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  1. Does anyone else ever feel like just quitting the internet? You know, just... closing all those tabs and then deleting the whole browser and crashing your computer by trying to delete explorer as well and eventually enjoying the thought that now you can't even use your computer because you fucking deleted explorer? 

    1. reminiscing2004


      me x 1000. I've gotten close a few times. I wouldn't say I even have a binge and purge personality, it's more like I'm ALL purge. I've got fed up over and over throughout the years and just been like "no games, kill games, uninstall everything" or to a further extent "no internet, delete all profiles, log out, block pages", thats also how I killed all my social media accs a while ago. Not sure if this is a very helpful response, but I FEEL U.


      I kind of envy 20 somethings back in the day who were able to be 20 somethings without the internet and smartphones and all these 'networking tools' and distractions.

  2. I'm the person who listens to APOCALYPTIS AQUARIUS (from FFXV soundtrack) and right after that RuPaul's Ladyboy.

  3. Yo peeps. I wanted to talk about an issue that's very dear to my heart, and that's called planning a family, or a lack of it. Just like the title says. At my age, most women (and possibly also men) are, if not already totally at it, at least planning for their own family. You know. Husband, kids, golden retriever, stuff like that. Most women have silently agreed to have children, even if they don't particularly want them, just because society thinks they should. I stand at the other side of the whole concept: I don't want kids. Ever. I've been told ever since I was a tot that I'll change my mind and when I'm older I'll understand the need to have children. Bitch, I'm older now and still don't want any. In fact, I would gladly have my tubes tied into one hell of a knot to ever avoid even considering the idea that I might be with a child. The idea of pregnancy scares me. The idea of childbirth scares me. I don't like kids. I don't think babies are cute, not in the least. In fact, I believe children up to the age of 10 are, at best, a bore, and at worst, horrible spawns of satan I want nowhere near me. And yet, medical specialists argue I'm too young (nearing 30 here) to decide if I want kids or not, so they won't perform a sterilisation. Yo, people can decide on a sex correction surgery once they turn 18 but I'm not old enough to know I hate kids and don't want any. And I'm not saying this to mock anyone or say that transgender people shouldn't have the option to do that, but just that both are a part of body autonomy that I think one should have the right to rule over after a certain age. Are there other people who feel the same way as I do? Ladies and gents who just don't want kids, no matter what? Or people who want them but can't have them? Tell me your thoughts and give us some peer support.
  4. Like many others in this thread, I suffer from a depression, but that's not what I would like to talk about this time. Recently, I stumbled upon a YouTube video explaining, that in some cases, picky eating is not just about a person being fussy, but it might actually be an actual mental illness, known both as selective eating disorder (SED for short) and food neophobia. The description of this pretty recently admitted mental illness entails things like physical incapability of trying new foods, gagging upon trying, or even upon thinking about trying new stuff and particularly selective, often childlike eating habits. This has made me question my own so-called "fussiness". Because it's not like I don't want to try new things and eat healthier (my diet is stupidly one dimensional), because it would help me lose weight and not get so easily bored with just plain old salad, but I can't. I can not bring myself to eat certain things. Most of the time I've never even tasted them before, but the thought of them being gross is enough to scare me off of trying. Basically my biggest problem is cooked vegetables. I can't eat any of them, except potato. Fresh veggies are okay and I do like them, but anything cooked I just can't even bear to think. I've had an experience before where, out of politeness, I agreed to eat cauliflower caserole at a friends place, and while my mouth registered that it wasn't that bad, I had a bad physical reaction and just ended up gagging a lot while eating and trying to hide it because courtesy. That was a bad experience in itself, and I'd rather not repeat it. Thus, I avoid all cooked vegetables. Because I don't like throwing up or feeling the need to throw up. Unfortunately, SED or food neophobia is not a recognised mental illness in the UK, and has only been a recent addition to the list of mental illnesses in the US, so I have no idea how to tackle this. Note that just "try new things" is not a helpful advice, since my reaction to new foods is pretty much the same as arachnophobe's reaction to spiders. You can't make an arachnophobe just go and poke at spiders on their own, and you can't make a food neophobe just "try new things". Other than that, if anyone has any experience with said mental illness or knows any useful tactics to tackle it, I'd love to discuss with them. People needing support with similar symptoms also welcome to message me anytime they want. Dunno, just wanted to get this off my chest. It feels better to have an actual reason behind the "you're just a fussy eater" comments and weird looks that I get when I say I can't eat cooked veggies, and knowing it's not because I just don't want to try anything new for the sake of being picky is a huge weight off me.
  5. Haa, so. I had a bit of a long streak of not drawing at all and watching like... anime instead. But yesterday I managed to finally do SOMETHING. Basically the two younger siblings to the elf I've previously drawn. Twins. Tried colouring again. I suck at it.
  6. My boyfriend is playing Metal Gear Solid V and picking a name and a logo for his base. We were torn between good candidates like Pink Papa, Pink Horse and Naked Horse, until finally a clear winner emerged: Horse Horse. With a pink box as a logo.

