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  1. Its a event, the most famous event of Danger Crue Records. Fans are not there only for CLOWD.
  2. DIEALO Gt.巡(jun), Ba.那莉(nari) & Dr.虚珀‏(haku) will depart after their live at HOLIDAY OSAKA at 2017/06/29, and Vo.鳴(naru) & Gt.晶(aki) expect that the band will continue activities with new members
  3. defspiral new maxi-single "PHANTOM" will be released at 2017/06/07 (2 types) Limited edition (1944Y) will include CD and DVD Regular edition (1620Y) will include CD only
  4. D new maxi-single "Dark fairy tale" will be released at 2017/06/28 (4 types) TYPE A (1944Y) will include CD (4 songs) and DVD including "Dark fairy tale" PV and Making TYPE B (1944Y) will include CD (4 songs) and booklet TYPE C (1280Y) will include CD (4 songs) TYPE D (1620Y) will include CD (3 songs) and sticker they will hold their oneman live "Dark fairy tale ~The midsummer night’s Dream~" at 2017/06/21 at Shinjuku BLAZE they will hold their oneman live tour "Dark fairy tale" since 2017/07/21 at Sendai CLUB JUNK BOX to their tour final oneman live at 2017/08/29 at AKASAKA BLITZ
  5. ゴールデンボンバー(GOLDEN BOMBER) Vo. 鬼龍院翔(Kiryuuin Shou) cover album "オニカバー90’s" (Oni Cover 90's) will be released at 2017/05/24 (CD+DVD, 2500Y) [CD tracklist] 01.それが大事 02. 夏の日の1993 03, 愛は勝つ 04. 世界が終るまでは… 05. 何も言えなくて…夏 06. ズルい女 07. 君がいるだけで 08. I LOVE YOU 09. どんなときも。 10. チェリー 11. 君のいちばんに… 12. 壊れかけのRadio 13. ラブ・ストーリーは突然に [Bonus Track] 14. 渋谷で5時 [DVD tracklist] 01.夏の日の1993 02.ズルい女 03.何も言えなくて…夏 04.壊れかけのRadio 05.どんなときも。 06.それが大事 07.ラブ・ストーリーは突然に 08.I LOVE YOU
  6. Old songs but only those who were composed by Riku himself I think
  7. "Succubus" was...awful. I wonder what Riku wants to do... he always composes weird stuff but this time.... arrrgh Setlist for their 1st anniversary at 2017/04/22 at Ikebukuro EDGE M-01.棘咎 M-02.閃光 M-03.シュガァパウダー M-04.リビドー M-05.the room 4 play M-06.under world M-07.鱗粉 M-08.Marigold M-09.忌際 M-10.深紅に揺らめく、儚き鶺鴒 M-11.killing advisory M-12.desperate M-13.唯 M-14.trickster M-15.亜種 M-16.絶望少女 M-17.トリガー -ENCORE- E-01.その瞬間贈る花束を E-02.邪 E-03.Succubus E-04.reversal
  8. メリーバッドエンド(Merry Badend) Dr.No.666 will depart after their one-man live at Ebisu club aim at 2017/06/24, as he considers that it is difficult for him to perform the world view of the band in view of recovery status of his waist
  9. chariots new mini album "Revenir" will be released at 2017/08/23, which will include 2 new songs and 4 re-recording songs
  10. the Raid. live-limited single "ゴメンなさい(gomennasai)" will be released at their one-man live tour since Toyama SOUL POWER at 2017/05/31 (1,800yen), which will include CD+DVD (including "ゴメンなさい(gomennasai)" PV & making) [CD track list] 01.ゴメンなさい(gomennasai) 02.似非シンデレラ(ese cinderella) their another live-limited single "XXX" (tentative title?) will be released at their one-man live tour since Umeda TRAD (f.k.a. Umeda AKASO) at 2017/07/27 "ゴメンなさい(gomennasai)" will be ballad and "XXX" will be aggressive
  11. THE BLACK SWAN new CD will be released at 2017/10/25 they will hold their one-man live tour as follows: 2017/10/20-10/21 at Ikebukuro EDGE 2017/11/11-11/12 at Oosu UNLIMITS 2017/11/24-11/25 at Shinsaibashi paradigm
  12. their 1st single "食べたい" (Tabetai) will be released at 2017/05/31 (2 songs, 1080Y) [tracklist] 01. 食べたい (Tabetai) 02. 死因:被害妄想 (Shiin: Higaimousou) their will hold their live "下の下集会" (Ge no Ge Shuukai) at 2017/05/29 at Ikebukuro BLACK HOLE
  13. 彩-イロドリ- (Irodori) new maxi-single (title not yet finalized) will be released at 2017/06/28 btw, they will hold their oneman live "彩-イロドリ-【無料】ONEMAN LIVE 「無料(タダ)ほど怖いものはない」" at 2017/07/01 at Shinjuku club SCIENCE and their event "彩-イロドリ-コウ生誕主催「蒼き独眼」" at 2015/05/21 at Ikebukuro EDGE
  14. Gone is Gone - Echolocation [vinyl - limited pressing]