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    did you know that even with seatbelts people die all the time in
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    car crashes? i thought that was interesting
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  1. reminder that Plastic Tree's 'Circus' is one of the greatest vk songs EVER MADE

    1. saiko


      Never heard it, and so I've just checked it out. Very strong sound. Liked it!


      Btw, I still don't consider PT to be a 'visual-kei' band, for many reasons. I think the fandom labels them that way still today because the band and their management considered it was the best for the marketing of their music, which is coherent considering the novelty of 'visual-kei' back in the 90s.

    2. saishuu


      circus is amazing and pura is visual kei, no question about it. they basically only play with other vk bands outside of their own tours.

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