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  1. Rarezhut package, including: GUNIW TOOLS - FICKLE BOON Cross Cradle - 聖域 gossip - Conservative race MALICE MIZER - Voyage sans retour nightmare x baroque flyer 武井誠(Takei Makoto) - はからず mo ワンモア・キッス AlteMissioN - 巡礼 BLACK CAT - 碧色のリザレクション Dali - -Dali復活ワンマン公演「色彩感覚コントラスト」at 2010.1.11 心斎橋FANJ-twice- SPECIAL DVD JILS - PASSING e.p. Rayarch - MAZE 天照(Amaterasu) - 遼かなる大地への讃歌 MaitoreiA - ユグドラシル MIRAGE - 流星 (Ryuusei) SCREW - DEEP SIX(Type A) Guniw Tools - VVDADA SADS - FILM COLLECTOR V.A. - Shock Edge 2004 Vettic - bottom V.A. - Anamorphosis V.A. - THE BEST OF reveil [deux] V.A. - Art Sensation JIVE - Swing&Spice Layarch - be disorder V.A. - Cry-Max Pleasure~Welcome to the Front Line Party~ And also: CREATURE CREATURE - Death is a flower and EXORCISING ORPHEUS and Marco's Kindai Black. Now I'm broke and happy.
  2. Starting this now, so I don't forget about it. Still got to add some things, but no time right now :\
  3. Nah, pretty sure he's at least well aware of its existence.
  4. Doesn't feel like your typical DEEP MORE DEEP lineup, but I don't care, since there's marco on it
  5. oh awesome, hope I can get that cd somehow
  6. Back in the TW days I was searching for lyrics by XodiacK (Kuroi Taiyou haha). That's how I landed on the page. Never left again
  7. please be good D:
  8. Nice use of manual tuning to the vocals! Also good effects to make the growls sound like actual growls. Good mix, okay song, not sure about the vocals yet~ his voice is okay tho
  9. they better not play some generic metalcore bs
  10. Visual-Kei

    Shit, this is already my album of the year and I'm pretty sure it'll stay that way <3
  11. Gimme some internationally available releases already :\
  12. I have quite a few problems with the most recent VK bands. But I think they're persistent problems, which just have evolved in a way I personally don't like. The "mainstream" of VK became too synth-y and too core-ish for me. Most bands sound like they wanna sound like dadaroma and the likes but fail miserably. The mainstream of say 2008 was a lot to my liking though. The times when everything sounded kinda harsh was great. Nowadays I mostly enjoy the bands you don't hear too much about in mainstream VK media, like KEEL or Emmurée. Big bands I can still enjoy are Dir en grey and Plastic Tree.
  13. For now the EPs are only being released via youtube afaik.
  14. Looking forward to this! Can only be good <3
  15. Checked both bands now. Seems to be kind of the right time frame and genre, but the song I'm searching for wasn't theirs :\ gaudie. is too harmonic I'd say Schmelz Cure came closer, but the voice is lower and the song I'm searching didn't have like "real" growls and such in it. Started completely tame with just guitar (?) and vocals, maybe some drums, but I can't remember. I also don't remember how many other parts there were in the song. I think the title was something japanese and long though and I can remember it being roughly around 6mins. Once my desperation searching for this song reaches a critical point I might try and record the melodies I have in my head. I hope it won't come to that though XD