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  1. Velvet_Alchemy

    I honestly forget this was here, but goddamn, I need y'all. So my ex kept a good number of my possessions, including my computer and my backup, changed my passwords to my cloud storage and a lot of my social media, but by some stroke of luck, not this one. I know it's been years since I've been here, but I am so thankful my account is still here. I am so thankful posts that shaped my life are still here. Even if no one reads this, I am thankful this hasn't been deleted. I've forgotten more bands/albums/songs that I think last.fm/spotify could ever imagine, but they're still here. I love this. I'm gonna try to be here to preserve this bit of my life. I work alot and support myself and my wife (surprise! I'm actually a lesbian), but I want to be here. Please don't remove anything. Love, Bhani, aka Ana, aka Velvet.
  2. Velvet_Alchemy

    Ah, I think not.
  3. Velvet_Alchemy

    Caspa- Cockney Violin I find I like dubstep sometimes.
  4. Velvet_Alchemy

    Here I come to kick all ya'lls behinds!
  5. And by the way, your poetry sucks.

    1. Peace Heavy mk II

      Peace Heavy mk II

      sick burn

      oh how my heart doth yearn

      as this conflict must abruptly adjourn

      Filth in the beauty

  6. Velvet_Alchemy

    I find I'm rather fond of your DEATHGAZE and Signal covers. I'm honestly not too fond of your clean vocals, your range is kind of odd to me, but the Akeboshi cover I find really nice.
  7. Velvet_Alchemy

    I'm not even going to pretend to be any color expert on the matter, but how's your theory? I really like the song called "Plankton" on your page, I just keep hearing these really off notes in places where it really just doesn't wok for me. When I decided I wanted to start writing, I crash coursed myself in keys, what chords where where in those keys, and how they flowed together typically. (Recently, I've been looking into how different keys fit together, but that's harder to remember if you don't know any theory. xD) If you haven't already, I suggest maybe taking a quick look for reference sake, especially at what notes make up what keys. I really like your style though. (P.S. If you decide you need vocals, I can help, heehee.)
  8. I tend to just mindlessly video hop, pandora surf, and suggestion grab. In my epic quest for that one perfect sound, I've surveyed many languages, many tasteless videos, and ever unending weirdness. I also could not find a thread like this, so to share my music-ological findings of awesome, and see all of yours, I created one. Today, I'd like to start off with the song that's been driving me nuts for weeks. I'm totally unsure why/how I found it, but I like it. It's catchy, dance-y without being electronic, and generally refreshing for me.
  9. I'm getting good at this sitting and not caring thing.

  10. Um. I can speak Japanese. Sort of. More like I can pronounce it properly. The most sentance forming I can do is ask about food, banks, and train stations. So I can't write lyric in Japanese, buuuut I can pronounce it. And sing of course.
  11. Velvet_Alchemy

    HOLYCRAPCUPCAKESS!!!!! You're still here! Yay!
  12. Velvet_Alchemy

    I always thought 'the GazettE' was a weird name, I mean, newspaper? Really? Just the single letter 'D' and Alice Nine are kind of strange to me, too. Then I read what they say the 'D' stands for, and I think they're crazy. Love them to bits, but crazy.
  13. Velvet_Alchemy

    I'm a terrible person, who none of you probably remember. >< I stayed away too long. UGH. But I'm kind of house-bound now, so I've been going back to a lot of things I lost time for, including all yall! <3 <3 Bring on the hot J-rockers! EDIT: I'm formerly xHikari-Himex, but I really feel stupid about it now.
  14. Velvet_Alchemy

    i'm back!
  15. Velvet_Alchemy

    is someone i don't know
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