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  1. ''VK albums reimagined as Viper the Rapper album covers'' is a meme that needs to take off tbh

  2. anyone ever heard of these guys? feel like they're gonna make it big some day


  3. STOP*clap*LISTENING*clap*TOO*c  lap*VISUALKEY

  4. the tokyo 2020 olympics except it's all vk musicians

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    2. nekkichi


      sendai kamotsu @ superbowl would be cool too



    3. Tokage


      legends only...............

      (this is canonically the prequel to Sadie's Crimson Tear pv btw)

    4. Tokage


      also this gem with die, kisaki, ryo and kenzi out bowling (just like in my sports animes)



  5. where were you when 75% of the world's vinyl record production was kill?

  6. Had a dream in which coupling Noir Fleurir songs to passages from Eminem's Stan was the new big meme for some reason

  7. One Piece live action by Netflix.. this literally sounds like the worst idea for an adaptation  ever. what the fuck are they smoking?

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    2. Wakarimashita


      Neither was Dragonball, but they did it. Sure, it was shit, but who knows... lol

    3. zombieparadise


      @Wakarimashita Case in point. May we never relive the anime holocaust that was DB Evolution.

    4. CAT5


      Please no

  8. to everyone who enjoyed DIMLIM for the heaviness: hope you enjoyed MUSIC by Girugamesh cuz you're not getting anything heavier than that on misc lol

    1. Ada Suilen

      Ada Suilen

      Heavy Giru was my thing!! And even electronic metal ones, especially in their final album... briefly I MISS THEM.

  9. new DIMLIM is just CHON for people who watch jojo's bizarre adventure imho

  10. we need more vk tracks that start with cash register sound effects

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    2. Axius



      Its small but there

    3. Tokage


      @Axius that just helped remind me of how i dug damy before they randomly changed their sound lol

    4. Axius


      Yes i so agree. There older stuff always appealed to me more then the newer stuff i guess thats why they disbanded.

  11. Ningen Isu are gonna be playing in Germany/USA/UK for the first time in their career apparently

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    2. Tokage


      feel like it's all through some freak youtube algorithm accident too

    3. Senedjem


      oh for sure i remember the heartless scat vid just appearing in my recs

    4. Bear


      Nah boi. These guys got a lot of recognition in different metal communities back in 2013-15, and there was a lot more hype surrounding them back then than now.


      Great band BTW.

  12. sending out an F for eroguro artist toshio saeki

  13. 2020 fact: Plastic Tree's 雨二唄エバ remains one of the best tunes they ever did

  14. Tokyo Shoegazer dropped a 4-track Coaltar of the Deepers cover EP  with a four seasons theme apparently

    1. CAT5


      Nice~ Imma need to hear that

  15. funny to think that  we are essentially all colonists in the beautiful & free nation of visualkei

  16. Tokyo Shoegazer's dropping a new album... shoegaze bros... we eatin.....

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    2. Ada Suilen

      Ada Suilen

      The full thing is on YT!

       By the way does someone know if this came out on December? I am doing a monthly selection of albums for my blog and if I end to like it, I want to put it in the right month :-D

    3. Tokage


      i cant find any info on the release date other than a very vague ''2019'' 😕 its not even listed on discogs somehow

    4. Ada Suilen

      Ada Suilen

      Ok, thanks anyway!

  17. [western music journalist interviewing vk musician voice] BRO WERE U INSPIRED BY MARILYN MANSON

    1. Disposable


      "nah, never heard of him" *rips off beautiful people for the next album*

    2. Takadanobabaalien
    3. Ada Suilen

      Ada Suilen

      A journalist to Marilyn Manson: Have you ever heard of Buck-Tick, Auto Mod or Dead End?

      Only silence comes from him of course.

      Don't tell me mad, but I always thought that he took some inspiration from those acts such in a way...

  18. wasnt Plastic Tree supposed to release a new b-side compilation album at some point or did i hallucinate that?

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    2. Tokage


      It already came out? Guess I gotta hunt down a rip somewhere in that case lol


    3. SakuraFox512


      It should still be here in the request thread, assuming Mediafire hasn't taken it down by now:


    4. Tokage


      Will check! Thanks!

  19. how many visual keis does it take to change a light bulb?

    1. Jigsaw9


      None: they just pose around dramatically while their ghostwriter does it for them. 💡

  20. thx to whoever it was that made that post about nurie on here the other day - that single's some gr8 stuff

  21. has any mad lad ever made a Kizu b-side mixtape? if not.. would anyone be willing to? :^)

    1. Peace Heavy mk II
    2. Tokage


      i don't get why people were complaining about the mixing on that heisei single.. this sounds fine to me :s

  22. mewithoutyou are disbanding? fucking bummer 😕 their last album was one of my favorite releases of 2018

  23. who's gonna be the crazy motherfucker that'll make the 'worst to first' thread for Buck-Tick

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    2. saishuu


      now I feel like doing one for B'z smh

    3. Tokage


      don't b'z have like 40 albums at this point?

    4. saishuu


      probably idk I lost track long ago

  24. just stating my onion: masami tsuchiya.... underrated......

  25. tfw to inteligent for visual kei

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