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  1. Recently watched Don't Torture A Duckling by Fulci. Overall, I can say that I quite enjoyed it. It felt somewhat darker than most gialli I've seen, and I like how it kind of explores a sort of 'xenophobia' theme. I can see why Fulci himself liked it as much as he did.. The rural setting was very nice, and the general plot was pretty engaging. The dub job, as with most giallo films, was fucking awful, but it's tolerable enough not to make me want to claw my ears out. Also, as with most giallo films I've seen, there were a couple of total "wtf?" scenes in this one.. THAT one near the beginning of the movie ranks high up there in the "shit directors would NEVER get away with in modern times" power rankings, and the dramatic zooms on Donald Duck's head near the end kinda ended up being more unintentionally funny than anything..
  2. New Chanty vs new Develop One's Faculties, which one wins?

    1. Zeus


      idk new dof was dope

  3. I hope that by ''jazz-style rearrangements'' they don't just mean ''typical vk 'jazzy' song", but considering it's cali gari, i'm assuming that won't be the case.. also lmao this is like the 2nd time Yuugatou and Kimi ga Saku Yama are getting re-recorded at this point
  4. oh fuck, i didn't see this thread existed... apologies. this fucking sucks man :/
  5. Alcohol and shitposting help if you need an acute and direct solution, but in the long term I also tend to try to start at least one or two weeks before the deadline if possible, so that i can afford to give myself some time to focus on myself / work for other classes as well and just slowly work my way towards the end goal. If it'd be like a 2000 word essay, say, I'd probably set a daily minimum word limit of around 250 words and then either stop/take a break or continue writing if I still feel like I'm in the flow. Either that, or just take a short 5 - 15 minute break every fifteen minutes while working, but make sure to be consistent with it.
  6. Suddenly remembered The Studs were actually a thing at some point, easily Aie's most forgettable project...

    1. nekkichi


      their first ablum and every single they released still slay rip daisuki

  7. complaining about people complaining about your faves is still the true essential vk noobcore
  8. so this is the power of kpop...
  9. "Ft. K vs Salatubbies" - STILL trying to figure out what the fuck Metronome meant with that title. . .

  10. how long has it been now since dada's last hissy fit breakdown?
  11. so that junji ito series turned out to be a huge fucking disappointment.. anime, never again

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    2. Chi


      glyceride was fucking hilarious

    3. Jigsaw9


      Sad to hear. I kinda dropped it after around ep 5-6 or so, and never had the will to continue watching. So...yeahhh.

    4. Lestat


      That’s why I’m watching all the 80’s and 90’s horror OVA’s and movies. 

  12. Hey, this is actually pretty good, think I'm gonna have to check the full album out once it drops.. I kinda feel like the overall aesthetics in the PV kiiinda fit the band better than those of Dogma. Also, as for the interpretation of that one line in the last couple of posts, it feels somewhat off to me as well, the only interpretation I'm getting out of it is something like 'We believe in ourselves [so that we may eventually die]'.
  13. i swear to god, this band has to be one of THE most extreme examples of bands just fucking up their own legacy entirely in music history
  14. i know they've already got their niche covered pretty well, but damn, i wish there were more japanese bands like polysics around

  15. how many years y'all think ryutaro's got left before his voice just gives out completely? it cant take much longer