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  1. rekzer

    【MEDIA INFORMATION】 August 18th PM 9:00~ NY, PlayStation Theater performance on May 6th will be broadcast on WOWOW Channel! Broadcast schedule August 18th PM 9:00~ A powerful performance of the GazettE from two-month-long WORLD TOUR #04 99.999 is must see! Proglam information ▷https://www.wowow.co.jp/detail/115553/-/01
  2. rekzer

    They're gonna broadcast the live in NY tomorrow https://www.wowow.co.jp/detail/115553/-/01 I have no idea how wowow works. Can it be viewed outside of Japan?
  3. rekzer

    I did the VIP thing in 2013 in NY and there was no barricade. We spent about 10 mins with the band members and the translator picked about 3 people from the VIPs at random to ask 1 question each. There was about 40ish people in the group. The we got to take a pic with the whole band. Kyo covered his face and everyone but Kaoru were wearing sunglasses. After the pic we were allowed into the venue before the regular crowd but not to the merch as the merch was set up during the show itself. It included a copy of The Unraveling regular edition and a VIP poster that got destroyed during the show because i was holding it in my hand so I threw it away. I honestly did wanted that pic so it was worth it for me ( i don't post it here because it is very cringy) but i would never pay for a meet & greet with them again.
  4. rekzer

    damn these took long to be announced
  5. rekzer

    wow that vocalist seems emotionless both in the singing and in the performance of that video. he also has a pretty bad voice.
  6. rekzer

    after a few listens i can say that this album is horrible. its not as bad as the garbage that was their first album but seriously its just super boring. kaika and kodokushi are good but the single versions are better.
  7. rekzer

    I just hope this doesnt turn out to be like Juri's solo stuff
  8. rekzer

    if that acoustic version is anything like Petrichor I will lose all respect for this band
  9. rekzer

    they finally added more albums to spotify
  10. Im more worried about which old song they will ruin next with their chug chug/wub wub/untz untz/dolphin cries than the recording quality
  11. well this is very disappointing. i wanted a new dvd with TIW performances but maybe those will come with the usual bonus dvd from the single
  12. the lyrics are pure cringe
  13. rekzer

    well that was awesome. their first album was pure garbage compared to everything else they've released but that last single was amazing and now this one is just as good. I don't mind if he tries to sing clean again because it wasn't that bad but ffs i hope the band never lets him do a rap song again.
  14. wtf ONE OK ROCK..



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    2. colorful人生


      Eh, I would be more invested in this if MY FIRST STORY didn't exist. Also, many Japanese see this change in sound to be more emblematic of their overall success ( + in the West.)  As for BMTH, that's what the band "Bad Omens" is for, lol. I get that there are differing perspectives & band loyalty, so I'm not trying to knock that, but there are always different options on the table imo. 


      That being said, I'm not a huge fan of "anthemic" songs like this. 

    3. rekzer


      yeah MY FIRST STORY has gotten better than OOK (although I do hate his English) 


      I have a feeling that the same thing will happen to MFS eventually. 

    4. Gesu


      If you're gonna go in a more poppy direction, at least be original about it. I have no problem with pop music as a whole, and even though I generally prefer rock, I've heard some pop/pop-rock songs that I genuinely love, but this is just the most over-produced, churned-out garbage they could have released. I'm sorry if that sounds harsh, but in the same way that crappy, generic rock sounds crappy and generic, so does crappy, generic pop. It's not that pop music is bad. It's that this is bad. The sooner the entertainment industry realises this, the better.

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