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  1. babyruby911

    While I dont have the pic, and i dont know the name of the artist. I do remember seeing this one really cool pic of a boy and a girl standing side by side in like wolf outfits. I really wish i could remember the name of the band...
  2. I wanted to talk about the new MH Exclusive thing were implementing and im not going to lie i really love the idea of it. I love the idea of building a more consistent and more loyal site base. But my question is if were taking it a little bit to far with the whole post here and ill send you the link in a message thing. Like i said i love the idea of making our stuff exclusive to MH but i think that doing it that way makes much more of a hassle then is necessary.
  3. I freaking love their releases so far so looking forward!!
  4. babyruby911

    love ya Lily!
  5. babyruby911

    Can i request some dog in the pwo, if you arnt to busy?
  6. babyruby911

    Thank you so much Lily!!
  7. babyruby911

    Thank you whenever it is convienent for is fine
  8. babyruby911

    Can I request some Aicle since they are disbanding?
  9. babyruby911

    well since youve heard it how was it?
  10. It would really just make my life easier
  11. babyruby911

    Is paypal all you would take?
  12. babyruby911

    Ho much for the boogieman and the and flyer's?
  13. babyruby911

    Looking for someone to go through the challenge of helping me get through all the spec ops on veteran for ps3 PM if you wanna help
  14. babyruby911

    Well if i did have to choose a member to leave it would be leon but damn still a bitch to see him go.
  15. babyruby911

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