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  1. Zeus

    I've had them for a few years. I've got the HD 600, the Corsair VOID RGB headset, ATH M50xs, the HD 518's and the HiFiMan HE 400, and the 600s are my favorite pair to use. They sound just as good as the planars and they're a lot lighter on the head. Velour pads are a god send for long listening sessions in humid weather. That's why I ended up modding those headphones and not a different pair that I barely use. Never had the pleasure of owning a tube amp, so I can't say how they sound with those, but the Magni/Modi 1 drive them just fine. Sound very neutral and that can either be an excellent thing or a bad thing, depends on if you like flavor in your music. But honestly that's something a bit of EQ can fix. I like the neutral sound, even if it can be a bit revealing at times.
  2. Zeus

    Speaking of Schiit stacks, @colorful人生 inspired me to get my own Magni/Modi set up. I was having trouble getting Windows 10 to recognize the device as something that plugs in but doesn't communicate with it. I think I need to avoid USB 3.0 ports or something because the Magni/Modi 1 doesn't play nice with them. And here's what it's attached to, Sennheiser HD 600 with a Modmic Wireless attached.
  3. Zeus

    yep they played all six of their songs twice or smth
  4. Zeus

    That whole album was recorded on $10 earplugs Die picked up at the corner store. Someone passed me a copy of The Insulated World that they did where they adjusted a few things and the end result was so much better. Not good enough to fundamentally change opinions on the album, but enough to make me wonder why that wasn't done before the album was pressed. It only took ten minutes! For fuck's sake, if I can sit down and take a compressed MP3 version of the track and make it sound better than the studio master, there's a problem with the production part of the pipeline. Do any of their ears work? I haven't revisited the album since I got this copy, since tracks like "Devote my Life" hurt to listen to, and I still think the second half of the album is stronger than the first half, so in essence I guess I agree with your hot take??? Despite my high end equipment, I'm also terrible at noticing these problems in the moment, but I can very easily A-B them if someone gives me a cleaned up version, so if I start noticing issues almost instantly then that's real bad. Real good example of how ignorance is bliss.
  5. Zeus

    If they got him at home, then he was probably smoking. Bro get a candle! Also "a couple of grams" is not an insignificant amount of weed. If he cops in bulk, it's possible he had an eighth to a quarter on him (3.5-7.5g). Even in decriminalized states that's enough for some time.
  6. Zeus

    gotta ask how that extra credit tastes
  7. Zeus

    85% chance they was fucking while you were in high school
  8. Zeus

    Reminds me of a girugamesh photoshoot.
  9. Now all I need are @platy's thoughts and I'll have the trifecta! Thanks for the review @CAT5! I'm glad you enjoyed so many of the tracks. Unlike my usual mix tape, I put this together in one sit and didn't look at it again. Instead of brooding over the final details I wanted to just put something out there and be confident about it, so I'm glad you and @The Reverend found things to enjoy.
  10. Zeus

    Guess I'm emotionally and mentally weak then lmfaoo but I'll take my crutches anyway. life's gonna life whether i smoke or not. i'd rather be high for the bullshit then be sober and angry to appeal to ideals. marijuana makes me feel good. quotes are just feel good words that don't mean much to me most of the time. as long as people are responsible and courteous with their drug use i don't really care if you wanna blaze up or snort rocks. it's their life and they can fuck it up as badly as they want, as long as they know they're responsible for the consequences.
  11. Zeus

    but what if you abuse marijuana??
  12. Zeus

    One of the businessmen who run the big labels like YOSHIKI or Dynamite Tommy probably has the most wealth within visual kei.
  13. Zeus

    Is that an unpopular opinion or inevitable outcome? Some friends and I joked between the release of IW and Endgame that all the B-list heroes are out to play because the A-list heroes got Thanos'd...but there's a bit of truth to it surely? Short of adapting all the comic books arcs for every hero into their own separate movies (and even this I would argue works better in an HBO-style format) how many soft and hard reboots can you do? How many hero movies is too many? And how does one even top Endgame, the movie that's gonna be used as the yard stick for measuring all hero movies going forward? I think we are closer to this pop than it appears.
  14. This post has been locked for violating the following rule: Discussions about feminism are inherently political. Feminism is defined as a range of social movements, political movements, and ideologies that share a common goal: to define, establish, and achieve the political, economic, personal, and social equality of the sexes.
  15. Zeus

    It's also how I know who to keep around. Shouldn't be too mad at people making a fool of themselves, but I should be concerned that the behavior doesn't become normalized.
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