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  1. If the set doesn't sell after a while, would you be willing to sell Born To Be Dead by itself?
  2. Biopanda

    Can't believe Juka horny on main
  3. Biopanda

  4. Less than 24 hours until RarezHut goes on hiatus! Make sure to get in your 50% off orders while you still can~

  5. Use the code MOVINGSALE for 50% off your order at RarezHut! The store is going on hiatus at the end of the month while we move to Illinois and work on the new-and-improved RarezHut 2.0, so get your orders in quick!

  6. Isn't this like the 4th VK band called Ballad? Very inventive :v
  7. Biopanda

    Is this Sana 2.0?
  8. Y'all wild, TAMA is an amazing vocalist ;/
  9. Biopanda

    The Gokusai Film DVD has a making of the PV for Eternity (the PV itself was released in a 2 DVD set along with the PV for Tokimeki MERIKURI). As for the Sadie DVD, it's got a long comment as well as a live-style PV for the song Dress.
  10. Biopanda

    He doesn't upload very often, but I enjoyed the bit of VK-related content that this guy puts out
  11. Biopanda

    Got some sweet old La:sadie's photosets and magazines they were featured in 👍
  12. Biopanda

    They remind me kind of Kameleo, actually. Not that I'm gonna complain there of course.
  13. Biopanda

  14. Biopanda

  15. Biopanda

    It was me. I was the doll all along. I was just trying to get you to notice me, Tokage-senpai