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  1. If you are experiencing any type of unwarranted verbal abuse, please use the report function and a moderator will take care of it. Note that constructive criticism is not the same thing as verbal abuse.
  2. He's actually covering 唯一歌 acoustic? I need to hear this.
  3. Zeus

    So how does this band compare to DEATHGAZE?
  4. Zeus

    barre chords suck
  5. Zeus

    RIP. Didn't listen to them much but still sad regardless.
  6. barre chords are going to be the bane of my existence

  7. When such a statement can be considered a blessing...
  8. i hope these vk lives are a thing that continue after corona is over

  9. One of the few releases I was looking forward to as well.
  10. Zeus

    I posted this over five years ago. Are you still stuck on this?
  11. Zeus

    Ever watch someone skilled at their profession? They make it all look so easy because they've mastered their craft, but they hide the years of work they put into their craft to get to that point. To me, that's why people rate limit themselves and others when it comes to skill, especially life skills. It's a fact that people pick up on certain talents faster than others. I firmly believe that there is something everyone is good at; it could be flipping burgers or clicking heads in video games. Sometimes it takes time and experience to figure that out. I know there are some things I will never be good at unless I put time into it, like basketball or high level math. I know there are some things I've gotten *better* at because I put the time in, like learning guitar or playing shooters. Our culture comes to expect that people should just pick up on all things as quickly as a savant does, and people become discouraged or discourage others when they cannot meet those expectations immediately. It's a nasty outgrowth of consumer culture where what we are consuming is talent. We tie talents to worth of self and others. In this way, you are still correct. The only way to be a dad is to do it. But I also believe some people are not fit to be parents. The complaining about baby daddy shit is just a way to distance herself from what she considers a bad decision, and by robbing him of a critical talent (being a capable father) she is robbing him of his character and worth. Except literally everybody sees through that shit nowadays, because baby daddies don't come outta nowhere. If she was forced to crack a smile, that's because you pierced the veil in one swift move. Well done.
  12. Zeus

    The title was accurate and I still wasn't ready for that.
  13. Zeus

    Two credit cards, like $30 in debt.
  14. Zeus

    Any explanation yet?
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