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  1. Tokage

    i really wanna see the full PV now. that ending part must have some hella climactic shit going on
  2. I like the single and all but god DAMN. It really feels like they're unable to write a >6min track without inserting the obligatory heavy ''btw we are a metal band u guys ; )" bit at the halfway point
  3. Tokage

    Acoustic Dozing Green is G R E A T. Probably my favorite 'unplugged' they've done (not that there's all that many)
  4. why would they put that in the lyrics?
  5. Tokage

    Recently finished The Magus by John Fowles. Goddamn, the edition I read has to be one of the absolute worst printing jobs i've ever seen. Pages where the last letters of each word are cut off, random white spots in the middle of pages that make the letters unreadable, shitloads of intact typos, sentences where words are repeated ''like like this''... It's like they didn't bother proofreading the thing at all. Embarrassing. Novel itself was... alright. Couldn't get into it for the first hundred pages or so, then gradually began to warm up to it, then began to lose my interest in it again when the ending just kept dragging on
  6. guess it's technically a 4-track maxi single in that case :^)
  7. what's the point of the ''OMG IT'S OVER 10 MINUTES GUYS'' when it's literally not even a minute over the 10 min mark lmao
  8. Tokage

    yo that actually sounds really good! getting some 9goats or lament. vibes too so i'm def here for this (feels like the first time in AGES we get a two member band that's not making mediocre pop-punk or electro-rock too)
  9. The bullying theme is totally played out in VK at this point but the PV still looks p cool, hopefully it won't be another one of those ''we won't release the uncensored version until our next compilation dvd ;)'' deals tho also yeah Kyo's look is like if Friend from 20th Century boys and the guy from The Face of Another did the DBZ fusion dance
  10. Tokage

    honestly though i'm pretty sure that 2012 me would've loved these dudes
  11. what's the vk counterpart to this video?


  12. Tokage

    DAMN please tell me they recorded this on the down-low and they're planning a surprise dvd release
  13. Liberals be like 'My favorite D'espairs Ray song? Fascism'

  14. this progresses p much exactly the way i expected it to
  15. Republicans be like 'My favorite Malice Mizer song? Syunikiss of course'

    1. R/O


      Someone please explain the joke... I don’t get it.

  16. Tokage

    like 0.00% of optimism for ANYTHING left in my brain at this point. i'm absolutely convinced i'm running on negativity and negativity alone these days and i don't foresee anything changing for the better anytime soon either. literally able to count the amount of good things that have happened this year on one hand and still have fingers left over
  17. Tokage

    i win
  18.  new swans album on oct 25th... just in time to save 2019 :^)

  19. Dir en grey's Mr. Newsman except set to the melody of Mr. Sandman by the Chordettes

    1. ahnchc


      mr sandman man me a sand make it the cutest man car door hook hand

  20. Tokage

    the best track from this entire album cycle is still that one bonus demo track that didnt even make the cut
  21. Toonami's apparently gonna deliver an animated version of Junji Ito's Uzumaki somewhere in 2020... Hope it'll be good.

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    2. platy


      Junji Ito collection was so offensive, I find it hard to look forward to this. Some things simply shouldn't be animated. Can animation really add something new to Uzumaki? I don't think so. (will still watch it tho) 

    3. patientZERO


      I'm a bit apprehensive after Junji Ito Collection, but it's Production IG, so it has the potential to be good. I still have a hard time believing his work can live outside of manga, though. The live action movie was pretty meh as are all the Tomie films.

    4. SubThatSong


      I'm sceptically optimistic. Whenever I look forward to anything like this I end up disappointed, but one of these days, surely it will turn out fine lol...

  22. thank you for your service to this world. i cry every time i hear 'GAME PLAYSTATION 2 OH HOOOOOOO'
  23. Tokage

    i just want more of this (and i genuinely mean it - luckily they unexpectedly dropped an album just a couple years ago)
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