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  1. ShanethVarosa

    I like this a lot, actually. I was expecting something way, way different... But I'm happy with this. I do kinda wish he would've just kept his focus on David, but whatever.
  2. I can’t wait to see the whole video, wow. This is gonna be great!
  3. ShanethVarosa

    I loooooove this!!!
  4. ShanethVarosa

    I like it for it being kinda pop/rock or post-punk or whatever. It certainly isn’t as good as D’espairsRay c. 2005 but I love his voice so I’m happy.
  5. ShanethVarosa

    I LITERALLY cannot be put through this one more time. I have been given diagnoses that are less disappointing than this man.
  6. ShanethVarosa

    While I do wish they’d just do a full album, this will suffice for now. I just hope that it has some bangers like usual. That’s all I ask.
  7. That does sound really good. I’m stoked!
  8. ShanethVarosa

    Here for this one, this seems like it's gonna be a banger. Especially if you're a fan of the phrase "if it ain't broke don't fix it"
  9. ShanethVarosa

    I like the look personally, I'm just hoping they actually do an album next. Eventually. Soon.
  10. ShanethVarosa

    Digging the track titles! I’m excited. Still have “Narrow Girl” on my obsessions list.
  11. ShanethVarosa

    This is absolutely outstanding news and I will not allow negativity to ruin this for me!
  12. ShanethVarosa

    I really like both of these videos a lot and I am honestly very attracted to Kyo in both. I’ll be bringing that up In therapy. Don’t worry.
  13. I'm excited! That first single only had one song I liked, but I'm pumped that he's going to keep going with this project. Track titles seem nostalgic.
  14. ShanethVarosa

    That’s very unfortunate news, hope they find a new guy quickly.
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