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  1. Monochrome Heaven's 2019 Banner Contest Hey everyone! This is a shout out to all digital artists on the website interested in content creation. It's about time to add some new bands into the rotating banner at the top of the forum, and for that we can use your skills! What better way to show off some skills than in a friendly competition? Here's the basic idea: Create a banner according to the rules which I will define in a moment. Respond to this topic by submitting your banner in a post. Since you cannot edit your post after you submit it, make sure your post is the way you want it before posting. You can submit as many banners as you have time / energy to create. The second phase of the banner contest will be anonymous voting from the community. The top three voted banners will be added to the top and the members who created those banners will be announced then. Winners of the contest will get their screen name in a special color in addition to having their work featured at the top of the forum! Rules: Banner should have dimensions of 800x120. Banner should have a thin, rounded white outline. Banner should preferably be a PNG, but a GIF is acceptable if you are interested in making an animated banner. Banner should in some way relate to Japanese music. Normally, we feature a band at the top, but there is room for creativity. Banner should have the text "Monochrome Heaven" on it. Banner should contain material that is Safe For Work. NSFW banners will be automatically disqualified. Banner submission should remain anonymous until the end for fairness. All banners will be shown at the end. Banners can contain anything else you think will give you an edge in the competition. The submission deadline will be open for four weeks, or until May 18th, 2019. Have fun! I'm excited to see what our members can come up with.
  2. Zeus

    You can always use the audio loophole, although this won't necessarily transfer high quality rips if that's what you're after.
  3. Zeus

    The world will be fine. We won't.
  4. got a new event coming for all my digital artists here stay tuned

    1. Gesu


      Whatever this is, perfect timing! I recently got an art tablet :P I'm still shite at art, but I'm getting there, lol.

  5. Zeus

    That's exactly what irks me. We're in the final season of the show and most of the characters have met each other. There aren't any more explosive meetings that should happen between characters because right now, character development is not that important. Characters are already developed enough and in my opinion, many characters have gotten simplified over the seasons. What's important now - and what George R.R. Martin has been struggling with since 2011 - is resolving all plot lines in a coherent and satisfying manner. There are a lot of characters coming together in the North now, with the rest of them in the South, and short of a mass extinction event wiping out a good 30-40% of the characters in the story, I don't see how all of these plot lines are going to come to an end. I sense a semi satisfying ending coming with bittersweet after taste and certain non-essential characters killed off for the sake of simplicity. Then again, I am interpreting the army of the dead and the Night King as a comment on the unstoppable nature of climate change. It would be incredibly fitting if everyone loses and the Night King wins, because the earlier seasons of Game of Thrones was all about expecting the unexpected. The book that Martin wrote is about subverting common fantasy tropes and how the good guys don't always win and the ending isn't always sweet. The last few seasons have felt predictable, but only because story elements have to come together in predictable ways in order to get to the end. But I wouldn't put it above D&D to throw us one last curve ball. I'm gonna be *real* pissed if they turn this into a 1v1 with Jon versus the Night King in a sword duel, but I see the show trimming the plot down to something simple because of time constraints. Completely artificial time constraints, but constraints that all episodes have to be aware of. Spending a lot of time on character development in the first episode can mean later episodes have no time to say their piece, and this exact thing has already happened in seasons 5 and 6. Like in all honesty, I like naked chicks but the whole scene with Bronn in the Brothel could have been cut down to when the man on the door knocked and delivered the message, and that's 3 or 4 minutes that could have been spent updating us on the situation with the Army of the Dead.
  6. Zeus

    It's been a while and I've made some serious upgrades. The whole rig is basically a brand new computer. Here's the porn. I updated everything in this bad boy and I can feel the difference. Trust me when I say pay the price or pay it twice, because I spent a lot of money upgrading parts one by one because the old parts were showing their age. The biggest differences for me were the following: New case! Old case I had was the last of a floor model Corsair 350D Microcenter sold to me for $7. This is much nicer, has all the screws, and more room inside for cable management. I forgot the exact model of this case, but it's a Cooler Master. 1080 is now a 1080ti. Did that before the RTX cards dropped, and honestly with the promising results of CryEngine I don't see a need to upgrade to 2080ti right now. I could if I wanted to, but one's e-peen can only have so much girth. New CPU! I have an i7-8700k in that case, to replace the i5-4690k I burnt out when the fan died. Went the extra mile and delidded the CPU to put some liquid metal inside, and that reduced the temperatures by 4 to 7 C on top of the gains from replacing the entire cooling system. CPU is overclocked to 4.8GHZ at 1.31V. It doesn't stay at 5GHZ stable, but 5GHZ is mostly an e-peen thing and there's no practical difference gained by bumping it up 200mhz. Corsair AIO to replace the jet engine that was the CPU fan. Too lazy to do a full water cooling loop. 3 case fans are Corsair LL 140s. I had a lot of passive cooling in the PC when I used air, and that residual heat aged my parts over time. With these fans in there + the AIO, my PC runs at room temperature when playing games. New desk! The old one was super tiny and limited me on what I could buy. Also limited my mouse space when playing games, which made playing competitive shooters with low sensitivity a pain in the ass. New desk means new monitor! That's an LG 34" G-SYNC 1440p 21:9 100fps ultra wide screen monitor, just in case any of my friends forgot who was the most boujee out of all of us. Games with proper 21:9 support are heaven. The screen alone cost $1500.
  7. Zeus

