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  1. finnthesubhuman

    Any visual kei/j-rock bands doing this sound now? I know Girugamesh came out with it before it was really a big thing, and now that it is I'm curious as to how many other bands are doing it in Japan.
  2. finnthesubhuman

    Their last album was a gargantuan step forward in both instrumentals and lyrics. I can actually take them seriously now.
  3. finnthesubhuman

    Yeah, VK is what I meant. I'll check out those two. I suppose full album debuts are also fine, if they're considered like amazing. Usually mini albums have less fluff tho. Usually.
  4. finnthesubhuman

    Could anyone maybe hmu with the best debut mini albums released in the past 5 years? I need to catch up
  5. finnthesubhuman

    Tetsuo remains my favourite movie of all time and the soundtrack plays a large part in making it as memorable as it is. RIP.
  6. finnthesubhuman

    Yeah because Girugamesh post-MUSIC and even Deathgaze for that matter are VISUAL kei d; I tend to just use the term j-rock to describe every Japanese band I listen to regardless of what they wear. It's just easier. And yeah, I was checking out releases shortly after The Black Swan formed but the last thing I remember listening to was something by Black Gene and it was so generic and yawn. And I realised all the bands were doing the same thing: a few heavy songs which are angry for the sake of it, some breakdowns, a bit of wob and then an interchangeable ballad now and then. It was at that point I just decided nah, no new bands are actually capturing the same magic as the other bands did years ago, and if I want more of the same I might as well keep following Sadie and Deathgaze because lord knows they had their formulas down by the end. I came back for Ousia, but didn't stay. I mean, Cocklobin's first EP, Nega's first EP, nearly every Dir en grey album up to Uroboros (and Rinkaku). It's like DSS triggered some kind of mediocre metalcore mentality. STALE is a perfect word for what the VK scene was like when I left it, and coming back to it...well, some of these replies make it seem like it's still pretty grim. Of course if you guys have any DIFFERENT sounding minis or singles from anything reasonably new I'll be happy to give it a shot. I'm not jaded, just bored. I need fresh meat, you know? The albums I love I tend to play only when I'm in a certain mood because wearing the limited supply out is something I don't wish to do. I want them to keep that special feeling as long as possible. CAt5 noted a few which I'll give a shot (what should I start with, though?). I remember the days back in '07 and '08 (and even '09) where I could download ANY mini album and not regret it.
  7. finnthesubhuman

    I didn't know where else to post this, really. Let's rewind to yesterday. I'm playing around with this really awesome app called Spotify, which I mostly use to find new music. I decide to check for some older bands for some reason (maybe because I can't find my ipod with all the music I listened to prior to this year). i find out Girugamesh hasn't done anything new. I check the internet and...disbanded. Sadie, hiatus. 12012, hiatus. Deathgaze, hiatus. unsraw, disbanded. cocklobin, disbanded. nega, disbanded. e'm grief, disbanded. d'espairsray, disbanded. lycaon, disbanded. dali, disbanded. GazettE, best left unmentioned. Everything I used to listen to in 2007, 2008 and 2009 is not only making music I'm on the fence about, they're more or less gone forever. I'm left with Dir en grey and Max the Hormone, with Black Swan the only newcomer to follow. What happened to J-rock? Where did it all go? Someone help, I feel lost. Who are the successors? if all of the bands I used to know have gone do I even like j-rock anymore? Am I alone in this feeling? i guess this is part request thread, part mourning for the end of an era.
  8. finnthesubhuman

    Too many ideas shoved into a simple structure. Dir en grey lost the ability to write simple music so why are they still trying to? Write long and slow dammit. It's your strength. This takes the slight awkwardness of Sustain the Untruth to the max. Those missing few seconds better be adding more cohesion. Otherwise...is this even the same band who did Rinkaku and under?
  9. Title pretty much says it all. Got a copy I don't need, looking to sell it around 35 USD plus postage costs to your country. It's in pretty decent condition, no scratches or wear on the case I can see. I got it alongside a bunch of UCP band DVDs but I can't say I ever had much interest in Lin.
  10. finnthesubhuman

    Thank you for saying so. I believe in this band's music and I hate what they've become. I tried to reason with them to no avail. It would be a dream to find a copy on an auction site but it seems as if they dont exist in Japan. Their fanbase is mostly Western in origin. I have a hunch it's their best material too, judging from the half hour cocktease video theg uploaded to Youtube...
  11. Mods, I apologise if this is the wrong place to post this. But seeing as it is not really a marketplace offer or ad I wasn't sure where it could go. Feel free to move it whereever but please make sure it's visible. Here's the situation. Ikd-sj, a band I have been following for nearly 10 years with utmost devotion, has refused to sell their international fans an album they're only selling at gigs. Despite me practically begging for them to ship me a copy at 5000 yen -- FIVE TIMES the price -- they have outright refused to do it. Why? Because they're inbred. I don't even fully understand their moronic logic. If overseas fans want it, why refuse to sell it? It won't affect their show numbers. Why would the Japanese give a shit if a CD is exclusive to them? Oh, Big Rabbit's new album is Australia exclusive, better attend their show. Who is Big Rabbit? Who cares. Doesnt matter I just made the name up. The band is nothing in Japan and no weird deal will change that. Their next show is yet to be determined. If you are or will be living in Tokyo this year and are willing to attend a gig to buy me a copy of this album, I will pay for your ticket, the CD, the shipping cost and an extra 30 USD for your troubles. At this point I just want closure. I'm incredibly hurt and very bitter that they'd treat me this way after all the preorders I've provided and I'm not the only one. Hell, I even moderated their fan-forum. Which later became official before they abandoned it due to a lack of members. Shit, I'd even pay you to leak the album on this very forum. I'm not the only fan who wants it. I'm just the only one who's doing anything about it. If an album is made to be heard it shouldn't exclude people from listening to it. Especially if they want to purchase it. I'm begging the MH community to help me. I'll bump this thread when the show date is made available.
  12. finnthesubhuman

    I'm looking for very concise mini-albums (or short albums). Ones with little-to-no filler. Dreamy stuff and harder stuff. Nega's EPs, Sadie's first few EPs, Cocklobin's first EP, Mucc's 6, Unsraw's Spiral Circle. Can be newish or older. Need new stuff to check out c:
  13. finnthesubhuman

    Shield of Straw. Takashi Miike's film adaptation. It finally released in my country on DVD <3
  14. finnthesubhuman

    Sadly I don't have many friends. Depression makes you hard to live with, sometimes, even when you try really hard to fight it. Even now that I'm on good medication and recovering from it I find I just don't get along with people because I can't relate to the things they like and they WON'T relate to the things I like, because I'm full of obscure. I like what I like and get offended when people go all glassy eyed because they don't understand. I never understand what they talk about but at least I pretend to care lmao. anywaiz mah inbox is totes open gaaaaiz js
  15. finnthesubhuman

    Total necro but I really like their new album and I was never a fan before. Aside from the ballad near the end. The Globalist is one weird awesome song.
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