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  1. Shaolan974

    how could you compare that to Plastic Tree, seriously ?! it sounds totally boring, bland and uninterresting but I expected that.
  2. Shaolan974

  3. Shaolan974

    MAD night new single "鬼華" will be released at 2019/02/27 (1080yen)
  4. GREMLINS new mini-album "mischieveous" will be released at 2019/02/13 (2160yen)
  5. Shaolan974

    their ne album "ZELM" will be released at 2019/02/27 (2 types) Limited edition (3780yen) will include CD (13 songs) and DVD includin "AXIZ" PV and making Regular edition (3240yen) will include CD (14 songs) only
  6. Shaolan974

    2nd press of their 1st concept album "CHE DO A RA" will be released at 2018/12/23 (3024yen, same tracklist) [tracklist] 01.EXORDIUM 02.GROTESQUE 03.Malformation 04....物狂ひ...なりて 05.愛憎につき... 06.狂の理 07.Ambitiosus principles 08.Mad [K] 09.シガラミ - CHEDOARA MIX - 10.D.Hymnus 11.vanitas - CHEDOARA MIX - 12.「人」と「形」
  7. ゴールデンボン (GOLDEN BOMBER) new maxi-single "ガガガガガガガ" (Gagagagagagaga) will be released at 2019/02/20 (2 songs, 1080yen)
  8. Plastic Tree new B-side collection album "続 B面画報" (Zoku B-men Gahou) will be released at 2019/02/13 Regular edition (3500yen) will include 2CD Limited edition (5500yen) will include 2CD and DVD [tracklist] [CD DISC1] Dolly Paper plane カオスリロン (Chaos Riron) 灯火 (Tomoshibi) シンクロ (Synchro) Rusty 時間坂 (Jikanzaka) 回想、声はなく。 (Kaisou, Koe wa naku.) コンセント。 (Consent.) バンビ (Bambi) はじめての××× (Hajimete no×××) [CD DISC2] 静かの海 (Shizuka no Umi) 感傷ダイアリー (Kanshou Diary) トゥインクル (Twinkle) パイドパイパー (Pied Piper) creep アイレン (Airen) サイケデリズム (Psychedelicism) バミューダトライアングル (Bermuda Triangle) ユートピアベリーブルー (Utopia Berry Blue) リコール (Recall) ※Bonus Track *limited edition only* 変化(another side) (Henka(another side) [recorded at 1995/12/11 at their oneman live "Poison biscuit" at Shinjuku LOFT] [DVD] *limited edition only* ・「灯火」(Tomoshibi)Music Video ・メンバー座談会映像「プラっと語リー酒」 (Members roundtable footage)
  9. their DVD single "メガロマニアの翼" (Megalomania no Tsubasa) will be released at their live at 2018/12/16 at TSUTAYA O-EAST (1800yen) [tracklist] 1.「Lucifer 〜光をもたらす者〜」(PV) 2.「Lucifer 〜光をもたらす者〜」Member comment and Making