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    https://www.amazon.com/Blank-CD-RW-Discs/b?ie=UTF8&node=3690571 Amazon sells everything.
  2. Three things in life are inevitable as a visual kei fan: death, taxes, and your favorite band ending activities. If you are a fan of llll-Ligro- , then you experienced all three at the same time when they announced their second disbandment. I wasn't super into the band at the time of both of their disbandments, although they were on my radar and not on my shit list, so I can sympathize with fans who had to deal with heart break twice. Fans of yesteryear went through a similar phase with UnsraW's vocalist Yuuki, and depending on who you talk to he still hasn't gotten back to his prime ten years later. The similarities are so striking it's hard to resist the comparison. But this review isn't about UnsraW, it's about llll-Ligro- and their unreleased second album 弔 (Tomurai). The three tracks that managed to survive stand as a reminder for what could have been, and what should have been. Before its cancellation, 弔 was announced for a 2018-05-30 release. Artwork and booklets were probably designed and pressed, but no scans other than the front exist. A track list was released but we don't know how many of the nine unreleased songs were finished. The album was delayed multiple times due to Hinata and Kazari's habit of postponing releases for the sake of quality, but Hinata's refusal to finish recording his parts due to acute chorditis implies that at least some of these songs were unfinished. As is, it will be impossible to give a full review of it, but there are several tracks we can reflect on. Those tracks are comeback single "INVICTA", live distributed single "basket case", and other promotional single "INVISIBLE INDIVIDUAL". "深閑ガラス" (Shinkan Glass) is a track played at their last live but no recording of it exists. 弔 (Tomurai) 1. Blame me (SE) 2. INVISIBLE INDIVIDUAL 3. basket case 4. Shinkan Glass (深閑ガラス) 5. Kuroneko wa Kaku Katariki (黒猫は斯く語りき) 6. Ratai Are Hateta Hyou (裸体荒れ果てた標) 7. DIRGE OF INFECTION 8. HIRAETH 9. INVICTA 10. Mist 11. DEEP SIX 12. Seija no Koushin (聖者の行進) 13. Kanransha wa Adabana to (観覧車は徒花と) 14. Isho (遺書) Despite all the material released as a part of llll-Ligro- 's first phase, "INVICTA" isn't the ball scorching metalcore banger I was expecting. The unassuming opening does a lot to disarm the listener, and on the first listen I thought this was going to be a ballad, but before long the song ratchets up the complexity and the aggression. The band dips their toes into the progressive metal waters with this one, as everything from synthesized piano keys to acoustic guitars and a generous amount of toms and cymbal crashes makes an appearance. Hinata's vocals are one of the most striking elements of the track, featuring his signature skill of deftly switching between harsh growls and pig squeals. Sometimes the transitions are so fast I'm not sure if it's all natural or studio magic, but having to perform that live is absolutely killer. It's a seven minute trip far more realized than most of their contemporaries. If every band has their magnum opus, "INVICTA" could be theirs. This must have been a product of their time as 時限式:uadjet (jigenshiki:uadjet). "INVISIBLE INDIVIDUAL" is a much more straightforward track, and would have been the first track on the album after "Blame me", which is an SE so I don't count it. There are a lot of cool ideas here. I think my ultimate favorite part is around 3 minutes, where Hinata's clean singing is laid over his screaming, creating a great dynamic tension to push the song into it's last section. The piano motif returns again, which makes me suspect that we would have gotten at least one piano ballad on the album. There's also some pretty dope bass slaps before the eagle scream halfway through where I expected a breakdown to appear, which is what cemented my opinion of this track as an above average metalcore dirge. The last track that was released was "basket case", a live distributed teaser that ended up becoming their last official release. This would have followed "INVISIBLE INDIVIDUAL" and does a good job providing contrast to the first track. This wasn't uploaded anywhere else, so I'll try to give a good description of how the track sounds. "basket case" opens up with a short, distorted riff into a chorus with clean vocals with a straightforward, 'four to the floor' drum beat. The main guitar riff of the song sounds mental and the song moves at a frantic yet restrained pace, alluding to the title. Most of the singing is clean and takes place with Hinata's higher register, but mid range barks, growls, and a pig squeal makes an appearance shortly after the second verse. There's a strong emphasis on twin guitar melody for this song. The chorus has a very stereotypical visual kei melodic progression, so much so that I feel like I can place at least the first few notes of "basket case" from another song, but I can't figure out which one it is yet. "basket case" descends into thirty seconds of noise as the track winds down to an end, and I find myself feeling saddened that the album will never be released in its entirety, and that I'll never get to hear "深閑ガラス" (Shinkan Glass). llll-Ligro- hold the crown for visual kei bands with one of the most promising yet unfulfilled musical development arcs of all time, and that's not a title I'm keen on reassigning any time soon. Based on what I've heard, 弔 would have been the album that made a fan out of me. I just know there's a copy of the unfinished masters sitting in a vault in Japan somewhere, and perhaps a second or third copy on a hard drive, but the odds that we'll ever get to see or hear any more of this album are slim to none. At this point, I'd even take a mini-album of whatever is fit enough to be released. A lot of unknowns remain around the members and the state of the band. Can Hinata ever sing again? Is the relationship between Hinata and Kazari too strained to imagine a third reunion? Do they even want to try or will they both move on to new, separate projects? I am reluctant to stoke the fires of hope for the remaining llll-Ligro- fans out there, because that's just cruel, but the scene has shown with both HIZUMI (D'espairsRay) and Yuuki (UnsraW) that there's always a chance for Hinata to return.
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    probably overkill, but why not rip new copies of the CD so that if they get messed up you still have the originals?
  4. Zeus

