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  1. Senedjem

    are they always like whatever is going on in that pv
  2. Senedjem

    these guys are oozing 2007 energy, especially the new guy
  3. imagine being the euphoric patrician my opinion is objective guy on a jrock forum

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Himeaimichu


      Dude, you basically called out the entire forum.

      If we weren't all lazy bastards, we'd have you burning on a stake rn lmao

    3. saishuu


      oh i get it now lmao

    4. Senedjem


      @saishuu thats exactly who i was talking about 

  4. Senedjem

    they kinda oscillate between that and like, aicle lite this sounds gud 2 meee
  5. aayyyy benizemi guy
  6. Senedjem

    they look sweddy
  7. Senedjem

    im gagged this owns so much
  8. Senedjem

    lmao complete 180 turn into snoresville )::
  9. was no one gonna tell me about gezigezi

    1. Senedjem


      nvm apparently i commented when they got together and promptly forgot 

  10. oh man i forgot these guys are back together, nice
  11. Senedjem

    yeeeehaw I've missed garu / love, dudes voice is fun
  12. been a while since we had a good DEFINITELY-not-the-riff-from-the-beautiful-people number, nice
  13. Senedjem

    ^ same as above but this does kinda slap
  14. Senedjem

    holy shit, what a coupling
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