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  1. Zeus

    pls no guys. i love drama as much as the next person but there's something special and toxic about dir en grey drama that makes my lactose intolerant stomach churn. i'd rather not swing the hammer 2day.
  2. For better or for worse, visual kei is something that's had an impact on my life. I never thought groups of cross dressing Japanese men playing metal would be something that's stuck with me for so long, but throughout all the surprises, discoveries, disappointments, and developments I've stuck around in some capacity. I may not be as heavy into visual kei or Japanese music as I used to be, but there's a part of me that will always go back to the music I've enjoyed and another part of me that's always looking forward to new bands, activities, and trends. Here are five things I really enjoy about the scene which has kept me coming back again and again since 1999. So those are all the things I like about visual kei. I'm sure I missed some. What do you like about visual kei?
  3. In the future, please be sure to put some of the names of artists for the CDs in the title of the topic. It will be easier to find potential buyers that way! Thank you.
  4. Zeus

    And what would be the artistic output of this "new" project? Nothing, because that's what YOSHIKI produces musically. NOTHING, just like S.K.I.N.. They haven't produced a new album that's a decade in the making, with three deadlines that have come and passed by now. They haven't remastered their old albums to give us anything in the meantime. The album's been 90% done in perpetuity. And somehow he has the nerve to sell $300 tickets to an event where they play nothing new. I have half a mind to lock this topic because this album is never coming out, but I enjoy the salt too much.
  5. Zeus

    Is it reusable? Would be a shame if i couldn't use it forever.
  6. Zeus

    I'm loving all these ideas! Keep them coming! Also just because your idea isn't chosen for this trade-off doesn't mean it won't make a surprise appearance at a later date. There are too many good ideas to not use.
  7. jamming 2 unsraW today what oldies are you listening to?

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    2. tetsu_sama69


      Phobia of late

    3. plastic_rainbow


      baroque and kannivalism cuz i first started listening to them around this time of the year

    4. Mamo


      Awoi and always girugamesh

  8. Zeus

    Thinking about it, it's not so weird. I don't know where most of my coworkers live...
  9. Zeus

    I thought I remember Kaoru going over to Kyo's house after his surgery to check up on him. I always figured they were "professional friends".
  10. just thinking...if my moms ever bought me xbl when i was a kid i'd probably be a pro gamer by now...

