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    did you know that even with seatbelts people die all the time in
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    car crashes? i thought that was interesting
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  1. Tokage

    i'm incredibly sure those are all jojo poses but i can't for the life of me remember which characters they're supposed to be imitating lol
  2. Tokage

    that's one FUCKING GOOD setlist.....
  3. is kyo actually able to sing ranunculus live yet?
  4. Tokage

    Night School: This is another one of those movies that fits in the 'very obviously giallo-inspired' category that also includes Dressed To Kill, The Eyes of Laura Mars, White of the Eye etc. It has the usual giallo staples: tits and ass, sleazy characters, extremely obvious red herrings and a series of outlandish killings committed by a figure in leather gloves. There's a handful of pretty cool and atmospheric sequences here (like the aquarium sequence and the one where the girl's being followed home from the diner for example) and the killer's black leather biker uniform is a simple but very effective choice. Overall I was pleasantly surprised, expected a lot less going in but it turned out to be quite entertaining. If you're a gore hound you might end up disappointed as most of the violence occurs off-screen, but otherwise this one's not bad at all.
  5. Tokage

    I stumbled onto some old MERRY tereko from like 2002 or so the other day and it has a track on it that I absolutely cannot identify - it's either an extremely early version of one of their songs that got reworked hard, a cover or some track they never ended up releasing. Doesn't help that it's simply titled 'NEW SONG' either lol
  6. Tokage

    Imai is s tarting to look more and more like some disheveled middle-aged cat lady as the years go by
  7. funny to think that  we are essentially all colonists in the beautiful & free nation of visualkei

  8. Tokage

    i cant believe the absolute madman got ''see you at my anniversary performance in june'' tattooed on his back like a tramp stamp fucking amazing
  9. VERY much enjoying those samples - god if only they woulda released this as '14' lmao
  10. Tokyo Shoegazer's dropping a new album... shoegaze bros... we eatin.....

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    2. Ada Suilen

      Ada Suilen

      The full thing is on YT!

       By the way does someone know if this came out on December? I am doing a monthly selection of albums for my blog and if I end to like it, I want to put it in the right month :-D

    3. Tokage


      i cant find any info on the release date other than a very vague ''2019'' 😕 its not even listed on discogs somehow

    4. Ada Suilen

      Ada Suilen

      Ok, thanks anyway!

  11. Tokage

    ''i'm sorry'' has never been more accurate jfc
  12. [western music journalist interviewing vk musician voice] BRO WERE U INSPIRED BY MARILYN MANSON

    1. Disposable


      "nah, never heard of him" *rips off beautiful people for the next album*

    2. Takadanobabaalien
    3. Ada Suilen

      Ada Suilen

      A journalist to Marilyn Manson: Have you ever heard of Buck-Tick, Auto Mod or Dead End?

      Only silence comes from him of course.

      Don't tell me mad, but I always thought that he took some inspiration from those acts such in a way...

  13. Tokage

    visual kei musicians really be peein out there in the comfort of their own home smh
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