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  1. ShanethVarosa

    Cover art is neat, the track list sounds good too. I literally cannot wait to hear this.
  2. I actually really dig the song, the visuals are awesome too. I’m pretty hyped for this release!
  3. Listened to the previews just now and they sound pretty good, I'm still definitely hyped, but kind of very irritated that he's doing all of this. It just seems really unnecessary. But I guess after thinking about it, this particular mini album will be out in full by the end of June and will have at LEAST 8 tracks, but could potentially end up with 11? For instance: Normal edition: 5 new songs. Limited: 4 + 2 exclusive songs Deluxe: 8 total, 1 definitely new and then three to be decided with the same original four.
  4. ShanethVarosa

    The cover actually is really cool, in my opinion. But I’m literally O B S E S S E D with the bizarre track names.
  5. Reading that caused me to have a stroke. This is really completely nonsensical. I may try to make a flow chart as to how this works. I won’t be able to listen to previews until I’m home later, but for now I’m still excited to see what material he comes up with here.
  6. Both of those are fantastic jackets!! But I’m still totally confused as to how the track list is working. Isn’t there a ton of different listings?
  7. ShanethVarosa

    I found Klaha....
  8. ShanethVarosa

    I’m very curious who it’s going to be and, honestly, I’m not sure if I’m good with it being Sui because I want him to be solo at this point. His work is so good as David. I can’t see it being TZK or Riku, but idk anything could happen.
  9. Ya boi just got promoted... AGAIN!!!

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    2. YuyoDrift


      Ya Bastard! Congrats!

      Make sure they don't bury you in work lol.

    3. Ob777





    4. ShanethVarosa


      I need this promotion for the sheer amount of dollars I’ve spent on iTunes in the last three weeks. 


      Thanks guys!!

  10. This is uber helpful, thank you so much for doing this!! I'm dying to get my hands on the lyrics to The Dead Sea single, especially Hunger.
  11. ShanethVarosa

    Love it, the visuals are a bit better, but the song is solid enough.
  12. ShanethVarosa

    @Seimeisenvalid point, just wish they would give artists a little more time to have their creative juices flow.
  13. ShanethVarosa

    I hope there’s something genuinely interesting on this one.
  14. ShanethVarosa

    I like the look and hope that the song will be good, but like.... I also think they need to give it a rest or focus on singles that are one song and not four mediocre songs.
  15. I really like the look, but I hope the sound gives me something to enjoy this time.