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  1. yo, kannivalism is gonna perform together again! sure it's likely just for this event, but still



  2. saishuu

    so what song have you guys heard this week that never fully caught your attention before but finally clicked with you? mine's SANDY TIME
  3. saishuu

    Pretty much what I imagined I guess.
  4. saishuu

    well if anyone wants to build a career on Kyo and DEG's efforts they'd have to ask Tomomi herself™ and the guys from Gazette first
  5. saishuu

    *diarrhea call
  6. saishuu

    too bad the police failed to do their job
  7. saishuu

    yes, DIMLIM does seem better in every possible way
  8. saishuu

    eh, disappointed but not surprised. I think whoever decides to continue in music might fare better in other projects too. Moran 2.0 and amber gris 2.0 are coming to save VK in 2019
  9. That's an odd name for a MUCC album. Gimme some samples.
  10. saishuu

    I remember reading they are releasing a single for either an anime or TV drama, so perhaps that's that.
  11. saishuu

    sounds groundbreaking