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  1. Apparently this band formed back in November of last year. You can find some short clips from their first concert on their drummer's twitter if you scroll down to Dec 17th https://twitter.com/Goichi_devils
  2. New X Japan album sounds p good https://open.spotify.com/album/3yLtTSbKnOqzF7cMcp9NFP


    1. WhirlingBlack


      So this is what the stolen TW funds went towards...

  3. A lot of people that I know tend to go with REAPER. There's a 60-day free trial with it, so you can have plenty of time to see if it works for you.
  4. www.rarezhut.net/stream/ RH $1 auction starting in a few min!

  5. There's still one more weekend to go! This weekend will be newer stuff(2005-present, where the Like an Edison VAs fall) on Saturday and then a random day to cover what we didn't get to on the other days. In the event that something doesn't sell by this Sunday, then we'll be posting a list of unsold items that people can make offers on.
  6. RarezHut's auction starts tomorrow! We've got tons of rare demotapes and other goodies this time around~!!

  7. https://goo.gl/TByu47 Item list for this month's RH auction is up!!

    1. xriko


      omg I would love the 音飴缶 V.A only for those ~If~+Dia+ tracks

    2. Biopanda


      It should be showing up this Sunday, so feel free to show up and bid ;3

  8. My hand and I are going to enjoy some fancy wine and chocolates
  9. Great to see カノン's members back again! The samples sound super promising, so I really hope they change to a formal band after the limited period is up.
  10. Will keep that in mind! We've only gotten a Masquerade tape once before, but it pretty much sold instantly.
  11. Yea XD I've been out of it today. Nothing like that, unfortunately. Given your collection though, I don't think there'd be much we'd be able to get that you don't already have lol
  12. There's actually 3 DEG items in that photo :v (ghoul DVD, Rinkaku ltd edition and The type of Deity tourbook) The item list for the auction isn't out yet since we're busy finalizing it, but there'll be a couple hundred items on there.
  13. Because I'm the #1 gazette stan
  14. Nice! Looking forward to any new material they'll (hopefully) put out.