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  1. waiting for my next warning for abusive behavior for missing a review (even though life got in the way during that one and I'd never missed one of the tons of others I took part in, but who cares) also Black:List was a band
  2. "Mystery" in full has leaked
  3. Shadow Lida is giving me everything I want.
  4. this is the brutal kei I like


  5. five days until I travel to Rio to watch The National live
  6. hmm, sounds decent for an album filler
  7. those transitions from electronic beats to a funky guitar riff and then to a heavy riff are indeed unreal
  8. they went the "I'm putting money on your sideshow as a producer, so I'm gonna let you win this one as well to make a bigger profit" route indeed
  9. post-PROTOPLASM RES was fantastic and I'll not tolerate anyone saying otherwise
  10. well, that was garbage
  11. some people were WRONG ten years ago