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  1. Tokage

    This is basically stuff I've seen within the last... month or so Popcorn: Film students organize an all-night horror movie marathon, and of course a deranged killer's running around the theater offing people. I thought the killer's face stealing gimmick was cool. There were one or two aspects didn't make much sense to me (the killer seems to exhibit kind of supernatural ability at one point, but afterwards seems to be just an ordinary person), but overall this is just one of those casual Friday night entertainment-type movies. The movies the characters choose to screen within the film itself as part of their marathon are absolutely perfect spoofs of your typical b-movies. You can tell there was a lot of heart behind this one. Death Spa: Slick, hypermodern spa starts to malfunction, causing a trail of deaths and near-deaths. Could it be the work of a hacker or is it something else? The alternative title for the movie already kind of spoils what I ASSUME should have come as a surprise. This one is 100% in the 'so bad it becomes entertaining' camp. It's '80s all over, there's gratuitous nudity a plenty, some ridiculous deaths, questionable acting, and a plot that makes absolutely no fucking sense. That spa should've been shut down after the second person got seriously injured, but apparently laws work different within the film's universe. Bloodstained Shadow: Yet another one of those gialli wherein the main character travels to a somewhat secluded community with a dark past. Even though that might sound rather typical, it's definitely not a bad film by any stretch, and the plot presents an interesting mystery with the concurrent storylines of the main protagonist and his brother. There's lots of nice shots, as well as a couple of interesting kills, but casual fans of the giallo genre may end up feeling disappointed due to the fact that the movie isn't as trashy as some of the others of its kind. Cure: Yet another melancholic and eerie horror film by Kiyoshi Kurosawa. Between this one and Kairo, I feel like I may actually like this one more. It's yet another case where a movie that at first seems to be mostly realistic suddenly ends up having some minor events that appear to be supernatural by nature, but it's never really explicitly addressed in the film. Doesn't really matter too much, but it's just weird. The antagonist is really one of those "characters you love to hate" types. The Exorcist III: I've still never actually watched the original Exorcist, but maaaan... This is one of those rare cases where a horror sequel actually ends up being worthwhile. I watched the original version, not the director's cut, so I got the version with the studio-mandated exorcism scene forced in, but even despite the fact it's not exactly the director's 'true vision', this was good stuff. VERY atmospheric, and really excellent in terms of cinematography. There's just a lot of beautiful shots in here. The Serpent and the Rainbow: A fresh take on the zombie genre, at least at the time of its release. I know the whole voodoo zombie thing is essentially how zombie films started wayyy back in the day, but the voodoo-based zombies had mostly been shoved aside for the Romero-influenced shambling corpse variety by the late '80s. It delivers some creepy imagery here and there, and an engaging story too. The finale kind of almost goes a bit TOO over the top in contrast to the rest of the movie, but the practical effects are great, so I can't really be too mad about it Dressed to Kill: This is pretty much just a giallo film that wasn't made in Italy. It hits a lot of the same marks a typical Italian giallo would: high on sleaze, great cinematography, bullshit plot twists, attractive women, gruesome murder... If you're into giallo films at all, you kind of owe it to yourself to check this one out. Dead Ringers: It's '80s Cronenberg, so you already know it's good. Just a pair of twins doing goofy shit in the name of love.
  2. Tokage

    Since each track will be written by a different member, maybe this can be a good indicator of who's actually responsible for the shit changes in musical direction these guys have been taking lately :^) Also, that look makes them seem like bootleg power rangers or some shit
  3. Tokage

    I completely forgot they even went on hiatus in the first place
  4. what kind of fucking halloween costume thrift store look is this? i was never really into these guys musically, but they managed to pull off at least a couple of cool looks...
  5. i feel like i've listened to like.. less than 10 albums that actually came out this year

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    2. reminiscing2004


      I'm at 2. jaded forever

    3. Tokage


      i don't know if i should  just blame it on the fact that this year seems rather lacking in terms of stuff i'm actually hype for (both in terms of Japanese music and just generally speaking) or if it's just because i've been digging into older stuff too much

    4. Tokage


      but... this year genuinely does seem to somewhat be lacking in exciting new releases. 2016 and 2017 both had quite a fair amount of good stuff all over the world... i think i havent felt this disconnected from what's going on in the contemporary scene since like.. 2015

  6. Wonder when they'll make that sax player an honorary extra member, a good number of their songs recently seem to feature sax in the background... Also, I had trouble recognizing Cobalt at first based on the sample
  7. Based off the samples for '3' on Amazon, the tracks that were originally sung by Ao are now sung by Shuuji.
  8. "i dont know what's popular anymore in modern visual kei, here's us doing pretty much exactly what just about every semi-popular band nowadays is doing"
  9. Tokage

    but sweaty, i've been here all along
  10. Tokage

    These dudes seem to be trying so hard to get that Major Label Acknowledgement but it just doesn't seem to be working out
  11. Tokage

    It took 10 years to record because the members spent 10 years trying to learn english
  12. Tokage

    they deprogrammed Toshi from his weird cult thing for THIS.....
  13. Tokage

    This goes in my personal "top 5 worst sentences i've ever read in a music review"
  14. imo the world is long overdue for a The Blood Brothers reunion

  15. Tokage

    That opening track on the most recent album was actually really good, but so many of the other songs after that seem to be following these kind of typical 'neo-PTisms' that I'm honestly a little bit tired of by now.. I agree though, those two post-rock experiments were pretty good, and an indication of where they COULD go if they werent so... hesitant to go out of the comfort zone i guess?