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  1. I'm feeling the hell out of these samples. MASS CONTROL and the new Happy life in particular sound awesome. Perhaps I'm projecting a bit much, but I'm getting some Modern Garde vibes out of this lol
  2. There are schools who actually accept JaME as work experience? brb updating my resume
  3. I'm accepting links for the latest Age Factory EP


    can offer absolutely nothing in return



  4. now that's just embarassing
  5. I'd be screaming if he actually got back to music, but this? Meh.
  6. I'd like to withdraw from this trade-off, thanks
  7. please don't put me with Chi
  8. It's easy to assume everyone knows how to do it because it's a pretty obvious process.
  9. You literally just need to put a handful of songs into a .rar file and upload it somewhere.
  10. I'm usually a lot more tolerant of TK's mainstream work, even if most of the time it tends to be unremarkable, but this is so boring.
  11. people need to stop sleeping on these new NoGoD singles, even the b-sides are good (if not better than the actual title tracks). seems like their uninspired period has finally ended starting from their latest album.

    1. Zeus
    2. saishuu


      Missing (the entire single really), 鮮やかな矛盾 (from Arlequin), Emotional Disorder

      from their 2016 album Renovate: 魔法, 方舟, キラー・クラウン, カミサマの言う通り, 光, 桃源郷へようこそ

    3. Komorebi


      I have to agree on the b-sides being better than the title tracks.

  12. At this point, I use it mostly due to habit. I've had my account for over 12 years now and it'd feel weird not using it anymore. Sure the database portion of it is not that appealing to me anymore, but there are still quite a few things I use within the website, namely the "loved tracks" section (helps me remember what I liked/listened to the most throughout the year) and the artists page whenever I'm in the mood to go around discovering new music.
  13. Hmm I think this is representative of my scrobbles since I don't know, 2009? I have my account since 2005, but I erased everything around that time. I'm rast-kun there, by the way!