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    did you know that even with seatbelts people die all the time in
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    car crashes? i thought that was interesting
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  1. Tokage

    fucked up how when it comes to the climate change debate everyone involved constantly seems to desperately be tryna jump through hoops in order to avoid having to admit the main problem is that there's simply too many fucking people out there
  2. still fucks me up how Mussolini's granddaughter released a jpop album back in the 80s 

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    2. Arkady


      @spockitty It was before she could find a stable source of income by becoming a polician in italian parliament, she had to hussle, poor thing.


    3. spockitty


      @Arkady wow, just wow, this is so bizarre

    4. Peace Heavy mk II

      Peace Heavy mk II

      We've always been in the weird timeline

  3. metallica is playing in my town today and the place is fucking filled with boomers please send help

    1. Tokage


      i can hear the entire fucking thing from my window oh god help

    2. colorful人生


      *replace w/ Metallica*

  4. Tokage

    Honestly, Limp Bizkit is the EXACT example of the kinda shit I'm talking about w/ juvenile lyrics ruining everything, instrumentally they're legit quite solid, it's just Fred Durst dragging everything down
  5. Tokage

    semi-popular opinion at this point: nu-metal was never really that bad other than the literal middle school-tier lyrics
  6. Tokage

    Played a bit of Blazing Chrome, and I gotta say it is absolutely AMAZING. Everyone who enjoyed Contra Hard Corps really should check this out, it's like the best spiritual sequel you could wish for. It kinda makes me feel sad that there aren't more games like it out there though, I love this sorta shit
  7. Tokage

    I get a feeling like a good 70% of Buck-Tick's discography is about FUCKING
  8. Tokage

    The idea that all media should be 'accessible' to everyone is stupid. I'm not talking about 'lol imma hoard these secret rarez'-accessible, but rather the kind of stuff you sometimes see with video- or board games for example where people complain about how '[X] is too hard for me to get into, so it's bad!', sometimes stretching it to the point that things are therefor somehow oppressive/ableist/whatever. It kinda feels like people have forgotten that things like 'target audiences' are a thing. If you constantly find you're having difficulty with getting the hang of something, be it a game, book, movie or whatever, maybe you're just not the target audience, and that should be fine - we live in a world where there's TONS of other alternatives available to try out instead. This idea that everything needs to be as entry level as possible just feels like entitlement from people towards a product that they didn't even create themselves
  9. Tokage

    at least dogs don't kill billions of birds a year however i'll at least agree with the statement if it's narrowed down to ''dogs the size of a handbag or smaller'', fuck those too
  10. Tokage

    True unpopular opinion coming thru..................... I think cats are garbage animals and I absolutely can't stand them. Fuck cats and fuck the owners letting their cats roam around outside.
  11. Tokage

    here's another one: turn-based rpgs are by and large utterly boring, the gameplay itself offers nothing fun or insightful (it's literally just clicking through menus for the most part), they tend to be too grindy & tedious seemingly just for the sake of padding, and the only thing keeping them afloat in most cases is the story or setting, but unfortunately the story in most of the ones that immediately pop into my head is is usually either of the generic 'epic quest' variety or on the level of '14 year old discovers philosophy' with little leeway in between there are exceptions of course, the mario & luigi series, chrono trigger & a couple of others, but for the most part i legit do not see the hype. in most cases i find it more interesting to check out the concept art for the games than to actually play them
  12. Tokage

    What's with all the film references in INFINITUM's lyrics? I've seen some of the English lyrics being posted and there's references to Santa Sangre (I'm presuming it refers to the Jodorowsky film), Female Prisoner Scorpion, Creepshow, The Toxic Avenger... At least it looks like Kyo has a good taste in movies lol
  13. Tokage

    Not even sure if this one's unpopular or not, but anyway: The whole ''what if we took [x] from your childhood, but reimagined it so it's suddenly needlessly dark and creepy? FUCKIN EPIC BRO'' aesthetic is absolutely awful and i totally hate it
  14. Tokage

    'The Man Who Collected Machen and Other Weird Tales' by Mark Samuels, it falls pretty much in that same niche of weird horror that authors like Jon Padgett, Laird Barron and their ilk fall into. The highlight of the collection for me was probably the story about the Mexican town with its weird folk tradition. Most of the stories are definitely good, and I'd recommend it to people who are into this particular brand of weird horror fiction, though at the same time I do have to say that if you've read more stuff falling within this particular sector of horror you won't find anything TRULY surprising here, it's mostly just about the sort of stuff you'd expect at this point. Biggest point of criticism I can give is that it went a bit TOO much into the 'enlightened redditor' / 'pissed off boomer dad' dimension with the ''DUDE did u know modern society totally sucks & people worship the media even though celebrities are all vapid & shit'' stuff in a few of the later stories in the collection
  15. Google's apparently been listening in on people through their Google Assistant app and recording their conversations, nice. Funny how it's 'FUCKING CHINA REEEEE' when Huawei does it, but when Google or Facebook fuck up for the umpteenth time you never hear anyone making a peep

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    2. platy


      It's been happening for years. Funny how you talk about something and a few days later you get ads for it. I make it a point to turn off my WiFi when sleeping or with friends tbh. People getting outraged because it's finaly been spelled out is dumb. 


      edit: wait. Sex toys with wi fi? Why...? 

    3. Peace Heavy mk II

      Peace Heavy mk II

      @platy so you can control the speed / intensity for your partner(s) while not in the room with them, e.g.  still doing stuff while away on vacation or something.



      Possibly for "Bezos hacked my bussy" scenes too. "Work Hard. Have Fun. ;)" 

    4. zombieparadise


      Likely because Facebook/Google are censoring any negative press. Remember, anything that's given to you for 'free' is anything but.

      Call me paranoid, but I will never put an Alexa or Google Home in my house. It's bad enough that my phone is listening to me when I'm getting it on with my wife. Don't even get me started on all these 'smart' devices monitoring our stats and sending it God knows where.


      It's also very sad to think that this creepy, privacy-assaulting, Orwellian technocracy will be all our children know. It doesn't seem like there's anything stopping it 😞

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