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  1. Prophet

    2018 and still sad. One of the most heart-wrenching disband news for me, aside of Deluhi. I wish they reunite or something. Hell I dont even know what each member is doing or in what band at the moment.
  2. Drowned into post-rock ambient stuffs

    1. zombieparadise


      Have anything to recommend? I've been dabbling in the genre lately and I like it.

    2. Prophet


      For Japanese ones: Anoice, Films, Boris, Mono, A Picture of Her, Sequence Pulse, Hyakkei


      For Western ones: Maybeshewill, Collapse Under the Empire, Frames, The Evpatoria Report


      You might also wanna check Indonesian Post-rock: Bellvanian Symphony and Ghaust

    3. Prophet





      One example.

  3. People who spit meanie and offensive words to every little thing online is prob a kid who dont have life. Just chill.

  4. VK is getting booooring~

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    2. Elazmus
    3. Elazmus
    4. Prophet


      Lol didnt know it's pretty crowdy here. Well, I'm more into Japanese Indie bands now because VK bands are... boring imo, as I said.

  5. Prophet

    Shinya (Dir en Grey) and most post-rock unknown underrated drummers.
  6. Im happy with the news, but why so excited about a band which prolly just last, a year or two? Kinda tired with Leda and Sujk's shits.
  7. Prophet

    First off, Im a big fan of Dir en grey's heavy music. Before ARCHE released, UROBOROS was my most favorite album, and DSS comes second. So when I tried ARCHE for the first time, it kinda made me down. I mean, there aint no more surprises breakdown, less screams, and heavy-paced songs. But I kept playing the whole albums over and over again like crazy and my conclusion.. THIS ALBUM IS BADASS! Idk how or why, but this feels like the superb mix between their old-school and nowadays music. Even they dont really complicate music anymore, i just take the positive side, 'they got more catchy songs'. My most favorite songs are: Revelation of Mankind, Uroko (both original and crossover one), Tousei, Magayasou, Behind a Vacant Image (both original and unplugged one), Phenomenon, And Zero, and The Unravelling (Mix). Weakest songs for me are The Inferno and Cause of Fickleness. Overall.. 9/10 Still one level below UROBOROS tho (imo).
  8. Prophet

    Who cares about the genre, this EP is epic shit. Way better than their previous releases. For me the electro parts suit them really well. Vortex and Go Ahead are my favorite. Overall: 4/5
  9. Fuuuk yes! PHASE 2 was a masterpiece for me. I hope this maxi will be even better.
  10. Step of Terror for me, the keyboard line is omg, mindblowing. As for the remix songs, the only song I like is Chase the Light, I deleted the other 2 right away.
  11. Prophet

    I swear that preview sends shivers down my spine.
  12. Prophet

    Anything that sounds like Devi or I Believe in Me or something like that will do just fine for me.
  13. Heya, that was a long introduction man. xD Welcome to the heaven, where all the dreams come true. Hope you get along with everybody here and have fun too. You can ask people with red or blue names if you have any question. Or just ask me. See ya around.
  14. Prophet

    Welcome abroad Dibur! Hope you enjoy your stay~
  15. Prophet

    Since the news of Heartless, then Deluhi disbandment, followed by -OZ-, and now A too. I really have nomore interest in VK scene except for few bands such as Nocturnal Blooslust and Sadie. I listen to almost every damn genre at the moment, ranged from Japanese Mathcore to Japanese Jazz, even girlband like Perfume (guilty pleasure) lol. I enjoy touhou music just fine as well. And this forum even has Download (general music) thread now, which proves you enough that many people are Non-VKers anymore here, thus my reason to stay. So yeah, We hope you'd consider about your decision again.
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