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  1. saishuu

    allure idea
  2. saishuu

    D'espairsRay for sure, even if it meant their quality kept dropping. I was devastated once RENTRER EN SOI disbanded too, but now I can find comfort in knowing they ended things before it all went to shit (and it would've happened). Their timing was perfect. Other than that, I just wish Isshi was still alive.
  3. song is garbage, video is amazing
  4. that would've been so much better without the synth overkill, ugh. you can barely hear what sounds like some pretty cool guitar work. I'm gonna keep an eye on them tho!
  5. saishuu

    uhhh okay, I'm gonna try. right now it's these: LUNA SEA - MOTHER LUNA SEA - STYLE PIERROT - PRIVATE ENEMY MALICE MIZER - merveilles La'cryma Christi - Sculpture of Time
  6. saishuu

    are these all by YOHIO
  7. saishuu

    honestly? i live also lmao @ dorothy, it's gonna be a mess and I can't wait to hear it
  8. saishuu

    I love it tbh don't need them to be moody and super heavy all the time, gimme the weird upbeat and anthemic stuff too!!
  9. best era for despa looks tbh...excellent choice of pic...tempted to change my mako for an old despa look now too tbh

    1. saishuu


      you don't ever disappoint me tbh you should use an old zero pic in his thot period!!

  10. saishuu

    idk but stan shinee
  11. saishuu

    totally read this as "unfinish haaa" so that's the only thing I like about this
  12. Just wanted to comment: Love that avatar. D'espairsRay forever ✌️

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    2. emmny


      Im pretty sure this look is for reddish btw, i have the scans somehwere on my HD

    3. saishuu


      isn't the look for reddish this one?




      they're fairly similar though, so it makes sense to confuse both

    4. Zeus


      based off an interview i was able to place the following looks:

      sexual beast: c1d6465e3d4b4d93adcaad1bf011b0e8.jpg#c1d

      ori no naka de miru yume: ae05ca6e773d4d1d9d754d7164ba126a.jpg#ae0

      maverick: f2e0251f3e437f7b45cac291107f6d72.jpg#f2e

      born: ab5fd06df28247298ba7c38cb5fc7b38.jpg#ab5

      ura mania theatre: b0e633c8d43448e4b17799531b9a0ff8.jpg#b0e

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