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  1. コドモドラゴン (Codomo Dragon) new LIVE DVD "11th Oneman Tour Final 「Dirtful World.」〜2018.01.13 Zepp DiverCity〜" will be released at 2018/05/23 (6200yen) it will include scenes of their oneman live [Dirtful World.] at 2018/01/13 at Zepp DierCity Tokyo
  2. they already used that kind of mysterious promo pic
  3. it seems like the THIRTEEN will hold a classic solo concerto "哀シミノ賛歌" at 2018/06/09 at TIAT SKY HALL
  4. I would love that their concept and music fit their band name
  5. wtf is going on, really
  6. It's already boring
  7. title of their 1st album is finalized as "ビバラッシュ・オブ・ザ・イヤー" (Vivarush of the year) (2 types) Limited edition (3780yen) will inlude CD and DVD Regular edition (3240yen) will inlude CD
  8. you should make a new topic for that
  9. their old music was not lighter but the vocalist comes from SoniqRush. this band was lighter.
  10. Setlist at 2018/03/14 at TSUTAYA O-WEST 1.スロウレイン 2.Frontier 3.スカイフィッシュ 4.「月」 5.WALK 6.ヨルノカーテン 7.軽薄ナヒト 8.アンドロイドと果実 9.Labo 10.SCAB 11.Witch? 12.永久地図 13.東へ 14.アラン 15.「管」 ENCORE 1.Door
  11. Vo. 神谷 玲 (RAY KAMIYA) formed a new project called "Strawberry Under World" he will hold his first live at 2018/05/06 at TSUTAYA O-WEST with Ricky / S.Q.F / 葵-168- / mitsu / 背徳の薔薇 / 矢田耕平(司会) https://www.strawberryunderworld.jp/
  12. A new band called "HELLO" has formed no further information yet there is a countdown on their OHP, we will have more information at 2018/03/20 http://hello-official.tokyo/
  13. it seems like they are not that new. Based on their Twitter they are formed sine 12/2015 and they have a 1st EP 「BURN MY HEART EP」Now On Sale 全国のCDショップ、通販サイトにてお買い求めください。 各ライブ会場の取り置きはDM・リプライにて承ります。CONTACT outerhaveninfo@gmail.com