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  1. DIAURA did the same (acutally also with the same ugly cover collage) 2-3 years ago when they celebrated their anniversary. So I wouldn't be surprised if they just want to release it in that course.
  2. Yes Yes Yes Please let it happen *____* My life would make be more meaningful seeing old men performing on stage dressed in bloody bandages <3
  3. Visual Kei midlife crisis at its best
  4. Can someone please point me where to buy the limtied edition at hmv? ^^" Somehow I cannot find it there and there is no proper link to it on their offical site...thanks!
  5. Secretly hoping that is going to be a cover band ...
  6. On Brand-X it is confirmed that Milk is Satoshi Vo.てんてん(ex.ケミカルピクチャーズ、Kurt、餞) Gt.SAN(ex.BFN NEGA) Gt.milk(ex.D.I.D) Ba.ivy(ex.Moran、Dio) Ds.higiri(ex.BFN) http://www.brand-x.jp/product/10762 Any idea where to order the limited edition? it is live-only? :/
  7. It would be too great if they came back and not a one-time revival :'D
  8. Vampire-Kei is back <3
  9. I secretly hope this only applies to their one-day revival at Kamijo's event
  10. Wasn't this supposed to be a full length album in the first place?
  11. I think he fits in very well Though his band history is really interesting
  12. Disbanding on Christmas Eve is probably the worst present you can give your fans Still sad to hear though they could never add that extra spark to their music that Paradeis had
  13. Any news of a support guitarist already?
  14. Wondering how much he paid Mayu and Machi to be on stage with him again after all that drama