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  1. When are vk bands gonna stop doing the 'im death growling but i dont want anyone to know i can open my mouth more than a centimetre wide' thing
  2. This is gross from every angle but especially the 'covering a song by a dude who was just outed as a rapist' angle
  3. hibariiiiii yessss, this better be good
  4. Phenomenal
  5. lmaooo these dudes are gonna get assblasted for a minute then the people who weren't around for original dali are gonna be way into them
  6. That is... one hell of a tonal shift Sounds like mid 2000s oshare and I kinda fuck with it?
  7. ohhh hell yeah
  8. i smell death-trap records
  9. nookicky / shilfee vibes
  10. Mmmm Rare. Mmmm Haruhi very promising
  11. oh man they sound p much exactly like GremlinS, this owns
  12. leather clad edm laptop man making cool elevator music