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    Steam: riot machines Would love more friends.

    Three year anniversary with my SO today, part of me wanted a more extravagant romantic evening but in the end it was perfect just to sunbathe together and eat sushi. Gotta stop being so high maintenance and demanding about these sorts of things 'cause it ends up being the simpler things that are most memorable.

    Dragon's Dogma on PC, finally! I played the hell out of this on console, hundreds of hours, but the PC version is without a doubt the definitive version.

    Red Velvet - Cool Hot Sweet Love

    The fact that it can be likened to TF2 makes me want to try it, but the price tag turns me off too.

    1. Plastic Tree (if they count... I think so, at least) 2. 夢中夢 (Mutyumu) 3. PLASTICZOOMS 4. Boris 5. 東京事変 (Tokyo Jihen) 6. Coaltar of the Deepers 7. MONKEY MAJIK 8. B'z 9. THENOVEMBERS 10. Lillies and Remains For now.

    My graphics card died recently so I had to buy a replacement for it (GeForce GTX 980 Ti) that set me back so much this month I couldn't buy much of anything else except some Game of Thrones shot glasses for my girlfriend's brother's birthday.

    *slides into the kpop thread, leans against wall, winks* 'Sup.

    Bummer. I haven't listened to them since their first couple of albums and didn't care for later releases but I know they were super popular and well loved! The dorkiest dorks to ever dork in music. Bye, girugamesh.

    If you could run The Sims 3 you'd probably be completely fine! It's much better in terms of optimisation. It has a laptop mode too, so even computers several years old can run it. I didn't expect to enjoy it so much, considering all of the criticism it received, but it's become my second favourite in the series after The Sims 2! I love the cartoony artstyle, it lends itself well to the emotion system and it's so colourful and quirky~ That's just my opinion though, a lot of people think very differently.

    Recently I've been playing Stardew Valley and The Sims 4 a lot.

    When I first posted in this thread, I must have been about 21/22. Maybe. I still have one of the pictures I posted, it was way back on the first page years ago! Grumpy YA in green frog pyjamas. I had green hair for a while after that, thankfully the pictures of it are scarce. I will never dye my hair that colour again. Then red from the ages of 24-26! This was taken on holiday in the Highlands before a pub dinner a year ago so I was, of course, smiling because... alcohol. And currently at 27, I'm blonde and much chunkier (and totally okay with that.) I'm glad I checked on this thread because it prompted to go back and look at how I've changed in appearance in my time at MH! Plus, there's lots more pictures of the beautiful members here to appreciate! I've been missing out!

    Not creepy (even if it was, I like the creepy!) Thank you though. You must have even better taste.

    My first official welcome! I should have done one of these six years ago! Thank you~ Eek, hopefully you've not read anything too embarrassing! Thank you ever so much! Thank you! Memories of you were one of the biggest reasons to come back! It's been a really long while. Things are so different, but I like it. Very fancy, very fancy. Thank you, thank you.
  15. I don't remember ever doing an introduction here but since I don't expect to be remembered well at all after a lengthy disappearance, I decided now was as fine a time as any. I suppose this is a "I'm back!" announcement too but that seems arrogant. U-um... I'm SUBLIMINAL. Known to friends as Lorena. I joined the forums when I was a newborn baby and I'm twenty-seven now so thanks for raising me well, Monochrome Heaven-senpai. I mean if anyone remembers me, it would probably be because I never shut up about D'espairsRay. I don't really do that anymore omg. I don't listen to visual kei at all anymore, actually, but I have a big, squishy soft spot for old favourites and still keep up with them. Mostly. Aside from once upon a time being the most annoying D'espairsRay fan to ever live, I love(d?) Plastic Tree equally but that wasn't as noticable. These days I still tend to prefer pop, folk and as usual bizarro metal music. Anyway, I had a habit of vanishing every so often due to real life drama even when I was active here but my last disappearance was the longest, I think. It was very necessary though! I learned a lot about myself and grew as a person. I live in Scotland now, instead of England, with my SO and I'm happier and more active than ever! I wanted to check and come back here because well... to put it pathetically plainly, this was the only forum in my internet lifetime that I ever felt comfortable and welcomed at. It was once one of my regular haunts online and I miss that, so... hello, whoever reads this. Hello. Again. tl;dr I was gone for years for personal reasons, I came creeping back.