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  1. new NoGoD is the best thing they've done in ages! guess it took Karin leaving for them to create something this good again lmao


    that guitar solo in Masque? Borderline? far away? そして舞台は続く? ugh so good

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    2. Spectralion


      We really should discus on how GREAT guitar solo on Masque.

      How It remind me of II-Kaigi.

    3. Alsdead14


      I agree, that guitar solo on Masque was god like haha. All the mini album was very good! I felt like listening to an old record by Nogod haha. I agree with you saishuu, their best in a long time!

      Also, it's fun to see other fellows that enjoy NoGod! Cheers guys!

    4. saishuu


      that guitar solo in Masque was fantastic! it went on forever but it was so worth it. when I thought it was over, Kyrie just kept going lmao he is a beast when he wants to.


      I knew they wouldn't disappoint me with a mini-album (Rashinban remains their best work ever) and I'm really happy with how Shingeki came out.

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