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  1. Zeus

    I am glad that prayer works for you CAT-san.
  2. Zeus

    I have added two polls to the topic.
  3. Zeus

    I had a really bad day at work .
  4. Zeus

    This really isn't good news 😕
  5. Zeus

    Don't worry, you did not offend me.
  6. Zeus

    I'm not the praying type but I appreciate the sentiment. Pray for me if it gives you strength but he is already gone.
  7. Hi friends! An idea was brought up in the chat by @ChaoticEnding about a trade section on MH. For the purpose of this topic, trading is essentially bartering and limited to Japanese music. (informal) trades can be thought of as trading that happens via private messages. (formal) trades would be to create a topic on the forum so that members can start trades publicly (and then of course trade the links privately). Right now there is no mod oversight for informal trades. We can discuss the expected amount of mod oversight for formal trading. Essentially, it's whatever you have to offer versus what you have to give away. What do you guys think about this proposal? Here are some potential questions I brainstormed to get some discussion going. Do you think publicly trading for releases on MH is a good idea? Do we need a new sub forum for this or will download forum be ok? Will trading incentive good behaviors / bad behaviors? If both, does good outweigh the bad? Would you engage in trading if it became more common on MH? Would you trade visual kei? J-indie? Pop? Other? Do you think this is good for the online international vk scene? How would trading affect MH? Should trading be open to all members? Special rank? Certain # of posts before you can trade? What releases do you think are most likely to be traded? What should the moderation team be expected to do if one person doesn't send the promised songs?
  8. Zeus

    I don't think there's anything to be gained from hook ups or one night stands. Call me old fashioned if you want, but I don't necessarily look down on promiscuity. I know it's something that's not for me because sex without passion for the person whose guts I'm inhabiting is as pleasurable as burnt toast. Let's forget about the "cold pizza" analogy altogether. But I do believe there is something to the idea that you give a bit of yourself to someone when you have sex with them, and they give a part of themselves you in return. It is harmful to send emotions out and not have them reciprocated, especially during something as vulnerable act as sex. I've yet to meet a person who was promiscuous in their young age and doesn't regret it now, and I know quite a few people who have body counts over 100, 200, even 300. (body count = number of sexual partners) They all recommend not being promiscuous and describe the experience as short term pleasure but with a long term lack of satisfaction. On the other hand, I'm not a total prude about it. I'm not into slut shaming. Sex before marriage is generally a good idea, because sexual compatibility and being able to coexist is important for a long term relationship. How you enjoy it is equally as irrelevant to me. I just suggest not rushing it, because your first sexual experience can effect how you approach it for the rest of your life.
  9. Zeus

    "If she's one in a million, there are 37 of her in California." I don't remember where I heard this quote but it changed my perspective on life. Dating too, but life. I've been in a relationship for almost seven years, so I've been out the dating game for some time. Even if I was single, I'd have no tangible advice to give. I wasn't exactly attracting throngs of women to me for being myself, and that may have been a blessing in disguise for me. As I grow older, I realize just how toxic and damaged so many people are, and inviting that kind of energy into your life only brings negativity. The only thing worse than feeling single and alone is feeling lonely in a shit relationship.
  10. None of these are rumors.
  11. Family can be big. The drama he could be experiencing could be from a different side of his family. It could also be in-laws drama he's old enough to have a main squeeze.
  12. Zeus

    What stuff is their unreleased materials?
  13. Zeus

    One of my friends committed suicide last night. The reality is still setting in.
  14. Zeus

    This is the most active band I hear nothing about. I'm not silly enough to believe that we have anything to do with the complete radio silence on Initial'L. Lycaon was around for a few years and they were known and loved by many. I also believed that they "disbanded" to get away from their label, and Initial'L was simply the continuation of Lycaon. I know they didn't part ways with their label very well as Lycaon, but usually new bands that form from the core of an existing band keep some momentum. This is a notable exception. Are these guys blacklisted by a portion of the industry or something? It doesn't make sense that they've released all this music and I didn't know about anything past their second single until right now. How depressing a turn of events. I used to love these guys. I still spin early Lycaon on occasion. I like Yuuki's voice when he doesn't force it. I just can't get into a majority of their post-eve stuff.
  15. a lot of long time fans are returning to the fold! where did you spend all your time before coming (back) to mh?

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