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  1. Delkmiroph since ever. I never thought in change
  2. I confess that i know TW/MH almost 8 years i guess. Every year i know more and more about you guys. I was a simple downloader of everything from here hehehe. Today i am uploader of my fav bands and its a pleasure share with you guys. Of course i am the Queen of Plastic Tree band here (No really lol). Was here that i did some friendships and some crushes (I love some members). MH its my House that i love and i will keep going be with you guys. of course i am already to the next 10 years Thanks for all.
  3. FINALLY Plastic tree Banner <3 thanks @Itohhihi. Happy bday MH :D


    1. Ito


      knew you would be happy with that XD

    2. Delkmiroph


      Was 10 years for this moment HAHAH im kidding :D

  4. Hey hey Welcome to our heaven Enjoy it
  5. I will look about these brands, i prefer more noise cancelling.
  6. Thanks. This new one sounds interesting to test. I already had QuietComfort® 20 Acoustic Noise Cancelling® headphones i really appreciate. Maybe i should buy my last one and wait for next upgrades about QuietControl 30 in future.
  7. olar
  8. I agree about the headphones, i am thinking test this new product the Bose QuietControl 30 wireless.
  9. Someone have Bose products ? are good ?
  10. Ryutaro opened the official store awww i want these goodies <3

  11. In the moment you need wait light-year to have acess to our Monochrome heaven Premium forum. [ONLY PREMIUM MEMBERS CAN READ THIS HIDE TEXT]