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  1. @Komorebi how is your review coming along?
  2. Zeus

    Here is one way: 1. Start band and label. Apply for a loan to fund label. Can be bank, can be from a sempai, can be from parents, etc. 2. Budget real good. 3. Use some label funds for band activities. Use profits from band activities to pay back those internal loans. 4. Bust ass working hard doing your day and night jobs. If you do it right, you could earn back the money you put into your band to pay off the first loan, and then your label is ready for the next step. I suspect these bands that run their own label are also putting up personal money to fill the gap.
  3. Zeus

    Let's also not forget about some more explosive outbursts like Ryohei from Kyogetsu. I wrote about it here if you want some more details, but safe to say that it's an open secret that going visual kei is a money pit and it can be seen as shameful to discuss it brazenly. Because I'm not Japanese, I took the time to convert the yen into freedom and equality units. MV ~ 500.000 ¥ / $4,400.67 / €3,882.55 Costumes ~ 700.000¥ / $6,160.86 / €5,435.49 Foto shooting ~ 100.000¥ / $880.12 / €776.49 CD pressing ~ 100.000¥ / $880.12 / €776.49 Recording ~ 100.000¥ / $880.12 / €776.49 Hair styling ~ 1x 20.000¥ / $176.06 / €155.31 Studio ~ 1x 10.000¥ / $88.01 / €77.65 Travel cost ~ 200.000¥ / $1760.59 / €1,553.43 Flyer/print ~ 100.000¥ / $880.12 / €776.49 Website 150.000¥ / $1,320.47 / €1,164.82 Total: $17427.14 / €15,372.22 Some of these numbers should be interpreted carefully. I added up all the values, so the true cost of hair styling and studio isn't reflected here because those are repeated over and over again. For the studio, is this cost per hour or per session? It's way more expensive if it's $88 an hour. I also find that the expenses for hair styling are pretty expensive relative to what it should cost, so I wonder if this is a compound cost or an estimation of some sort. I also assume somethings like flyer / print, CD pressing, and photo shoots include the costs not just to produce the medium but to pay for the services and distribution. Something similar for the website too; I doubt most of these guys are doing all the maintenance work for it, so they probably pay someone to keep it up for them. A thousand dollars for a website doesn't make sense. A thousand dollars to create an interactive and impressive website quickly is still too much. But to do all that and keep it maintained makes sense. Travel costs include not just plane tickets, but moving all of the musical equipment and paying the roadies to do it for you. I wonder if these costs are per band member or costs for all members as a whole, which could explain some of these high costs. I don't think this is everything, because I've heard stories about how bands have to front money in order to be able to perform. I don't know how true this is, but I've heard about it more than once, especially when bands have to front the difference if attendance was below projected amounts. There's nothing here about the cost to perform concerts or produce merchandise. And finally, I don't think the band is paying all of the costs, just a majority of it. So I'm comfortable saying that for your average band, the label would front about 30% and the band members together would front the remaining 70%. So the new adjusted total is: Total: $12,199.00 / €10,760.40 If I were to pretend that I was a visual kei musician, and I was in charge of budgeting for my band, and we had to make some hard choices about what we could afford and not afford, I'd honestly take a look at the hair styling and costume costs, the studio costs, and the photo shoots. I think the hair styling is egregiously expensive for no real reason, compounded by the fact that it would be multiple visits. I'd only get my hair done when I absolutely need to and show up to the studio and to record looking like a regular guy. I'd try to do band practice somewhere cheaper, because those $90 visits add up fast. Travel cost is non-negotiable. Photo shoots can double for both cheki and promotional materials, so I think that's the cost of doing business. The cost of the costumes is right about where I expected it to be if you budget for five people, and budget considering every time you record a new release you have a new look. But costumes put the visual in visual kei, so it is hard to argue to take them out. I honestly would have to argue if costumes should cost more than the music video, and would try to find some way to put even more money into those, because that also puts the visual in visual kei, and shoot for making less music videos overall if I can keep each one to a higher standard of quality. I honestly don't know how much of a presence a website would give my band at the start, and would probably double down on traditional social media tools at first to go viral and cheapen costs there, or maybe latch on to my label's bigger website and push that way. Or maybe both, because more exposure doesn't hurt and word of mouth is free. I'd also be the ultimate cheap and lazy bastard and press all my CDs themselves to start, and then distribute them at lives. Overall, I can understand a bit better how difficult it can be to get started if the funds aren't green.
  4. Zeus

    SHHH! Don't you know that if you say a band man's name three times they can never return to the land of visual kei1?!?! In all seriousness though, -OZ- was one of those bands that I thought was at the "top" of the indie circuit. Learning that farming avocados is more consistent and lucrative than being an indie visual kei band man is a sobering feeling...
