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  1. other new song :
  2. He was the support for CHISA & SHOGO session band but...before... we don't know !
  3. The Benjamin DEMO CD "ビーチパラソル/ベレー帽" (Beah Parasol / Beret-bou) will be released at their live and via their official website at 2017/08/04 (2 songs, 1296Y) Their another DEMO CD "ビックリ箱/バブル" (Bikkuri-bako / Bubble) will be released at their live and via their official website at 2017/10/13 (2 songs, 1296Y) Their LIVE DVD "Tomorrow know Today" will be released at their live and via their official website at 2017/11/17. It will include scenes of their oneman at 2017/06/07 at TSUTAYA O-WEST (5000Y)
  4. It's a sort of double mini-album : Visual-side「FAZ」 will contain 5 songs for 2800Y Rock-side「faz」 will contain 5 song for 2800Y
  5. Propably an old D.I.D. song that never be released. Pretty good tho. I missed him.
  6. That's right.
  7. Live-limited single is not a common thing under BP RECORDS. The regular edition will surely drop anytime soon. Edit : oh I see, there is already a song called "MASK"
  8. Take a look at that huuuuge setlist. I'm impressed.
  9. ダウト (D=OUT) best album will be released at 2017/10/04 they will hold their oneman live tour since 2017/10/13 at Takadanobaba AREA to their grand final at 2018/04/07 at TOKYO DOME CITY HALL Setlist at 2017/06/4 at Zepp DiverCity Tokyo ●PART 1 —————- SE.晴天ノ霹靂 1.ZIPANG 2.シャングリラ 3.サテライトTV 4.太刀風横丁 5.全身全霊LIVES 6.Mr.JAP 7.華麗なる外道 8.官能ロボット 9.御礼参り 10.中距離恋愛 11.プレイガール 12.かげろう 13.恋わずらひ 14.東京の男 15.SAKURAリフレイン 16.春はあけぼの 17.蛍火 18.ROMAN REVOLUTION 19.秋景色 20.有終の美 21.行きずりの冬 22.明星オリオン 23.ハイカラベイベ 24.嗚呼、ネオン街行進曲 25.ストロベリィ 26.素晴らしい世界 27.ジュリアナ 28.ざんげの花道 29.刺青-tattoo- 30.いばらみち 31.獄 32.53 33.DOPING 34.「修羅」 35.GOLDEN MAN 36.フェンダー —————- ●PART 2 —————- SE.ファンファーレ(生演奏) 37.CARNIVAL浮世 38.SUNRISE 39.Killer tune 40.サイケデリコ∞サイケデリコ 41.万國、大東京 42.妄想天国 43.花鳥風月・桜吹雪 44.夏ノ風物詩 45.最後の晩餐 46.国道Blues線 47.慟哭にて時雨 48.TAXI 49.天秤ラバーズ 50.富と名声 51.棘 52.反骨。 53.カウントダウン 54.銀座アバンチュール 55.はいからさん 56.告白と軽蔑 57.捜索願い 58.思ひ出港町 59.アイ•アム 60.WILL 61.バラ色の人生 62.炎天歌 63.LAUGH PLAY 64.BAR夕暮れ 65.下剋上 66.JAPANESE DOGEZA 67.フラッシュバック —————- ●PART 3 —————- 68.青い鳥 69.生にしがみつく 70.春風シャララ 71.Crawl 72.おねだり 73.赤い傘と貴女 74.Syrup 75.私を奪って… 76.SM 77.CAT WALK 78.spotlight 79.恋アバき、雨ザラし 80.野良猫と♪ 81.体温。 82.Song for you —————- ●PART 4 —————- SE.FESTA 83.歌舞伎デスコ 84.感電18号 85.ダァァティィ•ロマンチッカァァ 86.POKER FACE 87.傷心パラドックス 88.友好ダンシングモダン 89.T.S.G 90.恋ができない 91.国立競技党 92.あいするひと 93.ハッピーの数え歌 94.心技体 95.JUDAS 96.Rain man 97.魁swallowtail 98.OH!MATSURI MONSTER 99.コチラ平成、成ラズ者ヨリ 100.メンバーコール 101.飛行少女 102.バクチ 103.DANCE NUMBER 104.卍 105.綺麗事 106.BUDDAHA COMPLEX 107.MUSIC NIPPON 108.鬼門 109.ONE 110.花咲ビューティ
  10. L.O.V.E. new mini-album "Werthers" will be released at 2017/08/16 (2 types) Limited edition (2700Y) will include CD and DVD including PV Regular edition (2160Y) will include CD only