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  1. Biopanda

    That's a huge shame I was hoping to catch them live next year, but I guess that aint happenin'
  2. Biopanda

    finally a band for me
  3. Biopanda

    Just got back from vacation to find NUL.’s live-limited single and shirt waiting for me 💜
  4. Biopanda

    La Rêve du Fleur - pride of sorrow
  5. We finally got the Yoshiki announcement we've been waiting for! EBdbmiWU8AIK9v0?format=png&name=900x900

    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. SubThatSong


      Huh, so it really is legit. I honestly laughed even more because of that

    3. Takadanobabaalien


      we stan an alcoholic queen 

    4. Arkady


      I can totally see Yoshiki going in *cough*Italy-France-California*cough*, picking every single bunch of grapes to make *HIS* wine.

  6. Biopanda

    Just a small selection from the collection that just arrived in the mail today. I'm too lazy to take a photo of the rest rn, but couldn't resist with all these DEZERT goodies.
  7. The tracklist for the new album is query ミルク さめざめ アンビバレント ワールド プロポーズ 前戯 透明ゆえに色を選べずに あなたに 君は、アジテーター (order currently undecided) Afaik they're all new songs, which is pretty exciting!
  8. Biopanda

    My favorite truly obscure band would be Ayane (formerly known as 彩音 before the vocalist went solo) While 彩音 released a couple singles and a minialbum, they weren't exactly impossible to find. On the other hand, Ayane had two singles limited to 20 copies each as well as a full album that probably only exists in the single digits at best. I nearly wouldn't believe that the album even existed at all if I didn't see a single trader with it on their list (though they absolutely refused to trade it for anything, so it very well could have been a fake listing).
  9. Biopanda

    Were they just trolling us?
  10. Biopanda

  11. Biopanda

    Just gonna slide this on over And yes the quality was that bad/blurry on the actual DVD.
  12. Biopanda

    They had 5 albums and a few minis, I believe. The best thing about the band though was that their vocalist went on to start this wild band afterwards which is probably one of the best ex-VK bands ever
  13. Biopanda

    i swear to f ucking god this better not be a one-time thing
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