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  1. rekzer

    Wow this band has become a mess
  2. Has there been a tradeoff for "songs you hate/Crappy songs from bands you love"?

    1. reminiscing2004


      lmao, this would be great and hell

    2. platy


      I love this theme :D


    3. Zeus


      Just u wait good sir

  3. rekzer

    exactly! I dont mind the censoring of the masturbation part but the beeps are really annoying
  4. rekzer

    I couldn't stand the crying dolphin on the version with Sugizo
  5. rekzer

    and why the hell is this live so heavily censored?
  6. my copy of This Is Live finally arrived -_- 

    1. saiko


      Rip and upload it please!🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    2. rekzer


      i will when i get home from work :)

  7. rekzer

  8. rekzer

    The messy guitars don't bother me as much as the drums. They are awful, specially on Ash. Utafumi does sound a lot better live imo so Nigen probably does too.
  9. it's 8/7 and CDJapan still hasn't shipped my DADAROMA dvd. I sent them an email yesterday to cancel the order because it's still not in shipping process and they reply that they can't cancel it because it just entered shipping process -_- cdjapan is getting so shitty lately. Fuck them

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. rekzer


      I sent them an email asking if i had to wait to receive the item to then return it (it still hasnt shipped). And they replied asking me if i wanted to return it -_- like bitch you still have the fucking dvd.

    3. Mihi


      ^ omg that's infuriating 

    4. rekzer


      Its been in "shipping process" for 4 days now. This is Amazons level of shit service :(

  10. rekzer

    they had a bunch of the Raid on their last live stream. I'm not sure if it's still available and I think they're on break now but try talking to @Valicious or @Biopanda
  11. rekzer

    so the live cd will just be an audio rip of that live?
  12. rekzer

    about damn time!
  13. rekzer

    I cant wait for this album. Wipeout was shit for me and FREEDOM was meh but I really loved The Perfect Nightmare and Catastrophe (shitty chorus aside).
  14. rekzer

    they're going to be opening for Satsuki's next EU tour this is garbage. i'll go cry in a corner while listening to MEJIBRAY now ;-;