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  1. like 75% of the time i look up some vk song's translated lyrics i always end up wishing i hadn't 

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    2. Tokage


      In general there's just sooo much generic repetitive trope-y stuff that's on the  level of juvenile 'tfw no (boyfriend/girlfriend)', 'BULLYING and also WRISTCUTTING', "this one goes out to all the FREAKS & OUTCASTS \m/ \m/" and 'FUCK YOU MOM & DAD' stuff on the one hand, or that ''teens react to living in a society" kinda stuff on the other. I've been somewhat lukewarm about Mamireta from the start for example but BOIIII, their lyrics are just... hot garbage lol


      The ones I generally tend to find myself enjoying are the lyricists who try to go for more 'out there' subject matter just by virtue of being straight up goofy (like Dokusatsu Terrorist w/ their songs poking fun at just about everything, Sandwich de 120pun? w/ their stuff about girls having bombs implanted in theri vaginas & stuff like that), at least somewhat unique within the context of the scene (like The Gallo's WW2-related songs, Inugami Circus Dan, early Metronome and their weird cyber buddha stuff) or those with at least SOME sort sense of poetic imagery & wordplay (Plastic Tree, Temari's stuff in general) even if it can still come across a bit hackneyed at times (that might also be cuz in some cases it feels like translators seem to intentionally try to go for the fanciest sounding words their thesaurus gives them just to make stuff sound deeper tho) 


    3. SubThatSong


      Hnn, I'm really not concerned about the world around me since I don't really think of lyric influence huh (yikes). But I do also suppose I'm still newish to the VK scene, I was more or less in my bubble for about 15 years lol
      I've really enjoyed the majority of lyrics I've translated, I'd say, but my judgement also most definitely isn't quite there since I don't really feel affected by any of it despite there being the bad themes 🤔
      The overly silly lyrics don't really keep me very interested, it's nice once in a while but I like my... bad dark themes lol
      Some translations are for sure very unnatural, but to be fair there's also a lot of "translations" out there. Which I personally do hate because it misrepresents the original meaning of the song, and I'm a complete nutter for lyrics, I absolutely love it when there's a proper line of thought put into the lyrics that makes you think. Well, it is what it is

      Thanks guys ^___^

    4. colorful人生


      I figure a good chunk of the kirakira + anison + vocaloid stuff I listen to is tokyolite/gya teen angst or disney-tier cheese, but the melodies are mainly what do it for me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

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