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  1. leather clad edm laptop man making cool elevator music
  2. Heck yeah, the vivid that isn't bad is my favourite vivid
  3. haruhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
  4. This is the first time they've ever looked good
  5. Sounds goooooood!
  6. who tho My favourite vk band is the whale puke wood nymphs and my favourite non vk band is the angry radiohead month boys
  7. visual kei

    Yeeesssssssss I'm so glad these guys seem to be really solidly back
  8. this thread is funny
  9. oh my god for once in this band's long depressing history they sounded kind of cool, but then they went right back to square one
  10. visual-kei

    holy shit @ stella maria and grass tho sesh also cool cause haruhi and denno oblaat dude would be pretty rad on stage together
  11. Visual-Kei

    aren't those pics of the hyuga HYDROGEN dude or w//e that was in blam honey for 2 minutes?