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  1. Spoiled, untrained, aggressive chihuahua?
  2. I haven't voted yet because I haven't even participated in a trade-off yet, but I wanted to point out a thing: I wholeheartedly agree with this. For people like me, who have a very limited quantity of music in their library, taking part in a trade-off is difficult, but if the themes of the trade-offs are rotating often, there's a bigger chance that we can pull off a decent mixtape at least once or twice a year. I would also like to mention, that it's not all about what kind of mixtape we'd like to make, but also what kind of music we'd like to listen. Some people, like moi, are pickier than others and certain themes just don't resonate with them as much as others and again, quicker rotation of themes will give users a better chance to find something that they think they'd like to listen to. (Like the reasons why I didn't participate in the Christmas trade-off are 1. I don't have christmas-y tracks, and 2. the reason I don't have christmas-y tracks is because I bloody damn hate christmas songs, and it doesn't change whether they're sung in Japanese or not.)
  3. I think it's hard for people to distinguish their opinions from actual facts. Everyone wants to have a good reason to not like something, especially in a scene where educated (and sometimes pompous af) opinions are valued above everything else. In that kind of situation it's hard to say you don't like something just because you don't like it. Even harder for people to admit something is technically bad and yet they still like it. That's like admitting you like Justin Bieber. So yeah, you're right. This topic is more like "vocalists you hate" than "bad vocalists".
  4. I don't like Utada Hikaru unless she's making Kingdom Hearts themes. Also, how am I supposed to remember that Lea is pronounced like Lee and not like Leah (I'll just call you Axel, bae).
  5. I like how these are the only two options. No they won't, unless someone gets hurt. Which would be my prediction. Someone in Kiryu will be injured, possibly in a music-related way (carpal tunnel, voice cords getting wrecked etc.) forcing them to have a hiatus We will continue to hear absolute fuck nothing from HIKARU (Kameleo), Rame (Black Gene), Shun (Vidoll) and CO- (FUTURISM BOYZ) KISAKI will try to be relevant again in some scammy ass way
  6. It might not be nice, but it's ensuring their relevancy and that way, their pay. I'm pretty sure that the only reason Kiryu has managed to stay together for ten years is the fact that BP is pushing them to continuously do something to stay relevant and on the charts, and that in turn ensures they get paid for what they are doing enough to do it full time.
  7. New year, same old Kiryu pushing out bazillion singles and few albums and a couple of nationwide tours.
  8. It doesn't matter what you think about the game otherwise, but you gotta admit that Shido and twins boss battle theme is beyond kickass. Like darn if this doesn't get you all pumped up for beating up an evil bald guy then I dunno what would.
  9. I do not understand people. The hot topic of the latter quarter of the year has been loot boxes, and people are being completely hypocritical about it. They condemn EA and their predatory practises with Star Wars: Battlefront II, and then go ahead and buy Overwatch, or Destiny. Newsflash, both have loot boxes. Both are equally greedy, just like EA. Blizzard ain't some almighty divine being that can do no wrong. And the argument "but the loot boxes don't affect gameplay, they're just cosmetic, you can choose to not buy them, no one's forcing you". Eff that. If cosmetics didn't affect gameplay, we'd all be playing games in 8bit. The worst are the people who complain about loot boxes and then go ahead and buy the games anyway. "The game's great, I just wish it didn't have loot boxes". Mate, the message you just sent to the companies is literally: "I'm willing to put up with your crap anyways." And the worst thing? I say all this and at the same time I'm worried that the loot boxes haven't gotten a big enough backlash for EA to not put them in the next Dragon Age game, and I'm going to be a sucker fangirl, break my resolve and buy the insane $100 limited edition game not included version of it. And I'm going to cry and say it was not worth it because the experience will be all crap due to the loot boxes and that will be the day my DA fangirl heart dies.
