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  1. I wish for something like that too, something subtle to contrast to the loud, wacky outfits from Japan.
  2. Something about the visual kei aesthetic is lost in translation when Westerners try to do it. Let the scene influence you but to be derivative of a derivative scene is just copycat at that point. Come up with your own fashions. Set your own trends. Learn photoshop. Try not to look like a $5 Five Below reject. Small things would help me to take his opinion even slightly more seriously than I do now.
  3. I didn't even notice that! It's a damn good drawing too so I'll leave it there to show it off. Also speaking of pictures I almost used for this topic, I thought about using the mugshots of Manew and SHINTARO but I thought that might be a little scummy. I did want to contrast how they look without make up on since in their cases it ties in, but then they would stand out from the rest of the featured pics in a bad way.
  4. Well, he lost the rights to KUROYUME not too long ago for failing to pay taxes so I don't think he gets all the passes in the world. Whatever good will he was riding on then has exhausted itself by now. I thought about including him here for that but he didn't get into any ~real~ trouble and there's not much more interesting than what I mentioned so I left it off.
  5. The end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017 has seen a lot of arrests of visual kei members. While band members skirting the law - and sometimes even breaking it - is nothing new, it is rather unusual to see so many high-profile cases in such a short time span. So today, let's indulge in some visual kei drama both past and present and look at some other famous cases and arrests. Grab some tea, because this topic is going to get delicious. Disclaimer: While the title says "Bad Boys" of visual kei, some of the stuff covered here is particularly heinous. It's one thing to be a "bad boy" and it's another thing to be a rapist. Please don't read into the title too much. Sakura (The Madcap Laughs, ex-L'arc~en~ciel) Dai (Himitsu Kessha Kodomo A (秘密結社コドモA)) Kisaki (Lin, Phantasmagoria) SHINTARO (ex-アイヲロスト) Miyawaki Wataru (ex-12012) Tomioka Hiroshi / Dynamite Tommy (Free Will president) Manew (ex-The♡Valentine) Akinori (ex. lynch.) TAKAHIRO (ex-FAZ) RIO (ex--LONDBOY) shia (chanty) Daishi (ex-Psycho le Cemu)
  6. I'm surprised that this album is evoking such polarizing reactions! For me, 不幸な迷路 totally brought 2017 in with a bang. I mentioned in my review it reminds me a lot of 2001-2003 indie visual kei, especially with tracks like 落とし穴 (Otochiana), 寄り道 (Yorimichi) and 交尾をしてよ (Koubi o Shiteyo). I could slide any of these next to an early the GazettE track or a turn of the century Aliene Ma'riage track and it wouldn't sound too out of place. Then, in certain places it strays into 2004-2007 era like ラストダンス (Last Dance) and 排水口 (Hasui Guchi), and then makes an awkward leap to 2015 to the present with the rest. Do either of you feel the same way?
  7. Tracklist: 01. 入口 02. 不幸の始まり 03. ぐちゃぐちゃ 04. 排水口 05. 気付いて 06. 人殺し 07. ラストダンス 08. 恋人ごっこ 09. 寄り道 10. 落とし穴 11. 交尾をしてよ 12. ユメオチ 13. 最後の歌 14. 出口 | One of the most promising visual kei albums in recent memory. After nominating their mixed bag of a collection album 中毒症状 (Chuudoku Shuujou) as one of the best of last year only to be greeted with a three consecutive singles campaign I would sooner forget about, the announcement of 不幸な迷路 (Fukou na Meiro) didn't strike me as anything particularly noteworthy to check out. I knew that ザアザア (XAA-XAA) had to bring the heat, but I didn't expect an album of this caliber from them. It falls a bit short of becoming a classic for me, but 不幸な迷路 is the most fun I've had listening to visual kei all year. Ask me to define what visual kei is and what you will get is a lot of stammering and gesticulation, and maybe a comment on the style or popular genre of choice. Ask me for an album which embodies all things visual kei, and I'll point to 不幸な迷路 immediately. ザアザア has combined all the visual kei tropes in a familiar but new way, including some unfamiliar ones. For example, the band spared no expense in ensuring their disjointed album opener and closer SE's have nothing to do with the tracks they sandwich. Also for good measure, the album switches gears halfway through in a misguided attempt at showing diversity, starting with the very girugamesh reminiscent "ラストダンス" (Last Dance). They at least stopped short of including their sub par singles just to pad the running time. Some seasoned visual kei veterans would roll their eyes at these, but I embrace them all with open arms. It lends an undeniably last-decade visual kei feel to 不幸な迷路 without leaning on novelty or the band's laurels, and as a result its very easy for me to get lost in it. I can play the whole album without pausing once. One point of contention I had with 中毒症状 was how lazy many of the bridges sounded. Bridges hold a song together, and often it was just one word or one phrase repeated eight times. I'm happy to report that this sin is only committed once on 不幸な迷路 with "落とし穴", and that a large majority of the tracks have well thought out, even memorable choruses at times. Ironically enough, my favorite track, "排水口" - an undeniably MUCC-influenced slow burner that could earn a spot on the aforementioned 2004 album 朽木の灯 - has no chorus to it. I like most of the songs even if the vocalist Kazuki works within a very small tonal range, I don't remember actively hating or skipping through any song, and after five or so listens I consider this to be their best release yet. It's not the greatest thing since sliced bread, and maybe it has a few too many toppings, but it's a damn good sandwich for those with the corresponding taste. Only time will tell if future releases can maintain the same balance of familiarity and inventiveness. I expected nothing at all, but 不幸な迷路 resonated with my stodgy, old soul in a way I haven't felt for some time. It strikes with an intensity and charm that took me back to my nascent years in visual kei almost immediately. I implore them to follow whatever creative workflow resulted in this album and not their consecutive singles release, because this works for them. Most importantly, in a time where there isn't a clear leader in the race to the top of the indie visual kei charts, 不幸な迷路 provides a compelling reason to choose ザアザア. Support the band! Me-Shop
  8. drop some examples pls
  9. i know i said this last week but xaa-xaa has been done for like a week and should be out....soon?

    1. tetsu_sama69
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      whenever i get a banner lol

  10. No, that's pretty much what it says. If one is an optimist, you can believe that he's quitting VK but not music. I personally think he's done.
  11. Sounds like ulcers my guy. I would get that checked out.
  12. holy fuck mj detox is hard
  13. Are you me? I woke up this morning with hot and cold chills, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, an inability to eat or sleep, insane fast heartbeat, and now gas. IDFK what this is.
  14. make panda massage u
  15. An accident like a car accident or not specified? If not specified, I won't dig into it too much. Echoing that it's a shame two people from this band have passed so young. RIP.