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  1. sugibo

    disappointed. the whole album is boring to me, nothing new nothing interesting nothing impact. everything is so formulaic, i've hear the same breakdown and melody for million times. a random metal band can do better than this. i expected more from them. maybe i just lost my interested in vk band.
  2. sugibo

    it is a song by INORAN and SHINYA
  3. i bet the 3 rerecorded are 腐海 / THE ⅢD EMPIRE / Beautiful Dirt
  4. sugibo

  5. sugibo

    so good...
  6. ^maybe music collection = best album
  7. sugibo

    not bad, more dadaroma than dadaroma
  8. sugibo

    so any of them is the original member?
  9. sugibo

    lol, he is genius.
  10. i can't believe this is the same guy when i listen "flowering".
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