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  1. TakaGacktHyde

    akatsuki was the shit and i loved how shou had a lip ring and wore shorts back then.
  2. TakaGacktHyde

    i've been a vk fan since 05. my first fave is still alice nine, gin no tsuki kuroi hoshi and akatsuki was the shit. after sleepwalker i just kinda dabble now. and the gazette is my eternal fave ever since i heard filth in the beauty. ruki still gets my fangirl heart all tingly. right now though im still stalking d and unite. asagi is my eternal bias ever since sleeper. and i loved the shit out of shiina mio in canzel so unite was a given.
  3. TakaGacktHyde

    kisaki just needs to do us all a favor and retire. after phantasmagoria disbanded it all went down hill.
  4. totally in a hiddlestoner mood today ^^

  5. my obsession is kamijo and asagi. but i have a thing for ruki and uruha. but as for my eternal bias it's tm revolution, gackt , and hyde. my whole obsession with japanese music started with watching rurouni kenshin on toonami when i was nine. and tm revolution sang the 3rd ending. after that the rest is history.
  6. TakaGacktHyde

    i totally called it. man my fangirl feels are over the top right now. i knew their hiatus wasn't forever. and after hearing about them leaving jupiter i had a feeling this was going to happen. all i can say is VIVA VERSAILLES ^^
  7. TakaGacktHyde

    phantasmagoria clearveil canzel dolly d'espairsray dio
  8. TakaGacktHyde

    i love them both. i have more mago than vidoll on my ipod. but i'd still choose vidoll simply because im a rametan fangirl.
  9. TakaGacktHyde

    NOOO?!?! WHY GOD WHY?!?! lol jk, man this sucks major balls though. i've loved yukimi since canzel and he was EPIC on the drums. and i don't even wan't to even think about them disbanding.
  10. really ppl, minase is the oldest son in an asian family. it his responsibility as the eldest to run the family business. he's under alot of pressure and probably has no choice in the matter. they have a very strict culture that involves familial responsibility unfortunately. im gonna miss him like crazy, he was a totally bitchin drummer imo.
  11. TakaGacktHyde

    HOLY SHIT, sui and misery in the line up im sold. am i the only one feeling like this is megaromania version 2? kisaki is a genius to have them join. megaromania was the most popular ucp band.
  12. they've basically screwed themselves 0-0
  13. TakaGacktHyde

    im not surprised at all. they've really been lacking for awhile.
  14. TakaGacktHyde

    my fave are: Versailles - ascendead master and the revenant choir D - 7th rose, Birth, tightrope, and Namonaki Mori no Yumegatari Matenrou Opera - mou hitori no hanayome and Kassai to Gekijou no Gloria the GazettE - distress and coma and the invisible wall Nightmare - gianizm 10 and mimic Alice Nine. - cross game shadowplay these are my go to songs for them ^^
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