  7. I have long since stopped trying to understand my musical taste. I have now gone from Finnish parody of Mulan's 'Make the man out of you' to 'We are number one but it's in Japanese' (which is, incidentally, done by a Finnish lady) to Touhou Project's 'Bad Apple' and honestly, all of them sound good to me. I mean... I guess there's a logical transition between all three, but still.
  8. @platy, yo princess. I live on the same island with you! Except I'm at the other end, the England-hating, EU-loving end. Also called Scotland.
  9. This just makes me realise how fucking long I've put up with these guys. And enjoyed it the whole time. Keep it up, Kiryu. You've already made it past the magical 10-year-mark that most VK bands don't make. Another ten shouldn't be too tough.
  10. Ugh. Negative-Nelly here again but honestly, guys... I know this thread has been on the forum for a good while now, and I didn't understand it when it was first posted and I don't understand it now. Do you guys seriously need a support group for not finding VK likeable anymore? Or what is this about? I'm about this full of people constantly whining about how "current VK bands aren't good" or "I've realised VK sucks" or "I've just moved on". (And by constantly I mean multiple times throughout years, not necessarily all the time every day. ) OK, that's great. Good for you. But do you need to be telling everyone else about it? Why do you feel the need to come amongst people, who most likely are still into that stuff, in some way or another, and just tell them that you're not that into it? Do you think anyone cares? Damn this forum sometimes. Makes me wish there was a therapy moderator who'd just listen to people's whining so they wouldn't have to come on the forum to do that.
  11. Almost at the end of Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age and my feelings for Gideon Emery's (Balthier, in case someone familiar with the game doesn't know who I'm talking about) voice have been rekindled. Enough so that I went through looking for audiobooks read by him and realised I'd listen to just about anything if it was Gideon Emery. My greatest intrigue is definitely one book of historical romance from the perspective of a woman. I don't know whether that would be absolutely hilarious or potential explosion of libido. Maybe both? Do I want to try? In addition, I'm actually not saying no to Dorian (Dragon Age: Inquisition) reading fantasy books or Solas (same as previous one) reading H.P. Lovecraft. It's honestly the best feeling when your brain wants to associate these actors/their voices with a particular character, and then whatever happens in the book they read is from the perspective of that character. Too much fangirl. Too little time.
  12. Sometimes I feel like minorities are causing their own racism/exclusion. Remind me to not bingewatch RuPaul's Drag Race anymore. Feelin' mah face muscles pulled into a painful cringe every time one of the minorities WITHIN a minority excludes themselves on purpose.
  13. Thank you so much for noticing! And commenting! Aw you, you're awesome. Here's some more. I have such a problem with this one. It's kind of my first perspective practise like... ever, and while the arm in the foreground worked miraculously well, the arm near the face... ehh... well, let's just say that I erased it and redrew it and erased it again and repositioned it like 4 times and it still looks like a melting candy corn. I understand that it looks wrong but I somehow can not comprehend how to fix it. I require halp. Please halp.
  14. Uwoooooo what is this a person what is it doing here thank you for coming tho. orz Angry Solas is angry. Maybe someone served him tea. Annnnnywaays. Here's more awful artstuffs. Hope yall like. Here's a piece I call "No clothes is no excuse for a bad hair day": But as usual, I ended up hating this one. Started to notice mistakes immediately after I had finished drawing it and it looks nothing like I wanted it to. So, two days later (last night) I redrew the picture from scratch: Note that the time between these two pictures is about 2 nights. So which one do you think is better? I vote for the second one. Kinda feels like whenever I draw something, the first attempt is without an exception absolute pile of shit. And then, when I get more comfortable with the concept of my drawing, it suddenly gets better. I feel like I managed to capture better anatomy with the second one, and also a better angle, although the latter'd still need some work, but fudgesticks, I'm not good at angles. Pwease give advise my mighty masters.
  15. Long time no post, like, at all. But hey, I can finally present something that I don't immediately resent. Pls gibe feedback.