  5. Zeus

    Not that I don't believe you, but I do need a source for this.
  6. Despite the optimism in posts above me about this announcement, I'm less than excited. Netflix may not do as bad of a job as previous studios have when adapting anime to live action films, but the debacle with Ciri in The Witcher adaptation proves to me that they're capable of losing the plot. It's like the media doesn't learn it's lesson. I don't even care that Netflix is behind the helm. Time and time again, whenever they adapt an anime to a live action film the movie loses a lot of what made the anime special. I'm not just referencing Hollywood because there are plenty of Japanese live-action adaptations that suck too. It's the power inherent in the medium along with the ability to more easily suspend my belief. I've already lost my horse in this race because Hollywood adapted and defiled Ghost in the Shell. Watanabe better splurge on a katana engraved with the words "no cuts" to make sure Netflix gets the message this time, although I'm under no delusions that someone at Netflix won't find some way to defile the story and get fans pants in a twist.
  7. Zeus

    Don't disappoint me guys.
  8. This one is from 2008 🤣 🤣 🤣 This has to be among the top five worst songs in my entire library period. I had to re-download this single to put it on here because I thought it was perfect for this. Whoever this vocalist is is ass and should have a restraining order filed against microphones and recording booths. He sounds like a fucking garbage disposal. I would not judge BLANKFIELD by this one shit track, because 99% of his music is instrumental. You might actually like some of the other stuff he's recorded...I just don't know what went through warinside's mind when he got both those shitty vocalists to ruin this track. It would have been better off instrumental. Best song on the mix though? I've come to enjoy this song just for how bad it really is.
  9. My partner for this trade-off was @rekzer and he sent me a mix titled "W.O.B." (Worst of the Best). Other than being a mix of songs I assume @rekzer doesn't really like, these are from artists that he really does like (or at least doesn't mind). For this review, I'm going to invert my ranking system. The worse the song is, the higher of the ranking I am going to give it, since the whole point of this trade-off was to show everyone the worst stuff you got. And let's just say @rekzer did a damn good job of making me cringe. 1. MUCC - Marry You Full disclosure: I stopped listening to MUCC after Kyuutai. I know how divisive of an album Karma is, and that it was an experimental phase for them, and I also know which side of the divide I come down on. There's not much this band can do to win me back, and at first listen "Marry You" was vindication for me. The MUCC I fell in love with would never be caught dead inside a washing machine recording this song! I just don't like happy MUCC. A quick YouTube video led me to a video where apparently this was played while someone was proposing on stage in the middle of an MUCC concert - because that's the best place for proposals - which lifts this song out of the gutter into barely acceptable territories for me. It's barely B-side quality. That concert should be the last time they ever play it, to preserve sentimentality and my sanity. 冗談です..."Marry You" is just a really bland song with not much going on, sounding like the band came up with it over the course of a week, and the lyrics are probably the most important part of it and that flies right over my head. I get about as much excitement out of this as listening to a Mumford and Sons acoustic cover while stuck in traffic with a nosebleed. Which means, none at all. I could go the rest of my life without hearing this song and I wouldn't shed a single tear. 2. EAT YOU ALIVE - Boom slang What the fuck is a Boom Slang anyway? This sounds like a word a Japanese person thought sounded cool and hip in English, or something I'd shoot in Borderlands 2. Vocalist has the most obnoxiously visual kei voice of all time, and whatever he's saying is looped and run through so many filters I can't even make out if it's Japanese or English. "Boom Slang" has moments where the song is legit good, but the obnoxious moments are sprinkled all over the track like Windex on a dirty window. I can't tell if this song wants to be visual kei rock or visual kei rap. As my first exposure to EAT YOU ALIVE...I'll give them a pass for this. Someone slip me a track that shows their strengths and I'll take a lighter and burn this song out of my brain. 3. DADAROMA - "The Kinky" If I were to stop being facetious for a sentence or two, I remember reading posts here about some outrage over DADAROMA's newest LP, shortly before the departure of the drummer, and how they were "losing their touch" (to sum it up). I enjoy DADAROMA casually, in that I'll check out their music but I don't really care what happens to them. Some of their songs really grab me, and some of their songs have no effect on me. This is one of those songs that completely turn me off. Like completely. The chorus is the laziest thing I've heard in visual kei in 2018, and the song tries to sell itself too much on "the kinky sex". I don't want to think about kinky sex with someone who looks like Pennywise's cousin on stage. I stopped listening to Lycaon because at one point they were more interested in sex appeal and eroticism than making music that I liked. I thought "MASTURBATION" was bad, but at least that song had a killer groove and chorus. This one has no bite, no direction, and too many layered chanting vocals that try to make it catchy and just miss the mark. I think this band has potential, but I don't think they're ever going to realize it before burning out. Everything they record has a live house first appeal to it, as if these songs were only meant to be played live. This is one of those they could have just left as a live only treat for when Yoshiatsu feels extra horny. I don't ever need to hear it again. 