우리의 대화는 섬과 섬 사이의 심해처럼 알 수 없는 짧은 단어들로 이루어지고 있었다 OK THIS IS DEFINITELY KOREAN INDIE! Two things gave it away: the characteristic melody in some parts of the song aaaand the fact she's singing in korean. Well of course. Ok, it was definitely because she was singing in korean, since it also feels post-rock-ish. I'd even like it with no vocals, but that doesn't mean I don't like them -- I do, very much! Some of it made me think of something Sugar Plum Ferry would do, but they'd make it a lot louder, probably. I liked it, though it made me lose focus again (I tell you, that sky was VERY distracting) and it had me drifting away again. Which is also probably intentional since I'm -still- sinking. I'd say I felt comfortably numb at this point. Heh. (Got that reference, did ya??) 09. NUUAMM - 深海の人 NUUAMM... This name sounds familiar, but I don't think I ever listened to it...? The start feels a lot like Satomimagae somehow, for a moment I wondered if that was it. A male voice then says "shinkai" (!!!!!) and a female voice starts singing. There's a breathing/exhaling sound going on while she sings and that gave me goosebumps. In a bad way. As I was starting to think I had sank too deep to even see light, she starts singing like "hikari wa nai" which basically means "there's no light" haha. It was soothing in a way, but the exhaling creeped me out a bit, like I was so deep with no light that I couldn't see the terrible deep sea creatures surround me. It didn't help when I heard him saying something about the "lump of meat" and the eyes that can see anything at night... eh. I have to get the hell out of here asap lol. It made me want to get to some place with more light lol. I'll make sure to never listen to it when in complete darkness. (I'm serious) That said, I really liked this song! Music-wise, it was arranged in a simple but effective way, not many instruments or even effects, it makes it feel even more desolate. 10. 睡蓮 - 夕鶴会 I wasn't sure what to feel about this song when it started... and I'm still not 100% sure now lol. It kept the numbness I'd expect from sinking into depression but it also has a glimpse of life somehow. The instrumental makes it feel a little dark, but the strings make it rise higher somehow. And rise it does! Just to fall back again. I don't know if I'm making sense, but it's like a realization there might be some hope left, but you're still far from getting hold of it. Especially when I think about the intended concept. I think it fits the mix and it would do well for a final track, but because of that, it felt a bit... anti-climatic? Idk if it was its overall feeling or because it's longer than the other songs, but it felt a bit out of place - especially when the last song started (because I realized this wasn't the last). It was ok. 11. Chouchou - 空蝉の時雨 Oh, I know Chouchou!! Not very well though lol. And not this song. And I didn't think it was them when I listened to this song under the stars. I gotta say I'm glad the album didn't end with the previous song, 'cause I really like this one. It makes me feel things. It's very soothing and I don't know if it's because I'm dying (one can sink for so long and so deeply without drowning lol), or if I'm just being comforted in some other way. But it really is comforting. It made me think of looking up to the surface and seeing the light coming through. It's a very peaceful thought. The keys make it sound like there's a slight cold rain coming down and the raindrops can be heard hitting the surface. As for the song, I like how her voice works with the instrumental, not always following it in a "predictable"(??) way. It's so soothing it makes me want to close my eyes... maybe I really am dying afterall (lol), but if it's so, it feels like a peacefull death, with no pain and no regrets. Even though it's a melancholic song, it makes me feel good for some reason! And so it ended, almost too abrubtly (not really), just enough for me to get startled with the first song again. Nice way to end it! *** So, this is it! My grades vary a lot for each song, but I really like the mix overall. When I first read about the concept and took the feeling of "depression" into account, I expected the feeling of no feeling, if you get what I mean. A numbness that feels strongly somehow. It's contradictory but makes sense to me. The numb feeling is definitely there, but it has highs and lows, light and darkness, security and danger... and the feeling of sinking is palpable. It's a very dense mix and it can be emotionally exhausting depending on what mood you are when you listen to this. Even though I was in very high spirits when I first listened to it, it didn't get in the way of getting immersed in this. And though it doesn't have a very happy mood overall, it didn't make me feel bad or anything, but rather enjoy the experience - it may be that I have the last track to thank for that, too. The cover art is really fitting too! The girl scares me a little lol. Anyway, this was my interpretation of this mix. I'm keeping it in a special place (my music folder ofc) for my darkest nights lol. I know this sounds bad, but I think that would actually have a positive effect - even bad things must be felt at the right time if you want to feel better afterwards. That last track might just do the trick. It was really refreshing to listen to something that was the complete opposite of my mix, so thank you for this!
  9. They have a lot of potential imo! I found them when downloading the Petrichor PV, which I loved, but then I didn't like their mini-album so much. It was slightly disappointing... I can't really point what it is about it that I don't like, but it just feels off somehow, though there are good songs. But I really like "New generation", their major debut. There are some new versions of old songs and it feels catchier somehow, idk. It's not a mind-blowing album, but a very pleasant one. Tokyo was probably one of the songs I listened to the most in 2016! I really like Kohei's voice too and the way he sings in general. Also I was talking to @saishuuthe other day about how he somehow looks like someone you want to protect from the rain lol.
  10. Nice, I'm in! =D I only started using Discord a few weeks ago, but it's pretty nice.
  11. Aaaaand I'm the same! Ironically so. Just sent mine to @CAT5too Now, I won't be able to review it before the deadline... I can only post it next year. I'm actually traveling in a few hours to my hometown and I won't take my laptop with me. And then I'll go camping which ofc means no internet. Buuuut I'll listen to it a lot and be sure to get a proper review ready in january!
  12. I'm trying to make a list... could you guys please tell me some of the bands that have disbanded this year? Hiatus will do too. Also japanese artists who have retired/entered hiatus.

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    2. IGM_Oficial


      "I wasn't aware Nightmare had disbanded. (or maybe I just didn't remember it. It's possible lol.)"

      Nightmare will go on hiatus.


      "Ah btw, j-pop artists are included too. Any genre really, as long as it's japanese."

      That's why I've put Artema and Smap :v

    3. Hakoniwa


      @IGM_Oficial Ah... ok. I thought all those had disbanded. But well, SMAP is not on a hiatus, they're disbanding for good. I'll look into the ones I find interesting to report and find out. Thanks!

    4. IGM_Oficial


      There's Blesscode too :v

  13. I'm not sure I can next sunday since it's Christmas and I most likely won't have my laptop with me in my hometown, but... maybe? :< I came in really late too, so I'd like to try again if possible!
  14. Hazuki just tweeted about it a few hours ago... saying basically what you guys just said anyway. Some news site have covered it already too. But if you're interested, here goes: In the end, he says the members and staff are gonna look at the future and keep chasing the dream they built along with the fans.
  15. Whenever a band goes major I at least think "they can't possibly disband right now, they've JUST gone major" but seeing this kinda breaks my (illogical) logic... This is sad news anyway, just when I was thinking I should get to know them better too... But dunno, maybe something good will come out of it, that's what I like to think. Maybe they'll come back with the exact same members and a new name after realizing going major is nothing like what they had expected. It's Japan, they do that. xD 2016 was a cruel, cruel year