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  1. this is the weirdest april fools prank we've ever had btw props to the mod team for organizing this

    1. anadentone


      *acts innocent* mods? What mods? I don't know what yer talking about.

  2. imagine hating a place for being ''disrespectful'' and STILL coming back to it multiple times for some enigmatic reason instead of just starting your own utopian community... weird

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    2. Nighttime Jae

      Nighttime Jae

      I don't get this whole "there are worse things in the world right now", I'm from Italy, you think I don't know? Either way, to me it's just saddening that the main visual kei space on the internet is a playing field for bullies and holier-than-thou people that can't literally have a conversation without acting flippant. It's fun just for you and your cliques. Most people stick around for news and downloads and that's it. What a great legacy. I'm not around much, I'm just here sparingly to post updates on my favorite minor bands because otherwise no one would and that's pretty much it. I have no problem leaving, all I do is my duty not for the sake of this place, but for the bands I love and support. So here you go

    3. BrenGun


      If we would try harder, bands might would make their music much more easy to get. (So that we also can buy the actually music on a disk, via their own webshop)



      But as said before, I am only fuly against those uploads who are free to listen on spotify. the rest, well you gotta throw money to it and ya cannot support all artists that way. even if its cheap to get its still expensive.




      but anyway....

      Japanese really don't talk well about the overseas fandom. 

      and 90% of all uploads comes from here, so well...


      And we noticed, even if we can use spotify now, bands love love to release many live limited stuff which we don't know about or can't even get easy or for cheap...



      Do you get it.....?


      maybe if we act with a slight bit more respect to not upload every release without any pardon, that bands might would make ALL/MOST OFF  their music available worldwide.... or just interact a bit more freely with their oveeseas fandom too. Some bands are really locked.




      that's what I aim for...

      and that's not hypocritical.



      Just sad to see, that MH refuse any way of little change.



      Maybe not sharing anymore isn't the solution. But I still guess we could show some respect towards bands somehow...



      But anyway, hope you guys still will think about it somehow. 


      thats all I say, Amen.

      but I also understand your point... It's all just not simple.

    4. WhirlingBlack
  3. Tokage

    btw i sure as hell hope that everyone preaching the gospel of ''dude you gotta support my anime boys!'' has never ever bought any second-hand cds or downloaded any releases themselves because that would be extremely hypocritical and embarrassing for everyone👀
  4. Tokage

    Yes. Online sales platforms/streaming platforms so far have historically been unreliable as hell as Peace also already mentioned. Stuff might just be there one day and suddenly be gone the next for one reason or another. Plus there's also still the retarded practice of arbitrary region locking which we should really have moved past at this point.
  5. Tokage

    reminder that karma was the absolute best album they EVER made
  6. Tokage

    Okay so the previous album was just an accidental fluke or something because this mostly sounds like ass. Ameria's still one of the best tracks they've released over the past decade though
  7. Tokage

    Evilspeak - Seeing computer-related stuff from back in the early 80s always feels so surreal. Kinda makes me understand the whole obsession synthwave/vaporwave fans have with the aesthetic of that particular era. Anyway - the plot for this one's simple: bullied military academy student gets back at his tormentors using the power of SATANISM (channeled through a computer). I'll be real honest here - I kinda ended up not liking this one as much as I initially expected I would. Maybe it's just that the whole ''bullied nerd gets his revenge'' fantasy has been beaten to death at this point or maybe it's the fact that pretty much all of the characters were as flat as cardboard.. The occult-related bits were entertaining but I couldn't care less about all the other played out drama surrounding it. I'd personally say give this one a pass and just watch Clint Howard in Ice Cream Man instead as it's way more entertaining :^) As a side-note: The whole angle with the demonically influenced man-eating pigs made me wonder if this movie might've at least partially influenced Clive Barker's short story Pig Blood Blues... The Bloodstained Butterfly - A pretty okay giallo from the 70s. A young girl is found murdered and the father of the victim's best friend initially gets arrested for the crime. But are things really as they seem? What I liked about this one is that it seems to kind of emphasize the mystery and police procedural angle more than the sleaze and violence you might expect from other gialli. If you go into this one expecting the almost horror-oriented angle some of the entries in the genre tended to have then you'll end up sorely disappointed. Unfortunately the soundtrack for this one wasn't as much of a banger as usual for the genre.. I have to say that the photography was also a bit more lackluster than the usual giallo fare (though still serviceable). I'd say there are far better gialli to start with if you're new to the genre but if you're at the point where you've already seen all the big names and are still hungry for more then this'll do The Fifth Cord - Now THAT'S more like it! Yet another giallo from roughly around the same timespan as the previous one, but I enjoyed this one a lot more. The plot is (vaguely) similar to The Bloodstained Butterfly to the extent that both are about men being accused of murders they may or may not have committed, but The Fifth Cord takes it into a different direction. This one's definitely a bit more in line with the more slasher-esque entries within the genre at times, and it features some absolutely gorgeous visuals (the entire final sequence especially stands out with lots of cool shadow play and blue colors). Soundtrack for this one is nice as well. Would recommend.
  8. Tokage

    Been seeing some Dutch reports about corona samples also being found in wastewater.. Good shit. Presumably all the filtration it goes through before being recycled into tap water again should make it okay but still
  9. we're in the middle of a global pandemic and twitter ''activists'' still have the time to get mad over a fucking hat? amazing
  10. Tokage

    RIP to Stuart Gordon, who apparently passed away on March 24th Another absolute legend gone
  11. Tokage

    What's the deal with that 謎のカセットテープ cassette release? It seems to just be 5 different versions of 不均衡キネマ
  12. Tokage

    why did you photoshop kanye west's face on there? 😕
  13. Tokage

    Alucarda - That's the good shit. Satanic panic horror from the '70s that's just oozing with atmosphere. Very beautifully shot, the set design is amazingly well done and anyone who's into the atmospheric gothic horror stuff will surely love it just for the visuals alone. The plot itself is just the usual 'demonic corruption' stuff that's been done to death by now, but the somewhat dreamlike manner in which everything is presented makes it work anyway. There's the occasional bout of overacting that veers a bit too far into the 'too silly for its own good' territory, but overall this one's definitely well worth watching.
  14. Tokage

    Not so much an easter egg, but in the interview connected to 13 Shuuji namedrops J.G. Thirlwell's project Foetus in connection to one of the songs on the album. Makes me kinda curious to find out more about the musical stuff these dudes are into lol
  15. secret trick doctors don't want us to know about: current tour gets canceled due to corona and thereby forces the band to stay active for one more year :^)
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