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  1. i think i'm digging RONDO more than the other one so far based on the preview
  2. Tokage

    Alice Sweet Alice - Absolutely awesome and atmospheric little film, it's basically a giallo for all intents and purpose outside of the fact that it wasn't made in Italy, but everything about it just oozes with the same energy a good giallo tends to have. Very good stuff, stylishly shot too. I don't get some of the other reviews I've read deriding the film for looking cheap or whatever. The killer's outfit is probably one of the best 'slasher' outfits ever too, very simple but effective and creepy nevertheless.
  3. Tokage

    gulu gulu eigakan
  4. some bands are better than other bands. some bands are worse than other bands. a wise man once said this.

    1. Arkady


      "My bands are better than yours." (Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus)

    2. The Moon
  5. Tokage

    The Dead Next Door is very entertaining, I think it was one of the very first b-movie type films I ever saw. Wonderful trash. I also recall seeing the cover in video rental stores wayyy back when I was still a kid and being mildly spooked by it Graduation Day - Extremely by the numbers '80s slasher that pretty much peaks with at its incredibly groovy opening theme (seriously though, that song is a JAM). On the other hand, that track by rock band Felony felt like it legit was on loop for 10 minutes or something, was absolutely horrible and I absolutely understand why they apparently didn't charge the director to have their music featured lmao. There's not much to be said about the film itself, it's a totally by the numbers (albeit somewhat slow) slasher where I never felt like I cared about ANY of the characters even a little bit, and the kills were unfortunately rather underwhelming as well. I'd give this one a hard pass, there are much more engaging slashers out there, and even Linnea Quigley getting half-naked ain't enough to save this one.
  6. Tokyo Shoegazer are officially back baybee! The band has made their new single 「Revive」, originally sold at their revival one-man on 2019/04/01, available for online purchase via Higher Hell Records' official webstore. CD tracklist: 1. Light 2. Missing 3. DEEP RAINBOW '19 + ''Light'' multi-track data (wave files) Drums track / Bass track / Guitars track / Vocal track Track 3 is a re-recorded version of a track featured on one of their earliest demos. The single costs ¥ 2,300 and is available here (as far as I understood it's apparently available for JP users only but I'm not sure) . The single will only be available for purchase until July.
  7. literally 2 steps away from just handing out cd-rs with the title scribbled on 'em in sharpie
  8. Tokage

    i think mazohyst of decadence is probably about abortion too but i'm not sure
  9. Hey, this'll probably be a long shot, but I was wondering if any kind soul would be able to translate the lyrics to this one? Thanks in advance to anyone who'd be willing to try Kanji included under the spoiler tag
  10. wtf i didnt even know der zibet released something last year

    1. Lestat


      Under the radar every single time. Do you need a rip? 

    2. Tokage


      i definitely wouldnt complain! how is it compared to their other stuff?

  11. Tokage

    that album cover has a scary amount of 'generic djent band' energy
  12. Tokage

    Neon Maniacs - Another one of those movies in the running for the title of 'most 80s horror film EVER'. It even culminates in a high school battle of the bands type of deal between a cheesy new wave band and a possibly even cheesier metal band. The plot is a total mess, the quality of the acting is.. dubious, NOTHING about the monsters makes any sense whatsoever (where did they come from? why are they the NEON maniacs? why are they weak against water? what's with the outfits?), but it's definitely worth a watch if you're in the mood for some extreme cheese. Fright Night Part II - I don't get why people seem to not like this one very much! As far as horror sequels go, I thought it was pretty damn solid. True, the plot is a little bit of a retread, and the original Fright Night was better, but it's still pretty damn entertaining! I kinda feel like the film got shafted by unfortunate circumstances surrounding its distribution, perhaps if things had gone differently it might've ended up more popular. I especially liked the big bad's gang of servants, they all had a ton of personality and were extremely fun to watch. That 'the villains go bowling' sequence was probably one of my favorite parts of the entire film. Again, this is a movie that's just simply fun.
  13. I actually thought they'd gone on hiatus / disbanded already, they're still active?
  14. Tokage

    hopefully it's chedoara demos or scrapped b-sides or something cool and not just a bunch of se's
  15. Tokage

    i really really really do not like the band name 'alice in menswear'
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