    What's this about a megaman song?
  5. Zeus

    celexa 10mg. i'm supposed to ride it out for 2 weeks but i'm not sure if the side effects are going to go away like ~they said they would~
  6. Zeus

    Everything is a cycle. We are in the beginning of a transition away from physical to digital goods, because right now we can see the benefits of all digital and the disadvantages of physical media. Give streaming time to mature as a delivery service and there are bound to be issues that crop up unique to streaming, issues that physical media doesn't have to deal with, and eventually we'll settle on some medium where streaming and physical media can coexist. IMO, visual kei will have to accept streaming eventually. It's not a big enough scene to make "demands" on how people consume their music. Fans will just pirate the music if companies continue to make it difficult to acquire visual kei music legally. I think that once a few high ranking businessmen in the scene see the potential behind streaming, visual kei will naturally transition itself into streaming. Once this happens, the way business is done will forever change. I expect that multi type releases will become a thing of the past, since they don't work as well digitally. Exclusive tracks to a streaming platform is possible. The piracy scene will change as well if it's not as easy to get a hold of physical media.
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    I've been on antidepressants for 9 days and GHYLGADLGAJIODLKGL i just wanna quit. Happy pills sure make me feel like crap physically.
  8. There's also the reality that the pace is unsustainable. Putting out singles and albums that quickly leads to burn out.
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    My bad! I see nothing but a gigantic black space on my screen 😕
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    Talk about NTR. Third guy got fucked, but not in the way that feels good. Those two worked fast in erasing all of their tracks from the internet. Can't even find a picture of the band. EDIT: Thank Kami for Japanese netizens. Here's the band: Guy in the middle is the one who wasn't involved. And here are the two:
  11. Monochrome Heaven's 2019 Banner Contest Thanks for voting! 56 members casted a vote before the poll was closed. I'm happy to announce the winners: In first place with 29 votes was Develop One's Faculties, made by @plastic_rainbow! In second place with 24 votes was Kyo, made by @platy! In third place was DELUHI, made by @ゼロ(*´з`)! Look out for these banners in our rotation soon!
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    I'm going to have to go with Toshiya. Toshiya's rhythm is Dir en grey's heart and soul and a lot of the reason why the band sounds so good. I've never felt that kind of connection or groove from any of Kisaki's bands, but Kisaki can play a mean bass. It's really dependent on whose playing style you like more.
  13. Can you elaborate on this?
  14. Live distributed singles have been a thing since the beginning of time. I can even make the argument that it's how the first bands got started. A prominent example of older live distributed demo tapes would be La:Sadie's. Many of their early demo tapes are essentially the same six songs. We don't really think of it that way because that's how it was done before the internet. V/A albums strike me as a relic of the past, when fans needed a way to scope out talent quickly and bands needed good exposure. The right song on a compilation album could score them a record deal. They were essentially middle men in the equation, and the explosion of internet has turned music consumption into a more direct affair. There is simply no money in compilation albums of unknown prospects when there are recommendation algorithms that can scan my taste and recommend hundreds of similar, better bands in an instant. Why buy an album of twelve tracks when I can stream their single on YouTube and see if I like it or not? They were cool but there isn't a compelling reason for them to exist. The single format is also more flexible and as we saw with DEZERT x MUCC there is room to do fun things, like cover each others songs or to write songs for the other band to play. Those are good enough reasons for me at least.
  15. I always wondered if live distributed split singles took the place of V/A albums from a promotion aspect.
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