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  1. The 2nd sample's the most interesting out of the bunch for me... Kinda feel like it'd have been fine if they would've released that one as the a-side. I'm not really feeling the other three tracks all that much, the last two legit do sound like anisongs. I have to admit I'm still not fully on the Kizu hype train anyway, I REALLY really liked 0 and ステロイド, and 平成 is alright too, but most of their other a-sides didn't and still don't quiiite do it for me. I haven't really bothered to check out any of their b-sides yet so mb i'm missing out on some good shit, but part of me doesn't want to look into them due to being salty about the whole 'lol we'll never release an album :^)' thing
  2. bring back those GOT DAMN Lament. boys!!!!!

  3. Tokage

    Most of the fanservice in VK, kpop and all that stuff seems to primarily be set up as dumb pandering garbage for the femcel fujo crowd, and the whole thing literally just feels like a (mostly) genderswapped version of subhuman otaku dudes creeping on female j- or k-pop idols/gravure models when viewed on the ''how many levels of delusion are you on right now, bro?''-scale
  4. Tokage

    c'mon, Luigi is obviously a Pavement fan, look at the hard life the dude's had, he's hella into that 90s indie stuff
  5. Tokage

    Brain Dead (1990): Yooo, this is an extremely underrated film! I went in knowing next to nothing about it and I ended up very pleasantly surprised. This fits right into the category of existential mindfuck movies like eXistenZ, The Thirteenth Floor, Videodrome, Jacob's Ladder etc. in my opinion, it's a wild ride that keeps throwing new surreal turns and twists at you. Not gonna give anything away about the plot because I might end up inadvertently spoiling something, instead I'll just say that if you enjoyed any of those four films I listed previously, you'll probably dig this one.
  6. cant believe i finally unlocked the MH Official Hentai Review forum after all these years!

    1. CAT5


      ( ͡°╭͜ʖ╮͡° )

    2. IGM_Oficial


      omfg how do I find it

    3. Tokage


      u gotta log in backwards

  7. Tokage

    There's like an 85% chance this is just gonna end up being more generic chugcore for 12 year olds except this time w/ lyrics about EDGY stuff like trying to buy exactly 1 joint on the deep web and getting set up by the cops & going to jail for 5 years instead of the usual 'tfw no gf/bf' or 'i hate you mom & dad!' stuff, but that brief bit of metallic percussion near the end of the trailer video still gives me a very, very faint glimmer of hope that this might somehow turn out to be leaning more towards the industrial side of things (and god knows there aren't enough VK bands active in that niche nowadays, there's like The Sound Bee kinda and.. that's all I can think of right now)
  8. petition to ban visual kei posting on this forum altogether and rebrand as a trip hop appreciation forum

    1. IGM_Oficial
    2. Tokage


      Portishead - Dummy > literally every single vk release ever made, sorry, that's just facts x

  9. Tokage

    are these glorified raincoats wizard robes the new budget vk band löök or something?
  10. Tokage

    if u dont want 2 get in trouble w/ the police just dont dress like a weirdo anime character or yakuza cosplayer irl & u'll b fine!!!!! (In all seriousness though, particular types of tattoos ARE pretty heavily associated w/ yakuza-related stuff, aren't they?)
  11. Tokage

    the fucked up part of this is that in all likelihood there's probably at least 1 or 2 spiders inside your apartment right now anyway
  12. Tokage

    hector drinking game: chug a bottle of vodka every time they mention shinjuku in some way
  13. Tokage

    let's go back to comparing all of sukekiyo's stuff to dir en grey instead
  14. the world is ready for a fully instrumental vk band

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    2. plastic_rainbow


      definitely wanna see this happening, the instrumentals done by plastic tree were so good, and plus it would be an interesting mix. if this were to happen i'm thinking the visual aspects of art-kei would be most fitting for the music.

    3. reminiscing2004


      Best status update of the year, take my meaningless praise. Leda u know what 2 do next

    4. Tokage


      bring me the instrumental 9goats blackout-type stuff

  15. Tokage

    aesthetics lookin RAD
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