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  1. rekzer

    According to Google they take away 5% from each donation and there is also a transaction fee that varies by country
  2. rekzer

    Thank you! I hope you are able to find subs for them. And i can wait for the live. It was at 6am here and i was half asleep so i didnt enjoyed it as much as i would've liked.
  3. rekzer

    Im just sad Obliterator is not included as its one of my favorites. But honestly im just happy the tracklist is more than 5 songs this time
  4. rekzer

    i think they said they will not come back
  5. this was pure garbage. if this is all they're gonna keep making they should stay on hiatus even the mortal kombat cover was more enjoyable
  6. rekzer

    these bitches....
  7. rekzer

    they uploaded all of their live dvds to their youtube channel for a limited time i think SiM – 【期間限定】 10 YEARS -LiVE at STUDIO COAST- SiM – 【期間限定】 WHO SAYS WE CAN'T -LiVE at NIPPON BUDOKAN- SiM – 【期間限定】 DEAD MAN WALKiNG -LiVE at YOKOHAMA ARENA-
  8. rekzer

    Im glad they put the crappy singles they releases before on disc 2
  9. they also uploaded the full mp4 version to mega https://mega.nz/#F!wVUHhAyQ!Ir2HxGGSPC45MLSIVu8r5Q not the greatest quality but better than nothing
  10. rekzer

    watch it while it lasts
  11. rekzer

    they def have a couple of songs they should really retire from their setlists
  12. rekzer

    didn't he started the band?
  13. rekzer

    Maybe another one of those docustyle dvds This is the best cover DEG has made period: I like this cover more than most of their original songs at that time.
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