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  1. LUNA SEA's new song might be mediocre at best, but they're still able to give performances like this 25 yrs into their career. I get chills everytime.



    and this has been my daily LS comment, praised be

  2. I wish I were still a fan to be hyped about this. ): Still, I'm glad they've reached this stage in their career. Seemed like only a matter of time.
  3. Just confirmed the purchase of my ticket to watch The National in concert next year. I'm actually gonna see my favorite band live. I'm so freaking happy.
  4. It could be worse? I actually like it. lol It's good dad-rock and the chorus is catchy as hell. I still hope there's something better in the album though.
  5. marry badend or whatever is next!!!
  6. bopping to this welcome
  7. c'mon grandpa
  8. this thread is exhausting
  9. Yay for junno! I missed him. I'm excited for this now. lol
  10. the lack of titles in caps is bothering me lol I'm still terrified about this album
  11. they're disbanding in 2018
  12. hope the conflicts were people dragging her for her music to her face
  13. I just hope this one is the weak spot on the album like RAN (ugh) was for A WILL. Still curious if the full song will bring anything different, but so far I'm very underwhelmed.