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  1. rekzer

    that chorus is way too happy
  2. rekzer

    The music is not bad! It's just that my ex was constantly playing the same songs over and over so they just remind me of those dark times
  3. they may be being bitches and want to keep it a secret?
  4. Probably because they played a new song?
  5. rekzer

    Sorry for the delay! My partner for this trade off was @yurameki24. I was sent a mix of old school Vk so i knew from the start that he wasn't going to like my mix very much ( although i did find insulting that he compared Puya(1998) to the garbage that is Luis Fonsi/Despacito just because of the tropical vibe of the song) I personally don't like old school vk at all so I knew i was going to have some trouble with this mix. Overall I did find a couple of songs that i liked and the mix was pretty chilled. The repetition of a couple of artist kind of hurt the mix a little bit for me. I still won't change my opinion about old school vk but i did give the mix a proper listen and enjoyed most of it.
  6. rekzer

    my review will be up on Thursday. I've been flooded with work and haven't been able to give the mix a proper listen.
  7. rekzer

  8. rekzer

    are those the maximum the hormone guys? xD
  9. how much would it be for the Official Bootleg 1 with shipping to Puerto Rico?
  10. rekzer

    The new X Japan song is lit https://open.spotify.com/track/0QUFS8lSeUyIhz8ScA9z2z?si=wJLNVCChRDiqFQSyWa65ew
  11. dadaism#1 is their best release ever for me
  12. rekzer

    fuck finally! setlist for this live?
  13. they need to hurry up and release a live dvd before all this new shit they've been releasing lately completely replaces all their good old songs
  14. rekzer

    i sent my partner my mix!