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  1. 2 shows this season I wholeheartedly must recommend: Princess Principal If you wanna see steam punk victorian age spy anime with moe character designs, this is it! It's got nice choreographed action scenes that doesn't pull any punches, well written individual episodes, and fantastic score by Yuki Kajiura. Please give us season 2... Made in Abyss What I expected was some kiddy fantasy adventure anime from looking at the promo pic but nope. It gets dark fast. The last several episodes have been really unsettling for me to watch due to its shocking and disturbing scenes. Although the overall plot isn't over, the show concludes well.
  2. Bought a barely used PS4 slim and started playing Gundam Versus.
  3. Saw the new "It" movie last night. It was surprisingly good! Much better than the original movie. I'm not big into horror movies in general but this is an actual good quality flick that goes back to the basics of horror. Many horror movies these days rely too much on blood and gore that gives the feeling of disgust rather than the terror aspect. This however does the opposite. There were a few well crafted jump scares that actually shook me and the creep factors here, especially pennywise, were pretty effective. Oh, let's not forget about the writing. I love the dynamics of these kids in their developments. It gave us a reason to care for them, something that many horror flicks lack. Great acting too! One major criticism I had was the climax scene. I hated the way it was directed because the camera kept swaying back and forth. shaky cams, and the there were like 100 cuts in a min making me feel disorientated. This is one of my biggest pet peeves in an action scene. Yes I'm looking at you, Jason Borne movies. I recommend seeing "It."
  4. Hey yall, It's been a while since my last video. I finally made one for this year. Since Titanfall 2 is one of my favorite FPS games of the year and Neurachem is too badass of a song to pass up, I had to put the two together. Hope you'll enjoy!
  5. Dunkirk Probably my least favorite Nolan movie but it's still good. Imagine the first 10 min of Dark Knight stretched out to an hour and 40 min in terms of the feel. That's Dunkirk for you. The level of tension is intense and gripping. The music score plays a major role like it's its own character. I'm not sure if Hans Zimmer did one continuous track throughout the film but if he did, then wow. This movie leaves you no room to breathe until the last 5 min. Because Dunkirk is solely focused on the event, there's no time knowing the main characters. I don't remember if they even revealed their names. Otherwise, go see it.
  6. For those who didn't know, twitch is airing crunchroll licensed anime. https://www.twitch.tv/twitchpresents

    You're welcome.

  7. For this current season, I'm currently watching... Top tier: Fate/Apocrypha Made in Abyss Princess Principal Worthwhile: Knight’s & Magic Altair: A Record of Battles Chronos Ruler Still watching from previous season: Re:CREATORS Sakura Quest
  8. Wow this is quite a shocker to hear about Linkin Park's main vocalist... 

    My condolences go out to his family and friends.

  9. THIS I'm excited for.
  10. The only VK autographed thing I got is the LMC - Strong Pop album.
  11. Last weekend at Anime Central, I went to see May'n concert. It was held outdoors which was the first for the convention and thankfully the weather didn't ruin it. I'm not big into her stuff other than Macross Frontier songs, but for the most part, there wasn't a single performance I disliked. https://www.instagram.com/p/BUb6gZDlSngsahfY_UrJPcVe7KJkebXki7qa1s0/
  12. Finished Final Fantasy 9 on steam. It was ok overall. Better story than FF8 without a doubt. Now I started on Trails in the Sky the 3rd Chapter. I'm already in love.
  13. Sony RX100 III Rather than carrying a DSLR sized camera, I chose this for easier travels. Sure I could've picked the Mark V but I didn't want to dish out grand since the battery life is abysmal while recording 4K and still no touchscreen.
  14. So, Acen this month folks.