    It's the new season so it's the last time we can bump this topic with hype! And unfortunately, I'm not very hype about the beginning of this season at all. When you market the ending of the show as "The Final 6 Episodes", I expect substantive things to happen at every turn. This was not that episode, and that means we're 16% of the way finished with the series. How disappointing. I know that all of the pieces have to be moved into place (very quickly, I might add) but that doesn't excuse how slow the first episode felt. In fact, that makes it even worse. There are times I felt that the show lingered on a shot simply to fill up time - the opening to the prison break scene is a good example of how the show spends 3 to 4 seconds more on that ship than they really need to. Those 3 to 4 seconds add up, and I find myself wishing I had ten more minutes so something could actually happen. It's only been 24 hours and 1000-Yard Bran Stare has become a meme. It got ridiculous to see him pop up in the background like a wizard four times in the same episode, especially when he's in a wheel chair and no one is pushing him around. Bran got those wheels on silenced. He's also rather boring and brooding; where did his character go? I understand that him having no feelings is part of his character, but having an omnipotent god who shows up when it's convenient and knows things without drinking is a cheap way to move a lot of information from one character to another. Game of Thrones was more clever about doing this in earlier seasons. Next week should be a really important conversation featuring him and the show better give it the time it deserves. What I did like is how many revelations got dropped in this episode. Sam learns about what happened to his family, and that colors his perception of Dany a lot. Jon learns the truth about his parentage, but not enough time was spent on him processing what actually happened. Bronn now has to make a choice and that choice can decide his fate. Jaime is going to have to "answer" for his crimes, even though it's probably the best thing in the world that he ever did because without Wizard Bran we stand no chance. Tyrion had some bad lines and overall feels left behind. I think was actually a *good* thing because it shows that his character has changed and has weaknesses, and that being clever doesn't last forever. He's trying to fit in among a crowd of people that don't trust him at best, outright hate him at worst, and he has nothing to offer anyone in the fight to come. He's essentially dead weight, and I wouldn't be surprised if he dies before the show is out. Dany is smug and arrogant and I want her to die already. I also see them conserving budget by failing to show the Night King or the Army of the Dead marching towards Winterfell, but every one is talking about it non stop. The creep scene with the Umber kid is the only exception, but that was just a few seconds and doesn't really count. This is the army of the dead, they don't need to stop for anything. They should honestly already be there.
  8. Zeus

    Don't know why, but reading this made me remember "Inconvenient Ideal" is another song about abortion. Forgot to mention that one earlier. How is Different Sense about abortion?
  9. you're not an old head unless you remember the days when mediafire wasn't trash

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    2. nomemorial


      Soulseek vs. Google: "band name" + "mediafire"


      battle of the century

    3. Nighttime Jae

      Nighttime Jae

      Okay but. E-mule anyone?

    4. CAT5


      Yep, mediafire used to be my go-to for uploading music back in the day!

  10. Zeus

    Off the top of my head, 'Mazohyst of Decadence' and 'OBSCURE'
  11. Zeus

    That's true. It could also be "ito". I don't think there are that many words it could be, but I wouldn't be able to say which one it is most likely to be. Are there any other cases of censorship like this in Dir en grey's discography other than Mazohyst?
  12. Zeus

    I think we are getting pretty close. It's either 骨の髄の移動から (hone no zui no idou kara) or if you go by the booklet 骨の髄から移動か (hone no zui kara idou ka). Like someone else said, Kyo's enunciation sucks and makes this harder. Does the second one make any more sense if the two X's are supposed to be two words?
  13. Zeus

    I can hear that. But what does it mean and why would it have to be censored out? My Japanese is not good enough to attempt translating this, but I tried. 骨の髄から -> 骨の髄のいどから which would mean something like "From the bone marrow".
  14. Zeus

    I am super late but here to give my two cents: I don't hear any censored sound but I do hear Shinya smacking a cymbal at that exact moment. If you back up to the beginning of the verse, you can hear that PENG sound play out in 4/4 time. MACABRE needs a remastering from someone who can save those drums. The lyrics are inaccurate the line before that as well: the subs say "dan dan minikuku natte iku" but he sings "dan dan lala minikuku natte" Maybe the XX is meant to be a lyric that Kyo changed at the last second, and he subs it with lala in the verse before, but never changed lyrics for the booklet? If you want to know that XX is, you're probably gonna have to translate that verse.
  15. Zeus

    Flattered. The minute people stop asking, assume you look over 40.
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