4. Story of Hope - Vices Story of Hope covers a Memphis May Fire for track four of this exposé into the dark corners of @rekzer's library, and the only thing I can think of is that the male vocalist needs lessons from daddy Kyo. He sounds like he's growling through cotton balls stuck in his throat, and he has too much voice time on this track. I couldn't even tell he was shouting in English until I listened to the original, and realized just how off the mark this cover really is. The female vocalist is unironically excellent, and her English isn't half bad either. She should have more than the chorus, but listening to the original I understand why the duties were split this way. Speaking of the rest of the music, I have no idea why they butchered half the song. The original song was already complex, and this sounds like "hey, let's make this even more heavy and djent-y and metalcore!" but they don't have the chops to get this heavy. I like the message of the song, but Story of Hope should have chosen something that would have played to their strengths. 5. lynch. - I DON'T KNOW WHERE I AM Love them or hate them, lynch. has a distinct sound that creeps out the aux and worms its way into your ear like a persistent infection. I wasn't even paying attention to the mix by this point and I was able to tell this was lynch. the minute it started. This may be the only track on the mix that I actually enjoy, but I do have to admit that this was the weakest song on SHADOWS, the English both adds and takes away from the charm on the track, and it sounds way too much like "an illusion" all the way through. Tell me you don't hear the throwbacks on the guitar in the left channel and I'll tell you that you're deaf. There's no reason that this song has to be five minutes long. Probably the best song on the whole mix tbqh. 6. ONE OK ROCK - Listen (feat. Avril Lavigne) I thought this was a joke. It is not. "Listen" sounds like some generic schlock I'd catch myself actively tuning out while I walk around the local mall cross faded, because you need to be fucked up on some sort of chemicals to willingly listen to this song. Avril Lavigne takes over most of the vocal duties on this track, to the point where I can barely consider this a ONE OK ROCK song. May as well flip around the description to say Avril Lavigne feat. ONE OK ROCK, because there's not even a hit of Japanese for the first two and a half minutes. And all I recall hearing was "listen listen...hitotsu dake". What a sell out. Are y'all really trying to make it in America with this type of shit ONE OK ROCK because 1: this is not OK ROCK and 2: rock is dead in mainstream American music, which is why one of the most prominent female rock artists had to collab with a Japanese band in order to get some actual airtime somewhere. Please stick to the core and riffs you are used to; this is almost as bad as the time Eminem released "Revival". yes i know that the bassist married her sister but marriage doesn't justify this shit collab sry not sry 7. Dir en grey - Devote My Life Remember when we thought that this song with this title would be an unlistenable pop affair? HAHA! Well those who did were half right, because this song is piercing and unpleasant as fuck. Yes, I'm completely aware that this was likely done on purpose, but enjoying it because it was intentional is like calling a fart a refreshing air fragrance because you know you had too many beans in your tacos. The intro starts off like I'm getting my hair cut by a barber with Parkinson's, and then the rest of the band rolls in like they're fucked up on bath salts. The song is structurally satisfying if I turn down the volume about 100% and pretend they are playing "Fukai" instead. And the original one, not the one from 2018 with the weird lyrics I haven't yet internalized. This song would likely sound better if it was played in reverse, kinda like "JEALOUS". 8. JILUKA - Monophobia This song is a glorious mess, everything a visual kei banger you never share with your friends should be. Intro starts out like an 80's pop song, cheap synth and all, before we jump into the vocalist screaming his throat raw. The song can't figure out whether it wants to be heavy or intricate, ends up somewhere in the middle, and then jumps back into the chorus thinking changing the genre every fifteen seconds will keep people impressed because "look at the diversity!". Maximum The Hormone tried this and failed bby. The step up at the end came fifteen seconds too early, and the song ends before I can decide if my brain needs bleach or not. I unironically like the chorus, but I could do without the "Monophobia" masking vocals lazily copy pasted over the chorus. I honestly could get into this song more if they dropped all the core parts and pretended this was a hard rock instead, because that's what this song wants to be. 9. sukekiyo - the daemon's cutlery Sounds like a cat meowing before the song's chorus gets into the worst rendition of "Aoi Tsuki" I've heard this side of the cutting board. Talk about bringing the quirks of MISSA into 2016, because this is pretty much what I think Dir en grey would give us if we asked for a modern reinterpretation of their first EP. I tried listening to every song twice or three times because I wanted to actually give a fair criticism of everything on here, but this track was one and done. I refuse to actually listen to this again. The best part was the end after the freak out, because then everything winds down and the song actually gets good at conjuring atmosphere. No