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  1. i'll leave one final clarification about "NINTH":

    a few months ago i suggested in a post to refrain from sharing NINTH for a week or 2 if we were interested in seeing how much (or how little) of an effect international piracy has on japanese music. this was merely a suggestion. we are not taking any modly actions. NINTH will be treated the same as any other release here, if that's what you all choose to do. i'm very well aware other places will host it as soon as possible and that it will make it's way here in due time. "due time" is up to you.

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    2. tetsu_sama69


      Yet people are having an attitude about sharing it like they're badasses and it was a failed ploy. There was no implications for it and it's interesting to see how people are just missing the point xD

    3. Zeus


      don't worry, i'll make it very clear in a few. i just have a review i want to bang out. and no, it's not for NINTH (yet)

    4. Zeus


      i actually intend on purchasing that album to support the boiz

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