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  1. Zeus

    I concur with the underwhelming statement. "Remember the rain" is definitely not one of their best tracks by any stretch of the imagination, and the two remixes are not much to talk about either. This is basically for one new track.
  2. The Official Review team is back with the perfect accompaniment to the avalanche of Halloween candy and pumpkin spice lattes you're about to destroy your body with: the best j-tunes of the summer! This quarter includes a great variety of visual kei, J-Rock, and whatever the heck genre you'd call that second track that @CAT5 wants us to listen to. Come discover some new music that we've curated for you, or re-listen to your favorites now enhanced by the critiques of your favorite Monochromians. Let us temporarily transport you away from your boring job (at least in spirit if not in reality). Agree with our picks? Think we're idiots and shouldn't even be allowed to listen to music much less act as taste makers for the community? Good! Tell us why below. @The Reverend's picks "くしゃみ" (Kushami) by まみれた (Mamireta) "Lemoned" by NITRO DAY "New Order" by Mass of the Fermenting Dregs @YuyoDrift's picks "Obliterator" by JILUKA "Knight of Sword" by Unlucky Morpheus "MAD [K]" by DIMLIM "絶縁体 (Zetsuentai)" by Dir en grey @Zeus's picks "Raununculus" by Dir en grey "今宵は飄逸なエゴイスト ~ Ego,Schizoid,Beat." by Demetori "make my story" by lenny code fiction "RED SWAN" by YOSHIKI feat. HYDE "GROTESQUE" by DIMLIM "Renatus" by lynch. @CAT5's picks "Etude of solitude" by toe "からかひ" (Karakai) by Sweet William と 青葉市子 (Ichiko Aoba) Thanks for reading!
  3. Zeus

    They can start with the piss poor production on that song that makes Shinya sound like he's smacking tin cans
  4. Zeus

    This is the kind of news I can always use more of! Glad to hear they are coming back. Wish more bands would do the same.
  5. Zeus

    Feel free to give us the word @Ro plz. I will write a review of it.
  6. Zeus

    By who? Kisaki, the police, or someone else? She said she can't contact him, so as much as it sounds like it was him, it's possible it might not be. The timeline here is hazy. Did Kisaki pay the settlement money before he changed his number? Is there two payments of settlement money here and the withdrawal request is part of the second one, or is this the same settlement and did she take the money and decide to sue anyway? And if this is really about the child (because the child was the impetus for her to bring this to law enforcement), what amount of money is "good enough" to satisfy the trauma done to your mentally unstable child? And if it's not Kisaki making this request, then this gets even more complicated.
  7. If you like torturing yourself, listen to a few samples of songs from that album. The complete 180 in direction is what makes me think of that album as 12012's public apology for Wataru's behavior.
  8. No, they decided to make MAR MAROON.
  9. Zeus

    Having just caught up on this entire controversy, this is a very disturbing and disgusting thing to read. I'm not going to pass judgement on the man just yet, since this is still in its infancy and there are more facts to discover, and clarifying questions that I can ask for days to both parties, but my gut feeling says this incident isn't going to disappear (unlike the court case of a certain other band member who was the center of attention earlier this year). If the police escalate the situation - and I see no reason not to given the mountain of evidence provided - KISAKI is as good as done. This isn't his first brush with the law, but this may be the scandal that not only ends his career, but buries it so that no one will give him a second tenth shot. Whether you want to collect his remaining merchandise or burn it in a bonfire, this isn't a good thing for visual kei. We shook off another pedophile and a murderer in just this year alone, and now there's this. What a way to strip the glitz and foundation off of the scene in such an unceremonious way, especially from someone who has been seen as a pillar in the scene for almost two decades. It makes you really think about who else in the scene has skeletons in their closet.
  10. Zeus

    At this point, X JAPAN is YOSHIKI and his not so subtle misuse of pronouns confirms it.
  11. Zeus

    I saw a ten minute video and immediately lost interest. I don't need reasons not to hate YOSHIKI. I need this new album to come out so I can stop caring about this band in its entirety. How did LUNA SEA have a whole revival and YOSHIKI can't crank out a single album?
  12. Happy birthday!!!

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      thank you peace!

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    Happy birthday almighty one 🎈🎉

  14. Happy birthday, Zeus! Have a good one. :rock:

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