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  1. Biopanda

    They had 5 albums and a few minis, I believe. The best thing about the band though was that their vocalist went on to start this wild band afterwards which is probably one of the best ex-VK bands ever
  2. Biopanda

    i swear to f ucking god this better not be a one-time thing
  3. Biopanda

    I think we can all agree: Yohio fucks.
  4. Y'all can't deny the raw power exuded at 2:07.
  5. The theme for this one is kurofuku-kei, according to his twitter.
  6. Biopanda


    drama-sama 😍😍
  7. RarezHut is back! Head over to www.rarezhut.net to check out the new site, new stock and new rewards ❤️

  8. Biopanda

    I don't know if "struggling" is the right word for them. They seem to be really content just doing what they do and enjoying that. I think it's pretty clear at this point that they certainly aren't in it for the money.
  9. Biopanda

    I know they have a record label (ZMF), but I've never heard about them having a recording studio.
  10. Biopanda

    The booklet says it was recorded at Narciss, so I think it actually was recorded live lol
  11. Biopanda

    Y'all can thank me later for delivering the best VK album on Spotify.
  12. I made a video unboxing a HUGE haul of Gallo rarez a few days ago https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ODSKWqee9Xw

  13. Biopanda

    That store shut down a while back due to the owner's health issues, so unfortunately you can't order from there at all.
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