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  1. Seiji

    disappointed this didn't end with "wait for it"
  2. Seiji

    Really hyped! Hope there are no feet on the backside of the booklet tho, so I can turn it around.
  3. Seiji

    well that was fast
  4. Are they stationed in Japan? If not this is the wrong section. Also this sounds like pretty generic thrash. But it's nice to see there's actually still something going on in South Korea's music scene, that's not pop.
  5. Seiji

    Can't it be june already!? I need this in my life! <3
  6. Seiji

    Of course it's about J-Rock or just Japanese music in general, BUT, looking at the countless threads about it, Visual Kei - at least for the people here - is a huge part of it, too.
  7. Seiji

    Either yes or what BrenGun said. Tbh I don't care at all where bands come from, but I care for good music. While it's debatable how many good international VK bands there are, I'd like to at least know about it IF there surfaces something great. And digging through all the "David Guettas" and "Kpop artists" and "10 songs I like to take a shit to" just to find something, that's actually related to what the whole forum is about, feels just wrong.
  8. Wish these sections were sorted after music instead of race~ Hope people who are into this kind of music are even looking into the global section, as I know for a fact, that I am not.
  9. Was just on the way to post this, reaaaaally good stuff! ♥
  10. Seiji

    2018 saved [349794] Damn how didn't I see this?! Please more news like this, thanks
  11. Here's some live footage from our gig in January together with VII Arc and Kerbera:
  12. For those who don't wanna search for themselves <3 be sure to follow us on Spotify if you like our stuff! <3
  13. Seiji

    damn these previews got me hooked! need this when it's out!
  14. We've released some live MV/Teaser thing! Including clips from our first three gigs in Dortmund and Krefeld (GER) and Stockholm (SWE)!
  15. Finally 2018's getting a hold of itself!