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  1. loving this cover of D'espairsRay's "MASQUERADE"
  2. we've exchanged mixes!
  3. sounds GOOD! cannot believe people actually dislike this vocalist lol
  4. Wtf, 遥かな涯へ and 竜哭の叙事詩 sound really good? I'm actually excited for a new D release too?
  5. gimme
  6. don't wish that upon me!!! no but seriously, seeing gay people, whether they are married or not, with kids just throws me off even more lmao
  7. Well, I was blessed with homossexuality, so the chances of me getting someone pregnant are zero. Besides that, I'm not really too big on the idea of having kids as well in anyway possible. I understand the urge people have to do so, but I never really had that desire to originate life, idk. I was born with a lot of health-related hereditary bullshit as well and the thought of me passing everything that I've had to struggle with through life to someone else (in the case of a biological child, of course) turn me off even more. I actually grew up thinking I'd love to have kids and a family one day, but I was a child back then and didn't know what I was thinking - which only adds to my point. Sure I don't know what's gonna happen in the future as there are plenty of scenerios where me being with a child of my own could potentially happen (although they are very, very hypothetical, but I'm still 26 and your way of thinking changes constantly over your lifetime), but right now I don't see myself doing the whole caring about someone else's life. Having my friends' and relatives' kids around? Would love that though.
  8. 100% over their vocalist and this sounds generic and boring as hell, I guess I'll pass on them ):
  9. I cannot believe Blu-BiLLioN are single-handedly keeping talent alive in VK
  10. I cannot believe they got ANOHNI to be one of their members
  11. *nothing is happening besides Golden Bomber there you go, sis
  12. Apparently 関ジャニ∞ (Kanjani∞, a group from Johnny's) decided to cover visual kei in their show yesterday and it was actually really good?! 鬼龍院翔 from ゴールデンボンバー, as well as DAIGO and 1/2 of SID were the musicians invited to talk about VK history and where the scene is today. And even more importantly, they were there to give praise to the greatest VK band ever, LUNA SEA. #recognizeit Here's the full show (in Japanese w/o subs: Interesting parts: Kiryuin Sho is actually a super knowledgeable guy. Who would have thought that someone from Golden Bomber would be the best and biggest spokesperson for VK in 2017? They split visual kei in decades in a fairly usual manner: 80's as creation, 90's as the boom, 00's as neo visual kei and 10's as nothing is happening and no one is famous or good enough to break into the mainstream DAIGO was a member of 黒夢's fanclub back then and was a huge 清春 fanboy They discuss whether L'Arc~en~Ciel and GLAY are visual kei bands; Laruku doesn't really get mentioned a lot, but GLAY is described by Kiryuin Sho as "VK to show your parents" which is 100% accurate Meanwhile, DIR EN GREY is "VK you enjoy by yourself" which even then is a stretch They play "I for you" by LUNA SEA and it sucks; Mao from SID is the best vocalist out of the three by a mile Forgot any other cool tidbits, so just watch it! It's honestly worth it. Thanks to @cvltic(emma, if this isn't you, blame @itsukoii) for pretty much all the info (I'm lame and don't speak Japanese at all).
  13. whoever band member is a user here on MH, come forward
  14. Tokyo Quartet were relevant/unique enough to have other bands rip-off from their music?