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  1. saishuu

    essa música do Kurohana é FODA!! quanto tempo que eu não escuto isso, pqp
  2. saishuu

    não precisa me lembrar que chego nos 30 ano que vem, pelamor esse blog de anime que cê disse não era do iori? do cara que era fãzaço de diru e que depois se revoltou com a banda e virou fãzaço de glay do nada? isso foi uma jornada só lembro desse e do pessoal que criou um programa de rádio de vk na rádio blast, que era uma zona lol
  3. saishuu

    they sound great! happy to have a newcomer kicking things off with a song this good and polished. please last for at least a couple of singles
  4. saishuu

    setlist was great. i'd probably cry watching them kick off the concert with 25 and finishing it up with additional cause for sorrow, two of my all-time faves :~~ hopefully there's a dvd planned in the future
  5. saishuu


    We actually got into VK at almost the same time! 2003 here. Welcome!
  6. saishuu

    Ahhh, mais um das antigas! Pena que não tô lembrando do seu nick, mas eu não lembro mais de quase nada. Cê andava pela "J-Rock XD" no slsk ou pelo D:vd/Ongaku?
  7. saishuu

    we been knew
  8. saishuu

    so they weren't able to sit enthusiasm
  9. might be a long shot, but does anyone have any idea what the guys from allport diary are doing these days? they were on YUKIYA's label around late 00's with bands like Kain, the bullet and LOGiQ.



  10. saishuu

    yuuya and shinji had a colab with Tasty Japan of all things?! I guess in order to promote the album somehow
  11. it's the same thing
  12. saishuu

    is this the first time nigu and ryo sing together in a song since 深い問い from tosinn back in 2004? it's pretty cool how they've remained close all this time
  13. saishuu

    I do understand all the praise the show has gotten, so I really, really wish I'd liked it more. It had a lot of promise to me based on my personal taste when it comes to stuff like this, but overall it felt like a chore to watch. I wasn't a fan of some of the acting too. Hopefully I'm able to enjoy the second season more.
  14. saishuu

    gay rights!!! song is beautiful :')
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