  11. Zeus

    I want to answer your question with another question (ha!): why did the sound die out to begin with? I don't have any good answers for that but there's a reason why the sound of the scene transitioned at the end of 2000. My best guess is that people were bored with the sound as it was done to death for at least 10 to 11 years, and that's enough time for a generation of old fans to cycle out and a new generation to come in. Think about how many fans that were around in 1999 stuck around until 2009, and how many of them will still be around in 2019. There are probably a handful left on this forum and that number dwindles each passing year. The sound of VK changing is like the meta for a multiplayer competitive game changing after a new patch - it's anarchy and almost anything goes until the meta stabilizes. It seems like visual kei transitions every decade into a new sound (with the exception of the current decade, where it seems like the scene is still in flux). That freedom at the beginning of each transition is approximately around the same time these revival-kei bands came into popularity, so I feel comfortable in saying that at that time bands were searching for the next big sound and some bands took the philosophy of "you must look back to go forward". On the same note visual kei bands have a short shelf life, so it also makes sense that some bands that form around the same time disband around the same time. Not always, but it would support your observations about bands like this decreasing. The more similar they sound, the more competition they face, and the more likely they are to face the same pressures and problems, and one of those problems could be that the revival kei movement didn't have as many teeth as we think. And the answers to "Why?" for that question is because I think the sound still isn't popular and doesn't have the same appeal as metalcore, which is a genre of influence that refuses to die in visual kei. I said it in a different topic but it applies here too. I think the way that fans digest visual kei from the 90's is different from the way we digest visual kei in the 00s because one music style is "easier" to get into than others, which could also explain why a handful of these bands slowly transitioned away from that sound as their career matured. The clamor for nostalgia of the old days by fans isn't enough to pay the bills and eventually hard decisions had to be made. My final opinion on the matter is something I see happening in the scene now: some band or someone needs to find the next big sound that will shape visual kei for the next decade to come. I like the revival kei movement but the scene at large can't go back a decade in sound. It must move forward. That's why I enjoy seeing so many different bands under the visual kei umbrella try new things to see if they work.
  12. Hey folks! The time for a new Trade-Off is near and this time, we want your opinions on what themes we should go with. If you want to submit one, just reply to this post with your idea and why it would be a good theme for the trade-off. There are no rules but just certain things to keep in consideration: The theme should not be too restrictive or too general. It doesn't have to be "spring related" You can be as detailed in your description of the event as you want. Look at @CAT5's latest Anime Theme Trade-Off if you want a good idea of a detailed description. I'll leave this open for one week. The staff will discuss a theme we like and announce it at the end of the month.
  13. It's not in English. I don't play Japanese music for my friends often, but when I do it's instrumental or with good English vocals because the minute they hear Japanese, I know 95% of them will stop listening. People want to understand what the song is about and you can't do that with Japanese music if it's all in Japanese. The vocals that are in English still have a distinctly Japanese quality to them, and that turns off a lot of native speakers. That leaves a very small group of people to make a big impression for everyone. Not a great way to start. Rock music is not mainstream in America right now. It's hip hop, pop, and r&b that runs the air waves. It's not a bad thing, but I find i digest these genres of music differently than I do rock and metal, and people that have not grown up with rock and metal may never have developed a taste for it. I've always heard that rock and metal is the closest thing to classical music in the modern era, and on the same note I don't find many people appreciate Bach and Mozart for what it is. It just doesn't "move them". Anime was considered taboo and nerdy up until recently, when now all of a sudden it became cool to watch Dragon ball Super and My Hero Academia and other big-name shounen. Anime and Japan are always seen as synonymous to the barely acquainted, so anime and rock music are also tied together by virtue of this rock music being from Japan. Stupid associations, but that's how it is. Considering just how bad a lot of anime themes are, I can see people associating the worst of J-pop themes with all Japanese music. Consider this 3.5, but the people that were first promoting the music were deep into the scene, like "appropriating parts of Japanese language and unironically dressing like a visual kei rocker" deep. They...did not make the best ambassadors for visual kei music. On the other side of the coin, the Japanese indie scene has always been a smaller group covering a wider range of music, cloistered and secluded on private servers and trackers. They wanted to preserve their culture the way it was, so they weren't exactly interested in proselytizing their music to a wider audience. Y'all gotta realize peeps like @CAT5are the exception to the rule. Japanese record companies in general do a pretty shit job of marketing themselves and their music to a wider audience, which is perplexing to me because the anime industry is absolutely KILLING IT right now. They jumped onto the digital distribution wave too late and by that time, the fad had already started diminishing. We have no equivalent to Crunchyroll to have a legal bridge between record companies and interested Western audiences. HearJapan was close, but in some ways I think it was too ahead of its time and never got the support it needed once everyone involved realized it wouldn't be a 1-2-3 smash hit. I always maintained that I would be a sensation or "the next Jimi Hendrix" if I took a bunch of my favorite J-Rock and visual kei songs and sung them in English...
  14. Zeus

    I'm not sure about that. I don't think the band has lost anything. I get the opposite impression actually, that the band is still trying to find a new sound but they are a few places removed from where they want to be. There's definitely a certain sound and aesthetic that they are chasing, but what that is I could not tell you. I also think it's really hard to come to a conclusion on one track + a re-recording + a live performance of the last single. Dir en grey are really good about keeping their cards close to their chest until they release a full album or EP, so I wouldn't lose faith until the entire next album pisses you off.
  15. Zeus

    Compared to this live recording and some of the other B-sides we've got in the past, this live version of Utafumi is more than acceptable.