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  1. My partner for this mix was @Lestat. It's very fortunate that I was paired up with her this time, as we both had similar approaches for this theme. Hers was much more structured and narrative than mine, and it even comes with a cover. My moon runes are in poor shape so I have no idea what it is, but it looks creepy enough to fit with the theme. 01. Dir en grey - 304号室、白死の桜 (Room 304, cherry blossoms of white death) Starting off with one of the most legendary tracks from GAUZE was a good choice. Can't remember the last time I listened to a GAUZE track so intently. The riff to this song approaches legendary status in my mind. 304号室、白死の桜 sets the stage for story events to follow; I can imagine the white walls of the hospital surrounding a terminal patient as she stares out the window. The lyrics also follow a similar vein of someone approaching the verge of insanity not wanting to let go of someone they can't save. Great opening. 10/10. 02. トーマス (THOMAS) - 涙色ラボラトリー (Tear coloured laboratory) This. Fucking. Riff! There's an ephemeral and ethereal quality to the distorted part that picks up right where 304号室 left off. It does a good job of shaking off the sleepier parts of 304号室 and really kicks this mix into high gear. Vocalist is a bit weak but has enough of that off-key charm and charisma to sell the chorus. I'd be sold on this song more if they had a female vocalist, like the one from me-al art. If I were to try and guess where we are in the story, the patient received some bad news and they're currently processing it while the doctor is plotting. 8/10 03. KYOKUTOU GIRL FRIEND - エクスタシー (Ecstasy) The first time I listened to this song I had troubles telling where THOMAS ended and KYOKUTOU GIRL FRIEND begins. I also must confess that while I was in the scene while KGF was around; no one ever gave me a strong enough case to check them out. I kinda regret them now since this style of rock is right up my alley and I can grow to like the vocalist. Has he moved on to any other bands? It seems like while we're taking an omniscient approach to story telling, our focus is pretty much on the doctor for now. Is he getting hot and bothered over possibilities? The song is only thirty seconds shorter than the last one but due to the overall pace it feels much faster. 9/10 04. クロルシアン (Clorcian) - Madness Never heard of this band, and it's a shame because this could have fit onto my mix! Wish I knew of it earlier. Lestat knows what I mean. Something about Japanese vocalists going insane is both super authentic visual kei and uncommon to come across in relatively recent music. This is from 2010, so it qualifies as "relatively recent", but I would forgive you for thinking this is a slice straight out of the 90s. Only two things get in my way of giving this a perfect mark: the weak-ass bark and calls and a requirement for a little more punch in the guitar. It would have felt so much more oppressive if they never lost that creepy atmosphere from the first minute or so. I'm guessing the doctor is all alone and letting his neuroses free. 8/10 05. BIOSPHIA - 蝕罪 (Mockery (or Guilty, Google Translate thinks the former) I also never listened to BIOSPHIA since I got the impression they were another nu-kei factory of screams and drop-A chugging. And they are, but more complex and textured than I gave them credit for. 2010 me would have eaten this up; 2017 me cracks a smile and nods along. "蝕罪" takes the concept of madness present in the last track and sets it to metal core - blast beats, tense riffs, and some admittedly impressive gutturals. I wonder how many takes it took in the studio to get all the overlaying vocals just right, as that is 40% of the impact in the verses alone. I view this as a continuation of the last song. It went through a lot of motions but ultimately "蝕罪" advanced the narrative only a bit. 7/10 06. グリーヴァ (Grieva) - 殺戮ノ情景 (Scenes of slaughter) グリーヴァ is the walking embodiment of Dir en grey's "蜜と唾" - normally can't stand to listen to them but when I'm in the mood for them I can leave it on repeat for hours. The transition between nu-insanity and old-insanity is much more subtle and almost understated in its existence, indicating a lot of time was spent around this time of the mix tape making sure the flow was perfect. Gotta really appreciate this attention to details. The guitar/synth riff in the background speaks to the smooth criminal theme, the vocal melody sounds so familiar but I can't place it, and the 'in death cry' sections like something straight out of MISSA. Our doctor has finished his brainstorming and is ready to kill! What release is this from? 8/10 07. MARRY+AN+BLOOD - 完全心拍停止 (Complete cardiac arrest) A thirty second interlude or so to indicate our patient may have taken a turn for the worse...and our doctor may have had a "helping hand". Not much to say here except excellent transition into the next track. No real score for this. 08. VIRGENOW - ...is dead I want to take a moment here and compare the gutturals from VIRGENOW's vocalist with the one from BIOSPHIA. This one sounds like he wrapped his mic in sandpaper, which gives the harsh vocals that SCREW feel. The end has some vocal inflections that sound straight out of Egypt that are pretty cool. Then we also have three different variations of the off-key climax at the last verse, which honestly brings the song down a bit for me since the vocalist just can't hit the notes he wants to hit. I like where the band's ideas are but they're just not good enough to execute them convincingly. 