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  1. MIMIZUQ new live-limited/webshop limited single "Rain drop Tear drop" will be released at 2019/10/05 (1200yen) [tracklist] 1.Rain drop Tear drop 2.否メクリ人形 -Instrumental-
  2. yeah I enjoyed their live performances !
  3. their live-limited single "ワタシキレイ?" (Watashi Kirei?) will be released at their lives since 2019/08/03
  4. Shaolan974

    Not bad but nothing blow minded
  5. エンヴィル (ENVYL) new live-limited single (title not yet finalized) will be released at 2019/07 their new maxi-single "デス・パレード" (Death Parade) will be released at 2019/10
  6. Shaolan974

  7. Bräymen new album "No.9~Ultimate~" will be released at 2019/09/04 (2916yen) [tentative tracklist] No.9 Quintet Duology Suicide Drop 最低な今日に花束を (Saiteina Kyou ni Hanataba wo) MIST ユララユラ (Yurarayura) LOSER'S EDEN
  8. Shaolan974

    [regular edition tracklist] 01. 「指結び」 (Yubimusubi) 02. あるてぃめっとえくすとりぃむらぶそんぐ (Ultimate Extreme Love Song) 03. 花火 (Hanabi) 04. 計算問題 (Keisan Mondai) 05. ノンフィクション (Non-Fiction) 06. 逆さま歌 (Sakasama Uta)
  9. their maxi-single "6月のゴキブリ" (Rokugatsu no Gokiburi) will be released in stores at 2019/07/10 (1080yen) [tracklist] 01. 6月のゴキブリ (Rokugatsu no Gokiburi) 02. 六畳一間の檻 (Rokujouhitoma no Ori)
  10. Shaolan974

    their new maxi-single "The world of mercy" will be released at 2019/09/18 (4 types) Limited edition CD+Blu-Ray (5500yen) Limited edition 1 CD+DVD (4500yen) Limited edition 2 CD+DVD (1800yen) Regular edition CD (1200yen)
  11. Shaolan974

    their new mini-album "哀 (Aai)" will be released at 2019/07/24 (2700yen) [tracklist] 01. お別れの歌 (O-Wakare no Uta) 02. 好きで好きで仕方がなかった (Sukide Sukide Shikata ga nakatta) 03. ななころび (Nana Korobi) 04. コンプレックス (Complex) 05. ロヒプノール (Lohypnor)
  12. Shaolan974

  13. Moth in Lilac new mini-album "Mayve U" will be released at 2019/07/10 (2160yen) [tracklist] 01. Ray 02. satire 03. Am i? 04. Angel 05. Shelly 06. a story
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