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  1. rekzer

    I'm on: Dir en grey - Ghoul Tour DVD - NY segment im on the front row when they do a sweep of the crowd during RED SOIL the GazettE World Tour Documentary - You can see me when they film the line entering on the San Francisco segment Not a DVD but I'm also front row in the BABYMETAL livestream from Rock on the Range 2018 so I show up a couple of times.
  2. rekzer

    all the hype for a ballad. So disappointing
  3. This was my main issue here. Maybe he owed a few favors and somebody came to collect them. The song itself is pretty awesome. I will check out more from him then. It was my safe space while listening to this mix.
  4. Damn @Zeus you nailed what i was thinking with providing those songs. I mainly had to shift focus to this simpler mix as my computer is still in one of the hundreds of boxes that i have still yet to unpack so all i had to work with was the music on my phone which is clearly bands i like. Anyways on to your mix...this was something special...this was honestly the hardest review I've ever written. Just like you i will invert the scores. Honestly this felt like a chore to listen to, a very painful chore that you hate doing but know that it needs to be done. So thank you @Zeus, your mix perfectly described the true meaning behind this trade off and I am already looking forward to the next one.
  5. rekzer

    I don't think they want to play all songs from Missa xD and wasn't the Mode of tours their way of celebrating their anniversary or something? They will do another Arche show eventually ( they did with Uroboros during the DSS era) but i doubt them or any of us really are in a hurry for that. Most of Arche was played during the Mode of tours anyways.
  6. Jesus that mix that Zeus sent me is going to make my ears bleed. This is going to be the toughest trade off ever

    1. Zeus



  7. rekzer

    in my head I just see Reggie (Nintendo) trying to cover Daizy Stripper songs
  8. rekzer

    Replacing Ranunculus with STU is an insult really but understandable given the situation.
  9. Does anyone know a good place to get good cosplay lenses? i've used pinky paradise before but they no longer accept paypal so i dont trust them

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    2. platy
    3. rekzer


      thanks! i will check it out. I also found one called candylens. i'll see which one ships faster

    4. merchenticneurosis


      I recommend ttdeye! Their lenses are actually comfortable and not that Halloween-tier crap that destroys your cornea with long-term use... They also have a sale until the 20th, i think

  10. rekzer

    That's a pretty good tbh. Except for STU obviously. At least it wasn't a closer. I take Kodou over The Final anyday. I really dislike The Final.
  11. rekzer

    Well Mephisto is pretty much Omelas with different lyrics. Even the chorus is pretty much the same. The rest of the album is great though. But holy fucking shit Petrichor is horrible. It's like listening to Juri's solo stuff. Somebody really needs to let these guys know that putting a breakdown on every song doesn't make it good and will probably make for a very tiring live.
  12. Thats almost the same thing they have on Spotify. Although for some reason they have WTD but not MOB
  13. rekzer

    Wow this band has become a mess