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  1. I hope a new solo project then
  2. The SuG that i knew... dont exist anymore. I hope Takeru restart the solo project <3 I will miss you SuG #RIPosharekei 2
  3. Nowadays i have two accounts in Last.fm. I am just there to remember what i listened in my last years and let a memory of my musical taste when i die. Of course that i check sometimes my library to enjoy my last playlists or i try to found some new artist (rarely happens now).
  4. Tenho muitas chances, mas no momento eu to ocupado com n coisas. Mas vai se fortalecendo como mod ate eu chegar e ai vc me passa o resumo de tudo hahaha
  5. Temos Moderadores BR no forum <3 Amém
  6. Its time for this.
  7. Monochrome heaven Silverlight version hehe I liked 

  8. upvote https://www.last.fm/music/Stereophonics/+images/e131911ccba14ef336c5851d927be01b
  9. rice miss you. I hope new release soon <3

  10. The new EP will be available on zoisite.shop on 1st August. I am ready to order <3
  11. LAER is the only one that try many times than these new bands that disband in one year hahaha
  12. @SadMoominthese Horns <3