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  1. Tokage

    ah glad to see another plastic tree fan on this forum x
  2. Tokage

    absolute legend
  3. Tokage

    I'd suggest 第7 as well, I think 第5 or 第6 would work well too. The band had a different vocalist on Dai 5 but it's still a very good album overall
  4. Tokage

    why the FUCK is the original Rayman so goddamn hard? this shit looks like it should be for 4 year olds
  5. Tokage

    where were half of you when sex-android was still together & soundin nearly the exact same 👀
  6. STILL waiting for both Kimonos and No Lie-Sense to release something new

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    2. Tokage


      i somehow remember there having been a live album at some point but apparently that's just not the case? weird

    3. Plant


      There was a No Lie-Sense live album. Maybe you're thinking of that?

    4. Tokage


      metafive dropped one as well.. probably mentally mixing it w/ either of those two 

  7. Tokage

    I'll tell you this: if you're looking for some funky fresh bass in your j-music you oughta look more into cali≠gari's discography if you haven't already (it helps that they're simply a very good band in general)
  8. Tokage

    Valentina already sounds super nice just based on that tiny snippet alone. The other one still hasn't fully grown on me but I like the second half. I'm extremely biased though cuz I just really appreciate what this band is doing with how they're finally trying to bring something unique to this dried up corpse of a scene. Considering how Kyo said in a recent interview that he's been getting into 'cheap' 80s pop music lately I feel like we can expect some more Dorothys to appear eventually.
  9. Tokage

    bring back wig dog 2020
  10. Tokage

    throwback to that one time when kyo interviewed alejandro jodorowsky
  11. Tokage

    They're somehow managing to make their own official releases look like a bootleg. Nice
  12. Tokage

    it seems to be some kinda take on this track in that case
  13. 16 tracks of which presumably 4 are S.E.'s considering that instrumental bonus disk's only 12 tracks, and i reckon they prolly only decided to put the actual songs on there
  14. Tokage

    If you like Yellow Studs there's a pretty high chance you'll dig 8-eit as well:
  15. Tokage

    That rehearsal video's just a way older goatbed song tho, no? Are they reworking it as Xa-Vat?
  16. Tokage

    They just copied The Stalin's song :/ The lyrics are exactly the same and everything
  17. ''VK albums reimagined as Viper the Rapper album covers'' is a meme that needs to take off tbh

  18. Tokage

    Dir en grey was always imitating 12012 tbh i don't get where this revisionism is coming from 😕
  19. Tokage

    might very well be among the top 10 best band names i ever heard
  20. anyone ever heard of these guys? feel like they're gonna make it big some day


  21. Tokage

    What the fuck? It sounds like they mashed together the vocals and instrumentals of two separate tracks or something. I've almost entirely lost track of what these dudes have been up to lately cuz they're just constantly shitting out releases all over the place but uhhh maybe their management really SHOULD consider releasing them from the sweatshop recording studio for like half a year or so to recover for a bit
  22. STOP*clap*LISTENING*clap*TOO*c  lap*VISUALKEY

  23. Tokage

    Stumbled upon the trailer for this one recently and I gotta say it looks very cool. Kaiju + puppetry and (judging from the looks of it) mostly practical effects. Hoping it eventually finds its way onto the web and won't end up like some of those other kaiju flicks that end up condemned to a semi-lost media state where they only get shown at special screenings
  24. Looks like it's another ''track 1 is the best song'' episode like with doorAdore and Ammonite... Tracks 6 and 9 also seem like they have potential but the rest isn't doing it for me 😕
  25. Tokage

    IMOCD! might float someone's boat. Alternative rock w/ some shoegaze/grunge elements sprinkled in here and there. Features Ali Morizumi from Monoral so expect the singing to pretty much be fluent English for the most part. One of the dudes from Oblivion Dust is also involved. CQ CQ is a japanese shoegaze supergroup that features ex-members of Honeydip, Plastic Tree, and Tokyo Shoegazer. Fans of any of those three bands will most likely find something to enjoy here as well. I'd say some of their work would probably appeal to Coaltar of the Deepers fans too. Now that Tokyo Shoegazer's also somewhat active again I have no idea what'll become of this group but as far as I know they SHOULD still be active
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