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  1. rekzer

    Maybe another one of those docustyle dvds This is the best cover DEG has made period: I like this cover more than most of their original songs at that time.
  2. rekzer

    well this was disappointing
  3. rekzer

  4. rekzer

    new song
  5. rekzer

    I listen to this song like 5 times now and i cant remember shit from it. This is one of the most boring and uninspiring things they've done
  6. rekzer

    live dvd also in October? damn that's so far away
  7. The set is made up of the entire TIW album, World of Mercy, Merciless Cult and one random song. Only one song is changed between shows and it's in the encore. So look at the previous setlists post and the main set will be the same for your gig.
  8. rekzer

    It looks like the name for the new album is THANK GOD THERE ARE HUNDREDS OF WAYS TO KiLL ENEMIES no release date yet but they will go on a tour for the album starting on 5.12 so it should be near that date I guess. wtf is up with that name though
  9. that long sleeve/hoodie is amazing anyone doing shopping service? xD
  10. rekzer

    didnt they learned from the NA videos NOT TO FUCKING CLAP?
  11. Earthquakes haven't stopped since Monday. Another one woke me up this morning. More damages to roads and buildings/houses. Lota of people without homes now. The scum of the country have taken the chance to steal and hijack cars. Still a lot of people without electricity or water services. The start of school has been delayed because a big school collapsed so they are now inspecting all of them. 2020 needs to chill ._.

    1. Ada Suilen

      Ada Suilen

      I am sad for you and your people Rek... :-(

  12. Woke up at 4 am due to a 6.6 earthquake and now its been like 5 or 6 more. No power or water on the  whole island. This feels like Hurricane Maria all over again ._.

    1. Peace Heavy mk II

      Peace Heavy mk II

      Are you alright?

    2. rekzer


      Yeah im alright. My house is a mess but thankfully nobody got hurt at my house. Phone signal is very shitty at the moment and we were already told to expect power back between 2 to 3 weeks from today. I just hope it doesnt take that long

    3. -NOVA-


      Please be safe out there ❤️ i hope everything gets fixed asap

  13. According to https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/lynch/2019/zepp-nagoya-nagoya-japan-6b9bc686.html They played a new song. Any reports covering it?
  14. Mexico got an extra song. But they were Saku and STU haha Also kyo posted on his instagram that we should stop being wannabe weebs and listen more to their songs so that we can sing correctly next time.
  15. They still haven't hit us with Kodou or dead tree
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