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    did you know that even with seatbelts people die all the time in
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    car crashes? i thought that was interesting
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  1. Tokage

    The only thing mana smokes is fat goth doobies of primo quality cemetery w e e d
  2. Tokage

    Parental advisory: may lead to bankruptcy....
  3. why are 90s rock mvs so often like ''bandmembers playing in small square room(s) that barely fit them"

    1. fruitfork


      Small budgets aside it's probably to contain their undeniable sexual APPEAL and COOLNESS

    2. Tokage


      trapped in the sex cube

    3. Elazmus


      make band look BIG!

  4. i'm ready for sex on the beach to become canon.....
  5. deadman will be releasing a rerecording album somewhere in 2021........ :o 

    1. Jigsaw9



  6. Tokage

    shuuji is middle-aged: CONFIRMED
  7. Tokage

    sadly by seeing them live you won't get the ''let's just randomly pan over to a wall now'' ''ok now here's 7 minutes of my brother looking bored'' ''i'm real close to the screen now.... you can almost touch me'' experience...
  8. Tokage

    The song ''X'' is actually about how he got his tubes tied and Yoshiki insists on performing it every time just to assert his dominance
  9. Ao has somehow singlehandedly been responsible for the most powerful VK moments of 2020 so far. God bless corona

  10. jrock grandpas in the house say ''yeah''!!!!!!

    1. Jigsaw9


      *creaky Yoshiki voice* a-...arigato..

  11. forbidden genre concept: industrial enka (do not research)

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    2. nekkichi


      forbidden genré ~MH Edition~: cat piano japanoise

    3. Tokage




    4. nekkichi



      6:18 wheeeeeew



  12. i hate rym's dumb policy of making lists made by users whose accounts have been suspended inaccessible so much

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    2. Karma’s Hat

      Karma’s Hat

      at least you can easily see their charts by just typing the url 

    3. fruitfork


      Wat is your rym account name!! Also usually to get suspended you just need to be super obnoxious in the comment boxes next to releases, idk about the forums tho cus I never participate in that shit


      Also posting nudity or nbsm as your profile pictures can get you suspended but plenty of "bigger" accounts have those it so it's weird and random to me. 

    4. Tokage


      oh i don't actually have an acc there i just like to use the lists to discover new stuff lol

      makes sense that being a weirdo in the comments could get one banned. typically dont bother looking at those tbh (it seems that only more recent releases seem to even get comments in the shoutbox in the first place?)

  13. @Jigsaw9 indiretly predicted this in that one other thread. Looking forward to the next song after this one to be released in 2022
  14. Tokage

    They're apparently also playing with COSMO-SHIKI on 7/7. No idea if that'll be livestreamed as well but I certainly hope so:
  15. Tokage

    like yeast infection most likely
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