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  1. I actually liked dadaism#4 for some weird reason, but this seems 100% forgettable.
  2. saishuu

    i'm carrying
  3. saishuu

    they're really going by tRaeH? also meh, I'd rather listen to the originals. would like to hear the new songs on 're:Play' though.
  4. saishuu

    i'm the tall and long-haired gaijin in the middle
  5. saishuu

    It took him 9 years to figure that out?!
  6. saishuu

    MOTHER is there though
  7. saishuu

    why does it feel like the vocalist has 3 voices
  8. saishuu

    oh damn, hemorrhagic strokes are scary. don't know the guy, but I hope he recovers well.
  9. saishuu

    oh boy, those vocals
  10. me watching my serotonin levels drop the song is everything
  11. saishuu

    excuse me, go listen to Versailles and leave this thread
  12. saishuu

    whoever is having a charitable day can buy all eight for me, thanks
  13. saishuu

    so... tonight episode was really, REALLY good? I'm shocked
  14. it's been one of those deadman kind of days


    god I miss them



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    2. saishuu


      'this day. this rain.' still makes emotional to this day, jfc

    3. WhirlingBlack


      Time for Mako to get a divorce and start serious band activities again before he's rotting in the ground. There's hope. 

    4. The Moon

      The Moon

      let him enjoy marital bliss the man has clearly suffered enough lmao 

  15. saishuu

    peak anxiety is you avoiding to open an important email for days in fear of what's inside thinking you're gonna freak out from the amount of work you're given only to realize almost a week later that's it's barely anything and you can be done with it all in less than an hour. if only my mind didn't jump straight to the worst possible outcome every single time smh
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