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  1. saishuu

    I have yet to listen to this one (completely missed the release date), but having enjoyed the hell out of their last albums, I wasn't even worried this wouldn't be quality. Still a relief to see they seem to have delivered again. Thanks for the review and the heads-up!
  2. saishuu

    pretty crazy to think how 3 of their members went on to form/join fairly successful bands (HERO, Sadie and SuG). looking forward to the album!
  3. Full video is up. Song is actually memorable this time!
  4. saishuu

    there's no way in hell I'm clicking play on that SUGIZO please get out of this mess, you already have something better in LUNA SEA ffs
  5. Title is pretty self-explanatory. Sometimes an album simply has that sweet spot where a couple of tracks that come right after the other just shine. What's everyone's favorite? Mine's gotta be this one: (too lazy to type oop)
  6. saishuu

    Niiice! Will check these out later. Thank you!
  7. saishuu

    With all honesty, I wasn't even aware there were visual kei channels in YouTube. Never even seen any in my recommendations box. lol Are there actually any good ones with solid content (meaning not the 'react' kind etc)?
  8. saishuu

    You forgot nu Chemical Rhetoric. It's almost unlistenable too. lol But yes, I wholeheartedly agree.
  9. saishuu

    Nah, I'm still out. Wouldn't be able to put together a review. Sorry!
  10. saishuu

    I'll drop out of this one. You can close it now, @Seimeisen
  11. doing the most as always
  12. saishuu

    I've actually grown to really like it these past few months. lol
  13. saishuu

    alright, I'm in