6/10 09. Fatima - Blue velvet The mix comes to an almost complete stop for the first time as we catch our breath with "blue velvet". This marks the part of the mix tape that goes from insanity to creepiness. I may have been able to squeeze this one in my mix somewhere too! The vocals emote loneliness that contrasts well with the death and possible dismemberment that just went down. That contrasts smartly with the bright chorus that together symbolizes all the thoughts that run through someone's head after a major loss. There's loss in the hope and hope in the loss and it all swirls together down the drain as the doctor tries to wash the blood off his hands and contemplate his next move. I assume it's called "Blue velvet" because we're going to wrap up the dead body, take it elsewhere, and do things to it. 8/10 10. NightingeiL - HumanshapeCase It's been a while since a track has made it's purpose in the mix clear from the beginning. The hushed murmurs before the guitars kick in, the vocalist claiming everything is over and there is nowhere to run, all of it work together to paint a picture of the atmosphere I haven't gotten so clearly since "304号室". Really loving the old-school rock tinge to it, and if her penchant for 80's glam and rock isn't coming out somewhere in the mix, I can't call it a Lestat mix. It's creepy enough for me to want to infer that he is burying her alive if VIRGENOW hadn't indicated otherwise. He's clearly not following ~proper medical procedures~ if the case is human-shaped. 8/10 11. ネガ (Nega) - attempted suicide Ever have a song that meant nothing even within the context of the album it was released on, and then one day randomly listening to it unlocks a deeper meaning to it? That would be "attempted suicide" for me. I hate interludes with a passion on mini-albums as I find it a cheap way to pad the number of tracks without having to go through all the effort to make another song. But there's something disturbing about this particular interlude in the context of this mix that I can't put my finger on. At their prime, no one could touch ネガ and their creepy as fuck, hopeless atmosphere. I can see the doctor getting the stool and rope together before kicking it out from under him and hanging from the light fixture in the ceiling until the song cuts to black. Really creepy shit. 12. Sugar - Memento-Mori What a way to end the mix! I have to mention the effortless transitions again. This sounds like the ending credits, or maybe the end of the last scene where police investigators discover the crime scene and try to piece together what happened. There's a sense of darkness and finality present in the booming bass, the violins which come and go for added ambiance and sadness, and the scratchy guitar that slowly bores into the subconscious. I knew Sugar could be addictive, but this is another level. Did you start backwards from this track or did it somehow pop out to you? 10/10 This was a really good mix! It's up there with @ghost's mix "From Dust to Distortion" as one of the most well constructed mixes I have ever listened to. This sounds like something I would have put together! I really like the way it stuck to the theme it set out for itself but didn't overly constrict itself and either burn out or repeat tropes before the end. Every track felt fresh and added something to the mix and to the story. It was a pleasure swapping mixes with you this time
  2. I'd like to take YOSHIKI's quote and add my own context. This is the key. Visual kei was born out of Japan by those who felt like they didn't fit in anywhere in Japan. YOSHIKI isn't going to say that visual kei can't exist world wide because that's not good for his bottom line, but there's a very good reason why it hasn't taken off outside Japan. It has less to do with looks, singing capability, or chosen musical direction, and more to do with anti-conformity and rebelliousness within and against a homogeneous society. No other country faces the same mix of societal pressures and obligations the way the Japanese do, and as these pressures change over time visual kei changes over time too. This is in contrast to musicians from Western countries who want to emulate the style and look to their favorite and popular artists first. It's the difference between taking a picture, and taking a picture of that picture, and taking a picture of that picture. The farther away one gets away from the source and the conditions that cause that source, the less authentic the final product is. I fully agree with this. So many bands follow trends because it's the thing to do, but at some point a trend started as a unique idea. Much as I expect musicians to look within themselves and put their feelings into music, I expect inspiring Western visual kei musicians to do the same thing with their looks. The looks are supposed to be an expression of how one feels, not a style of the decade to phone in and gain legitimacy. I do think Western visual kei is a thing that can happen but the form it would assume would be so different we wouldn't even recognize it by looks alone. My ideal Western visual kei band would be identifiable with the sound alone. We would hear them and just know where those influences came from instead of the "lol i like visual kei and pocky" archetype that usually translates over first. I'm done ranting.
