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  1. Not too sure, but that might've been the Plastic Tree tribute album!
  2. Damn, I'm in love with those samples ♥
  3. Thank you! Actually I don't like to sing in German as I don't like the flow of the language, but possibly there will be some part in the future! At least some kote eins zwei drei vier! I hope you'll enjoy it! <3 We actually had some issues with getting the songs online due to us using brackets etc in our name, which is why there was a delay unfortunately, but they should be online now under "Nanashi" instead of "Nana:[shi]" though
  4. Hi there! My band Nana:[shi] released their first EP called "Morphobia" last month. Today it's gonna become available on iTunes, Spotify etc. too, so I thought it's a good time to show you guys what we've been working on! Preview of the whole EP: Music video to "NOSTALGIA DRIVE": Hope you like the sound of it! We've been working hard for this the past year! Also we're gonna play with AIKOE, BatAAr, Kerbera and Madmans Esprit in Stockholm at 28th October! First time for me to play outside of Germany - pretty exciting to say the least.
  5. Why do Japanese VK bands like to use German or French names? It's all about personal preference tbh. There's bands who don't use japanese names at all either. Take BatAAr for example.
  6. Yep, it's the same band. The song playing is まろがれ (Marogare).
  7. nooooo I just started to really like them ;_;
  9. From a recent shooting for my band.
  10. CREATURE CREATURE - Extasis 【漢字】 生 死 愛 虚 無 その瞬間殺せ 存 在 夢 我 永 遠 ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 【Romaji】 Sei Shi Ai Kyomu Sono shunkan korose Zon Zai Yume Ware Eien
  11. 【漢字】 CREATURE CREATURE - 夢鏡 招き寄せて 触れ合った影よ 天をなぞり されるがまま 今もただ一人 獣のように 鏡すり抜けて 見え隠れ 恐怖どこまでも よりどりみどり 破れ被れでも 光だけ 戦い待ち焦がれて 世界は滅び止めて ああ静かに 変わり果てた 今はただ おまえのもとへ 世界に神秘 世界があることが神秘 偶然でも必然でもない奇跡 宇宙が在ること 在るが在ること すなわち私が私であること すべては言葉と共に 〈今ここ〉に始まることもなく 〈今ここ〉に終わることもなく そのことが永遠 それこそが夢幻 未来永劫解かれることのない 〈私〉という謎として 不可能として無を求めて 不可能として死を死んでゆく その死が一つ未知なる あなたへ愛の花であるように 夢の果てで きっと会える 今もここで 光裂けて 夢幻 ああ さあ 眠れ 魂だけが その息を測る 刹那止めて 夢鏡へ このようの戯れに 鏡を尽くし 孤絶消し去って 夢尽くし 影まであやされて 進化を巡り 後は待つばかり おまえのもとへ 変わり果てた おまえのもとへ 招き寄せて  ライライライ おまえのもとへ  ライライ 星影闇を照らし出す世界 光と消えてゆく何もかも 夢の外春は来て風が吹く 恋焦がれ幻は溢れ出す ____________________________________________________________________________________________ 【Romaji】 CREATURE CREATURE - Yumekagami maneki yosete fureatta kage yo ten wo nazori sareru ga mama ima mo tada hitori kemono no you ni kagami surinukete miekakure kyoufu doko made mo yoridori midori yaburekaburedemo hikari dake tatakai machikogarete sekai wa horobiyamete aa shizuka ni kawari hateta ima wa tada omae no moto e sekai ni shinpi wa nai sekai ga aru koto ga shinpi guuzen demo hitsuzen demo nai kiseki uchuu ga aru koto aru ga aru koto sunawachi watashi wa watashi dearu koto subete wa kotoba to tomo ni <ima koko> ni hajimaru koto mo naku <ima koko> ni owaru koto mo naku sono koto ga eien sorekoso ga yumemaboroshi mirai eigou kai kareru koto no nai <watashi> to iu nazo toshite fukanou toshite mu wo motomete fukanou toshite shi wo shindeyuku sono shi ga hitotsu no michi naru anata e ai no hana dearu you ni yume no hate de kitto aeru ima mo koko de hikari sakete yumemaboroshi aa saa nemure tamashii dake ga sono iki wo hakaru setsuna tomete yumekagami e kono you no tawamure ni kagami wo tsukushi kozetsu keshisatte yumetsukushi kage made ayasarete shinka wo meguri ato wa matsubakari omae no moto e kawarihateta omae no moto e maneki yosete rai rai rai omae no moto e rai rai hoshikage yami wo terashidasu sekai hikari to kieteyuku nanimokamo yume no soto haru ha kite kaze ga fuku koikogare maboroshi wa afuredasu
  12. Doesn't look like that's gonna happen too soon
  13. This was from getting ready for a photoshoot. The finished hairstyle looked way different, but I liked this one too haha Also my right fake lash tried to find its way towards freedom.
  14. Does anyone remember the name of that song with which goes like "IIIIIIIIIII WASHIN MY HAAAAAANDS - OBAH ANDO OBAH, OBAH ANDO OBAH, I-I-I-I-I-I-I-AM INNOCEEEEEAAAAARRRRNT" and so on? oh there also was too much blood in his bathroom and stuff like that.
  15. Creature Creature - Death Is A Flower マルコ - 近代ブラック