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  1. Bräymen new mini-album "lost park" will be released at 2020/08/12 (2200yen) [tracklist] 01. Utopia 02. KaraKuri 03. Palette 04. OverHeat 05. Haze
  2. quite good, it sounds like Phantasmagoria sometimes
  3. umbrella Vo&Gt. 唯 (Yui) project solo "LOKI" has been formed and self remake album "独創" (Dokusou) will be released at 2021 spring [tentative tracklist] ユキノシロ 葬りの詩 二重影 虚空の部屋 逆さ指輪 シュラノミチ フォトグラフ レジスタンス 夢追い人 LoseR 真夜中衛星 荊 カナリア 遠い旅路
  4. 2017, a rock band called "AMAZE" has been formed with Gt.riku. and Dr. TAiKi 2018, Vo. Kyosuke joined the band 2019/09 their 1st Full Album "Re:sist" has been released 2020, Ba. Toyo joined the band 2020/07, the band name was changed to "リメイズ" (Remaze) 2020/09 the will start their visual activities their first single "REDEMPTION" will be released digitally at 2020/09 [tracklist] 1.REDEMTION. 2.résistance 3.リライト
  5. ユナイト (UNiTE.) 5-month consecutive digital singles will be released for their 10th anniversary as follow : 07/31 "NASTY_Q_APRI?" (produced by LiN) 08/28 "さよならユーフォリア" (Sayonara Euphoria) 09/00 Title not yet finalized 10/00 Title not yet finalized 11/00 Title not yet finalized
  6. Angelo new album (title not yet finalized) will be released at 2020/11/11 (10 songs) their new live DVD/Blu-Ray "Angelo Acoustic Live circuit & Streaming「NEOPHASE Ⅲ – The quantum method -」" will be released through their webshop since 2020/10/03 and will be delivered at 2020/10/23 (Blu-Ray: 11600yen / DVD: 9600yen)
  7. ダウト (D=OUT) new digital single "君を想ふ" (Kimi wo Omou) will be released at 2020/08
  8. Why ? It's not that bad !
  9. the THIRTEEN new webshop-limited unplugged single "SILENCE VOLUME ⅡI" will be released at 2020/08/05 (1500yen) [tracklist] 1.Lament 2.BITES THE BLACK 3.白昼夢
  10. INORAN new album "Libertine Dreams" will be released at 2020/09/30 (3 types) Deluxe edition (12000yen) will include CD (10 songs), Blu-ray (music video), 28-page photobook and will be in a LP-size box Limited edition (4800yen) will include CD (10 songs) and Blu-Ray (music video) Regular edition (3000yen) will include CD (10 songs) only
  11. Shaolan974

    Addictive song !
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