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  1. saishuu

  2. saishuu

    it was at o-west, not o-east
  3. only took Angelo 10 albums to finally put together one that makes me want to go back to it for more listens


    a monologue by mephisto, butterfly effect and stop the time you're beautiful are bops

    1. The Moon

      The Moon

      wow..mods can we get a b*n on this troll? thanks.

    2. zombieparadise


      I'm really enjoying it too. I like MEPHISTO, HYBRID CENTURY and JIHAD the most : >

    3. saishuu


      @The Moon trash taste as always x

  4. saishuu

    "first chapter" the pretentiouness lmao
  5. saishuu

    I have nothing of substance to add to the discussion other than that this is absolutely sending me
  6. saishuu

    no mesmo dia de tesseract/soen? rindo
  7. saishuu

    yeeeeeeee boi
  8. saishuu

  9. saishuu

    if only they were more colorful like this. missed opportunity tbh
  10. saishuu

    I give them 8 months
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