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  1. Shaolan974

    I agree ! Nobody care about their past bands, who were very small (instead of Tokami maybe) I don't really like the song. MISAKI sounds weak. and it sounds like a Starwave band
  2. Shaolan974

    [members] Vo. MISAKI (ex-独≠Re≠言-貴方ノ生キル道ニ導ヲ-。) -> 血舐めゆる。 (chinameyulu) -> Chiina Meyulu. -> MISAKI (solo)) https://twitter.com/MISAKI_Astaroth Gu. Nagisa (ex-失墜とアサナギ(Sittui to Asanagi) -> MISAKI(solo)(support)) https://twitter.com/Nagisa_Astaroth Gu. Kairi (ex-ART ELICIA -> MISAKI(solo)(support)) https://twitter.com/Kairi_Astaroth Ba. Reno (ex-Tokami) -> MISAKI(solo)(suport)) https://twitter.com/Reno_Astaroth Dr. Jun (ex-REVINE -> MISAKI(solo)(support) https://twitter.com/Jun_Astaroth their digital single "Fantasia-Ideal&Reality-" will be released at 2020/01/20
  3. Shaolan974

    MUCC new album (title not yet finalized) will be released at 2020 spring
  4. Shaolan974

    New band "DIVEL" has formed at 2020/01 [members] Vo.祈羅 (Kira) https://twitter.com/kira_divel Gt. D’A https://twitter.com/da_divel Ba. 翏 (Ryo) https://twitter.com/ryo_divel Dr. 麼琉 (Val) https://twitter.com/val_divel https://twitter.com/divel_official
  5. Shaolan974

    GzNDLH new maxi-single (title not yet finalized) will be released at 2020 spring
  6. New band "ヒッチコック" (Hitchcock) has formed [members] Vo. 八咫 烏 (Yata Karasu) Gu. 月 (Tsuki) Film director. 黒 (Kuro) They will hold their first live at 2020/03/29 at Ikebukuro RUIDO K3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sPPAX91zleI
  7. Shaolan974

    no, I think it's a joke, on vkdb he is mentionned as an official member
  8. Shaolan974

    Royz new maxi-single "DAYDREAM" will be released at 2020/03/18 (4 types) Limited edition A (1980yen) will include CD (2 songs) and DVD including "DAYDREAM" PV & making Limited edition B (1980yen) will include CD (2 songs) and DVD including "DAYDREAM" PV multingle ver Regular edition C & D (1650yen each) will include CD (3 songs with different track 3) and karaoke ver they will hold their oneman live tour "DAYDREAM" since 2020/03/21 to 2020/05/29 at Mainabi BLITZ Akasaka
  9. Shaolan974

    jealkb Gt. sapoto will depart at 2020/02/14 after their live at GARRET udagawa https://jealkb.net/jealkbnews.php
  10. Shaolan974

    Nice look indee !
  11. Shaolan974

    -ムック -壊れたピアノとリビングデッド feat.殺シノ調ベ 【Blu-Ray】 - ギャロ -黒鶏学-GALLOXY- - ヴァージュ - 私ノ悪イ癖 / 白昼夢【TYPE A】 - ザアザア - 中毒症状~二~
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