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  1. Isn't the circle BLANKFIELD? Or have I had the two reversed the whole time? The entire distinction between circles and artists was never that clear anyway...
  2. I'm actually surprised at the artists you recognized versus the artists you didn't. You totally were able to figure out who THE KIRYU were but couldn't spot NoGoD or The GazettE. I jest. Despite my proselytizing, I haven't been too successful with getting anyone into Onmyouza. Either they've heard it before and it's not for them or they hear it for the first time...and it's not for them. I don't throw them on a mix tape every chance I get and when I do I usually get a lukewarm reaction. I'm pleasantly surprised you actually like them! Speaking of the theme, the one I chose was quite difficult to finish - and I have no one to blame for it but myself - but while constructing it I discovered just how few Japanese bands look to their culture for musical inspiration. Originally, I was going to go with just a Japanese theme but that proved way too difficult to do even when expanding to my entire music library. I also had mix tapes sitting around for Latin and Indian styled music as well and the handful of tracks I had in each wasn't enough to do anything with. Seriously, I think the entirety of the Indian mix got grafted onto the end of this one because I threw my hands up and said "fuck it, it fits". Which I guess is my attempt at explaining the mood shifts throughout the entire experience, since I can't really describe it other than "traditional" or "ethnic". Out of a library of over 13000 songs I could only find 14 that fit. I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions for tracks I missed, because I'm legitimately excited for literally any artists that do anything in this style.
  3. My partner for this mix was @midi:nette. I see her around the forum a lot but I know very little of her musical taste - and she indicated the same in her message to me - so combined with no tracklist or metadata information I didn't know what to expect. I have no idea what the theme is and I'm not going to try; it just feels like a grab bag of different ideas until around track nine when things get...interesting. I'm not quite sure what to say or how to feel about the mixtape. It feels like a sucker punch. Describing the theme is futile as after a few listens I'm not sure what it is other than "confuse Zeus". A few songs I'm curious to know who was behind it and I might legitimately follow up on 04 and 11. The rest was pleasant background music, but didn't grab me at all this week. Thanks for such a challenging mixtape midi:nette! I want to know your rationale behind the inclusion of some tracks.
  4. Well they back pedaled fast on that one
  5. As this is a currently unfolding event I have moved it into the proper subforum.
  6. There's more to the world than North America though.
  7. This is what Jim Sterling calls a "Nintendo move"- taking a good situation and fucking it up with a smile on your face the whole time. There's no conceivable benefit to doing this and it's going to bite them sooner rather than later. They legitimately don't want international money and I don't understand why as they don't have to front the shipping costs in the first place. I know for a fact a lot of animation companies rely on sales of Blu-Ray DVDs to make up profit margins lost on animation. Even if only one or two of those were sold overseas that's extra money potentially not going into their pockets anymore. The lack of explanation is even more puzzling. I'd like more info before going all in.
  8. Post them here like always.
  9. Today is the last day to send your mix to your partners! If you have not done so, please do it quickly.
  10. I didn't tell my partner my mixtape theme but that's not against the rules. In the spirit of keeping everything a mystery you probably shouldn't though
  11. Partners have been revealed!
  12. If you do this then you need to include another artist as your mix should have ten artists in total.
  13. There's one more day left to sign up!
  14. Also, the ability to upload things as an attachment is disabled. It allows members to put files directly on our server and I shouldn't need to explain why that is dangerous. Mods and administrators can do it and even then it looks cleaner to externally link just about everything.