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  1. Spectralion

    Yes! Reiki(?) and CHE DO A RA are available. I looking forward to this freaking new album 🥰
  2. Spectralion

    I will definitely buy this album if it's released on Indonesian iTunes.
  3. Spectralion

    I think I'm gonna spin Dorothy like hell 😕
  4. Spectralion

    All you need to do is wait until the end of this month ...and looking forward to this AOTY heavy contender. No need to rush.
  5. Spectralion

    Definitely Album Of The Year material. Bring it on! (I don't know if I'm being sarcastic, or being honest, I'm so confused right now)
  6. Spectralion

    Sousou sounds more plastic-y, but I like it cause the disjointed twinkly element is what makes this song sounds fresh, just like that Godlike WARUAGAKI.
  7. Spectralion

    Nothing gonna beat FMA : Brotherhood
  8. I hope the first track didn't as short as HOWL 😕 Edit : WHOA THEY ARE GOING BLOODY! My expectation is rising I hope it's better than Wolfman
  9. Spectralion

    The instrument is better than the remake version. i'm sad
  10. Spectralion

    Why it feels so disjointed?! Is Hayato ghost writing the whole BPR's music?
  11. Spectralion

    Wow, they're still under KING Record. That's interesting.
  12. It's not overpriced. It's self produced. So of course it cost more money than being produced by huge label.
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