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  1. Senedjem

    really disappointed they dont sound as nega-ey as they look
  2. obsessed w/ the sublime hokeyness of this pv
  3. everyones uncle who pirates action movies to sell at family reunions is about to learn about the visual keys
  4. Senedjem

    watching that band pic load was such an "oh... oh... oh no" moment
  5. Senedjem

    never found a name with a wetter mouth-feel than
  6. Senedjem

    genuinely came here to say this
  7. be nice none of these kids know who he is
  8. Senedjem

    How is that TRUST dude still trying like, has no one told him he's not doing a good job
  9. broken stereo goat man please return to us
  10. Senedjem

    ooohh god that name has the worst mouth feel
  11. all the "who?" 's are making me feel a million years old
  12. Senedjem

    When are vk bands gonna stop doing the 'im death growling but i dont want anyone to know i can open my mouth more than a centimetre wide' thing
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