  10. You have to admit though, that historically speaking Japan doesn't have a rich immigration culture like the States, that was founded on immigration, or a lot of progressive European countries. That's why they think outsiders are outsiders, no matter how nice they are. You are not one of them. You are not viewed as Japanese, no matter how many years you've lived there. You'll always be gaijin. So in contrast, I do think Japanese people are more narrow-minded than for example, people in the UK (or at least Scotland, to my experience) or the States, where immigrants are every day life. It's not their fault. At least not the current generations, because they had no say in Japan staying closed to the west for as long as it did. But it directly results in treating immigrants as some rare animal that's passing through the country.
  11. I personally do not recommend using a training collar. Nor any kind of punishing method with your dogs, as this can turn them even more aggressive, especially towards things they're not yet aggressive towards. It's really hard to tell what works for you without knowing what kind of problems you have with your dogs. Like for example, one of mine dislikes other dogs, especially puppies. She will bark, growl and eventually bite if they're not smart enough to back off, which puppies rarely are. For this, and other purposes, I've taught her "leave it" command, which essentially works as snapping her mind off of a "fixation" and makes her leave anything alone at command. I suggest teaching that to your dogs. A good method of teaching almost anything to a dog is the clicker. Clicker works as positive reinforcement that reacts quicker than your voice to situations. To start off, you need your dog to have positive association with the clicking sound that the device makes. What I did was just sit one of my dogs (or all of them, doesn't really matter at this point) in front of me, click the device and immediately reward my dog. Rinse and repeat. Click -> reward. Click -> reward. Use something REALLY GOOD. Like chicken or freshly cooked meat so they know that this clicking thing is good stuff. Next you start using commands, like for example something your dog already knows, like sit or shake or lie down. Lets say sit. You tell your dog to sit, and immediately when they do, you click and reward, both with treats and voice. Why clicker training is so effective is that you can essentially reward your dog for even the smallest of success, whereas your voice or your hand grabbing a treat and handing it over to the dog takes time, which means that by the time you've said "good dog!" or are ready to feed that treat to your dog, the dog might already be doing something else and then associating the reward for something you didn't want. If you want your dog to stop barking, I encourage teaching the command "that's enough". Mine know it and usually listen to it. It can be hard to teach and takes a lot of time, but I usually let my dogs bark for a few seconds before telling them to shut up, because barking is still an important way of communicating for them. Letting them bark a bit and then telling them to shut up is like saying "thank you for guarding/informing me of a threat, I'm now aware of it so you can stop". How I taught mine to stop barking at command was distract them when they're barking (say enough and then, for example, clap your hands, something to break them from the fixation if a word is not enough) and if they stop, even for a split second, click, praise and reward. You need to do this alone for a while. Once you notice that your dog doesn't really want to bark anymore, but would rather sit by you because you've got all the good stuff, lenghten the time after "enough" that they have to stay quiet for before clicking and rewarding. And gradually you can get this to a point where the "threat" they're observing has gone and so they have no need to bark anymore. Ta-dah! You've got a quiet dog. I do recommend working one on one with this though, because pack mentality can sometimes distract dogs too much and they'll just end up barking because someone else is barking. So one dog at a time until they all know the command. Hopefully this helps. And please always use positive reinforcement instead of "training collars" or shock collars or hitting or poking your dog.
  12. You know what. It can be difficult, but the only advice that I can give to that is to stop thinking about it. People love to categorise themselves, I know, but when you seem to fit multiple lockers or none at all, stressing about it is just not beneficial. I've often wondered myself whether I'm bi or pan or whatever, even being told by gay people that I'm gay (which is not true, being that I'm married to a member of the opposite sex), but I get most happiness out of just not trying do define it and go along with what feels alright. Sure this can strip you off of any community you might want to be part of (especially LGBTQ+ community can be so fucking toxic within itself and discriminate against people they don't feel are queer enough to fit with their little niche), but it's better than fitting yourself into a group and constantly being aware that you aren't truly a part of it.
