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  1. Orokashi Ryuu no Yume was surprisingly good. I don't like that kind of generic D... =\
  2. Magistina Saga new maxi-single "Brand New World" will be released at 2018/07/04 (3 songs, 1296yen, limited to 1000) [tracklist] 01. C.a.W 02. Resolve 03. The future
  3. Shaolan974

    it's weird that their new single is untitled
  4. Shaolan974

    TYPE A (1944yen) will include CD (2 songs) and DVD including "夏風" (Natsuaze) PV+OFFSHOT TYPE B & C (1620yen each) will include CD (3 songs) only [tracklist] 1. 夏風 (Natsukaze) 2. 星の葬列 (Hoshi no Souretsu) 3. カルマ (Karma) [TYPE B only] 3. 正直者は馬鹿を見る(Shoujikimono wa Baka wo Miru) [TYPE C only]
  5. umbrella live DVD "傘が生まれた日" (Kasa ga Umareta Hi) will be released at 2018/06/04 (4630yen) it will include scenes of their oneman live "傘が生まれた日" (Kasa ga Umareta Hi) at 2018/03/14 at TSUTAYA O-WEST [tracklist] 01.スロウレイン 02.Frontier 03.スカイフィッシュ 04.「月」 05.WALK 06.ヨルノカーテン 07.軽薄ナヒト 08.アンドロイドと果実 09.Labo 10.SCAB 11.Witch? 12.永久地図 13.東へ 14.アラン 15.「管」 16.Door
  6. Shaolan974

    [Limited edition tracklist] 01.とろける♪ジャンパリ↑↑ (Torokeru♪Janpari↑↑) 02.ギャングマーチ (Gang March) 03.Merry-Merry-Merry-Go!!-Round☆ 04.MARMOT 05.踊らされた人生 (Odorasareta Jinsei) 06.ONE 07.蒼の砂時計 (Ao no Sunadokei) 08.オコサマジック (Okosa Magic) 09.マドモアゼル (Mademoiselle) 10.等身大Dreamer(Rerecording Ver.2018) (Toushindai Dreamer) DVD.ギャングマーチ (Gang March) (PV) [Regular edition CD tracklist] 01.Merry-Merry-Merry-Go!!-Round☆ 02.オコサマジック (Okosa Magic) 03.MARMOT 04.とろける♪ジャンパリ↑↑ (Torokeru♪Janpari↑↑) 05.踊らされた人生 (Odorasareta Jinsei) 06.ギャングマーチ (Gang March) 07.マドモアゼル (Mademoiselle) 08.ナナイロ (Nanairo) 09.ONE 10.蒼の砂時計 (Ao no Sunadokei) 11.等身大Dreamer(Rerecording Ver.2018) (Toushindai Dreamer)
  7. Shaolan974

    release a first album as a best-album doesn't mean they will disband. Many bands did that.
  8. Shaolan974

    they will resume activities at their 2-day oneman live "MUCC 2018 ~復活の夜~ The WALL-CRIMEorDESTROY-" at 2018/05/21-22 at Zepp Tokyo
  9. Shaolan974

    I have the feeling that their first album will be a best album...
  10. Shaolan974

    great !
  11. SHIN (ex-ViViD) new digital single "GLAMOROUS SKY" will be released at 2018/05/21
  12. lynch. new Blu-Ray "OFFICIAL BOOTLEG lV「THE JUDGEMENT DAY 」2017.4.18 at SHINKIBA STUDIO COAST" will be released at 2018/05/23. It will be fanclub-limited (5556yen)
  13. Cool... I guess This is the look for the new single ? I hope it's not because it's their ugliest look !
  14. Leetspeak monsters new album "Monster’s Theater" will be released at 2018/07/11 (2 types) ゴシック盤 (Gothic-ban) (3400yen) will include CD (14 songs) and DVD including "Wonderland" PV and offshot ファンタジー盤 (Fantasy-ban) (3100yen) will include CD (14 songs) only [ゴシック盤 (Gothic-ban) tracklist] 1.Wonderland(新曲) 2.Welcome to Grave Town 3.Cheeky devil 4.mind control 5.Thunderman 6.Black Cat(Midnight Cat Remix) 7.Jack 8.The wizard said laughing 9.What do you want? 10.Oh, Eliza 11.Crimson Sky 12.Checkmate 13.Turn off the radio! 14.The world is unfair [ファンタジー盤 (Fantasy-ban) tracklist] 1.Dawn song(新曲) 2.Night at the museum 3.Sweet Nightmare 4.Black Cat 5.Dance Dance 6.Dead man’s Love 7.Witch’s House 8.Eat the moon 9.Devour weak self 10.Ghost behind you 11.Good night, moon light 12.Love in the Dark 13.Red-nosed Pierrot 14.Here the march of the ghost