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  1. Shaolan974

    I am pretty sure ex-Merry Badend and DEVIZE members are involved.
  2. Shaolan974

    we could also expect many fanfics between these 2 dark & kawai brother band...
  3. Shaolan974

    LSN is a side-project of the dude from NIGHTMARE. LSN will not stop because of Yusa or the other musicians. The musicians change everytime. and I don't thing GUTS and DEATH was a serious thing tho...
  4. Shaolan974

    wtf is normcore ? Classic j-rock sound, nothing interresting to me
  5. their live-limited single "Last Image" will be released at their 1st oneman "The Beginning of Memoria" at 2018/08/25 at Ikebukuro EDGE
  6. I like this band. I don't think there is a problem with the vocalist. There are many worse.
  7. Shaolan974

    it sounds really bland
  8. Dr.壱世 (Issei) (ex-DIMLIM) new band "NAZARE" has formed [members] Vo. Mio Gt. 妖 (Yoh) (ex-THE RAVE-->NEXTRADE) Ba. うた (Uta) (ex-小悪魔パンダ (Koakuma Panda)) Dr. 壱世 (Issei) (ex-D.I.D. --> DIMLIM) their first live "BEYOND THAT TIME" will be hold at 2018/11/03 at Ikebukuro BLACK HOLE they will hold their first oneman live at 2019/01/12 at Ikebukuro BLACK HOLE at which their live-limited first full album will be released (3000yen, limited to 250) http://www.nazare-official.com/
  9. Shaolan974

    the news does not say "ex" so I gess they are not disbanded.
  10. Shaolan974

    full line-up : Vo.ナガシマユイ(ハクビシン(Hakubishin)) Gt.やぁかず(ハクビシン(Hakubishin)) Gt.巡 (ex-DIEALO) Ba.LiRu(ハクビシン(Hakubishin)) Dr.セツ (ex-DIEALO) their 1st mini-album will be released at 2018/10/03 (7 songs, 500yen)
  11. Shaolan974

    Right. I like the verses but I think the chorus is a bit repetitive :x