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  1. ShanethVarosa

    The project is called David, like Mana’s solo project is called Moi dix Mois. He himself is still Sui.
  2. ShanethVarosa

    What a set list. And I can’t wait to see what the releases are. Ideally one will be some sort of collection album. I gotta get my hands in the Gothculture single. And like. Any and all of his lyrics.
  3. ShanethVarosa

    Magnificent. I love this band.
  4. ShanethVarosa

    Into it!
  5. ShanethVarosa

  6. ShanethVarosa

    X Japan clone clowns
  7. ShanethVarosa

    I love it!!! Sounds amazing.
  8. ShanethVarosa

    Righteous. I can’t wait!!!
  9. ShanethVarosa

    Nice! Sounds really good, I hope it gets a more widespread release.
  10. ShanethVarosa

    1. アドナト (Adonato) 2. Before Dawn 3. 怪物 (Kaibutsu, Monster) 4. 444 5. As You Are 6. Bullshit (Album Mix) 7. Lilith (Album Mix) 8. 葬列 (Souretsu, Funeral Procession, Album Mix) 9. Ice 10. Fantasia (Album Mix) By my estimation, Voice is the only track that didn't make the cut. This gives us 6 total new tracks. EDIT: Yummy didn't make it. Am sad.
  11. ShanethVarosa

    Confusing as ever... So, my understanding is this is a single by "Sui" and not "David." For one... Then, the name of the single is Untitled Fallen. One version has three songs: Fallen, Abyss, Third Track. The second has three and a bonus CD: Fallen, Abyss, Third Track... Second disc has self-cover. Yes? Am I ballpark?
  12. ShanethVarosa

    Straight up LOVE these tunes man
  13. They all really go off, I am excited for this one. Anyone know anything more about the justice album?
  14. ShanethVarosa

    I’m liking it too, I have pretty good expectations for the album. I’ve liked their last two albums but they also both lost a lot of replay value over the years.
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