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  1. I like Pornograph a lot, Wakare no Uta is pretty good too but sounds a little bit like Dilemma to Candle to me idk
  2. You're not wrong, but X Day was supposed to be the start of official promotions for the album or at least that's what we were told ya know last year when X Day was supposed to happen. Obviously they had to postpone the show because of Pata, but didn't want to release the album and not be able to promote. Allegedly, of course, but now the thing is they had X Day, Yoshiki had his surgery and is recovering well. So they're changing the nature of the musical content of the tour, but still not addressing the fact the album hasn't even been discussed at any great length except for "I think June 30th, right?" In an interview on April fucking fools day.
  3. So it was about the tour? I don't see much information from it other than that. No mention of the album anywhere as far as I can see. Man, the shittiest part of this is like being lied to and kept in the dark. Like being played for a fool.
  4. The highlight of their rebirth to me is still Light and Darkness. I really enjoyed that EP, but Ideal was definitely lacking. Even with how much I enjoyed Memento and 茨城, so I'm hoping this single is more interesting.
  5. A new line of cabbage-based side dish called Yoshikimchi.
  6. There's a press conference on Tuesday. Place bets on what it's about?
  7. I like it, but Dexcore is better
  8. This is not a bad idea.
  9. I'm glad that their promotions and activities are going on as planned, but they still haven't acknowledged the elephant in the room, have they?
  10. Very, very campy. I love everything about it.
  11. Sounds pretty good. Not as amazing as Missing, but solid anyway. I feel like their next album is going to be really, really great tho.
  12. So I'm just gonna throw this out there. Its june second. Is there any information? Anything? Officially stated about this?
  13. This is hella exciting. I cannot wait!
  14. I will have to check again later, but when I went to buy it there was no track four. I have no explanation other than "this is what I saw." I only had enough yen for 5 tracks anyway haha.
  15. So, Japanese iTunes only has 5/6 of the tracks. It's missing Kaleido which is weird. But I did buy the other 5. I could share those, but I know most people probably want the whole EP. I'll see what I can get my hands on in the next few days unless it gets uploaded before that. Sorrow is incredible. Really a big fan of Trigger too. Black Out Destroy is okay. Dies Irae is less than okay and Sin is actually SO good, but the first like 40 seconds are the same as Bastille by Kamijo. Literally. Not making it up.