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  1. soooo... 軽蔑と始まり = the super heavy song, Values of Madness = the poppy song, Devote My life = punk's not dead song? am i right?
  2. it's gotta be the poppy one in that case, those other titles don't sound like they'd fit the song at all haha
  3. please god let there be no fucking useless s.e. tracks on this album
  4. Tokage

    That weird symphonic phase was indeed just blah and I'm kind of happy they seem to have dropped it. I actually kind of like Arche's weird reverb thing, dunno, it kinda gives me some shoegaze-without-being-shoegaze vibes
  5. Tokage

    Top 10 cursed sentences posted on monochrome heaven dot com, anyway try The Wailing if you haven't yet, probably one of the best Asian horrors to come out in recent years Recent viewings: The Saddest Music in the World: Cool and quirky film by Guy Maddin. He somehow always manages to make his movies feel as if they're like lost films from the '20s/'30s that were buried underground for several decades before being discovered or something. Really cool aesthetic style that might take some time to get accustomed to, but I dig it. Features a woman without legs receiving a pair of artificial glass legs (filled with beer) and an international competition to find the saddest song in the world among other things. Mr. Vampire: Hong Kong comedy/horror (altho it's really leaning much further in the direction of comedy than horror imo) that's extremely amusing. Very fast-paced, never gets boring. There's always some goofy shit going down. Features those Chinese hopping vampires, magic, horny ghost girls, and a lot of slapstick action and impressive stunts. I can see how this ended up being such a popular and genre-defining movie. Good 'just turn your brain off and watch' material. The Devil's Doorway: Found footage horror movie that's still relatively new (came out this year I think). Has the novelty of being set in the '60s, so it's shot in this kind of grainy old school style. I reckon people who enjoyed that other found footage horror The Borderlands might enjoy this one as well, since this one is also about investigators from the church being sent off to investigate reported miracles and discovering something much darker. Instead of an old church, this one's set in an Irish home for 'fallen women'. It's kind of on the short side, but at least that also means it doesn't overstay its welcome. Mulholland Drive: Absolutely based, probably in my personal top 3 by David Lynch. Just go and watch it if you haven't seen it yet cuz that shit's GOOD. It's in many people's top lists for a reason.
  6. Anyone here ever got a headache / hurt their ears listening to VK? Not talking 'lol bad music hurrrr' here, I'm talking like 'music causing actual physical discomfort'. For me one band that seems to cause it is 12012 with their earliest material. Something about the production on their older releases just makes me feel uncomfortable, maybe it's that weird tin can-like filter over the vocals.

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    2. IGM_Oficial


      If it's about loud masterings, all B. P. records catalogue from 2015 onwards. Kiryu's "Irodori" makes me regret liking them (not actually, maybe?). But I was about to make a joke about bad music ;-;

    3. AimiGen7


      Ironically for me, a lot of early Kiryu stuff rather than later Kiryu stuff. Mostly because their early stuff (especially on Shuugetsu Heika) were engineered with too much treble, and ripped in low quality. 

    4. Ada Suilen

      Ada Suilen

      DEG's Schwein no Isu, like all the Rammstein songs, bring more pain to my ears than whatever in my life... nothing has beaten that at all...

  7. Tokage

    TMOAB sounds like the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Has two of the band's best ballads on it too. The low points (The Deeper Vileness, Lie Buried With A Vengeance, Rotting Root) are all pretty dire , though i've warmed up to Lie over the years regardless
  8. They've been playing at least 2 or 3 new, as of yet unreleased songs as well though, maybe we can at least expect a mini-album or an e.p. or something in the gap between the new Dir album and the tour
  9. iirc they've changed/lost some members over the last couple of years, not sure which ones exactly, but that might have had some influence on it? i think they at least lost their main 'actor guy' at some point anyway, pv looks awesome as usual, the song itself is nice instrumentally as well, but something about the vocals feels off
  10. Didn't someone quote some interview earlier stating they hadn't even finalized the track list until like June orJuly? Maybe they just legit didn't have time to put more teasers or samples together...
  11. Tokage

    rare solo image of kyo leaked
  12. Tokage

    it's probably quite literally the only japanese musician to drop by those ex-USSR countries besides maybe Sana or HITT so i'm pretty sure every single remaining weeb there will collect their pocket money to attend
  13. Tokage

    this post has aged extremely well
  14. Tokage

    there's literally a thread about the events i described in this very news forum, i'm not just making this stuff up just for fun, but if you want to excuse shitty label behavior then uhh enjoy i guess?