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  1. nice song Presale is at 2017/12/21 at their live at Takadanobaba AREA. The official releae date is still unknown.
  2. I like them. I'm disappointed =\
  3. VAN9ISH Dr.黒(an) has departed from the band at 2017/10/19 the band will disband after their live at 2017/12/22 at Nagoya MUSIC FARM
  4. 秘メ事 (Himegoto) will disband after their live at 2017/12/18 at Higashikouenji 20000V
  5. Free Aqua Butterfly new single "流れ☆" (Nagare) will be released at 2017/12/27 (2 songs, 540yen) [tracklist] 1. 流れ☆ 2. BEAUTIFUL DAYS
  6. かまいたち(Kamaitachi) new live DVD "かまいたち最終公演「THE END」" will be released at 2017/12/20 (2 discs, 8640yen) 【DISC1】 かまいたち最終公演『THE END』@2017/08/05 AKASAKA BLITZ 【DISC2】 [絶賛解散中] KENZI30th Anniversary@2015/10/12 SHINJUKU BLAZE 独罰視姦二0一七@2017/01/14 SHINJUKU LOFT 狂乱舞踏二0一七@2017/04/01 OSAKA MUSE DIGEST & SPECIAL
  7. You forgot ☆ チドニー haha
  8. [tracklist] M1 上弦の月のオーケストラ -Stella Note Magic- M2 SILVER BULLET M3 EARNEST GAME -2nd STAGE- [limited edition only] M3 MONSTER‘S ROAR -WILD BOOST- [regular edition only]
  9. Tracklist : 01. #CARRY 02. 最後のしるし (Saigo no Shirushi)
  10. Nothing really relevant here indeed
  11. I wanted to buy it but it's not on CDJapan.