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  1. god his MISIA cover has got to be a mess, you cannot cover her and this iconic song and do it justice if you are freaking TOSHI
  2. saishuu

    the fuck did they do to Kohta's face?
  3. saishuu

    Keiyuu's makeup is TERRIFYING. The song is nothing special as well. Pop-rock Kra >>>>>>
  4. now this, everyone, is the saddest day in visual kei's history.
  5. AWAKE is Laruku's best album, fight me

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    2. robkun


      “Ark”.... that is all I have to say about that.

    3. Egnirys cimredopyh
    4. Spectralion


      TIERRA it is!

  6. saishuu

    they look and sound like teenagers. the kid on the left is serving face though, so come thru
  7. saishuu

    HOLY SHIT I didn't even know!
  8. saishuu

    oh yeah, the AN CAFE copycats, they were horrible
  9. saishuu

    this sounds REALLY outdated, ugh
  10. saishuu

    just re-release Air with Dandelion as a bonus track and call it a day
  11. saishuu

    I have a lara things
  12. saishuu

    don't disappoint me like this
  13. saishuu

    Gackt better appreciate Hayato ripping off his voice for so long tbh
  14. saishuu

    I'm so happy and I haven't even enjoyed their music since 2009. It's so, so good to see them back! Hopefully Hayato's voice and the music sound better now. Also shocked they're coming back at Zepp -- aren't they a little too small for that?
  15. saishuu

    Kagrra, never released DVDs for the tours they made to promote three of their albums (雫, Core and 珠) and I really, really would've liked to have watched those concerts. They basically went 6 years without releasing any live footage whatsoever and it sucks nobody ever got to watch those (in the West, at least) and we had to settle for some hard-to-find, fanclub-only digest footage.