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  1. saishuu

    you just want to compare very sensitive financial information with others in a forum about Japanese music, in a very unstable situation worldwide no less suuure. from discussing politics with very questionable views months ago to then vanishing from the forums after new rules were set and then returning all of sudden creating a discusstion about credit scores? there's nothing shady about you at all!
  2. saishuu

    so no one is gonna question why some random guy in a weeb forum is asking people about their credit cards and their credit scores and limits like that's normal? no one? okay
  3. saishuu

    oh boy this sounds tastyyyyy. whoever was responsible for making them change their sound, thank you. this is so much better than all their previous garbage (which I also loved tbh)
  4. from being associated with ex-soroban members in zoro to joining yumehito's former band, this guy is one step away from replacing him in ayabie lmao also anonymous is going nowhere, huh
  5. saishuu

  6. saishuu

    I liked their last 2 mini-albums, but bye!!
  7. saishuu

    the natalie.mu news piece about the album lists the composers for the songs and all of them have lyrics, so unless some interlude has some minor singing, i'd assume there are no SE or mid-album filler instrumental tracks. https://natalie.mu/music/news/372545
  8. saishuu

    pretty safe. I still have a ton of burned CDs with things I downloaded off slsk and kazaa ages ago and they're all good. I still use slsk regularly, but this time only for western stuff as I can find vk/japanese music elsewhere easier. never had problems with torrents either, but I get why you avoid them!
  9. saishuu

    oh boy, here we go last.fm was never the website to go for these things. I believe most people just used it to scrobble their music and discover new things. back then I used to search for mp3 and videos using p2p programs like kazaa, and later on soulseek and occasionally winmx. that was what, between 2003-2006? there were a few websites with info, scans and downloads too, but the p2p scene was where it was at. that was before livejournal communities became popular and everyone moved on to those. there were plenty of communities for magazine scans, downloads and specific ones for every band imaginable. at the same time, a little tracker called tonberry torrents also gained traction until it ended in 2007? 2008? and became a forum called tainted world, which is where we are now
  10. saishuu

    second best-of in 4 years? lmao yikes
  11. saishuu

    oh, i've missed those "we've lost a member and don't want to spend a lot of money in new clothes and photoshoots until we find some new members" looks. absolute icons
  12. saishuu

    why go on an one-man tour during these times then?
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