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  1. I thought Genesis was going to be on the debut single, but that's okay. I'm excited to see what ends up coming of this. I liked Genesis a lot.
  2. Omgggggggg I am so freaking excited!!!
  3. Awesome!!!! I hope the title track actually has anthemic qualities lmao
  4. I'm into this track list. The singles have all impressed me, so I will be happy with this album I bet!
  5. Excellent, I was hoping that it would be about that long. 30 Songs seems appropriate, the rest is overkill to someone who isn't as huge a fan like me. But it will definitely help me organize their library in my iTunes a bit more.
  6. Weird pic which means I'm totally into it. I actually had totally forgotten this release was coming and now I'm hype. Succubus was pretty bad, so this can really only be better.
  7. This is almost definitely going to end up on Pantheon Part 2 anyway, so I'm not too bummed that it's live only. But I feel in my soul it's going to be insanely good.
  8. @nostalgiaI translated it as "Cove Sun" from the Spanish "Caleta" meaning Cove and the French "Soleil" meaning Sun. I did it from Katakana since that's how it's written and usually meant to indicate a foreign word. So Caleta and Soleil are from two different origins. Cove Sun sounds weird, but I sort of picture it as light filtering though rocks in a cove.
  9. YYYYYYYYYESSSSSSSSSSS oh man I am excited for this And I'm also just really impressed over how many layers of linguistic knowledge you have to have in order to figure out what カレタソレイユ means.
  10. Cool, cool. Interested to see what it's like.
  11. I've been LOVING their stuff recently, this is great news. I cannot wait!!
  12. Amazing!! This EP is gonna be one of the strongest I heard this year I bet. Kamikaze sounds like a bop and a half.
  13. Out of this world.
  14. That's amazing. I truly can't wait to see what they come up with!!