  13. Whichever you are, it's normal and you should not feel pressured to be anything else. You can also be asexual and straight, meaning that you just feel very little sexual attraction to the opposite sex, or the attraction requires a lot. If you feel like finding out is too taxing, you do you. It's perfectly normal to be happy without "that special someone" everyone keeps ushering you to find asap. This, I feel, should be normal where it's not. I think a relationship is your business and whether you wanna disclose it with family members or relatives is up to you. I certainly hated it whenever my family had some sort of fucking massive gathering and all half-relatives and whatnots were asking: "So do you have a boyfriend yet? Are you interested in anyone?" No, great aunt or who the fuck ever you are, none of your fucking beeswax. Not to mention I absolutely disliked the fact that they were expecting me to like guys instead of girls, but that's beside the point. I never liked fitting into a mould. That's a lot of swearing. Sorry about that.
  14. Lol, don't think that all the women here are just passively waiting for someone to contact them. I chased after my elusive boyfriend (now husband) for two years before he succumbed, and I was the one taking the lead. To answer the rest of your questions: I met mine on this forum. He used to be around back in the day, so I got into talking with him and realised he's just the kind of a jerk I wanna marry and proceeded to hunt him down like a wild animal. To answer a question you didn't ask: Dating someone from another country is not such a difficult feat if either of you is willing to move. I was itching to get out of my own country and it so happened my love interest lived in a country I liked, so I moved after we had dated for about... half a year.
  15. Final Fantasy fanboys are one of the worst because they all think they know how things should be done, and they throw around claims like "people want this, not that" and "this game didn't have voice actors to begin with, so it should be left as such" and "people want a turn based rpg, not an action rpg". I can not call myself a Final Fantasy fan in a sense that I have a long, nostalgic history with it. I played VII remaster because I wanted to know what the hype was about and I did not hate the game, but I certainly, at that point, didn't think it was the bestestest gaem evah. It might've been, when it came out, I could give especially the CGI cutscenes some credit, as they were probably prettier than most of the other early 3D games. But like so many other PS1 games, it aged badly and not even the cutscenes are that impressive anymore, especially when you watch like full CGI movies like Kingsglaive being made. I also think turn based rpgs have their niche, but they are by no means a way to reach a wider audience anymore. There are probably a good number of such rpgs on the indie market, and if people want to play with that style, they should look out for them. However, Square Enix is too big of a company to be following some niche market for the HC gamers who only play turn-based rpgs and Soulsborne with no equipment and call it "the true experience". Same goes for the voice acting. Final Fantasy games have had voice acting for a good number of years now, so I don't see any reason for Squeenix to not have them in a remake. Basically these are the same people who are now complaining how broken and stupid FFXV is and versus XIII was going to be better despite no one actually knowing what versus XIII would've been like BECAUSE THE GAME NEVER GOT MADE. (Not to say that FFXV isn't a little bit borken but hey, Tabata was given a bad hand and he played it the best he could. There's no turning twos into aces.) I already know I'm going to cry at episode Ignis. I just told my husband today how episode Ignis is the only one of the episodes equally related to Noctis as it is to Ignis. Gladio had his own little adventure, Prompto was mostly searching for himself and trying to find out how he fit into this world, but Ignis's episode seems to be just about his loyalty to Noctis and how he's willing to sacrifice anything to save him. My inner IgNoct fangirl weeps. Ignis is bestgirl. Beats both Luna and Cindy. Kills monsters and cooks and fixes loose buttons. Perfect waifu. Damn it rambling again. Oh yeah forgot to talk about possible Ardyn DLC! Okay, Ardyn DLC would be neat, but damn I wish they made a FFXV-2 completely set in Solheim and how Ardyn became the anointed first king of Lucis only to be deemed unworthy after literally sacrificing everything of himself to the gods and the people. I WOULD PLAY AS ARDYN. I wanna play as Ardyn. I wanna follow Ardyn's story from his point of view. But I also know Tabata confirmed there won't be XV-2, because he wanted XV to be the full experience. But I hope he changes his mind.