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  1. @reminiscing2004 and I have exchanged mixes!
  2. I've got nothing against MONO or Taka, but MONO has seen diminishing returns in albums since "Hymn..." because of the same progression in every song. Unfortunately, this sounds like more of the same. I'm hoping the rest of the album is experimental and plays with vocals, mood, and tempo together in a way that isn't a slow rise to the climax, or this album is going to end up like the last three MONO albums: pleasant background music.
  3. nier:automata's ost is my favorite album of 2017 oops

    1. lichtlune


      It's pretty dope.

    2. YuyoDrift


      I can't wait to see this on your 2017 list haha.


      The way they played "Song of the Ancients" in-game, had me feeling some type of way man.

    3. Original Saku

      Original Saku

      yeah between Gravity Rush 2, NieR Automata, and Persona 5 this year has been really amazing for quality VGM. You could also throw FFXV OST in their as well since it didn't drop until late December. So good!

  4. semi-friendly admin warning that i will revoke your right to post downloads if you continue to post shitty transcodes kthnxbai ^___^

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    2. Danao
    3. Tokage


      t. Giveme T. Rarez

    4. Zeus


       If there is no better option after extensive seatching then when the topic is posted this can be said and then it's up to the user's  discretion. This has always been the rule and exists for old releases which are otherwise unavailable. This does not exist so user's can recycle shit rips from vk.com or YouTube and pass them off as their own. The issue we deal with is exclusively the latter. I haven't seen a transcode of the former category in years. None of the transcodes we dealt with this week fall into the former category. Therefore @chemicalpicturesi see no point in creating a thread to promote behavior we would rather not promote. That's a solution for a problem that does not exist.

  5. Stay on topic. If you have nothing to add to this discussion, don't post.
  6. Here's another link. It....actually doesn't sound that bad @CAT5, @Seimeisen
  7. This is actually really serious. A third of the people who get a cerebral infarction die. I hope they caught it early.
  8. I figured this place could use another discussion topic. There's a real encyclopedia of information and music knowledge there and if the last.fm servers ever go dark that's a lot of information that could go missing, but the real draw for me is a near-permanent place on the internet to source album and artist pictures. I'm not even sure where I would go to get what I need for my reviews if last.fm were to go. I thought about returning but I am a man of my principles and I don't scrobble as heavy as I used to, so it wouldn't get much use. Why do you guys still use last.fm? How do you guys still use last.fm? Is it still working for you?
  9. I thought it was a joke and then I listened for myself. This is not the Ling Toshite Sigure I knew. I fear they've been apart too long and may have lost their edge, but I need to hear the whole single to be sure.
  10. Interesting point! I chose the question I chose for the poll because it naturally leads to a thought like this. I agree that Zekuu was that era in time that MUCC was unstable and almost on the verge of disbandment, and they've taken a handful of tracks from this era and re-recorded them for the BEST OF/WORST OF compilations, but I don't think they'll rework Zekuu or KnT. I don't think they should. Albums are a combination of time, place, and mind set. It will be impossible to capture the original essence of the album and I don't think a re-recording will do it justice. I am interested in hearing all the songs of Zekuu reworked, which puts me in quite an awkward position. I just don't think they'll touch KnT because generally you don't mess with a good thing, and it sounds fine so it won't really benefit from a remaster.
  11. This is the first single in a while where the A-side makes me interested. BURN isn't catching me but I kinda like the riff. Higame sounds like your typical boring visual kei ballad.
  12. If it's in both there's no need for all that work now, since we know where it comes from! The sound chip or onboard DAC between the two systems may be the culprit. The one where you can hear it must be of a higher quality or something.