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  1. just gotta drop my 2 cents in a more visible place:

    i'm of the opinion that visual kei has been dying for a good minute. but rock "died" in mainstream american music too and its still around. vk will have the same fate. as long as there's japanese people willing to be visual kei, and international english speaking fans willing to listen, then mh will always be here. and even if you have fallen out of love with japanese music, we are still here for you too. at some point, we've grown beyond a site for music and we've become a community and a family, and that is the secret sauce that has allowed us to outlive all our competition.

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    2. Himeaimichu


      Don't forget it's also all about perspective. Even though there aren't nearly as much major label Vkei bands as there used to be, the indie scene is very much thriving, and many old bands are reviving. Even obscure, cult-classic bands like Mercuro have revived.


    3. Paraph


      inject kote kei

    4. Spectralion
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