  3. Just call it quits and release an EP pls
  4. That's true. Somehow I'm still here.
  5. Unbelievable...none of these conditions are common
  6. I just sent my mix to Lestat!
  7. Has this been successful at all?
  8. I'm sorry you guys couldn't participate. Ironically, you two were to be paired together so this all works out in the end. Partners have been revealed everyone! I will extend the day to give your partner their mix until Sunday since I was a bit late with the pairings. Have fun!~
  9. Should work with iTunes 12.7 https://getsatisfaction.com/lastfm/topics/itunes-12-7-windows-the-last-fm-scrobbler-plugin
  10. I'm going to buck the trend in this topic and say I do! But not right now. I never thought to ask my girlfriend if she wanted kids, partially because I didn't want them now either and partially because I just expected her to. The latter part sounds messed up, but I can't do it alone. If I could, this would be a totally different conversation. It's always been "we'll cross that bridge when we get to it", but bridges are euphemisms for problems so at some level, I view childbearing as a problem too. So I guess I fit in here enough to ramble for a bit longer. The reasons I have for that aren't unique. I'm depressed and probably have an undiagnosed mental illness I'd pass on to my children. The world sucks. I don't want to wake up one day and hear the news that my child was killed for being black. I like video games too much. I'd have to be responsible with my weed usage. I like having money for things instead of money for diapers and formula. My opinions on most of these things may change with time and that's why I can't say no. @The Bread Wolf, maybe the doctors are approaching your problem the way I approach mine and are just deciding for you that in the future you may change your mind and so they don't want to do an invasive procedure now. That's fucked. But as you said, people have far more invasive surgeries for less developed reasons, so the docs should just respect your wishes. And if passing on your genetics isn't of importance to you, you can always adopt or raise fur babies if you change your mind. I believe one can fulfill the need to be a caretaker without having to have babies. I don't think the concept of not wanting to have kids is unusual. Starting with the toll it takes on the woman's body, coming to the realization that birth is really just the beginning, and then shouldering the responsibility of having to raise another human being is a lot. My friend is having a(n unplanned) child and when he told me, it hit me. I started thinking about all the things I'd have to do and how much my life would change, and it was a daunting realization. I can't imagine the thoughts that go through a woman's head, but one thought that won't leave my head is how lucky I am that I won't ever have to push a cantaloupe out of my pelvis. Maybe the cognitive burden would be less if women didn't feel forced into having a baby (but I'd blame biology before society on that one). If you can come to that realization now, and determine your life is better without a kid than with a kid now and into the immediate future, than more power to you! On a more global note, I think our generation not wanting to procreate en masse isn't a bad thing. We don't have the resources to sustain our current population as is; the last thing we need to do is double it. Honestly, the only argument I have for you having kids is to power the next generation of visual kei fans. Get them while they're young, I always say.
  11. closing the trade-off in a few hours sign up if you're still interested!

  12. Today is the last day to sign up!
  13. From freaky clowns in sewers to murderers in hockey masks, fictional serial killers and October go together like pumpkins and pie. For our next trade-off, dedicate a mix tape to the theme of smooth criminal. How you interpret the theme is up to you. For some examples, you can: create a playlist about the perfect crime create a playlist Jack the Ripper would listen to invent a criminal and detail his or her journey and motivations create a mix that sounds like the mind of a killer create a mix where every song references crime, murder, or passion create a mix about criminal activity. Murder, crime, drugs, etc. The theme could also be a little less pointed, focusing on themes such as insanity or blood lust or even one particular historical figure. Do whatever you want, as long as you can tie it back to the theme. Partners will be revealed October 13th Your mix must be sent by October 15th Final reviews must be posted by October 22nd @Zeus <-> @Lestat @saishuu <-> @fieldsgrow @doombox <-> @robkun @indigo <-> @reminiscing2004 @qotka <-> @ghost Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions! Don't forget to PM your mix to your partner rather than posting them on the thread.
  14. Interesting! I wonder why they left. If there's one band I think could really benefit from this change it'd be ALSDEAD. Previews sound aight.