one has ever argued this point in the amount of times I've spent scouring the web reading visual kei related posts, but "the daemon's cutlery" is the perfect example of why the eccentricity of the movement in the 90's with the heaviness of modern metal don't always mix. It just sounds fucking awkward as shit. 10. Puya - Montate The best way to describe this song is "salsa metal", and I think I actually like it for what it is! It's a total mess, but it's a mess in all the right ways. It starts with some dissonant guitar chords, jumps into some turbulent metal that could snap your neck if you head bang too hard, and then completely segues into a salsa section for the chorus that I can totally drink a Corona to. The song would be legit good if they could work some more metal into the chorus, and some more Latin influences into the core section, which would result in something that doesn't sound like two songs pasted together in Sound Forge. The solo has a bit of this that I describe, but it quickly changes direction before it reaches a real climax, and the song doesn't even end properly. Good ideas, bad execution, and I think that is why @rekzer put it here. 11. Sadie - HOWLING I know it's popular to hate on Sadie, but this song is legit awful and anyone who bought this single because they liked the preview should crack the CD in two and turn in their visual kei fan pass. Near the end of this band's lifespan, I got the feeling (more than any other band ever) that they had literally no inspiration and no idea what kind of music they actually liked making, as if they spent the majority of their career aping Dir en grey...because they did. They went from faux-progressive DUM SPIRO SPERO redux Madrigal de Maria to a song that sounds like a B-side for BORN's "Psycho Diva" single. And they still had the nerve to combine copious amount of rave synth Black Gene for the Next Scene wouldn't touch with a very misplaced break down into solo into heavy riff schtick! Who let this band release a song like this in this state? You should be fired. Who composed this? You should be fired too. I've never been happier that Sadie disbanded, because songs like this only shit on whatever legacy they had left in my book. Can we all universally pretend that they ended after Master of Romance? 12. DELUHI - Departure Okay @rekzer this is just dirty, because I remember when DELUHI released this last single before calling it quits. I remember listening to it once and considering it total garbage, and never listened to it again. I remember my reaction being so visceral that I actually deleted this song off my hard drive, and I don't delete music at all. Listening to this song with a fresh perspective ten years later makes current me want to go back in time to my younger self and commend myself for my good life choices. This is like a preview for the ill-fated solo careers that Juri and Sujk would eventually involve themselves in. I know DELUHI had some stinkers, but I can't believe that they put this together and released it and thought it would actually work as a single. The solo in the middle of the song tries its hardest to redeem the direction of the track, but that's hard when the rest of the song insists on integrating pop hooks, auto tune, and synths at every possible turn. Whenever the three remaining members pull their heads out of their asses and realize that Aggy wasn't all that important and that anyone can really play the bass because he doesn't do anything notable in every DELUHI song and reform the band, let's put out a proper full album without this song. Let's also implicitly agree to never play it live and to purge it from every online distributor and the discography on the official home page. Repeat after me guys: the last song DELUHI ever published was "The farthest". +++ Post-review thoughts: If this mixtape was supposed to reveal skeletons in our closet, then both @rekzer and I have a graveyard of bones that we need to clean out. I was presented a very challenging mix and I can understand why every single song is here. Even within these songs, there are still some good ideas and good tunes that I could find myself enjoying if I were stuck on an island with an iPod that would never die and just these twelve songs to keep me company. Thanks for the mix bro, and I hope mine didn't turn you deaf.
  10. I would have to agree. Are you counting the first time as "Diabolos" or the rerecording of "MACABRE"?
  11. I'm split on this opinion and here is why. UROBOROS is a good album, almost god tier by Dir en grey standards, but that album also came out when I was in high school. It's been almost ten years (yikes) since UROBOROS dropped, and they've grown out of the proto-prog roots that they laid down on that album into a genre-defying juggernaut that escapes classical definitions. They already tried to go back and make it better, and that just made the album worse for a lot of fans, me included. They tried to one-up it with DUM SPIRO SPERO and that wasn't 100% effective. UROBOROS is up there with GAUZE and VULGAR for me because it's a point in their career that they hadn't reached up until that point and won't go back to, so I try not to get fixated on how "not-UROBOROS" one of their new releases are for me. I could potentially end up missing out on something awesome, like stalwart La:Sadie's fans who couldn't get with GAUZE, or visual kei fans who literally exploded at the announcement of six UGLY/VULGAR.
  12. I just sent @rekzer the worst mix of the century.
  13. Partners have been announced!
  14. if you haven't seen it yet, there's sign ups for a new trade off available until tomorrow!


  15. Maybe I'm getting old, but whenever I listen to this track at over 40% volume the high notes just become piercing and hurt to listen to.