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  1. Happy birthday, Liifu-hime~

  2. http://www22.big.or.jp/~yunisan/vi/cure.html AFAIK that should be the full release list, or at least I haven't seen anything from them that's not on there.
  3. Daaang these girls are as lovely as ever
  4. I guess I forgot to mention that my answer was very America-centric, because most, if not all, venues here won't even let you enter the venue with a bag, so you wouldn't even be able to coat check one. No idea if Cananda is that paranoid though.
  5. At almost all of the concerts I've been to outside of Japan, the merch table was (only) open after the concert, so I'd always just snag what I want on the way out and not worry about where to store it safely during the concert.
  6. Strangely enough, it's the complete opposite for me with the complaints that many people seem to have about VK. Back when I used to listen to symphonic metal, I would get burnt out really quickly due to many of the bands sounding familiar. VK is the only scene that I haven't been able to get burnt out on. That's probably because the VK scene itself is composed of a near limitless number of genres. Bored of nu-metal VK? I'll go listen to some shoegazey VK. When I get burnt out on that, I'll go listen to some electronic/chiptune VK. Once I've overdosed on that I can go and listen to poppy, danceable VK etc etc. The wide breadth of sounds and styles presented in the VK scene make me really wonder how people are able to get bored with it unless they only listen to like 2 bands.
  7. Not sure if any of them exist anymore, since I know they did have a myspace and stuff back in the day but took them down. If you wanted to do some investigating though, the band's name was Chiklo.
  8. Such a shame to finally see them going I first found out about them from a Sugar cover band that most of their members were in, and had followed them since. Real shame that almost all of their stuff was live-limited :/
  9. Took a spooky night video of my new rig. Dual GTX 1080s in SLI, i7-5820k, 40 GB of Corsair Dominator ram (though windows is acting kinda buggy and only detecting 32), and more HDDs than is probably sane (3TB in SSDs, 8TB in mechanical) all slapped on an ASUS R5E in a Lian-Li DK-04 desk case. This thing really powers the fuck out of some spreadsheets because I never have time to play games :'3
  10. Rest in peace my sweet and pure children :'( Crossing my fingers that they'll form another new band together and pretend they just met for the first time again.