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  1. The cover art is amazing, the track lists are stunning. My only issue is that they are re-recording songs that were released in the last couple of years instead of re-recording their older songs? There are some of their older tracks that could use a facelift. But that's just me. I'll still buy these anyway.
  2. I’ll have to check it out later @cvltic
  3. I like the b-sides a lot, but I found the title track underwhelming.
  4. I don't think I ever heard the original of The Whirl, but this one sounds great. The other two songs are also quite ace, I'm really excited about this!
  5. Love it. Love everything about it. Hazuki is also so, so very attractive.
  6. I wasn’t digging it at first, but once it got to the chorus and the instrumental bit after I was sold. This is a Tune!! Can’t wait to hear the rest of it.
  7. That’s really unfortunate for Kaz specifically, but also for this whole band who can’t seem to catch a break in just performing normal activities. Maybe another break will do them good creatively, but I hope Kaz isn’t suffering too much.
  8. Sounds okay, I actually was way more impressed by Genesis off the bat. But I think this has potential once I hear the whole thing.
  9. Oh dude this is too cool, they always impress me with their language skills tbh.
  10. I’m weeping with absolute joy, 2018 coming to slay me already!
  11. That was the greatest music video of the last thousand years.
  12. Amazingly, it isn't available in my country.
  13. I forgot those things exist lmao. But I mean in any case I’m gonna be spending a lot on the Schwarz Stein best albums so I’ll probably let someone else buy this one for me lol
  14. Got a chance to actually listen to the song, I really dig it. I just think Asagi is really talented, no matter what kind of genre or theme!