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  1. YESSSS oh this is gonna be awesome.
  2. Yeah I’m gonna be real, I am completely obsessed with this album. I can’t believe how’s much I love it.
  3. ShanethVarosa

    Blessed BE!!!!!
  4. ShanethVarosa

    That was ..... an abomination honestly. What even was that.
  5. ShanethVarosa

    Duuuuuuuude he looks amazing and I am already completely hyped for these releases.
  6. I dig the cover art, the track list is pretty interesting too. I'm excited to hear what Dead By Daybreak sounds like.
  7. ShanethVarosa

    I didn't even know that Breakin' Holiday had a new single out. I'll commence a search for it, but probably won't get too far lol
  8. ShanethVarosa

    I don’t think Coda sounds bad, I just wish that they would’ve done something that ripped as hard as Hybrid Truth and not a ballad.
  9. ShanethVarosa

    This is a pretty neat concept and I'm totally ready to be disappointed that I'll never hear it.
  10. ShanethVarosa

  11. ShanethVarosa

    Not gonna lie beyond stoked Betty Who is on here
  12. I like what I hear, but I'm not in love. I'll probably have stronger opinions when I hear the whole thing.
  13. ShanethVarosa

    Yeah, I'm loving this. It's definitely a banger of a track, even if it is a bit too long.
  14. I have no faith left in this band, but I’m gonna listen to it
  15. Amazing!!! This is a really interesting video and the song is incredible, love it.
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