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  1. You're a beautiful soul.
  2. Does anyone have this EP's lyrics? I'm dying to get my hands on the kanji for easier translation haha
  3. Excellent! Glad to hear it. I'm still so into Passion Play... and Emotional Disorder is good too. I'm glad I'm liking their work again.
  4. For those of y'all saying they didn't know they were active, Basically they never specified that they were going to be inactive since "Sleeping Madness" back in 2014, but then they only performed a few lives in 2015/16 and now I guess they're going to try to be more active. Kaya's career being thrown into question after leaving Chateau Agency was probably a thing... He likely wanted to focus more on that being that Schwarz Stein is almost essentially Kaya's side project since Femme Fatale went bust, he's going to be more active solo. Not to mention, Hora isn't the most active person anymore. To be honest, I wonder why he even does music because he only seems to be half into it anymore. That all being said, apparently Hakobune has samples of another Hora solo song and both are on the Ballad spectrum. I didn't order this one like I usually do just because I wasn't sure what my living situation was going to be (lots of personal dramz), however if Chaotic Harmony doesn't sell out and it doesn't get uploaded I'll likely buy it anyway. I do have a file of the cover art let me find it... For whatever reason it won't let me insert the actual image at all... But click that link and the cover art is there. In any case, I also checked Chaotic Harmony and they are sold out. So I may not be able to buy it this time...
  5. I'm here for it. I've been loving them a lot recently, so I can only imagine I'm going to really be all about this album.
  6. I'm still into the music, but I gotta say I agree. Figure the mood of this was going to be a lot darker or foreboding or anything other than upbeat.
  7. I'm obsessed.
  8. It's impossible for me to review this album in a totally objective voice, so just know that before we go into this. Essentially, the EP was very good. I wasn't going to have a bad opinion even if it was just Kamijo recording himself defecating. To be honest, though, I can't believe how: 1) There's nothing here longer than 6 minutes 2) La Musique and Shadows Fang are -so- similar. Bouncing off that, Shadows Fang is not a bad song, but La Musique has a 'je ne sais quois' about it that just makes it better. If La Musique and Shadows Fang are to Philia and Rosen Schwert in terms of being more symphonic metal, Inheritance and A Day Without You are to Illusion and Remember Forever in terms of being more power metal (with ballad-esque undertones). Then there's Lineage which is just a fucking opus. From the choir, to the chorus of Kamijo's own backing vocals, ugh god everything is perfect. Marionette is kind of like Zombie in that way where its an outlier in their discography, but is every bit as unique as I would hope. I'm going to need them to let Teru compose more and Hizaki compose less. How much more could the man really do in a way of composition. Everything with intrigue has been done by Kamijo or Teru. Hizaki is there for the really beautiful typical stuff but there's only so much of it that's necessary.
  9. Awesome! I hope this lives up to my expectations, I really loved Last Moon and didn't know what was going to be the next step for him.
  10. versailles

    I swear to everything that is holy if this is another world tour without the states I'm gonna lose it.
  11. Love the look, love the sound, love the PV. This is amazing, I couldn't be happier. (Although I did like their last EP a lot... a lot a lot, this is a great continuation).
  12. Nice!! I hope Shine On is on it, haha. Either way, I'm into it. I love the look too.
  13. I'm here for it all. Maybe some of Jose new recordings will be good.
  14. This is incredibly unfortunate, but not unexpected. I'll be really sad to see them go, tho. They had a Huge amount of potential.
  15. Dude, yes yes yes. I'm so excited. And a cover song as a b-side?! I love cover songs omg.