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  1. they better not play some generic metalcore bs
  2. Visual-Kei

    Shit, this is already my album of the year and I'm pretty sure it'll stay that way <3
  3. Gimme some internationally available releases already :\
  4. I have quite a few problems with the most recent VK bands. But I think they're persistent problems, which just have evolved in a way I personally don't like. The "mainstream" of VK became too synth-y and too core-ish for me. Most bands sound like they wanna sound like dadaroma and the likes but fail miserably. The mainstream of say 2008 was a lot to my liking though. The times when everything sounded kinda harsh was great. Nowadays I mostly enjoy the bands you don't hear too much about in mainstream VK media, like KEEL or Emmurée. Big bands I can still enjoy are Dir en grey and Plastic Tree.
  5. For now the EPs are only being released via youtube afaik.
  6. Looking forward to this! Can only be good <3
  7. Checked both bands now. Seems to be kind of the right time frame and genre, but the song I'm searching for wasn't theirs :\ gaudie. is too harmonic I'd say Schmelz Cure came closer, but the voice is lower and the song I'm searching didn't have like "real" growls and such in it. Started completely tame with just guitar (?) and vocals, maybe some drums, but I can't remember. I also don't remember how many other parts there were in the song. I think the title was something japanese and long though and I can remember it being roughly around 6mins. Once my desperation searching for this song reaches a critical point I might try and record the melodies I have in my head. I hope it won't come to that though XD
  8. Steam's like a curse - giving me all the games I want to play for less money than the console versions. Got no other choice than to play on PC :S Is arkham asylum really that great? I've got it too but never got around playing it
  9. I feel kinda bad for playing only PC games at the moment. My poor consoles :\ At the moment it's GTA Trackmania Online Evolve Stage 2 Starbound 1.0 starting today Rocket League and Smite. At least those are the ones I'm playing the most at the moment.
  10. Went to the Nocturnal Bloodlust concert in cologne and due to it being 232392739237°C I had to buy a tour shirt afterwards so I didn't catch a cold on the way home.
  11. Back then it was mainly some blogspot pages and the old tainted world forum. It's definitely not by deadman and iirc I had that song even before the sound bee hd were a thing. LIFE by calmando qual is kinda similar to it too.
  12. I don't think everyone would know if it's some crappy underground band. It's not like that song is a masterpiece. It's just really catchy (imo) and I can't remember the artist or title. Also the singer sounds very similar, not exactly like him. I don't know about any perfect matches when it comes to vocals overall, since every voice is unique. You seem to know a lot about CQ though. Do you remember any song by them which sounds like I described? Maybe I really missed out on something.
  13. As I mentioned before I've been all over their discography really often by now. If it's by them it must be some omnibus only release not even diehard fans know about, as I've already talked about it with one
  14. Great PV minus the drones. Not that it's too important. I really hope this is the direction the next album will be in. Weird crazy versatile vocals kyo was always my favorite ♥
  15. Definitely not by kagerou. By now I'm pretty sure it's some gloomy underground band which didn't release too much. I think I got it back in Tainted World days, so quite some time ago. The reason why I checked Calmando Qual so thoroughly was mainly because the singer reminded me so much of Hibiki