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  1. psychtiger

    Could it be a song from this? http://u-zd-company.moo.jp/list/cd/va/PLGV-004.html It's the only compilation work I could find featuring that song. You can listen to previews of each song here: http://www.indiesmusic.com/item/?id=4016
  2. psychtiger

    Damn, this list was depressing to make. All of them have been my number 1 (or well.. number 2) at some point. All time favorites 1. そろばん 2. ZORO 3. 人格ラヂオ 4. シド 5. CELLT 6. 176BIZ 8. Dir en grey 9. メロウ 10. ドレミ團 Honorable mentions: ラッド, 犬神サーカス団, GLACIER, オーダーメイド, メガマソ, HeaRt, シビレバシル, ゴールデンボンバー, ValettA, so many moohrr. Narrowing it down to just 10 was more difficult than I expected. I got into visual kei a decade ago, so most of these bands have disbanded by now. If I were to make a list of bands I listen to most often now it would be like... AvelCain, DADAROMA, MEJIBRAY, カメレオ, NoGoD, the GazettE, ect.
  3. psychtiger

    幸せなら DON'T FUCKING GO 幸せなら DON'T YOU FUCKING GO 幸せなら 態度で 示そうよ 幸せなら I'LL KILL YOU IF YOU GO jkjk love you, boo!!! And I'll miss you! Have fun! And remember that even when you're alone in the forest hiding from serial killers and trying to figure out how to kill that snake to eat it or make a cute necklace out of it, Yamapi will always be with you. In your heart! And me too! Because Yamapi and I are married so I'll also be in your heart... Just like.. imagine Yamapi and I making out on a giant cloud whenever you're feeling sad! And I'm sure it'll bring you happiness and peace! Love you and I'll miss you! Have fun! ..and if you fucking die. Don't even try me. Just don't die.
  4. psychtiger

    Amazing line up!! I am so excited! My baby H.BrahmaN is back!
  5. I bet AYABIE with Anzu sounded amazing. Don't think of AYABIE and アヤビエ (and 彩冷える) as the same band. It can ruin an era for you! I've always liked that whenever they had a drastic member change, they also changed their name. It's kind of like forming a new band without losing a huge part of your fanbase. It also keeps the era's pristine and separated in my eyes. Just think of each name as a different band.
  6. psychtiger

    Ehhh, I guess. He just kind of said he was retiring and then that was it. But he's been friends with Ryuuji and Tatsuhi since they were in highschool, I'm sure he'd come back for a revival live. But yeah, a sudden announcement at such a strange live. I'm thinking it's either good news or bad news. They've been miking their fans for money lately.. which has me thinking it's bad news. Selling custom merch (which is adorable) and selling a digital song and some cheki for 30,000 yen. It's kind of ridiculous. But on the other hand, they haven't released any new music since the Mousou Nikki campaign, and that was almost a year ago, which makes me think it might be a label change or something that would tie them up in that area. But that could also be bad news... I can't see Soroban coming back as a full time thing. They played a few lives and had their last live. Plus, Yumehito and Masato (the support drummer) are both now in Belle and have lives planned until April of next year. Ahhh idk, my mind has been speculating all day!
  7. psychtiger

    I'm so excited and nervousssss. Why does the special announcement have to be at a ゾロ × ZORO event? Also, Ketch (ex-KYOKUTOU GIRL FRIEND), will be playing support for ゾロ. My current theory is that ゾロ is getting back together, minus Taizo, and that they are going to be back on danger crue or something... And by "my theory", I mean - my wish. They also have a new look!! And they look so awesomeeee! Ryuuji in his raf simons, Tatsuhi with his short hair man thing going on. Feelin' it.
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