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  1. i think i'm getting sick again

    1. CAT5


      Sorry to hear that, but I hope you get better soon!!!

  2. Religion classes where you learn about all religions is fine. Religion classes where you only learn about a very specific and sometimes personal interpretation of Christianity is not. When these politicians talk about religion, they almost always mean only Christianity. That's why it says Bibles and not religious texts.
  3. I'll call this out for what it really is: a lame attempt at distracting the populace from the fact that the government will close in a few weeks if Trump can't ram his border wall proposal through all relevant branches of government. Religion is always a divisive topic and we haven't stoked those flames in a while, so it's perfect for getting a lot of people worked up over a proposal that's going to face stiff opposition by many of the same politicians who won't let Trump have his Wall. They've tried this before and failed. All critics have to do is bring up the magic words "separation of church and state", push to have Torahs and Qurans included in every class, and allow people to pray openly and freely in public schools and this proposal will shrink back into whatever decrepit orifice it crawled out of.
  4. I don't understand what the point of forming a limited time unit is. Maybe someone can inform me what they have to gain from this besides publicity.
  5. been trying to get this anthem demo to work but it constantly crashes and freezes. AAA experience my ass that game needs at least 6 more months of development

    1. 123Sandman321


      That's fucking sad to hear. Despite not intriguing me that much, I really want Anthem to succeed. Wouldn't wanna see my favorite game studio gone in a few years...

    2. YuyoDrift


      How about now? I was gonna try and  hop on this morning.

    3. Zeus


      i haven't tried but i see no reason for the situation to get better. if the application needs patching they won't do it when demo 1 ends tomorrow at 2am. if the servers need fixing they won't do it until after demo 1 ends tomorrow before demo 2. this is just a wash for me this week.

  6. Her solo pop career didn't work so she's back to making rock music with the two most invisible members of the previous unit? So not surprised. I could tell for a while she was trying to make an exit from that stagnating band, but ironically her departure breathed new life into the unit before all the members went their own ways. I also thought "XYZ" and "good bye" were jabs not so subtly aimed at her, so I'm surprised anyone from that band was willing to collaborate with her in a new project.
  7. Another chapter has been written and filed away into the ever growing library of visual kei history, so we resume our customary annual review of all of the great albums that saw the light of day in 2018. Unlike previous years, we elected to wait until the middle of January so the stragglers of the year had their fair chance to weigh in. This list is also not in any specific order, although DIMLIM's CHEDOARA deserves a mention for getting the most votes internally and therefore kicks the list off with a bang. Even in our most challenging years, there's always something fresh and new around the corner waiting to be discovered. Like always, this isn't an exhaustive list and plenty of the hidden gems slip through the cracks, so if you have anything to add to the list tack it on at the end so the entire community can find something new to enjoy. Without further ado, here are some great J-Rock albums of 2018. DIMLIM -- CHEDOARA @The Reverend @emmny @helcchi Sigh - Heir to Despair @The Reverend @helcchi Dir en grey - The Insulated World @emmny emmurée - lightless @The Reverend キズ - 「傷痕」 @platy Mass of the Fermenting Dregs - No New World @The Reverend @Zeus 陰陽座 (Onmyo-Za) - 覇道明王 (Hadou Myouou) @Zeus The GazettE - NINTH @Zeus グリモア - プシュコマキア @platy DADAROMA - dadaism#4 @helcchi @platy lynch. - XIII @YuyoDrift Thanks for reading!
  8. just gotta drop my 2 cents in a more visible place:

    i'm of the opinion that visual kei has been dying for a good minute. but rock "died" in mainstream american music too and its still around. vk will have the same fate. as long as there's japanese people willing to be visual kei, and international english speaking fans willing to listen, then mh will always be here. and even if you have fallen out of love with japanese music, we are still here for you too. at some point, we've grown beyond a site for music and we've become a community and a family, and that is the secret sauce that has allowed us to outlive all our competition.

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    2. AimiGen7


      Don't forget it's also all about perspective. Even though there aren't nearly as much major label Vkei bands as there used to be, the indie scene is very much thriving, and many old bands are reviving. Even obscure, cult-classic bands like Mercuro have revived.


    3. Paraph


      inject kote kei

    4. Spectralion
  9. You're not wrong. I would peg the growing interest in anime and Japanese culture to the late 90's and early 2000's. I was too young to notice at the time, but thinking back on it, it was my dad who introduced me to Dragonball Z. He heard about it from his coworkers, all about 30 or 40, so clearly its influence had infiltrated my country by the time I was 5 or 6. Visual kei jumped on the bandwagon a few years after that, because the first time I ever heard about it was in 1999, but it was defo underground at the time and in my entire life I only talked about visual kei in person to seven or eight people. Interest in visual kei spiked around 2003-2004 and reached critical mass around 2007-2009. These days, it's almost impossible to find new fans in the flesh. I won't even try to analyze the reasons why interest died off since I'm not certified in it, but what I can say is that at some point interest in Japanese music fell off completely. I have friends who will admit to watching anime, playing JRPGs, going to anime conventions and cosplaying, but not one of them talks about listening to the music. If I were pressed to give a reason for this, I would point to K-Pop. I know many a fan who jumped ship to K-Pop once the craze died down, and to be honest it feels more socially acceptable to like K-Pop than visual kei these days because one is more commercialized than the other. To J- and K-music outsiders, I can see how the distinction between "J-Rock" and "K-Pop" is irrelevant when they don't understand the words anyway, so I'd say that for many people K-Pop fills that musical niche for their interest in ~exotic Asian musics~ where J-Music should be. A lot of my fondness for this era is because this was the music I listened to in my formative years and I will always have a soft spot for it, but I'd be lying if I said 2008 wasn't the best time ever to be a visual kei fan. It was.
  10. I still laugh at how I used to give this album to everyone to review. I've never written an official review of イリヤ -ilya- because the album is so hard to digest, every time I come back to it I find new things to like and new things to dislike. I simply enjoy watching people struggle to describe it. It's a damn shame that Mutyumu did nothing with themselves after イリヤ -ilya- . Everyone but the vocalist and guitarist left, and even if the composer is the same the musicians aren't, and the piano is one of the most prominent aspects of イリヤ -ilya- , so I think their 3rd album was going to suffer unless they found an equal or better replacement. They also have a bit of a X JAPAN thing going, with a revival of activities announcement followed by a lot of silence since 2013. This might be one of the last times we'll ever seriously talk about Mutyumu, so I'm glad @The Reverend was able to contribute a blurb. I also agree that given time, RENTRER EN SOI would have found their balance. I linked CRUSADE because it has the best balance of both of their sides. They have a few other singles of that nature too worth linking. BAPTISM and DAMNATION are pretty terrible though
  11. While writing up blurbs for this list, we came to the conclusion that 2008 was a golden year for visual kei. So many good things were released or happening during that time. This took so long to come out because every time one of us was done, another person snuck in a blurb or two. If we didn't cut ourselves off, I'm sure we would have wrote a bit about everything released that year. I'm not expecting 2009's retrospective to have this many blurbs.
  12. Zeus

    I didn't even know that rumor was a thing 😮
  13. Zeus

    So I guess Ki$aki has that hu$h money, because it's been two months and I haven't heard anything.
  14. Zeus

    Well we definitely know Natsuki is Mr. Avocado Farmer