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  1. oh thats an absolute trip
  2. That is... one hell of a tonal shift Sounds like mid 2000s oshare and I kinda fuck with it?
  3. ohhh hell yeah
  4. i smell death-trap records
  5. nookicky / shilfee vibes
  6. Mmmm Rare. Mmmm Haruhi very promising
  7. oh man they sound p much exactly like GremlinS, this owns
  8. leather clad edm laptop man making cool elevator music
  9. Heck yeah, the vivid that isn't bad is my favourite vivid
  10. haruhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
  11. This is the first time they've ever looked good
  12. Sounds goooooood!
  13. who tho My favourite vk band is the whale puke wood nymphs and my favourite non vk band is the angry radiohead month boys