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  1. Trombe

    retsu (ex. DIMLIM) solo live scheduled 6/24/20
  2. Trombe

    AKi(シド(SID)) new maxi single will be released at 2016/11/16, which will include "libido"
  3. regular edition will be released at 2016/11/16 (4,500yen), which will include 2DVDs
  4. new band "(株)ど☆りーまん(d ream man)" new single "所詮、人生サービス残業" will be released in 2016 autumn "(株)ど☆りーまん(d ream man)" members: Vo.池田 雅乃(ikeda masano) Gt.長門 あをい(nagado awoi) Ba.裸足のれん(hadashino ren) Key.御前 玲二(gozen reiji) Dr.田中 光(tanaka hikaru) (ex-クレイドル(Cradle)) https://twitter.com/d_ream_man
  5. Trombe

    黒い雨(kuroi ame) disbandment decision has been rescinded and they will be temporarily on hiatus after their live at Nagoya MUSIC FARM at 2016/09/11, and they will resume activities in late 2016
  6. Gt.Ray has switched to Vo. after departure of Vo.オタムユイト(otamu yuito)
  7. new continual session band "ホ#ト♀朴/@ aミ" will hold their first live at Sapporo CRAZY MONKEY at 2016/09/29 "ホ#ト♀朴/@ aミ" members: Vo.Orca (ex-瑞葉-miduha-(華琉唖/kalua)) Gt.Yuki Gt.銀丸(ginmaru) (ex-瑞葉-miduha-(雲雀/hibari)-->Vanish(re-ji)) Ba.くろすけ(kurosuke) Dr.GEN http://www001.upp.so-net.ne.jp/my-page/
  8. 独≠Re≠言-貴方ノ生キル道ニ導ヲ-。 Gt.鋳鴉(ia) has departed at 2016/08/29 due to his differences in music and directions SET-LIST at 2016/08/26: 01.赫イ白画 02.Beautiful Scars 03.Imprisoned Feather 04.神、礼拝服従歌
  9. 被験体:Δ-delta- will cease activities after their live at Shibuya REX at 2016/11/09
  10. 怪盗少年(kaitou shounen) has changed to new air-band "怪盗戦隊-A-(kaitou sentai-A-)" after their live at Ikebukuro BLACK HOLE at 2016/08/29 "怪盗戦隊-A-(kaitou sentai-A-)" members: Vo.すかいらーくまさと(skylark masato) Gt.キャベンディッシュ蓮(cavendish ren) Gt.朝倉プトン(asakura pton) (ex-【Ecthelion】-エクセリオン-) Dr.ゾーイ(zowi) (ex-Rabbit of Labyrinth)
  11. ex-Dear members new band "彩-イロドリ-(irodori)" has formed at 2016/08/29, and they will hold their first demo live at Shinjuku CLUB SCIENCE at 2016/09/19 and their first formal presents live at Shibuya REX at 2016/10/19, and their new CD will be released in 2016/11 "彩-イロドリ-(irodori)" members: Vo.タケル(takeru) (ex-TRaiL-->Dear) Gt.秋(aki) (ex-Cubus-->TRaiL-->Dear) Gt.コウ(kou) (ex-TRaiL-->Dear) Ba.ゆづき(yuduki) (ex-DiCE) http://irodori-official.com/ https://twitter.com/irodoriofficial
  12. 己龍(kiryu) new maxi single "月下美人(gekkabijin)" will be released at 2016/11/23 (4 TYPE) btw they will hold their one-man live tour "月嘩睡敲(gekkasuikou)" since Shinjuku BLAZE at 2016/11/26 and up to tour final at Tokyo NHK HALL at 2017/01/15
  13. メディーナ(Mediena) Gt.玲-rei- has departed at 2016/08/21 due to his health problems
  14. ex-Zillapark members session will perform at Ikebukuro RUIDO K3 at 2016/09/13
  15. Trombe

    title of their new maxi single is finalized as "僕のCARICATURE、壊して燃やす。(boku no CARICATURE kowashite moyasu)" samples of songs from their new mini album "GIGAGAIN" could be listened to in their OHP
  16. 俊(toshi)(ex-ALDEBARAN) live-limited single (title not yet finalized) will be released at his 2-part live "トシノバ(toshinova) vol.2" at Shinjuku SHUMINOVA at 2016/09/18 (4 songs, 2,000yen)
  17. 紅蝉(benizemi) new maxi single "嘲~あざわらうやまい~(azawarau yamai)" will be released at 2016/09/29 (1,620yen)
  18. Trombe

  19. Trombe

    SET-LIST at 2016/08/19: 01.蒼焔-Souen- 02.Veritas 03.寂寞の夜空(sekibaku no yozora) 04.Another Sky 05.Daze
  20. Trombe

    Dr.和春(kazuharu)(ex-Sephiro-->MiD DERACINE-->AMARANYX, PSYCHE-プシュケ--->UNLIMITED RULEBOOK(support)-->DOAK) has commenced to act as their support Dr. since their live at TSUTAYA O-East at 2016/08/14, and Dr.高史(takashi) has ceased to act as their support Dr. after their live at Ikebukuro EDGE at 2016/08/20
  21. 悪フェス(waru fes) will hold their last live at Shinjuku RUIDO K4 at 2016/08/26
  22. support Vo.Yu-JI(ex-J-P-K project-->Bonnie+Butterfly, now in SUN BOX) will officially join ベギラマ(Vegirama) at their live at Takadanobaba CLUB PHASE at 2016/08/21
  23. Xecstage new maxi single "STRATOSPHERE" will be released at 2016/10/01 (1,080yen), which will be sold in advance at their free one-man live "Escape for the Xecstage" at HOLIDAY SHINJUKU at 2016/09/30 [track list] 01.Rejection crisis 02.Mosaic 03.UNLOCK Gt.Guy(ex-GRCKK-->D'Rain-->Farblos-->WeeD) has commenced to act as their support Gt. since their live at HOLIDAY SHINJUKU at 2016/08/08
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