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  1. Drinking dragon fruit juice and listening to MUCC's Shion...

  2. Spectralion

    Even Mahiro don't know how to act anymore.... He's dancing like a madman. Don't know what to do next.
  3. Spectralion

    It's going nowhere I hate it.
  4. Spectralion

    Definitely better than that ANTHEM and ANTITHESIS hot mess... The animation remind me of Madoka :"
  5. After that AMAZING DirtyXDirty, but passable Nao Kowazu, this Toge definitely is a treat. 5 singles before the album... That's a lot.
  6. Spectralion

    The first track is definitely how you all metal band should open an album with a BANG!
  7. New Omyou-Za is better than their last album. 

    Me like it.

  8. Spectralion

    Whole album in instrumental version!!!!!!!!111!!!!1!!!!!1
  9. They looked... Fatigue
  10. Spectralion

    I can't recognized Chisa at all! Bring it on! Ready for Zero One 2.0
  11. Spectralion

    Because Kiryu's already have their new single announced too. You can hold your breath until Codora's new album announcement. It'll be brief.
  12. Damn you all cockteaserrrrrrr!!!
  13. Spectralion

    YES! His drum cover is amazing.
  14. Spectralion

    That title is just.... Coincidence or what?