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  1. i can't believe takken is fucking dead His blood sacrifice was worth it to resurrect Eiji-kun tho #bless
  2. Excuse me, but this isn't the "Best Jrock CD Cover" thread.
  3. yessssssss
  4. Given that he's been doing solo lives for a while now and they've seem to have gone over just fine, I think most of the hate is isolated to 2 girls on tanuki and a handful of salty overseas peeps XD
  5. Are you sayin' that BABOO wasn't already art-kei?
  6. Waiting for the next band to top this by promoting an upcoming single with news of a member dying.
  7. Arrested by force? That wording makes it sound like whatever he did was a lot more serious than the other naughty bandomen of late...
  8. Pretty disappointed by the lineup tbh :< I was thinking of planning my Japan trip around that time when this was first mentioned, but for a supposed "matina memorial event" the bands they got are super lackluster. Did Kisaki-sama lose all of his good will with bandomen and as a result was only able to pull together a measly 1 band to have a 1-day revival? (Not counting Vasalla since they they've been semi active for the past couple years)
  9. http://www.rarezhut.net/stream pregaming with THE SKULL FUCK REVOLVERS~

  10. http://www.rarezhut.net/stream $1 auction stream is live!

  11. I know there's been a couple smaller MH meetups in Finland over the years, but I don't think there's ever been anything officially organized? Monochrome Heaven Cruise when????
  12. Almost ready to start over at www.rarezhut.net/stream/ !!

  13. tbf 2011 was fucking wild
  14. I was just reminded that this exists and I feel bad now