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    did you know that even with seatbelts people die all the time in
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    car crashes? i thought that was interesting
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  1. Tokage

    Maybe he has one of those electronic drum kits?
  2. Tokage

    mainly been playing death road to canada in co-op mode lately, it's surprisingly fun tfw you will NEVER go on a zombie apocalypse road trip to canada with Jason & Garfield...
  3. Tokage

    analog instruments are for grandpas, synths are the future of music
  4. Tokage

    no ; )
  5. new The Novembers album titled 'Angels' apparently announced. . .

    1. plastic_rainbow


      sounds like another light album........

      well, looking forward to it nevertheless

  6. Tokage

    wew i might actually be getting my first commissioned art project soon? fingers crossed
  7. Tokage

    that cover art is absolutely AWESOME, anyone know who did it? the songs just seem like standard by the numbers kiryu at this point sadly, their gimmick is kind of starting to grow stale for me
  8. Tokage

    who's the 2nd man
  9. Tokage

    MIYAVI vs Samuel L. Jackson is literally the climax of Visual Kei as a whole
  10. Tokage

    CAUTIOUS OPTIMISM (i'm still hoping they'll one day release a cover (mini)album...)
  11. are there any other bands like la'veil mizeria and crucifixion currently active? 

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    2. Peace Heavy mk II

      Peace Heavy mk II

      it's because he uses a bunch of stupid accents in his name lmao


    3. Tokage


      oh this sounds p good too actually!

    4. merchenticneurosis



      Check out my channel for full Marvelous songs!

  12. Tokage

    GO TO WASH [3] anyway took them long enough! hoping this won't end up just being a singles compilation cuz there's always the danger of that kinda stuff happening, but otherwise this should be nice
  13. Tokage

    Yeah, the new album is pretty good! It might help that I haven't really listened to the previously released songs all that much, so they managed to still sound fresh even though some of the 'singles' are already kinda old
  14. Tokage

    so phase 2 was a tour and phase 3 is.... another tour? ok