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  1. finally decided to start learning JEALOUS that piano opening goes hard af

  2. am i the only person who finds rick and morty completely unfunny?

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    2. colorful人生


      I liked certain snippets of the show in the first season, but I could never sit through a whole episode.  Though, I barely even watch sitcoms (animated or not) on my own volition in the first place. 

    3. 123Sandman321


      The show itself is brilliant (especially the 1st two seasons), but the problem is the culture surrounding it, which soured my enjoyment of the show a bit, but not enough to stop watching.

    4. Bear


      It doesn't sour my enjoyment of the show, but I agree with the above. Just like jrock/visual kei, hip hop, heavy metal and so on. The culture surrounding it is fucking awful, but it doesn't sour my enjoyment of the good things about 'em. I'll just not associate with the things that annoy me.


      But the show: brilliant!

  3. i am so confused as to what's going on

  4. a lot of long time fans are returning to the fold! where did you spend all your time before coming (back) to mh?

  5. sometimes the only band i wanna listen to is dimlim is this good?

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    2. The Reverend

      The Reverend

      The other night I was listening to Chedoara while driving and my window was just barely cracked... and the whistling of the air rushing in sounded a lot like the high-pitched screaming that dude does sometimes.



    3. Wakarimashita


      @Zeus I have been listening nonstop to 喜 since its release - not even the whole album, just that goddamn track send help pls

    4. Zeus


      *sends aid in uwu*

  6. what's new with KEEL?

    1. Jigsaw9


      I guess they're on the backburner now. Ryo is busy playing gigs with DALLE and aie is his usual super-busy self juggling gibkiy gibkiy gibkiy and the god and death stars at the same time (and ofc there's the deadman reunion too).

  7. Thanks to everyone who has been sending me well wishes in my PMs or has otherwise been worried about me. It's hard to find the words respond right now but I do appreciate it <3

    1. Kyo_Toriko


      I knew my words are a bit late!
      But I still want to leave something to encourage you, mate!
      Sometimes we all will be tired or feel unhappy from the life we live in.
      And also, so many realities that we still cannot change at all.

      But remember to give yourself some "time" for "self-regulation",
      and combine the help from outside,
      you can definitely find back your lost happiness.
      Keep fighting, mate!

  8. Please cast a vote on what banners you like!

  9. They played Goddess and Cockroach nuff said

    1. YuyoDrift


      Goddess? When? Did I space out lol

    2. Zeus


      oops wrong song haha

  10. On line wearin a death note t shirt. Come say hi

  11. who is seeing the gazette in new york tomorrow?

  12. it's been 7 years since singersen disappeared off the face of the planet. how does such a beautiful, talented, and famous (within china) singer vanish like that?

  13. got a new event coming for all my digital artists here stay tuned

    1. Gesu


      Whatever this is, perfect timing! I recently got an art tablet :P I'm still shite at art, but I'm getting there, lol.

  14. you're not an old head unless you remember the days when mediafire wasn't trash

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    2. nomemorial


      Soulseek vs. Google: "band name" + "mediafire"


      battle of the century

    3. Nighttime Jae

      Nighttime Jae

      Okay but. E-mule anyone?

    4. CAT5


      Yep, mediafire used to be my go-to for uploading music back in the day!

  15. if i started a competition for what 3 of the 4 background colors on mh should be, how many ppl would submit a color?

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    2. BrenGun


      Ah like that...


      Then go for


      dark red


      white or black or dark gray



      dark blue


      white or black or dark gray



      something like this


    3. yomii


      i wouldn't change anything tbh bcuz black is the new black!

    4. karai · ebi

      karai · ebi

      Black is definitely best for me and my eyes personally.

  16. i think i'm getting sick again

    1. CAT5


      Sorry to hear that, but I hope you get better soon!!!

  17. been trying to get this anthem demo to work but it constantly crashes and freezes. AAA experience my ass that game needs at least 6 more months of development

    1. 123Sandman321


      That's fucking sad to hear. Despite not intriguing me that much, I really want Anthem to succeed. Wouldn't wanna see my favorite game studio gone in a few years...

    2. YuyoDrift


      How about now? I was gonna try and  hop on this morning.

    3. Zeus


      i haven't tried but i see no reason for the situation to get better. if the application needs patching they won't do it when demo 1 ends tomorrow at 2am. if the servers need fixing they won't do it until after demo 1 ends tomorrow before demo 2. this is just a wash for me this week.

  18. just gotta drop my 2 cents in a more visible place:

    i'm of the opinion that visual kei has been dying for a good minute. but rock "died" in mainstream american music too and its still around. vk will have the same fate. as long as there's japanese people willing to be visual kei, and international english speaking fans willing to listen, then mh will always be here. and even if you have fallen out of love with japanese music, we are still here for you too. at some point, we've grown beyond a site for music and we've become a community and a family, and that is the secret sauce that has allowed us to outlive all our competition.

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    2. Himeaimichu


      Don't forget it's also all about perspective. Even though there aren't nearly as much major label Vkei bands as there used to be, the indie scene is very much thriving, and many old bands are reviving. Even obscure, cult-classic bands like Mercuro have revived.


    3. Paraph


      inject kote kei

    4. Spectralion
  19. if you haven't seen it yet, there's sign ups for a new trade off available until tomorrow!


  20. lms if you want a review of that DEZERT album

  21. what's crimson shiva's best release?

    1. The Reverend

      The Reverend


      If we’re counting Crimson Shiva and Shiva as one thing cause they are the same band basically... I like バラモンの教え (‘Teachings of Brahmin’ on Spotify)


  22. i'll leave one final clarification about "NINTH":

    a few months ago i suggested in a post to refrain from sharing NINTH for a week or 2 if we were interested in seeing how much (or how little) of an effect international piracy has on japanese music. this was merely a suggestion. we are not taking any modly actions. NINTH will be treated the same as any other release here, if that's what you all choose to do. i'm very well aware other places will host it as soon as possible and that it will make it's way here in due time. "due time" is up to you.

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    2. tetsu_sama69


      Yet people are having an attitude about sharing it like they're badasses and it was a failed ploy. There was no implications for it and it's interesting to see how people are just missing the point xD

    3. Zeus


      don't worry, i'll make it very clear in a few. i just have a review i want to bang out. and no, it's not for NINTH (yet)

    4. Zeus


      i actually intend on purchasing that album to support the boiz

  23. i gotta say, brodiaea's been growing on me

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    2. tetsu_sama69


      Let  me know if you run into issues tracking it down and I can send you the good stuff.

    3. Zeus


      i have in my collection: trace of abyss, carcass, di;vision, death gate [xyz], タイトル無し, tetsujoumou, and lily. anything important that you see missing?

    4. tetsu_sama69


      Inferno seems to be missing from your list there along with 偽-fake- BUT I GOT DIS

  24. jamming 2 unsraW today what oldies are you listening to?

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    2. tetsu_sama69
    3. plastic_rainbow


      baroque and kannivalism cuz i first started listening to them around this time of the year

    4. Mamo


      Awoi and always girugamesh

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