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    nostalgia reacted to Anne Claire in Show Yourself (again)   
    It's been awhile, eh? Welp, got a new haircut two weeks ago.
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    nostalgia got a reaction from platy in DIR EN GREY announces new Blu-ray/DVD, single, JP, US and EU tour   
    Album arts for the new single have been revealed.



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    nostalgia got a reaction from nullmoon in DIR EN GREY announces new Blu-ray/DVD, single, JP, US and EU tour   
    The title should be changed to "The World of No Mercy" according to their new look.
  4. LOLOL
    nostalgia reacted to nekkichi in DIR EN GREY announces new Blu-ray/DVD, single, JP, US and EU tour   
    short ver. now, longer ver. on itunes, longest ver. on 『average flatulence』 PV DVD/BR next year I guess
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    nostalgia got a reaction from nullmoon in DIR EN GREY announces new Blu-ray/DVD, single, JP, US and EU tour   
    Album arts for the new single have been revealed.



  6. LOVE!
    nostalgia got a reaction from Altairxx in DIR EN GREY announces new Blu-ray/DVD, single, JP, US and EU tour   
    Album arts for the new single have been revealed.



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    nostalgia reacted to fuyushita_risou in HIZUMI (ex-D'espairsRay Vo.) new band NUL. has formed   
    My assumption is that Hizumi is very out of practice. He said before that he still is not completely healed, but I guess his doctor must have given him a go to sing again. So before they all have a big re-unification as D'espairsRay, Hizumi will slowly train himself for the stage again.
    So the music doesn't matter as much at the moment as does him standing on a stage again.
    I guess an announcement for a re-unification will come at the 9.9. either this year or the next two years
    All dates would be meaningful.
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    nostalgia reacted to zombieparadise in heidi. NEW ALBUM「標本」releasing 10/23   
    heidi. will be releasing their new album「標本」on October 23 in a Type A (CD + DVD) and Type B (Bonus track) format.

  9. LOLOL
    nostalgia reacted to Yukimoto in アクメ(ACME) new single "WONDERFUL WORLD" release   
    Got to see them LIVE!!!! But the drummer looks like PURA's vocalist on this one
  10. Interesting
    nostalgia reacted to Shaolan974 in HIZUMI (ex-D'espairsRay Vo.) new band NUL. has formed   
    Setlist at 2019/08/16 at Shibuya REX
    03.Plastic Factory
    07.Grand 0
    08.Phantom Rain (仮)
    10.I don’t seek, I find (仮)
    02.Plastic Factory
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    nostalgia reacted to VESSMIER in Help pls ! I need the name of this song (old visual kei) i just only remember the guitar intro that is this.   
    You might wanna improve your sample a little bit. There's absolutely no sense of rhythm or tempo... But how about this song?
  12. LOLOL
    nostalgia reacted to chemicalpictures in Help pls ! I need the name of this song (old visual kei) i just only remember the guitar intro that is this.   
    give us more details to narrow down the possibilities dude
    you believe it's old vk like early 90's, or early 00's
    if its style is more similar to luna sea, or dir en grey , or oshare, etc etc etc
    smh like this
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    nostalgia reacted to Yukami in アクメ(ACME) new single "WONDERFUL WORLD" release   
    アクメ(ACME) 6th single "WONDERFUL WORLD" will be released at 2019/10/30.

    02. Replay
    03. WONDERFUL WORLD (karaoke version)
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    nostalgia reacted to Shaolan974 in 眩暈SIREN (Memai SIREN) new double A-side single "滲む錆色/紫陽花" (Nijimu Sabiiro / Ajisai) release   
    眩暈SIREN (Memai SIREN) new double A-side single "滲む錆色/紫陽花" (Nijimu Sabiiro / Ajisai) will be released at 2019/09/11 (2 types)
    Limited edition (2160yen) will include CD and DVD
    Regular edition (1296yen) will include CD only
    [CD tracklist]
    1.滲む錆色 (Nijimu Sabiiro)
    2.紫陽花 (Ajisai)
    3.九月一日 (Kugatsu Tsuitachi)
    [DVD tracklist] * limited edition only
    2018.11.02「囚人のジレンマ TOUR2019」@ 渋谷 WWW X ライブ映像

  15. 悲しい
    nostalgia reacted to suji in Piko to go on hiatus due to kidney disease   
    Piko, the singer known for his dual voice range and performing covers on Nico Nico Douga and various anime OSTs, has announced a hiatus as he will focus on treatment for his kidney disease (end stage renal disease). 
    Piko began having problems since late March, and has experienced fatigue since May. As his condition deteriorated, he has been hospitalized since June. It is believed that another medical issue from ten years ago led to the current diagnosis, but went unnoticed. He has been going through dialysis three times a week and takes medication. He also had to undergo surgery to implant a shunt due to the repeated dialysis. His parents are also willing to be kidney donors if a transplant is needed. 
    As a result, his upcoming lives have been cancelled, including a guest appearance at Gero Live 2019 ~Reiwa Rampage Tour~ in October and a twoman with Pokota in November.

