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  1. The theme for this one is kurofuku-kei, according to his twitter.
  2. Biopanda


    drama-sama 😍😍
  3. RarezHut is back! Head over to www.rarezhut.net to check out the new site, new stock and new rewards ❤️

  4. Biopanda

    I don't know if "struggling" is the right word for them. They seem to be really content just doing what they do and enjoying that. I think it's pretty clear at this point that they certainly aren't in it for the money.
  5. Biopanda

    I know they have a record label (ZMF), but I've never heard about them having a recording studio.
  6. Biopanda

    The booklet says it was recorded at Narciss, so I think it actually was recorded live lol
  7. Biopanda

    Y'all can thank me later for delivering the best VK album on Spotify.
  8. I made a video unboxing a HUGE haul of Gallo rarez a few days ago https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ODSKWqee9Xw

  9. Biopanda

    That store shut down a while back due to the owner's health issues, so unfortunately you can't order from there at all.
  10. Hi, You have or owned that Like an Edison 2018 HAPPY NEW YEAR MESSAGE DVD, right?

    I wonder if the RIZU is on that disk is Kousai Ravel or if the RIZU is a different RIZU.

    From what I remember king zeebra never announced info about that they where on that DVD...


    I hope someone can confirm this.


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    2. BrenGun


      Do you have the DVD?

      Any screenshot is fine, I don't need video. 

      because if it are really them, I will also add the DVD on their website. 


      I did check king zeebra blog, but there is nothing about that they joined such DVD.

    3. Biopanda


      No idea, but here's a screencap of them


    4. BrenGun


      thanks, but yes it's them o(^o^)o


  11. So how much do we need to pay to have him put a cover of 神曲 『S・E・X』 on the album?
  12. Biopanda

    I wonder if LIKE AN EDISON would still have that CD in stock in the actual store. When I went there in 2012, they still had a sealed copy of a rather rare/obscure CD from 2001 just sitting on their shelves still.
  13. I didn't even think it'd be possible to be more hyped for this CD, but well... here we are.