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  1. ...and all I hope they will back with a banging new musics!
  2. Amaterasu : Alternative Kyuubi : Heavy Utakata : Alternative Irodori : Alternative Gekka Bijin : Alternative Waruningyo : Heavy So, it's exactly as I expected from an anime song.
  3. Definitely one of their best works
  4. I put back my little faith on NoGoD after that Godly Missing. And the album intro start strong. ...but after that it turn into poop.
  5. Hmmmm. Garden variety of Stand Up :/ Not feeling the first verse. I hope it has killer solo.
  6. Teru's abs is getting better and better. Even though I'm pretty sure that his abs is totally photoshoped
  7. I don't know but I've been repeatedly blasting MAMA for the past three weeks.
  8. Okay NoGoD, PROOF yourself that you still have that fire!
  9. I hate when they make such a good ballad with disastrously short duration, such as Emotive and Senkou.
  10. The ReRecord version of Homura Uta made 2017 great again.
  11. So, is vk wet t-shirt contest till running?
  12. His arms are distracting me.
  13. Dank Fairy Tale preview is actually good... ...wait, do they still signed at Victor?