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  1. cant believe zin-say did a cover of snufkin's theme & i only realized that's what it was recently.........

  2.  love how half the forum always suddenly transforms into musical theory connoisseurs once dir en grey releases smth new

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    2. Disposable


      All this 


      for some shitty japanese linkin park 

    3. IGM_Oficial


      This new single is boring

    4. saiko


      That musical theory connoisance is all what I'm for here in MH

  3. what's the vk counterpart to this video?


  4. Liberals be like 'My favorite D'espairs Ray song? Fascism'

  5. Republicans be like 'My favorite Malice Mizer song? Syunikiss of course'

    1. R/O


      Someone please explain the joke... I don’t get it.

  6.  new swans album on oct 25th... just in time to save 2019 :^)

  7. Dir en grey's Mr. Newsman except set to the melody of Mr. Sandman by the Chordettes

    1. ahnchc


      mr sandman man me a sand make it the cutest man car door hook hand

  8. Toonami's apparently gonna deliver an animated version of Junji Ito's Uzumaki somewhere in 2020... Hope it'll be good.

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    2. platy


      Junji Ito collection was so offensive, I find it hard to look forward to this. Some things simply shouldn't be animated. Can animation really add something new to Uzumaki? I don't think so. (will still watch it tho) 

    3. patientZERO


      I'm a bit apprehensive after Junji Ito Collection, but it's Production IG, so it has the potential to be good. I still have a hard time believing his work can live outside of manga, though. The live action movie was pretty meh as are all the Tomie films.

    4. SubThatSong


      I'm sceptically optimistic. Whenever I look forward to anything like this I end up disappointed, but one of these days, surely it will turn out fine lol...

  9. ok but for real - have there been ANY full-length vk albums in 2019 worth listening to beyond sukekiyo's? i legit cant think of any others

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    2. Peace Heavy mk II

      Peace Heavy mk II

      I like the one's Jig mentioned, plus Virge's album too. But if you weren't into Phantasmagoria at one point, you probably wouldn't like that either.


      Here's a list so far:




      Looking back, I actually forgot about a lot of things that came out this year too. I also enjoyed some songs off of D'erlanger's album, and I liked Scarlet Valse's album too.

    3. Tokage


      damn that's actually a really fucking small list if you leave out all the alternate editions

    4. Jigsaw9


      @Peace Heavy mk II That reminds me, I still haven't given the MORRIE album a shot! Not much oyaji-kei I liked this year so far... D'ERLANGER was my only hope but their album was reaaaaaally weak. :-( 

  10. kawaii jrockers to their western gfs: "uwaaa, r-rawdoggu? naniiiiiiii?!"

  11. reminder: if you can't name at LEAST 50 live distributed singles by heart you're not a true visual kei fan

    1. Peace Heavy mk II

      Peace Heavy mk II

      kicking myself EVERY DAY because I only know 49....

    2. Tokage


      bonus test of courage: they all have to be dentaku cds

  12. i, for one, believe japan should give w**d smoking musicians the death penalty

    1. Zeus


      banned for mentioning the devil's lettuce

    2. Tokage


      in fact i meant 'word smoking'.....

    3. YuyoDrift


      Getting high of them "J's, huh?

  13. Mr. Bungle are reuniting... to play their first demotape of all things? What the fuck 

  14. like 75% of the time i look up some vk song's translated lyrics i always end up wishing i hadn't 

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    2. Tokage


      In general there's just sooo much generic repetitive trope-y stuff that's on the  level of juvenile 'tfw no (boyfriend/girlfriend)', 'BULLYING and also WRISTCUTTING', "this one goes out to all the FREAKS & OUTCASTS \m/ \m/" and 'FUCK YOU MOM & DAD' stuff on the one hand, or that ''teens react to living in a society" kinda stuff on the other. I've been somewhat lukewarm about Mamireta from the start for example but BOIIII, their lyrics are just... hot garbage lol


      The ones I generally tend to find myself enjoying are the lyricists who try to go for more 'out there' subject matter just by virtue of being straight up goofy (like Dokusatsu Terrorist w/ their songs poking fun at just about everything, Sandwich de 120pun? w/ their stuff about girls having bombs implanted in theri vaginas & stuff like that), at least somewhat unique within the context of the scene (like The Gallo's WW2-related songs, Inugami Circus Dan, early Metronome and their weird cyber buddha stuff) or those with at least SOME sort sense of poetic imagery & wordplay (Plastic Tree, Temari's stuff in general) even if it can still come across a bit hackneyed at times (that might also be cuz in some cases it feels like translators seem to intentionally try to go for the fanciest sounding words their thesaurus gives them just to make stuff sound deeper tho) 


    3. SubThatSong


      Hnn, I'm really not concerned about the world around me since I don't really think of lyric influence huh (yikes). But I do also suppose I'm still newish to the VK scene, I was more or less in my bubble for about 15 years lol
      I've really enjoyed the majority of lyrics I've translated, I'd say, but my judgement also most definitely isn't quite there since I don't really feel affected by any of it despite there being the bad themes 🤔
      The overly silly lyrics don't really keep me very interested, it's nice once in a while but I like my... bad dark themes lol
      Some translations are for sure very unnatural, but to be fair there's also a lot of "translations" out there. Which I personally do hate because it misrepresents the original meaning of the song, and I'm a complete nutter for lyrics, I absolutely love it when there's a proper line of thought put into the lyrics that makes you think. Well, it is what it is

      Thanks guys ^___^

    4. colorful人生


      I figure a good chunk of the kirakira + anison + vocaloid stuff I listen to is tokyolite/gya teen angst or disney-tier cheese, but the melodies are mainly what do it for me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

  15. instead of ''eating pussy'' or ''eating ass'' we should all collectively try to ''eat more vegetables''

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    2. spockitty
    3. platy


      Why choose extremes? Moderation is the best approach. 

