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  1. Zeus

    Forgive me but I don't see what's so special about "What's up?". Sounds like a bunch of half realized ideas spread too thin over odd time signatures to me. The chorus is the only remotely memorable part. I've basically checked out of the scene and am coming fresh off CHE DO A RA so I'll ask one more time: which one of these members had the breakdown and decided to go j-indie?
  2. Zeus

    I still need to watch Castlevania...
  3. Zeus

    Except the implication that they are all sold out implies they are selling well, and that selling more isn't going to fix deep seated issues within the band. Other bands would kill to sell like DIMLIM. Money is a blocker up to a point. Now I can't say that DIMLIM is past that point, but I've been in the scene too long to think that piracy and money are their only troubles.
  4. Zeus

    In life? No. On Monochrome Heaven? Sure. You've already made 26 posts; that's larger than the majority of the user base tbh. Posting is the easiest thing you can do. You want to see topics about your favorite bands? Make them! Start discussion topics and write reviews. I can't read your mind and do it for you (although I really do try). When you put in genuine effort, you will be surprised by the response that you get. Maybe that response won't be immediate, and that response won't be what you thought it was or in the way you thought it would be, but it will be there. A lot of people lurk on this forum, so eye ball real estate is just as important as text responses.
  5. Zeus

    > please stop stealing and buy more albums > tfw all your albums are out of stock or on 2-4 week back order Like I get it. Piracy is a net loss leader for DIMLIM. But when all your albums are sold out and you (Retsu, not you) keep bitching about piracy, you look completely unaware to what the real problems plaguing the band are. We can't buy your music even if we wanted to, and I'd love a copy of CHE DO A RA tbh.
  6. Zeus

    The promotion amounts to an eighth baggie of weed being the album cover. I'm pretty sure it'll be loud and dank as fuck.
  7. Zeus

    You have to be the change you want to see.
  8. Zeus

    .,...this might explain why i've gained so much weight recently
  9. So these guys decided they wanted to exist again? Very naisu.
  10. Zeus

    @CAT5 dropped a dissertation for music listening and I am here for it.
  11. Zeus

    You can't make something popular again if it wasn't popular in the first place. Everyone looks back at 2007-2010 as the heyday of the scene, but I think we know more about the scene now than we did back then. A lot of it was people trend riding Dir en grey, the GazettE, and a whole host of other popular bands until they jumped ship for K-Pop. Even when I go to shows abroad, people in line hardly know as much about the band or the scene as people here on MH do. We are in our own bubble and we have to learn to look beyond that bubble to see the scene as a whole. It's a sad fact that the scene is small and will stay small, but I rather like it that way. Visual kei is the definition of anti-mainstream. Think of how many bands are subjected to the stigma of "going major" and losing their identity. Now, imagine that happening to the entire scene at once! That's basically what it would be like to "get popular" again. Not a good look. I don't know what it is that makes visual kei tick, but I'm fine with leaving things the way they are. I'm aware this reads like a gigantic gatekeeping post but that is not my intention. Let people find visual kei naturally is what I say! The site continues to find and support both new members and old, so the hooks to get drawn into the scene are still out there.
  12. See I was thinking about this one. But since I consider the 2016 version the definitive edition (sounds way better IMO) I didn't feel right sliding it in here. But you are right, that album slaps.
  13. Honestly, don't think I could keep a straight face and talk about how good the album was.
  14. Zeus

    What do you hate about UROBOROS? ...marry vulgar and kill DSS?
  15. It was better IMO. It sucked that we had to wait an extra half hour, but in retrospect I wouldn't have preferred hearing BYSTS. I came for Dir en grey, I didn't want what they were offering.
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