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  1. I need more listen to the three of them 😕 But I think TWI is still winning for me
  2. Spectralion

    Aw, Sui and Misery are getting back together again ❤️
  3. Spectralion

    Surprisingly decent :0
  4. I bet Akuta won't use any shoes on the music video again Love on Naruto's flipper
  5. I bet toge was bomb to start an oneman.
  6. Spectralion

    Damn, Jojo's shrieking is amazing...
  7. The lyric's hit really close to the home. I'm sobbing
  8. Spectralion

    Shunka Ensen 2.0! My body is ready! I just hope they didn't include that synth clusterfuck so-called gekka bijin on this album. I'm already satisfied If they only include Jo ko Ka, Oborozukiyo, Harushigure, and Muku on this album. Even though Watashi wa Kirai is still amazing.
  9. Spectralion

    That bridge is amazing.
  10. Drinking dragon fruit juice and listening to MUCC's Shion...

  11. Spectralion

    Even Mahiro don't know how to act anymore.... He's dancing like a madman. Don't know what to do next.
  12. Spectralion

    It's going nowhere I hate it.