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  1. STAY AT HOME PLS - The first 100 thousand cases took 67 days. The second 100 thousand took 11 days, the third 100 thousand took just 4 days and


    the fourth 100 thousand just 2 days.


  2. Delkmiroph

  3. Delkmiroph

    I just want to say that YOSHIKI IS AWESOME ❤️ HOLYYYY FFFCKK ❤️
  4. What say bout new Plastic tree album: Juusshoku Teiri is good, i could say is the same wave from the last album.  I am thinking that fcking label is doing so wrong with them. Because Ryutaro solo project is so good ❤️ ~ if compare with Plastic tree~

    1. Delkmiroph


      PS: The best song from the album is 月に願いを

  5. Delkmiroph

    Plastic Tree - 十色定理
  6. Delkmiroph

    My fav song from the album
  7. Finally new single ❤️ Brazilian top hits lol


    1. Egnirys cimredopyh

      Egnirys cimredopyh

      Wtf did i just watch

  8. Delkmiroph

    Top charts in Brazil
  9. After 3 months... China is starting to come back normal life. Europa maybe after June. Interesting... maybe will be not a happy summer on this year. 

    1. Ada Suilen
    2. Delkmiroph


      @Ada Suilen well, what the media say just make me think in a short time the China started to control the spread of virus. Control is good start, worst than that could be a chaos. Thats the point to we get some time to found a cure or something.

    3. Ada Suilen

      Ada Suilen

      I totally agree.

  10. Delkmiroph

    Apos 3 meses a China anuncia que esta voltando as atividades do país ao normal. Analisando tudo, a Europa vai voltar ao normal lentamente la pra Junho se tudo der certo. Enquanto o brasil ficar no foda se. As pessoas so vao se tocar quando for bem cena de filme. Estamos ha mais ou menos 20/30 dias do surto q aconteceu na italia.
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