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  1. I would appreciate any more info you can dig up about the scam and the other members. Thanks!
  2. Yeah, unless he did something so bad that it explains why they fired him. Public shame is a powerful motivator in Japan.
  3. Zeus

    What I am envisioning we preserve are things like tabs, interviews, lyrics translations, etc. No one thing in particular, but everything and anything that may be of interest to a fan five years from now. What we know about the past is a result of what people did and didn't preserve, including information. One thing in particular I'm interested in finding was that expose from the whistleblower a decade back or so. Something like that would be interesting to dissect and compare to the scene today, but we can't do that unless we find the original article. Anything archived can be posted here or on another website such as vk.gy and linked here. I'm not too picky on how or where it's done, just as long as it's done.
  5. The situation in Hong Kong is a dreadful one. I wish that there was a peaceful way to resolve the situation, but as long as countries and leaders subscribe to the doctrine of might makes right, we will continue to have these same problems take new form. However, I do not want the pressing immediacy of the topic to supercede the rules we've established. In case you need a refresher these are the two rules. The administration will be monitoring this topic very closely and will close it if it reaches a point where we feel uncomfortable.
  6. Zeus

    We should archive this information.
  7. Zeus

    to think that we've reached a time where even kiwamu's fame does not reach
  8. Now THIS is how you announce a comeback!
  9. Zeus

    but in all seriousness this isn't that difficult to reconstruct if you have a few hours and are skilled with some code. If anything, you'll do a better job manually specifying said parameters because you can tune whatever you write yourself to have the desired outputs needed. But basically if the whole pipeline is just breaking down a video into it's image components, upscaling the image components, and then putting them back together while preserving the audio track then that really isn't too difficult to reconstruct. I tend to disregard "AI" as buzzwords in anything that tries to describe a complex task as vaguely as possible, but I have a good inkling about what their AI is trying to do...and I don't trust it. AI is code for throwing a bunch of shit at a neural network until it works and you don't know why. @colorful人生 send me a really low-res video (and my mix pls) and I'll see what I can do with the five minutes of spare time I have a day.
  10. Zeus

    so the question is how long will it take for zeus to re-engineer this for free? answer is idk
  11. Zeus

    We found the heretic! /s Fun fact: "and zero" was there but I removed it because I couldn't figure out which of those two tracks to put first. It's not that I don't like "Ware, Yami Tote...". I just think almost everything else on UROBOROS is better.
  12. Zeus

    None of the pleading in the world could stop my grandfather from drinking himself to death. People drink for a variety of reasons and it would be foolish of me to assume his, but if he's facing death's door and he still won't stop then something must be compelling him to drink. Give yourself the peace of mind and say whatever you want to say to him now, because once he's gone he is gone for good. Maybe it will work.
  13. Zeus

    - mawaru, mawaru - eins, zwei, drei, vier
  14. Zeus

  15. Zeus

    But who actually considers "Hotarubi" legendary? I haven't heard a fan say "damn, I was spinning some 'Hotarubi' the other day and those firefly buzzes spoke to me spiritually". It's just...okay to me. On an album from an era with no shortage of ballads to pick, "Hotarubi" doesn't come to mind first. And "Zakuro" is so boring OMG.
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