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  1. saishuu

    trying to come for DIMLIM's gig this quick?
  2. I thought the same, but I read this over at Natalie first and it says:
  3. that is a killer line-up, but this being an instrumental album totally kills my excitement, unfortunately 😞
  4. saishuu

    geez, when did these guys' popularity drop like this? the album one sold like 1.4k copies in the first week. weren't they playing Budokan at some point?
  5. saishuu

    why did they have to ruin an otherwise great song with that aberration of a chorus?
  6. saishuu

    It's easily my favorite moment too. It's been a while since a vocal performance did things for me like this. Shigarami is definitely my favorite from the album and it's mostly due to that.
  7. saishuu

    First time I remember hearing about ghostwriters was when an old friend of mine told me he knew the guy wro wrote Matenrou Opera's debut single, so I guess Sherow had someone write music for their bands too.
  8. Their last two albums are still kind of a blur to me, but I'll definitely give "New World" another listen. Will see if I can find COCK ROACH's older albums as well.
  9. Didn't know these guys, but they sound good! I'm glad Hirokatsu and Naoki are back, but reading "ex-me al art" hurts so much. Just yesterday I was blasting ヘメロカリス at full volume. I'll keep an eye on them. Thanks for the heads-up!
  10. saishuu

    i love laruku and its so cool that they are back 30x
  11. saishuu

    jesus fucking christ
  12. saishuu

    How is this off-topic and an indicative of serious issues?
  13. saishuu

    I wouldn't be surprised if they kept this "a couple of shows every few years" thing going on for a while, to be honest. At this point that's probably all they need and doesn't seem like a lot of work.