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  1. Its been almost a week since reviews were supposed to be in. Please submit any outstanding reviews by Monday.
  2. The ship is sinking but we haven't reached the second act yet! The government is still trying to lock down the internet and surveillance has become normalized. My country now has concentration camps and we wanted to build an ugly concrete wall to keep the Mexicans out. Congress has somehow gotten even worse than I ever thought it could have. They have been less than useless in the face of Russia meddling in our election, refuse to believe it happened and can happen again, and I believe they're even profiting from it all in some way. Racism from the right has returned, neo fascism from the left has sprouted, the middle has become tiny and powerless, and many people have lost the ability to admit they are wrong. Those who once said they can't see color can't distinguish between shades of grey because every issue is black or white. We constantly raise awareness for issues we aren't allowed to forget, but one can only be barraged with so many causes to root for before it's overwhelming. Social media giving everyone a voice was once a cacophonous den, but the dust has settled into bubbles of conceited group think, which continues to polarize, police, and fragment society. I feel less free to speak my mind on the internet because anything I say can and will come back to haunt me down the line. My information has been stolen and extorted for profit. Systems of control are designed to influence and separate people in order to further the agenda of the rich, and we all know it but think that dealing with small, unrelated problems will somehow solve the bigger, unrelated problems. I don't think my country has done many useful or meaningful things for anyone who isn't global elite in the last decade because we're paying down technical debt left behind by the end of the Civil War and the start of the Reconstruction era, because we have never achieved racial harmony. Our greatest strength is also our greatest weakness. Hyper normalization is the new normal. Misinformation is the new information. Our government is compromised. The media makes you question what you read. The invention and proliferation of deep fakes makes you question what you see. The ignorance of others is equated with your knowledge and makes you question what you know. Feelings trump knowledge. Intuition trumps fact. That's how I feel.
  3. Zeus

    The space race is stupid and motivated by the wrong reasons. Humanity isn't looking to space out of wonder and excitement at what lies in the cosmos. We're looking because we've messed up Earth's climate here and we're looking for a second chance on a new planet. We're going about this in the wrong order. Our planet is so rare and we haven't found another one like it. I don't see a point in returning to the moon because we can't make much of the floating asteroid. Mars is the new hotness but I'm not keen on living in a bubble in a frozen desert. I want to go outside in a T-shirt and feel the sun on my skin the same way I do today. We need to figure out how to terraform a planet and cultivate nature from nothing before we look to another planet, and I honestly believe Venus is a better candidate than Mars. If you can reverse the runaway greenhouse effect on Earth, you can scale it up and test the same thing on Venus. It's easier to get to and more similar to Earth than Mars too. But the whole point is I don't see the point in turning Mars into Earth while we turn Earth into Mars, and we don't have the technology to move humanity to another planet in this lifetime. We need to triple down and take care of the planet we have, and learn how to terraform this planet first before worrying about how to get to another one. If the universe keeps expanding faster than the speed of light, we're going to need FTL travel sooner rather than later if we're serious about exploring the stars, and we're not close to this. I fear all this talk of the new age space race is going to distract people from the problems at home.
  4. Zeus

    We can look into doing something like this for the next Trade-Off.
  5. Zeus

    Glad to know I'm not the only one that throws those out. I didn't know you were supposed to keep them lol.
  6. Zeus

    Nefarious script kiddies have been using my personal e-mail to sign up for services. There's nothing like messages from Instagram telling you what's new when you don't have an Instagram account. What's even worse is that their support number is total shit and a farce; the robotic message basically tells you no one is going to pick up the phone. I had to spend time this afternoon manipulating password recovery services so that I could gain control of the accounts and then purge them from their servers (and I mean purge, not that frou-frou deactivate temporarily bullshit). I guess some people would call it hacking, but it's not hacking if I had access to all the pieces in the first place and it's also not hacking if password recovery services not built with security in mind sends out recovery messages with passwords in plain text. Why don't you just set your username as your social security number and post your security questions and answers on Facebook for everyone to see while you're at it? I'm just glad everyone is equally as fucking incompetent.
  7. Zeus

    Band drama and rumors of an unverifiable nature is one google translate tool and a few clicks away. Lets not do this here.
  8. On one hand, acting is acting. I like to turn my brain off and enjoy the movie, TV show, or story. If the actor or actress is convincing enough, the accuracy of their portrayal of the character doesn't bother me much. So yes, she's right, she should be allowed to play a wide range of characters. ...but not every single character ever. This is the problem I have with her. Plenty of roles are available to her and she's cherry picking the roles least suitable for her, and the roles I'm least likely to suspend my belief over. She's not the only actress in the world. I understand why the trans community was up in arms about the casting decisions made for that movie, and I'm glad she bowed out. I don't have any recs on who would replace her, but that just means it's an opportunity for a new actor or actress to hit the stage.
  9. Zeus

