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  1. For the webshop where you can purchase the DVD, do you know if they ship overseas?
  2. Stumbled upon this today. Gorgeous, what do you guys think?
  3. You need to calm the shit down. Jesus.
  4. The concert was a'ight. live versions would be decent
  5. OH god the memories of this thread. Bottom whore galore! So ive had alot of anal since, lel. )_)_)===D~~
  6. Such a newbie Batsu.org? tonberry torrents? tainted world? Ahhhhhhhhhh. they were the days!
  7. DIE/MAY and Visual Moon were the only decent band. The rest were horrific.
  8. He's an idiot. The shit that has been coming out of his mouth lately is purely controversial to get himself back in the headlines. http://www.news.com.au/entertainment/celebrity-life/gene-simmons-of-kiss-tells-depressed-people-to-kill-themselves-cops-triple-m-ban/story-fnk822dn-1227025850379
  9. they have mini clips of the 'pv' mixed in, but its just a live concert.
  10. I got it ^ But it's a live video. not PV ... at all. lol
  11. does anyone know where us international folk can obtain this (without shopping service) Cant seem to find it anywhere.
  12. yeah i received it in the end AND paypal gave me my money back. lol It's risky cos paypal only can refund you for cases that are no older than i think 90 days. so theres no rpotection if he rips you off! Ryonai should keep people up to date via email.....
  13. Does anyone know if its released?
  14. Milking absolutely as much as he can o.o