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  1. Preview isn't hyper convincing, but the band hasn't lost their touch. Even if they're a one trick pony, if the trick is good enough I'll stick around.
  2. No one asked me, but it sounds like the first third of the chorus. It's cut in at a weird time, but sounds normal to me.
  3. featured list

    I did my time with NEGA, so I've long since adapted to Jin. This might be Stockholm Syndrome talking, but I think he's improved considerably. Bruh the RTJ album was released on Christmas Day. Total fire I thought you'd be all over that. @Ito we have failed CAT. Kinda sorta...not really?
  4. Really slick layout man! I'm liking the simplicity. Maybe next time you could add a little tag indicating the preview track since I don't know what half of what I'm listening to is. I like looking at these lists because it shows us where our tastes line up and where they diverge, and there's always something that I nick from you at the end of each year and ruminate over for the next year. There's so many releases here especially ones which I remember from the ChristMHas voting back in November. Uyama Hiroto is a must check out if it's similar to Nujabes. This could be something I get people into. Nakamura Emi surprisingly is someone I've been keeping my eye on. This looks like a good release to jump in with. I've seen Nakashima Ko's name on both RT and the list, so now I'm sure I have to check it out. Been looking for a replacement to Fugenn for quite a while. I didn't realize how much I agreed with you about the general degrade of quality from PROGRESSIVE FOrM. Especially after getting into more abstract electronic music a lot of the newer releases don't have substance. Still might check out Shohei's album anyway since it sounds up my alley.
  5. Preservation = piracy + time. Today's piracy will be the foundation of tomorrow's preservation efforts.
  6. ~Like every year the combination of images and videos is assaulting your web browser. Just give it a minute~ 2016 was an ... interesting year. I came to grips with my status as a visual kei fan of shit turn of the century disbanded bands and ojisan rock, but found new comers convincing enough to keep me around. Albums I had been waiting on forever finally released and invigorated my passion for music halfway through the year like it always does. A few surprises were sprinkled throughout the year and while I felt that the year was lacking in great music looking back it's not so bad. This year certainly left a better impression on me musically than any year since 2011 - and that's saying a lot for me since that's the year that I started doing these lists. Aphex Twin - Cheetah EP THE BLACK SWAN - OUSIA BUCK-TICK - アトム 未来派 No.9 The Dear Hunter - Act V: Hymns with the Devil in Confessional decays - baby who wanders downy - 第六作品集『無題』 Flatbush Zombies: 3001 A Laced Odyssey HIZAKI - Rosario IX -NINE- - NIRDVANDVA KEEL - Raison de etre et de sang 陰陽座 - 迦陵頻伽 Run the Jewels - Run the Jewels 3 Russian Circles - Guidance 有村 竜太朗 (Ryutaro Arimura) - 「デも/demo」 siraph - siraph Vektor - Terminal Redux Versailles - The Greatest Hits 2007-2016 ザアザア (Xaa-Xaa) - 中毒症状 Thanks for reading!
  7. I can hear a difference on INCUBUS xp

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    2. Aeolus


      The guitars sound a little clearer to me, almost as if they have less distortion. the harmonics sound higher as well and the bridge sounds crisper. the squeak of the strings from the sliding around 2:20 have a bit more depth to them.

    3. Zeus


      what's your equipment?

    4. Aeolus


      Just using my walkman A35 with some phillips headphones that don't have noise canceling haha

  8. so i found a pretty bug in iTunes...wonder if i can exploit it somehow...

    1. Aeolus


      "suddenly you can play .cia, nintendo tears never tasted saltier"

  9. so i guess no one's noticed registration is open again...

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    2. midi:nette


      the thing is gone for good i'm lEAVING

    3. Hakoniwa


      Haha I guess people won't check often and will assume it's still closed. If there's an official twitter or facebook, it would be a good idea to write about it there (if you want it to be known, that is). Or... an announcement on the staff section?

