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  1. They uploaded this yesterday....the very end got me ;_;
  2. They had an album/mini album
  3. "SCHWARZ STEIN BEST OF ALBUM In celebration of Schwarz Stein's 15th anniversary we will release a 2disc best of album containing 15 songs! It will contain songs from the already out of print albums New Vogue Children and Artificial Hallucination, as well as re-recordings of our songs since after our reformation and completely new songs." *Details will be announced later. source: http://ameblo.jp/hora23/entry-12290566823.html?frm_id=v.mypage-checklist--article--blog----hora23_12290566823 From the Kaya addict US Facebook page
  4. Just got done playing the Global Test for ARMs.....gotta say.....Ribbon Girl kicks alot of ass
  5. I would love for Isola to rerelease music like Meties did
  6. https://www.dl-lolita.com/music Samples of the songs
  7. Really loving that cover art! Though it honestly makes me think of one that would've fit the old single Current well lol
  8. They performed the new songs live No video sadly but someone reviewed the live http://silkhime.blogspot.jp/2017/02/schwarz-stein-der-winter.html?m=1
  9. Sorry my Japanese is not good....But seems like they have a release on 2-26-17 1. Fleeting Beauty 2. 方舟 http://ameblo.jp/hora23/entry-12243307823.html
  10. You beat me to it
  11. Kinda sad...I enjoyed what I listened to
  12. I'll just say this....get used to the call for help
  13. I've spent almost the last 40 hours playing XD
  14. All I thought of was Yu's persona from 4