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  1. For those who don't wanna search for themselves <3 be sure to follow us on Spotify if you like our stuff! <3
  2. damn these previews got me hooked! need this when it's out!
  3. We've released some live MV/Teaser thing! Including clips from our first three gigs in Dortmund and Krefeld (GER) and Stockholm (SWE)!
  4. Finally 2018's getting a hold of itself!
  5. I'm okay with this as long as it's not leading to a disbandment.
  6. Not too sure, but that might've been the Plastic Tree tribute album!
  7. Damn, I'm in love with those samples ♥
  8. Thank you! Actually I don't like to sing in German as I don't like the flow of the language, but possibly there will be some part in the future! At least some kote eins zwei drei vier! I hope you'll enjoy it! <3 We actually had some issues with getting the songs online due to us using brackets etc in our name, which is why there was a delay unfortunately, but they should be online now under "Nanashi" instead of "Nana:[shi]" though
  9. Hi there! My band Nana:[shi] released their first EP called "Morphobia" last month. Today it's gonna become available on iTunes, Spotify etc. too, so I thought it's a good time to show you guys what we've been working on! Preview of the whole EP: Music video to "NOSTALGIA DRIVE": Hope you like the sound of it! We've been working hard for this the past year! Also we're gonna play with AIKOE, BatAAr, Kerbera and Madmans Esprit in Stockholm at 28th October! First time for me to play outside of Germany - pretty exciting to say the least.
  10. Why do Japanese VK bands like to use German or French names? It's all about personal preference tbh. There's bands who don't use japanese names at all either. Take BatAAr for example.
  11. Yep, it's the same band. The song playing is まろがれ (Marogare).
  12. nooooo I just started to really like them ;_;
  14. From a recent shooting for my band.
  15. CREATURE CREATURE - Extasis 【漢字】 生 死 愛 虚 無 その瞬間殺せ 存 在 夢 我 永 遠 ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 【Romaji】 Sei Shi Ai Kyomu Sono shunkan korose Zon Zai Yume Ware Eien