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    s'appenin bruv?
  1. Vurtox

    lol some of the indoor textures in this game suck so hard. Actually, scratch that most of the textures suck hard. Plus driving physics are sooooo bad. It's good fun though and I'm pretty surprised at the well integrated RPG elements, I figured those would be the downfall of the game.
  2. Yeah, every track was fantastic. I was really surprised at how great the record turned out to be.
  3. That album is so fantastic. Chamber is one of the most beautiful songs, lyric wise I've ever heard.
  4. Vurtox

    I'm obviously more awesome than Thor.
  5. Vurtox

    Thor. This is at least the 7th time I've seen it. Such an amazing movie. I can't wait to see the Avengers.
  6. Vurtox

    Total Recall. THE ARNIE VERSION. So pissed that the new one doesn't even feature Mars, it has some retarded place called "New-Asia" instead. GAY.
  7. Vurtox

    This BAMF. I feel like Thor everytime I wear this shit.
  8. So disappointed with the new WitTR record. I can't get into it, oh well I'll give it some time to settle in.
  9. Vurtox

    Late reply (no wi-fi anymore =[ ) He's probably the classiest person ever. He was by far the most respectful celeb at FX. All he wanted to do was interact with his fans and spent more time talking to them then they did talking to him. He's great, seriously. I was never a HP franchise fan but I'm a Tom Felton fan now for sure. Great, great d00d.
  10. Vurtox

    Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Everyday, All Day. Hell. YES.
  11. Vurtox

  12. Vurtox

    Tom Felton and a bunch of Volunteers (myself included, best volunteer year ever) after his final signing of the evening.. I'm the dude with glasses in the back, left of the blonde girl.
  13. Vurtox

    Conan. lol, Momoa please go kill yourself, same goes for the writers of this pile of trash. Sorry but you guys won't be getting the lamentations of anyones women anytime soon.
  14. Vurtox

    This shit better stay away from my country. We won't be able to rebuid if this annihilates us, we're too spread out and poor. Much luck to everyone in the path of this beast.
  15. Vurtox

    I have no internet for god knows how long. fuckshitihatelifegoddamnit.
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