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  1. Here we go with dozens of shitty PV and LIVE DVD-R !
  2. Why I always read "Vaginal Blood" ? :'(
  3. Regular release date is 2017/09/13
  4. Because of the uncommon release date (not Wenesday like everything sold through regular stores) and they will have a mini oneman live at the same date
  5. it will be sold at their mini-oneman "sinks into the horizon #1" at 2017/09/02 at Ikebukuro RUIDO K3.
  6. Maybe Taji is ex-Decoration☆Boys (support) → DROSERA OBLAAT, Louder, SPUN! ?
  7. And their is ARCHEMI. too but they are smaller I guess
  8. New members have joined DIEALO btw
  9. Correct title is "Jou no Ka" 「情ノ華/朧月夜」 (読み方:じょうのか (Jou no Ka/おぼろづきよ(Oborozukiyo))
  10. their best-album "二〇〇七~二〇一七" (2007~2017) will be released at 2017/12/16 (3 types) TYPE A (4000Y) will include 2CD, DVD, 52-page booklet and special package TYPE B (3500Y) will include 2CD, DVD, 32-page booklet TYPE C (3000Y) will include 2CD and 32-page booklet [CD1] 01.獅噛ミ桜 02.アナザーサイド 03.紫蝕 04.最後ノ恋 05.朱ク散ル僕ノ蒼 06.月ノ姫 07.花魁譚 08.明鏡止水 09.雨夜ニ笑エバ 10.別レ日和ハ仄カニ染マル 11.屡流 12.夢幻鳳影 13.鬼祭 14.叫声 [CD2] 01.灯 02.朱花艶閃 03.悦ト鬱 04.愛怨忌焔 05.アカイミハジケタ 06.暁歌水月 07.天照 08.九尾 09.泡沫 10.彩 11.百鬼夜行 12.月下美人 13.私ハ傀儡、猿轡ノ人形 [PV DVD] 月ノ姫 花魁譚 明鏡止水 雨夜ニ笑エバ 別レ日和ハ仄カニ染マル 屡流 夢幻鳳影 鬼祭 叫声 灯 朱花艶閃 悦ト鬱 愛怨忌焔 アカイミハジケタ 暁歌水月 天照 九尾 泡沫 彩 百鬼夜行 アマテラス 月下美人 私ハ傀儡、猿轡ノ人形 they will hold their oneman tour "陰陽朧華" since 2017/11/01 at TSUTAYA O-EAST to their 2-day oneman live at 2017/12/27-28 at ZEPP TOYKO
  11. too much originality here. Come on guys.
  12. [CD tracklist] 1.Mr.GONG 2.MIMIC 3.replica
  13. I like their music so far but I was more impressed by Amber bullet and The 3rd Birthday. I hope...more from them.