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  1. So how much do we need to pay to have him put a cover of 神曲 『S・E・X』 on the album?
  2. Biopanda

    I wonder if LIKE AN EDISON would still have that CD in stock in the actual store. When I went there in 2012, they still had a sealed copy of a rather rare/obscure CD from 2001 just sitting on their shelves still.
  3. I didn't even think it'd be possible to be more hyped for this CD, but well... here we are.
  4. Biopanda

    Technically the band on youtube is the same one, though the only member from the original lineup is their vocalist GOD SAVE THE ELIZABETH (yes, that's really their name). As far as their music goes, the only other release I know of was their self-titled 2002 album
  5. Biopanda

    Everything they've released so far has been amazing, so I'm totally down for this.
  6. DANGER☆GANG just announced the details for their new full album "dell'amore", set to be released on 2018.11.04 for 3000 yen. This marks only the 2nd full album to be released in their 15+ year career. Tracklist: 01 beginning shot 02 create a furor 03 Night wanderer 04 蜜ごころ 05 Folie 06 エ・ゴ・イ・ズ・ム 07 ToWhIsPeR 08 believer 09 one 's future 10 Les liens Continuent…
  7. Biopanda

    wyse gettin' all that sponsorship $$$
  8. Biopanda

    They often don't show each time variation, but rather just a tape from each line (HF, HF-S, HF-ES etc). If you compare the designs of the various years though, you can see that they didn't use that sticker design until 85.
  9. Biopanda

    I do wonder if that tape is from when it says it was, whether officially or bootlegged. According to Vintage Cassettes, SONY didn't sell the tape with that design until 1985.
  10. If the set doesn't sell after a while, would you be willing to sell Born To Be Dead by itself?
  11. Biopanda

    Can't believe Juka horny on main
  12. Biopanda

  13. Less than 24 hours until RarezHut goes on hiatus! Make sure to get in your 50% off orders while you still can~

  14. Use the code MOVINGSALE for 50% off your order at RarezHut! The store is going on hiatus at the end of the month while we move to Illinois and work on the new-and-improved RarezHut 2.0, so get your orders in quick!