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  1. I s2g if they have tour shirts that say Masturbation on them I will write a blank check for one.
  2. I'm glad they're still making music, but this sounds so vastly different that I'm not really sure I care for it.
  3. I am INTO it.
  4. Let's all take bets on whether or not they will have "Rose" somewhere in their name.
  5. YES!!!!
  6. Awesome!! Well at least y'all can know I'll buy it if t doesn't get upped before then
  7. Actually so cool to see Diorama Wonderland up there. That song is a beast, hope to see t love someday myself.
  8. We will probably get to hear it sooner rather than later, not all live limited singles are super rare! Can't wait to hear them in full they sound amazing.
  9. Excellent news!!
  11. Slay, Kings.
  12. This has been a pretty good era for them so far, so I'm very excited for this album.
  13. Yo that really sucks for him, I'm sorry to hear it and hope it heals soon! Or is at least treated well... Not sure if those are "curable" or what have you. Also, just for anyone who may be unclear, there is a cervical area in the neck had by both males and females. The cervix is an entirely different thing. Just so you don't embarrass yourself in front of doctors, nurses, and PAs at your office. Like I might have done.
  14. God this look is so on point. Kamijo is slaying me. As he always does, but this look is just so perfect.
  15. Is this the best thing to ever happen to mankind? Ya know what yeah