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  1. DADAROMA vs DADAROMA 2MAN LIVE at 2020/02/19 at Takadanobaba AREA
  2. Shaolan974

    Wow that's a lot seriously...
  3. Shaolan974

    2000yen for 3 songs from an unknown singer... yeah !
  4. The Guzmania 3-month consecutive singles will be released as follow : 2020/03/18 "prayer" 2020/04/15 "アラベスク" (Arabesque) 2020/05/06 "Unknown Title" they will hold their 1st oneman "ぐずの御祝い" at 2020/05/05 at Ikebukuro BLACK HOLE
  5. Shaolan974

    Indeed. 息のできる死骸 is one of their best song ! and 銃声 is really good too.
  6. umbrella 10th anniversary new look has been revealed they will hold their 10th anniversary oneman live "Chapter.10「心に傘を」" at 2020/03/14 at Misono Universe
  7. Shaolan974

    Blu-BiLLioN last oneman live "蒼" will be held at 2020/08/30 at TSUTAYA O-EAST
  8. their new album "不夜城エデン" (Fuyajou Eden) will be released at 2020/04/29
  9. Shaolan974

    [CD tracklist] 01. 「1%」 02.同じ未来 (Onaji Mirai) 03.生きる理由は君だった (Ikiru Riyuu wa Kimidatta) [TYPE B only]
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