    I've been so tired lately and it feels like a rubber band is wrapped tightly around my brain =(
  10. My partner for this mix was @yomii and the title of the mix I received is called "Death and rebirth". The theme is death of the human world and its rebirth as a nothingness. Overall I was surprised by how much I liked some of the songs featured here, and there are some sleepers here that I grew to like over time. Let's get into it.
  11. Zeus

    I thought about this too and one of my answers is that some people integrate facts with their identity so much, entertaining any possibility that they are wrong is to reject their reality and by extension, them as a whole.
  12. Zeus

    What do you mean by "done" @Demivee?
  13. Zeus

    I've been thinking a lot about the death of the age of individual genius. No one calls it that, but that's what I've taken to calling it. Humanity has progressed so far that most, if not all, of the "low-hanging fruit" of scientific discoveries has already been discovered, studied, and refined. There are plenty of things left to create and discover, but that will be done by teams of scientists working together. But it is not the same. Humans have a fascination with the number one, because it's one of the few numbers humans can conceptualize mentally. Teams of scientists don't have the same ring to it that "John Bale, M.D." does, and that got me to thinking if Einstein's theories would have penetrated pop culture as deeply if he worked closely with another scientist and they proposed their theories together. A large part of me thinks that it wouldn't have, because "Einstein & co." isn't as marketable psychologically as "Einstein". With one you can spin a story of team work and collaboration, but the other you can deify into a figure whose last name becomes synonymous with genius. Everyone alive is looking for a way to earn a footnote in the history books, and inventing some new math or new technology is an easy way to do it. Or is it? This is where I see the idolization aspects of American culture eating away at cultural progress. Think back to a few months ago when we captured the first ever photo of a black hole in space, and how quick the press was to assign credit to only one person for a good example on this. Our society is addicted to technology, dependent on it even, and we're constantly pushing people to enter STEM to advance the fields, but we can't name the inventors of many of these technologies without looking it up. Cell phones? Internet? GPS? Wi-Fi? Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and neural networks? Self-driving cars, voice recognition software, graphical user interfaces? A lot of this stuff expands past casual conversation and requires some real thought to work through, so when things get reduced to simplest terms it turns out that credit doesn't matter if it benefits humanity all the same whether the person knows your name or not. Maybe other scientists read your paper and give you credit, maybe your name hits the newspapers, maybe you win the pop culture lottery and people remember your name for longer than fifteen minutes. Most likely, you'll end your lunch break to get back to those open-ended, graduate level problems in your queue. When it comes down to it, credit shouldn't matter and the discovery should stand as a testament to itself. But our society requires that you have clout in exchange for funds to continue existing research and start new research, and that begins with making a name for yourself. But it's hard to do that when most work is collaborative and your name never appears first on any of the work you do, and you don't get full credit for the work that you do. It's difficult to see the point in continuing to do what I do everyday when all of these "benefits to science" aren't benefiting my pocket or my resume. I've done some crazy impressive shit while people are waiting for the next Einstein to enter the field and do some crazy impressive shit, and it's almost as if people aren't looking for what they say they are. It's twice as depressing knowing that yesterday someone gave a 45 minute talk casting doubt many of my clients have on the value of what I provide to the institution, as if I haven't spent five years of my life untangling 60+ TB of twenty seven of the most poorly managed big data sets I've ever laid eyes on.
  14. Zeus

    Middle aged folks can be "woke" too. There are all types on the internet.
  15. Zeus

    I should have elaborated a bit before I dropped my earlier comment. I'm over the reactionary culture I'm living in right now. All it takes for inane drama like this to boil over is twelve angry people on Twitter with enough followers and too much time on their hands. We've reached the point where you can be offended by proxy; no one has to directly insult you, a straw man that attacks your ideals will do just fine. All I see when I go on Facebook are people one upping each other trying to appear the most accepting and woke about PoC, or posting history lessons about what the original Little Mermaid story was and why skin color doesn't matter, or people posting jokes and memes about it making light of the situation, but I bet you that absolutely none of these people are friends with a racist on Facebook. They filtered them out years ago, and that's my beef. Facebook these days is too many posers who always have to say something and the choir is tired of the sermon, and the sword cuts both ways with this one. It's true that no one will care in a month about this, because in a month it will be a brand new topic to get enraged over, and people will go right back to the front lines, ready to be angry again. Tell her to hide the posts and save both of yourselves some grief. They won't stop, she won't defriend them, you don't really care, hide the posts and save everyone the time. Out of sight is out of mind. That's why I hang out here and not FB.
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