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  1. I hope it's older songs myself, especially because I'd like to see some old Chariots' tunes revitalized. I've been loving their stuff since they got back together. And ideally the new songs will be better than Succubus.
  2. Happy b-day Shaneth! <3

    1. ShanethVarosa


      Thanks so much!!

  3. Damn. That was genuinely amazing. I feel like I haven't heard him belt like that in a while.
  4. I love everything about this. It's perfect. My skin is clear and my eyes can see. Let this song play on repeat endlessly until I die.
  5. This is strange, but okay. I still love him so I'll check it out.
  6. I dig Rucy's look, generally. And Teru somehow always manages to look even more amazing as time goes on. Wish I could be more excited by this, but everything about Jupiter feels like a watered down Versailles. Even Zin's look at this point is try-hard Kamijo.
  7. Yeah this is excellent news, I've really been loving hi whole look and vibe and the sound of Genesis is spectacular. I haven't really LOVED Sui since Metis Gretel so this is making me really happy.
  8. Cringey jokes aside... The realist in me is literally not going to believe this to be a fact until I see pre-order availability, a title and a track list. For now it's just another "I think my label will release it on this date." but he ain't really know. They could find another bullshit reason to push it back another year. I feel like there's already an idea of what songs could end up on this album like.... 1. IV 2. Jade 3. Scarlet Love Song 4. La Venus 5. Hero 6. Born to Be Free 7. Beneath The Skin 8. At least one SE song, likely an intro, frightened it will be Miracle. +5 Other songs, Where it is entirely possible studio versions of The Last Song and Without You will make the cut and isn't there a song they played in London too? Meaning 2 entirely new songs. Which is an obvious disappointment. But we'll see. Maybe they won't have put older songs like IV and Jade on there. Then again Jade is incredible and I would love it to be on the album... Anyway, I'm rambling, but I'm also hypothesizing that I'm going to enjoy it in that way I did Gackt's Last Moon. Sure, the music is good, but any theme is probably lacking and the lyrics are bound to be incredibly repetitive; not mentioning the level of 9 year old songs that will be included. Additionally how Yoshiki and Toshi centric you already know the album is going to be. anyway, Just my $0.02.
  9. My Chemical Romance looks terrible.
  10. Like I really thought that X Day was gonna be this big thing where they like unveil all these projects they were working on and shit. Like they were gonna play a majority of new songs people hadn't heard yet or whatever. And then ultimately announce the definite and for real release date of the album. I dont know why i ever delude myself in this manner. Personally I've loved everything they've done since they got back together. But their like... constant back and forth about this album isn't even funny to me at this point just horribly disheartening and truly disrespectful to fans, in my opinion. Even now, almost a month after X Day, they're still dancing around the subject. Rude.
  11. I'm gonna have to check out the previews on wifi since I'm already way the fuck over my data limit. But I looooove the look.
  12. He is quickly becoming one of my favorite VK acts for all this cheese. I love cheese.
  13. I guess I'm glad they're still making music, but that just kind of sounds like anything Hizaki's ever done.
  14. I'm enjoying most of this! Same thing with Phoenix rising, I think there are some hits and some misses. But overall they didn't lose a huge amount of their appeal when Anzi left but... I do think it would be a better version of the same product of Anzi was still with them.
  15. Based on their name alone I'm a fan, but the actual sound is lacking finesse. The vocalist is their problem, he has potential but needs practice.