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  1. I’m lukewarm on it, I think it sounds nice but would I really end up loving it? I doubt it. It kinda does sound a lot like U2.
  2. Interesting!! I don’t recall caring highly for the remixed version of this song, but maybe this new single version will be worth it. I loved Babel, I think if they’re doing another full album for the spring it’s gonna be killer.
  3. Amazing, I'm already excited. Yes, his most recent solo album was quite impressive. I just love the air of the title of this single.
  4. Impressive track list and stunning visuals, I am so hyped for this album. He really knows how to slay a classic Japanese aesthetic.
  5. Sure, you may post them there by crediting me as well! I’m hoping to somehow get a JPopAsia page for David as well as I frequently use that site for lyrics and I can’t seem to find anything there. If anyone else knows more about that please tell me! I definitey plan on translating and transcribing as much as possible, I just don’t have a lot of time so i make do with the time I’m allotted lol
  6. @sujiYou can, of course, credit me and post these elsewhere. I was intending on translating the other lyrics supplied as well, but I got too tired and then subsequently too busy.
  7. I dig the track list and art, can’t wait to see what they’ve come up with!
  8. Ankoku machi de () ku yosutebito ha Oma wo tataete horobi wo bigaku toshite (The recluse who falls to the underworld, Praising the lord for destroying the aesthetic.) Kodoku no arika sagashi aruku shoujo ha Hikari no tobira mizukara fusaide hohoemu (A girl searching for a place to be alone, She blocks herself behind the door of light and smiles.) Ano hi miserareta Anata ga kaku namonai e no sekai he (On that day, I was fascinated. You're drawn to the picture of a nameless world. ) Ayatsurareru mama ni zetsubou e sugatta Kokoro, kotoba, fusaide. Jumon ni nita sasayaki shinsou o eguru Ikiru koto ha tsugunai, to... (I fell into despair, manipulated. My heart, closed to your words. Cutting out a whisper, resembling a spell. Living is atonement, and...) Kokoro, miserareta Anata ga kaku namonai kono sekai de (My heart is mesmerized. You do not have a name to draw in this world.) Ayatsurareru mama ni zetsubou e sugatta Kokoro, kotoba, fusaide. Kurikaesu kotoba de zetsubou wo koroshite Tsumi to Koukai Kioku Jumon ni nita sasayaki shinsou o eguru Ikiru koto no yorokobi wo... (I fell into despair, manipulated. My heart, closed to your words. Killing despair with repeating words, My sins and regrettable memories, Cutting out a whisper, resembling a spell. The joy of living.
  9. Aaaahhhhhhh HELL YES
  10. @VESSMIER Where did you order from?
  11. I gotta day I’m pretty impressed. In Mad was aight, but the other two tracks were really good in my view.
  12. They’re honestly the best new artist out there right now
  13. This is the reason I’ve stayed alive all these years.
  14. I agree with @Peace Heavy mk II It would be vastly more annoying to have another single with a hundred b-sided and then when the album comes out there’s like 2 new songs and all single tracks.
  15. Finally a video available in my country! Haha. It’s a great song and an interesting video. By the end i realize that i need to watch it again while stoned.