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  1. Yeah this was a really good song, I’m hyped!
  2. Are those the covers? And I can’t watch the video since I’m not in Japan apparently
  3. Yeah that makes a lot more sense.... but stilllllll
  4. I don’t have a reaction big enough to this. I literally just woke up and this is the first sound I hear today. Why.
  5. That 57 second preview was the best thing I’ve heard all year. Honestly, if Kaya could just keep doing this kind of thing it would be amazing. I never ever need to hear anything like Yumeji ever again.
  6. Well that blows. Especially because ya know, the song is already on YouTube. But I was wondering about it since I couldn’t find cover art or much other information.
  7. I!!!!! AM!!!!!! LIVING!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. VRS sounds legitimately horrible but otherwise a solid album coming. At least a few of them sound like I’m gonna be really obsessed. I just with Sang wasn’t split up like that or at least called different movements like SOTV
  9. Well this is dumb but whatever. Not particularly shocking.
  10. I freaking Iove this.
  11. @nekkichithat was art. Im interested to see what this ultimately ends up being. I think that it’s a bit sad that it’s Europe only for a man who was at one point pretty popular in Japan... this feels weird. His career feels weird. Zero was good. Vampire’s Moon was weird-good. I just don’t think he’s ever going to be AS good as Rentrer en Soi or early-solo Satsuki.
  12. *screech* i mean im sure it’ll be good music but I think this concept is so lame and overdone.
  13. Is Emigre a re-recording and is Sang really split up? I couldn’t quite translate his tweets to make certain of that
  14. This is fucking absurd, pardon my Language. I just .... I can’t stick up for this band anymore I think. This is completely insane to be charging this amount of money to see a band perform the same songs they’ve performed for the last ten years in preparation for an album that’s never coming. This is absolutely ridiculous.
  15. This better be good.