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  1. saishuu

    jfc yes
  2. saishuu

  3. same! or just have SINCREA reform and record an entire cover album tbh
  4. saishuu

    song sounds like drama and i'm here for it as always. also great timing with that title as pierrot's 'finale' album just "celebrated" 20 years this week lmao
  5. saishuu

    I'm continuing my quest of playing every Zelda game I can and I'm now going through A Link Between Worlds and I love it so far! It's cheeky, relatively easy and overall super fun to play. Definitely a nice change of pace from Ocarina of Time. lol
  6. saishuu

    i'm fine with sho/retsu/hiroshi staying. hope they find good replacements and keep on going
  7. please stan slothreat



  8. sounds bland but decent? loved culture shock and i'm glad this new single doesn't seem like straight up garbage.
  9. saishuu

    tell that to the kids he molested x
  10. saishuu

    fuck off into oblivion
  11. in light of sho-ka coming out with a new album after years, everyone should check out his first solo ep called 'portable rain' from 2009, it's comfy and delightful and honestly a really great release



    1. Peace Heavy mk II
    2. saishuu



  12. how are they able to actually afford full free one-man tours and charging 500 yen for an one-man at O-WEST
  13. saishuu

    GIMME!!! I haven't heard his stuff in AGES but I loved those songs he released in 2009 and holy shit those came out ten fucking years ago
  14. ugh HOME sounds so good and I love them so much
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