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    did you know that even with seatbelts people die all the time in
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    car crashes? i thought that was interesting
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  1. who's gonna be the crazy motherfucker that'll make the 'worst to first' thread for Buck-Tick

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. saishuu


      now I feel like doing one for B'z smh

    3. Tokage


      don't b'z have like 40 albums at this point?

    4. saishuu


      probably idk I lost track long ago

  2. cant wait for Diru to come through with their Rendezvous cover tbh
  3. absolutely here for these can't believe it took this long for Der Zibet to pop up on one of these though
  4. Tokage

    10 years ago we had steve dimlim, bob kizu and johnny sukekiyo
  5. Tokage

    Tried giving 300.000.000 by Blake Butler another chance cuz I dropped it partway through the first time around. I'm almost done with it this time but I've REALLY had to force myself through it at points. Sometimes there's some genuinely interesting and grotesque imagery sprinkled throughout and some of the ideas are certainly quite cool... but at the same time a significant chunk of the novel's text just reads like edgy schizo-tier word salad and it gets to a point where you just kinda feel your eyes glazing over when you spend more than a handful of pages on that kinda stuff... also the author really noticeably overuses certain words & metaphors - you can pretty much create a drinking game based on the number of times the author uses the words 'cream' or 'creamy' in some variety for instance.
  6. just stating my onion: masami tsuchiya.... underrated......

  7. Tokage

    that is definitely anisong garbage
  8. Bumping the thread just to say that two tracks off the upcoming album have been made available for purchase on bandcamp! Check 'em here
  9. ^ ''Yo visual kei is dying bro'' Anyway fuck. This sucks! They've had a stable lineup for AGES and truly felt like one of those dinosaur bands that would just keep trucking along forever. Fingers crossed they can maybe somehow pull some ex-Guruguru Eigakan members out of limbo 😕
  10. Tokage

    imagine checking one of those setlists and seeing [new song] written on there..........................
  11. tfw to inteligent for visual kei

  12. Tokage

    Seikima-II is quite clearly the superior glam-influenced metal band anyway t b q h
  13. Tokage

    this new dezert album sounds weird
  14. Tokage

    Bubblegum bass / pc music / whatever you wanna call it is absolutely hot fucking garbage
  15. didn't Yomi completely fuck up his voice at some point?
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