    4. Zeus


      we figured "Sign up" was good enough...

  10. smacked the opposition 3-0 in my first overwatch tournament GO TEAM DOGE

  11. THIS. It's not even about how many people show up to the live. It's about how many albums they can push. They don't even care if one person shows up if he buys 500 copies. Money grubbing at its finest.
  12. I mentioned this elsewhere but I should mention it again. I feel as if what we consider legendary visual kei bands today are only legendary because of longevity, not because of building up their brand.
  13. I wonder how much of that is raw musical skill, how much of it is good PR, and how much of it is persistence. These days it seems like the bands that attain legendary status do so not because they make good music but because they've been around so long it's hard to imagine the scene without them.
  14. I'm glad you enjoyed my mix @saishuu! Judging from some other reviews I was afraid that my feels wouldn't come across the way that was intended, but you seem to have felt them the way that I meant. Awesome! The song that the mix was based off of was THE NOVEMBERS' "236745981". It was the first song I put on the mix and one of the few I never removed. I also literally built the mix around it since it's in the middle. "mental food" was a track I didn't put in until the last minute, when the riff jumped into my head and I just knew. Same for MUCC - I actually grabbed the Ageha single again just for that track. IX -NINE- on the other hand I knew from the first listen that it had to be at the end; the beginning sound effects remind me a lot of kids swinging in the park, everything sepia colored. I attribute my early decision with that to the feel of the mixtape. I built the entire thing in reverse so if it feels like it had a direction to it that's why. I had a lot of trouble figuring out how to start it and I wanted to start it with a me-al art track but I figured that'd be redundant with Aimer so I started with MUCC instead. I find it interesting that you thought of many of the same colors I do. To me, "marie" paints imagery of distinct black and white reminiscent of the album color and you thought of grey which is both of those colors mixed. Aimer reminds me of sky blue and yellow, "Aoi Mori" aquamarine, and THE NOVEMBERS' sky blue. Not all of the tracks make me think of colors but most of them do. Also downy is crack I warned y'all thrice.
  15. I should clarify that I don't want any of these bands to return. I want new bands to pick up the slack and start taking notes from good bands of yore. There's so much untapped creative potential left in the five bands I highlighted and I would love for the scene to make a resurgence by emulating the sounds of the boom days. This new stuff isn't doing it for the old heads or the new and it needs to change sooner rather than later. In the case of D'espairsRay, RES, and A things wouldn't be the same no matter how much they forced it to. I don't think HIZUMI will ever recover from his vocal condition enough to sing like he used to. Also their direction post-MIRRORS lacked serious focus and if they can't be dark anymore I'd rather they not force it. Rentrer en Soi just...quit? They mumbled excuses about reaching their creative apex but I think the real reason was that Satsuki thought he could do better with a solo career. They can stay dead since sukekiyo is a very interesting project I wouldn't want sacrificed for a reunion that's not going to target their earlier sound. No shade to anything post Sphire-Croid, but it's the run-of-the-mill 2008 JAY-RAWK sound every other band and their grandmother was pounding out riffs for in the basement. They did it a little better than their competition, but Satsuki's harsh vocals ruins a lot of THE BOTTOM OF CHAOS for me (still a good album). Also, MEGIDDO is a very unsatisfying send-off and years later I still can't shake the feeling the band never reached the new incarnation of their sound before calling it quits. Something similar happened with A; if I recall it was the violinist Rookie Fiddler who composed the majority of the tunes for the band and when he walked away the band was done. With all the member difficulties and low funds I don't see this band coming back, but they were very much loved and I don't know why other bands haven't been leaning on cultures for ideas. I loved what Royz did with Vishnu on their latest album. More bands need to do that. Kagrra, will never come back for obvious reasons but there's a dearth of visual kei bands using specifically Japanese elements in their rock and metal. Wagakki-Band comes close but it's not the same. Unforgivable, really.