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    did you know that even with seatbelts people die all the time in
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    car crashes? i thought that was interesting
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  1. Tokage

    the rerecorded version of 10 :^)
  2. Ningen Isu are gonna be playing in Germany/USA/UK for the first time in their career apparently

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    2. Tokage


      feel like it's all through some freak youtube algorithm accident too

    3. Senedjem


      oh for sure i remember the heartless scat vid just appearing in my recs

    4. Bear


      Nah boi. These guys got a lot of recognition in different metal communities back in 2013-15, and there was a lot more hype surrounding them back then than now.


      Great band BTW.

  3. sending out an F for eroguro artist toshio saeki

  4. Tokage

    this aesthetic & tracklist are both SCREAMING ''we want the nu-Bring Me The Horizon audience''
  5. Tokage

    cant stop imagining a timeline where they actually make it abroad but end up having their equipment stolen partway through the 'tour'
  6. wait yeah what's up with that? the event is free but you can buy a ticket for $10? to... let you watch from outside? or does it mean that people who have a ticket will have a guaranteed spot in the venue?
  7. Tokage

    god this entire album release cycle has been one of the worst dumpster fires i've ever seen in the 10+ years i've been into vk
  8. thank god that $1000 is a typo. the actual price for vip is $100 apparently but that still seems too much for what it is
  9. Tokage

    those are some live vocals
  10. Tokage

    暗い日曜日 also sounds pretty good but i have no idea where/when that one was released... As far as I can gather it came out last year? Only found it as a live recording on YT. I really don't get why Inbi is so well-liked either 😕 The song always felt rather 'eh' to me. Is there any chance anyone could translate the tracklist for that Ao album into romaji? Curious to see which tracks he chose to re-rec but I cant read the original characters :^)
  11. Tokage

    Jesus christ! I knew they had a lot of limited stuff but I didnt know there was still THAT much stuff out there that's never surfaced lol On the one hand it makes me kinda sad knowing it probably never will, but on the other hand.. most of their live dist songs haven't been THAT amazing. The only one I really wish would suddenly magically pop up some day is 0 (and those Ao covers that i didnt even know about)
  12. Tokage

    hint: think of the first letter in each of the band members' names... ; )
  13. Tokage

    I've been back at home for like 3 days and already feel like I've slipped back into the pit of depression & stress. LOVE it. At least there's the fact i'll have the opening of my first 'proper' long-term exhibition next week to look forward to.. it ain't much but it's still something
  14. Tokage

    芸夢 translates to 'Y'all foreigners aint gettin this'
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