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  1. saishuu

    budget!! song is great as I expected
  2. PIERROT's early b-sides were so good ugh



    1. saishuu


      also loved how there we different versions of powder snow and shinkei ga wareta atsui yoru and i wish more bands these days would do alternative versions of songs like this


      and no kizu releasing an english version of their single doesn't count

  3. ohhh these b-sides are actually good! both are much better than uncrowned king itself.
  4. puer et puella is perfect

    1. saiko


      I still can't get into baroque. I've listened to them and could understand why they are one of the key acts in the history of VK's development. They were/are very good musicians indeed, but all they've put out doesn't touch my soul enough to go back to listen to them again.

  5. saishuu

    huh? the old hotaru?
  6. saishuu

    song sounds good! reminds me of stuff from shine at times, i'm not against it. honestly, this one might turn out better than luv or a will.
  7. the Break Out 祭 '98 events should be mandatory viewing for younger vk fans tbh. pierrot, la'cryma christi, janne da arc all together in one event at the budokan during their peak... unparalleled



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    2. Peace Heavy mk II

      Peace Heavy mk II

      I don't know any of thse

    3. saishuu


      penicillin wasn't in this, so i doubt you'd know talent

    4. Peace Heavy mk II
  8. I still wish they made an effort to write songs that sound distinct from each other tbh
  9. all those ucp lucky bags make sense now
  10. missing a random madeth demotape and a drop of hisui's blood
  11. saishuu

    jihad and ritual sound interesting. overall these samples already sound more memorable than everything else they've put out, which is not saying much but still.
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