    4. Arkady


      Vegetarians would praise your slogan to eat less meat an more vegetable. XD

  16. why yes, i DO believe Slipknot's new album is the best visual kei release of 2019

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    2. Peace Heavy mk II

      Peace Heavy mk II

      The GazettE will recycle it in 2.5 years anyway, so this is valid

    3. ahnchc


      ^ i fucking laughed hard as hell

    4. Ada Suilen

      Ada Suilen

      I quite liked it to be honest... the longer tracks are the best elements of the album and just for clarify, funny or not, I won't join the train "GazettE will recycle it in who knows what year" because I listen to both of them and they are different musically, even if belonging to the same genre... it's a question of shades imo.

  17. So after doing Shin Godzilla, Hideaki Anno's apparently gonna be working on Shin Ultraman next. Shin Gamera fucking when?!?!?!?!?!?

    1. Bear


      Shin Godzilla was so good. Can't wait till they can begin producing new Godzilla movies in Japan again. If the plans they've talked about gets going it's gonna be insane. "World of Godzilla", a cinematic universe akin to MCU where they will produce a film either every single or second year based on the monsters from the original Godzilla universe. I can't wait for the ball to start running on that one.


      It's sad the americans can't produce films 1/100th as good as Shin Godzilla. For some reason they continue to put emphasis on boring human beings and, for most part, their uninteresting families. The best American Godzilla movie is only as good as the worst Japanese Godzilla tbh.

    2. zombieparadise


      Shin Godzilla was great. Lots of awesome cinematography and dialogue. Wish I could say the same about Godzilla: King of the Monsters (Bleh)

  18. it's been quite a while now and i STILL dont get what Dir en grey were conceptually going for w/ the 人間を被る pv

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    2. SubThatSong


      @cheesy_VK_Freak well, it is after all just how I see it, but to me it feels right because the colours match exactly the colours of auras and it would explain the extra empty  chair to complete the 7! :D
      Unraveling (♡♡♡ Jesus it was 2013? Been that long already?) I can't say much else about than that it seems to be about child abuse - the boy is isolated from the family and the one that's abused the most, by mom. The kids write on the paper with crayons "mommy is scary", drawing a scary picture of her, etc, and you see it's her acting off at the dinner table (she and the girl are seen to evidently react to hearing noises from upstairs from the brother)+it's her that goes into the room to abuse the boy later on (and put them to sleep under plastic bags, clearly taping down the boy down). There's the few flashes of the x-rays with a broken collar bone and broken arm as well.
      I'm going off a limb and guessing that the boy isn't the child of the father like the girl is. I feel like at the end the dad is taking the girl the hell outta there, but didn't care to take the boy with him, being either unaware of him or not being his dad and plain not caring? We don't get to see his reaction to the sounds upstairs during dinner, so I'm not sure. Also as they are leaving the boy isn't locked into the room as he seems to otherwise be. The girl also waves happily to mom, as if keeping up appearances
      They're not married at least I imagine since I don't see any wedding rings. I wonder if they have a kind of custody agreement where the girl lives with dad, and the dad visited with the girl while the boy lives there full time - or if he did a let's gtfo.
      In short, basically never believe me if I say I don't have much to say about something, I can really ramble on

    3. cheesy_VK_Freak


      @SubThatSong Wow, thanks for your insight! I kinda thought she killed the kid, but during the last shot you see him so I was like: ehh? Was this all imagination?


    4. SubThatSong


      @cheesy_VK_Freak Np! If they didn't show him at the end and the plastic wriggling a bit while it's taped down I would've thought the same tbh!

  19. merry go round has like the most bleeped out lyrics ive ever heard in a vk band

  20. Are all those concert venues shutting their doors lately ones that primarily catered to VK acts or is it just a case of Japan's concert model in general failing?

    1. nekkichi


      it might be a case of several decade long building leases expiring with no funds to afford a renewal under the current rent prices idk

    2. Biopanda


      At least for KRAPS HALL, it was a more general venue that was mostly stopped at by touring VK bands if anything. AFAIK most of the vk-catering venues (at least in Tokyo) are doing just fine.

  21. whats up with all the good indie shit suddenly coming from australia lately?

    1. saishuu


      i love tame impala

  22. fucked up to think, that people on this music forum would rather play with their ''tools', than discuss the new Tool album, coming out next month......

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    2. Tokage


      *screenshots the entirety of that thread & sends it to all your future employers & educational institutions* 


      ; )

    3. secret_no_03
    4. Seelentau
  23. the one thing about japanese copyright stuff i still do not comprehend to this day is why almost every japanese lyric site has to be like -that- 

  24. putting down an F for Rutger Hauer

    1. Jigsaw9


      Legend! Total respect & R.I.P.


      What are your favorites of his? Mine's a tie between Blade Runner and The Hitcher, followed closely by Hobo with a Shotgun.

  25. still fucks me up how Mussolini's granddaughter released a jpop album back in the 80s 

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    2. Arkady


      @spockitty It was before she could find a stable source of income by becoming a polician in italian parliament, she had to hussle, poor thing.


    3. spockitty


      @Arkady wow, just wow, this is so bizarre

    4. Peace Heavy mk II

      Peace Heavy mk II

      We've always been in the weird timeline

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