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  1. I don't know but I've been repeatedly blasting MAMA for the past three weeks.
  2. Okay NoGoD, PROOF yourself that you still have that fire!
  3. I hate when they make such a good ballad with disastrously short duration, such as Emotive and Senkou.
  4. The ReRecord version of Homura Uta made 2017 great again.
  5. So, is vk wet t-shirt contest till running?
  6. His arms are distracting me.
  7. Dank Fairy Tale preview is actually good... ...wait, do they still signed at Victor?
  8. The vocalist's nose holes still irks me The music is nice.
  9. Still wondering, why there is no full version of this CM.

  10. I'm still wondering, Are their discography ever gonna seen the light of day...
  11. Dang. 


    Still no NoGoD new single :/

  12. Not in particular order. 1. Kiryu - Shunka Ensen 2. The GazettE - DIM 3. RENTRER EN SOI - Yurikago 4. Versailles - JUBILEE 5. Madeth Gray'll - Higeki no Shuumaku 6. NoGoD - Mugenkyou 7. Alice Nine - GEMINI 8. DIV - Zero One 9. Matenrou Opera - Kassai to Gekijou no Gloria Wow, pretty much I only listen to mainstream visual-kei :/ Edit : turns out, I already post it year ago. Well, this is embarrassing me even further :/
  13. That's just what I need. Another epic NoGoD power ballad...