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  1. Shaolan974

    New look for their new tour :
  2. Shaolan974

    CHIC BOY Gu. Airu will depart after their last at 2020/02/26 at SHIBUYA REX
  3. Shaolan974

    First Act : his live-limited / webshop-limited new single "Gothculture -Nightimage-" will be released at 2020/04/29 (3 songs, 2200yen) Second Act : his live-limited / webshop-limited new single "Gothculture -断章-" will be released at 2020/05/27 (3 songs, 2200yen)
  4. Shaolan974

    [CD tracklist] 1. ULTIMA 2. XERO 3. BARRIER 4. EROS 5. ALLERGIE 6. IDOL 7. ZINNIA 8. IN THIS ERA 9. RUDENESS 10. MACHINE 11. ASTER 12. EUREKA [CD2 traclist] * deluxe edition only Instrumental CD1 [Blu-Ray tracklist] * deluxe edition only ・「XERO」MUSIC VIDEO ・「XERO」MUSIC VIDEOメイキング映像 ・[XV]act:1 –XV BIRTHDAY- SHADOWS ONLY 19.12.27 NAGOYA CLUB QUATTROライブ映像収録予定 [DVD tracklist] * limited edition only ・「XERO」MUSIC VIDEO ・「XERO」MUSIC VIDEOメイキング映像
  5. DADAROMA vs DADAROMA 2MAN LIVE at 2020/02/19 at Takadanobaba AREA
  6. Shaolan974

    Wow that's a lot seriously...
  7. Shaolan974

    2000yen for 3 songs from an unknown singer... yeah !
  8. The Guzmania 3-month consecutive singles will be released as follow : 2020/03/18 "prayer" 2020/04/15 "アラベスク" (Arabesque) 2020/05/06 "Unknown Title" they will hold their 1st oneman "ぐずの御祝い" at 2020/05/05 at Ikebukuro BLACK HOLE
  9. Shaolan974

    Indeed. 息のできる死骸 is one of their best song ! and 銃声 is really good too.
  10. umbrella 10th anniversary new look has been revealed they will hold their 10th anniversary oneman live "Chapter.10「心に傘を」" at 2020/03/14 at Misono Universe
  11. Shaolan974

    Blu-BiLLioN last oneman live "蒼" will be held at 2020/08/30 at TSUTAYA O-EAST
  12. their new album "不夜城エデン" (Fuyajou Eden) will be released at 2020/04/29
  13. Shaolan974

    [CD tracklist] 01. 「1%」 02.同じ未来 (Onaji Mirai) 03.生きる理由は君だった (Ikiru Riyuu wa Kimidatta) [TYPE B only]
  14. Shaolan974

    it's not ?
  15. [tracklist] Tr.1 ショウジョノユメ-Instrumental- (Shoujo no Yume) Tr.2 優しさの箱 (Yasashisa no Hako) Tr.3 弱虫クエスト (Yowamushi Quest) Tr.4 City girl Tr.5 ×回目の春 (Eme no Haru) Tr.6 シャングリラ(Shngrila) Tr.7 宇宙と海月 (Uchuu to Kurage) Tr.8 見世物小屋グランギニョル (Misemonogoya Grand Guignol) Tr.9 負け犬の遠吠え (Makeinu no Touboe) Tr.10 innocent Tr.11 Call me QUEEN Tr.12 PARANOIA
  16. 摩天楼オペラ (Matenrou Opera) new mini-album "Chronos" will be released at 2020/04/22 (2 types) Limited edition will include CD and DVD (2800yen) Regular edition will include CD only (2000yen) they will hold their oneman live tour "Chronos TOUR 2020" since 2020/05/06 at Tokyo Kinema Club to 2020/07/24 to Shinjuku BLAZE
  17. Mr.ChickenHat Timers new album "ATRANTIS" will be released at 2020/03/18 (3300yen) [tracklist] 01. ミラーボール 02. Melody Maker 03. アンドロメダ 04. Chameleon girl 05. 真夏の雨 06. Heaven's Door 07. 水色 08. CAT STREET 09. 珊瑚の橋で 10. Over
  18. Shaolan974

    New band from Nagoya "MeltyFate" has formed [members] Vo.xx Gt.xx Ba.xx Dr.xx they will hold their 1st live "Reason to Dream" at 2020/04/07 at Imaike CLUB 3STAR https://twitter.com/official_m_f
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