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    did you know that even with seatbelts people die all the time in
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    car crashes? i thought that was interesting
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  1. Tokage

    that 2nd pic is actually a pic of their audience turnout during their coachella gig
  2. Tokage

    I Can't Love Myself sounds like the title for an Adele song or something tbh
  3. who tf are they hiring as their ghostwriter
  4. Let's hope they're postponing the CD release to make it into a proper album :^)
  5. Better than their last single imo... still feels really weird to hear them with (relatively) high production values though lol By the way, one of the banners on their OHP says something about a CD and the live on September 1st if I'm not wrong? Is it an announcement of some live dist. release or is it just connected to the new album?
  6. Tokage

    surprised this actually sounds good based on the sample... saw no fish heads though so the pv is automatically shit
  7. Tokage

    How many of those tracks are old ones? Tracks 2 and 6 were definitely released before, right?
  8. Wonder if the tracklists for the 2 albums will be entirely different, i'm assuming they most likely won't be cuz i'm not sure they have enough songs for that lol
  9. Tokage

    Honestly, from what i've seen based on the english translations scattered around, all of their lyrics have been pretty... bad. That first PV posted here (the one with the shironuri makeup) looks like it could've come from a mid-'00s angura band lol
  10. So I just rechecked the tracklists for those two COLLECTION albums, and it seems that the bonus disk indeed most likely must consist of new re-recordings, cuz 誤sick for instance doesn't appear on either of them, and MATSURI's only there as a live recording
  11. Tokage

    i actually like the middle one, but the other 3 are so, so bad...
  12. Sweet look, looking forward to the album too. By the way, haven't pretty much all the tracks on that bonus album been re-recorded on those COLLECTION albums they dropped before going on hiatus, or are there any new ones mixed in?
  13. usual fare indeed, but considering they carved out a pretty unique niche for themselves in the vk scene it's not bad. i dig it
  14. Tokage

    These guys have been on a roll for like at least 3 full-length albums' worth of material and they're somehow STILL going strong, i'm honestly impressed