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  1. man I keep dreaming of a day Toshi will ditch Yoshiki and get a new band. I mean look at him: He looks happy and with a lot more energy.
  2. wait so the box with the entire set is cheaper than getting them all separate? is it for the fan club only or will it be available for everyone?
  3. hahahahaahahhahha
  4. Yeah Abyss and Lucy were very good performances. But they will never top this DIM SCENE performance: This will forever be my favorite live by them
  5. SiM and ONE OK ROCK have acoustic sessions with all the band members on most of their live dvds. It's not rocket science. I think the closest I've seen the GazettE perform an acoustic song was the beginning of LAST HEAVEN on that horrible Summer Live
  6. how can a person be considered missing in less than a day? maybe he just got crazy drunk the night before and its sleeping in a ditch somewhere.
  7. damn i thought these guys were dead
  8. my first DIR song was Hotarubi. I fell in love with it but never bothered to look for anything else from them. Then i randomly saw that Child Prey PV. That's when i decided to look for them on MySpace. This was at the time when Ryoujoku no Ame was released. Decided to buy one of their live dvds and got what i think it's their worst live dvd ever It Withers and Withers. I decided to give them another change and bought the 5 Ugly Kingdom dvd and then i was hooked. Still my favorite dvd.
  9. Oboreru Sakana is a good song but Viper is trash xD
  10. i get the disbandment but wasn't the album finished already? why not release it? I was really looking forward to this album :<
  11. what the hell happened to this band?!?! fuck Voice sounds like mating cats with the added orchestra
  12. at this point im just hoping for a preview of the preview
  13. This is so sad. I still listen to time constantly and i wish they are able to come back eventually. But right now i just hope he gets better.
  14. For once YouTube recommended something good:



    1. Dillinger


      All that sweet fan service.


      Good song.