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  1. #10 Album of the Week 10/22 - 10/28 amber gris - チャイルド フォレスト selected by @Delkmiroph Status: Disbanded 2009-2015 Vo. 手鞠 (Temari): → Lover Berry → るう゛ぃえ(as てまり) → Ruvie(as 手鞠) → amber gris Gt.kaname: → dystopia → gossip → MY BactEriA Heat iSland (Support) → amber gris Gt. wayne: → Du:kaLuma → SULFURIC ACID → 東京ミカエル。(as Koji, played as support) → amber gris (as wayne) Ba. 殊 (Koto): → ダビデシトアイル → Garnet → デュアルベリー → Sugar → L'eprica (Support) → キテる!BAND → amber gris Dr. ラミ (Rami):→ Lilith (as らみ) → Uma (as raminosuke) → beaU (as ラミ, played as support) → gechena → シンディケイト (Support) → えんそく (Support) → amber gris (first as 悠真, now ラミ) The first mini-album from them. I dont have words to say how awesome is this release, all the songs are perfect to me. Temari voice is totally flawless, this was one the best moments from the beginning of amber gris band. Some guys here love this band and its such a pleasure to discuss about this wonderful release. Release: 2010.09.15 Tracklist: 01. 悲しみ暮れる黄金丘陵 (Kanashimi Kureru Koukin Kyuuryou) 02. over flow girl's sick 03. Amazing world 04. 海風と雨と最後の手紙 (Umikaze to Ame to Saiko no Tegami) 05. snoozy and roll 06. 深緑のローレライ (Fukamidori no Lorelei) Let's discuss!
  2. I never heard him. The first time in this good one release. With relaxing songs in the first tree songs. Then the album develops with wonderful tracks like: TIGHTROPE and Shinkirou that are my fav ones <3 The track SCARECROW is enjoyable and so good. This album is defintely good and i will take to my playlist, i am really excited to hear other albums from him. Thanks @tetsu_sama69 Overall: 7/10
  3. When i saw the album of week from @Seimeisen I thought: AAAAAAAAAAAA I WANTED POST THIS ALBUM IN MY WEEK HAHAHA But i should say thanks @Seimeisenwe know how much this album is fucking awesome to us <3 What i should said about the best albums of pura to me. Well structured track by track that follow a style from expressive songs to depressing and poetic songs to me. This kind of style is loveble to me. The cover art have so much symbolism to me, i have the physical copies and is so awesome the design of booklet, sounds that they liked to play some songs for fun and then became a real album, its suspect how the DVD have this aspect simple and little amateur. Thats can be a theory that some already said here about this (plagiarism or tribute). Its obvious that they have some inspirations from another bands already mentioned and should give some exemples, doesnt matter talk about. My fav tracks 眠れる森 不純物 エレジー ザザ降り、ザザ鳴り。 無人駅 (I LOOOOOOOVE) オレンジ ( SPEECHLESS <3) 涙腺回路 黒い傘 アンドロメタモルフォーゼ
  4. Eu to in love com essa musica nova do ASAGI
  5. I always tried to hear something about these guys. but every time i avoided for many reasons. This time is now to hear them. Sometimes Alone is an album strong and very expressive to be alternative. I feel that is more then alternative, the beats and melodies are great. I liked all the songs and could hear sometimes in my personal playlist. Its an album singed witth love that is i think, to be more exact its a "passion" to hear. I could recommend to my friends this one. Nowadays i am not too interested to hear all this kind of album, but its a graceful to hear. Every track convice me to hear more and more. Maybe this album revived my sensibility to hear some stuff like that. my fav tracks: Singer Song Writer Man, Unchain, Inner Light, Soon and You The cover art reminds me the cover art from the smiths album, because this type of cover art and filter color. Overall: 7/10
  6. OMG My megaromania is aliveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee <3
  7. I never heard them. Its my first time that i hear about this guys and when this happen i always think about: How many old japanese bands i need hear to appreciate how awesome was this time to musical scene in Japan. The name of band have a french reference. Thats is interesting to study how was the production of this rarely release together with the cd title. The songs are great producted and loveable to hear many hours, these atmosphere classic is perfect to me. Of course i will take this to my playlist like more one old awesome stuff to my musical life. The interesting thing about the name of this band its the meaning of "La Fẽerie" that was theatrical genre that disappeared in 19th century. Like the band that had a short period of activites. My fav: Realize and 目覚メノトキ~覚醒サレタモウ一人の××~ Thanks @VESSMIER to share this precious with us. overall: 10/10
  8. What i can say about this album. Its too hard to found a own identity to them, for me sounds a version in japanese from American bands like blink-182, Simple plan and Fall out boy... with more intensity. The full album is too short to play in a concert. Its funny play with this kind of music, i like but isnt a band that i would like to hear everyday or take to my playlist. I grew up hearing this kind of music from many american pop punk bands in my teenage time, maybe its good hear this drunk with friends just to dance and have fun. The best songs are the tracks "Change Your Life" and "Family". Isnt a bad album.Its a funny and cheerful album. Perfect to dance and enjoy with friends and i like to hear something like that. My fav: No Worry, Endless Sorrow, Over, The First Love Song, Change Your Life and Family. Ps: This cover art reminds this: Overall: 6.5/10
  9. I already know how is the musical world of CAT5 from our last trade-off. But this time i am surprised for this album. The aesthetic of this album is awesome. Its like a universe of many sounds between the melodies and i never heard them, this first time that i know the band and this album is available on Apple music and of course that i added on my library because i always like the good recommendations from our @CAT5 Like always i will looking foward to others albums. The cover art is beautiful and i am curious to see the booklet. They have a good designer to create these beautiful traces. The album gave me a little taste " i want more from the album", to me is good album to relax in the begining of evening. The album is well producted and i dont have compliments to say how good this album are. I admit all the songs are good and between the journey song by song i had to decide that these are fav tracks: 黒, 春と修羅, 燦 and 椿. Was a little bit hard to choose the favorite songs, because all them have own style and a enjoyable rhythm. Great choose @CAT5, thank you!
  10. Work+study: tired and sleepy all the time.... thats life ;3;

  11. Its a shady album with several tricks in many tracks. Melancholy and heavy is the best way to describe for me.Almost all the album have the same theme and just two songs have a certain "softness". I think that is so annoying to have 18 tracks, too longer album and massive to hear and the feeling to wanted finish to hear all the tracks more fast because i was too boring to hear the same in every song. Its too hard to do an album with 18 tracks and keep the attention of listener all the time. On this album doesnt work, its too heavy and tiring to hear. 14 tracks could be okay to me. but 18 tracks to me is a "best of" that is work perfectly. At least the intro and the interludes are great. I already heard the first album "Hurry Up Mode" thats really good ones. Juusankai wa Gekkou isnt too good to me. BT isnt a band that i hear, but i super admire the work of these guys. Anyway, its a good worked and producted album to this "gothic" era. My fav tracks are: Kourin,Cabaret, Alive and Doll. The others are good and some are meh to me.
  12. Happy birthday @Delkmiroph!!!

  13. Happy b-day Delk! <3