    Translation/quick summary: Anime News Network
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    nostalgia reacted to colorful人生 in Software Recommendations - Windows Edition   
    Music Players:
    AIMP | a light, stylish music player that works out of the box foobar2000 | a clean, minimalistic music player that's highly customizable MusicBee | full-fledged music player and organizer that functions similarly to iTunes  
    Video Players:
    MPV | light and snappy with little in the way MPC-HC | was the king of media players still use it b/c mpv can't use madvr MPC-QT (Uses libmpv instead of directshow) | want to retain MPC-HC style functionality for MPV VLC | plays just about everything. just werks  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  
    Image Viewers:
    XnView MP | it has a lot of features. can read more than 500 formats HoneyView | ultrafast and lightweight FastStone | also fast and lightweight Windows Photo Viewer is fine, though  
    Audio Conversion:
    AIMP's built-in tools | you can transcode into a bunch of other formats, etc. it's built into the AIMP player foobar2000 w/ FEP (Free Encoder Pack) | same as above for foobar2000 ffmpeg (CLI) | uses command-line interface but it does just about everything  
    Video Ripping/Conversion:
    HandBrake | easy to use and navigable XMedia Recode | while not as "easy" as the above, it has more features and is good w/ remuxing ffmpeg (CLI) | does pretty much everything if you know what you're doing ShanaEncoder (GUI) | a frontend for ffmpeg  
    Photo Editing:
    GIMP | open-source and pretty navigable Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom | the adobe suite softwares will be the most premium option available, but the suite is subscription based if you want to pirate these, at least the 2018 versionsr, *cough* something something amtlib.dll crack *cough* Pixlr (WEB) | my favorite web-based editor. decent amount of features  
    Raster Editing/Drawing:
    GIMP Adobe Photoshop Paint.NET | lightweight, and a free, much better mspaint alternative Krita | more features than Paint.NET w/ added animation capability. a favorite w/ 2D animators  
    Vector Editing/Drawing:
    Inkscape | most reputable open-source vector editor Adobe Illustrator Gravit (WEB) | another great web-based editor  
    Video Editing:
    Blender | not only is it a free 3D modeling/sculpting/animation software, but it comes with a decent video editor Adobe Premiere Davinci Resolve | professional and full-fledged, but free. comes with a bit of a learning curve  
    Video Effects/Compositing:
    Fusion | difficult learning curve, but full of features Adobe After Effects Natron | simpler than fusion, but on the decline If I were to give my personal opinion, AE has had the consumer crowd on lock for a while. Nuke being the next "step up" starts at $4k, so it's obv. for professionals. 99% of people will stick to AE.  
    3D Modeling/Animation:
    Blender | open-source and good for animations, models, game assets. best of all, it's free! 3DS Max | modeling, architecture, and animation (i've used this) Maya | much stronger in the animation department than 3DS Max. more comprehensive. higher learning curve  
    ScreenToGif | record stuff on the screen to gif. has a lot of options One of the "Video Editing" or "Raster Editing" Programs | most "good" gifs you see on the interwebs are made in photoshop, premiere, or after effects GifCam | lightweight screen to gif recorder  
    Office Alternatives:
    LibreOffice | the best desktop alternative to Microsoft Office, full-featured. lacks publisher equivalent Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides (WEB) | definitely the most popular alternative to Office since it's integrated w/ Google's other services and Drive. lacks access and publisher equivalent OpenOffice | LibreOffice was forked from this. not getting nearly as many updates. lacks publisher equivalent  
    RetroArch | emulator all-in-one frontend. slight learning curve to get it customized & working. on many other platforms BizHawk | emulator that's more for retro games. popular w/ speedrunners and TASers w/ built in tools & recording Newer Gen GameCube/Wii | Dolphin DS | DeSmuME DeSmuME High-res PS2 | PCSX2 PSP | PPSSPP Wii U | CEMU WiiUSBHelper w/ Workaround| Game Downloader/Manager  3DS | Citra PS3 | RPCS3 Switch | Yuzu (early stages, can't play most games yet)  
    Web Browsers:
    Google Chrome | most popular browser. fast but a RAM hog Mozilla Firefox | popular browser and getting increasingly better. google doesn't have it's grimy fingers over everything Brave | a rising browser w/ a privacy twist. has a built in TOR incognito mode and ad-blocking Tor Project | privacy and security in mind. good for changing your location to use JP sites/services  
    Code Editors:
    Visual Studio Code | most popular. has plenty of features. often called a "dummy IDE" Atom | open-source, community-based code editor. highly customizable but a bit finicky at times Notepad++ | lightweight and a step-up from Notepad  
    Additional Software/Add-ons:
    7zip | File Archiver/Extractor Advanced Renamer | Batch File Renaming AirDroid | Multitasking w/ Android Devices via PC Anti-Twin | Duplicate Deletion Audacity | Audio Editor and Recorder AutoHotkey | Keyboard Macro Program BitDefender Free | Anti-Virus BleachBit | PC Cleaner/Temp File Cleaner Chocolatey w/ Chocolatey GUI | Package Manager  Daemon Tools (Lite) | Mounting ISOs Genymotion | Android Emulator/Tester Google Earth Professional | Za Warudo (has a timeline feature that the browser version doesn't have) HexChat | IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client Instant Eyedropper | On-Screen Color Detection Tool iTMS Scrubber | Scrub Personal Information from iTunes purchases JDownloader 2 | Batch DDL (Direct Download) Manager KeePass | Password Manager Kodi | Media Center/ Home Theater Software madvr | Video Renderer for Video Players Mp3tag | Modifying Music Metadata MSI Afterburner | Overclocking MusicBrainz Picard | Music Metadata Scraper OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) | Screen Recording + Streaming qBittorrent | Torrent Client Sizer 4 | Resize and Reposition Windows Spek | Acoustic Spectrum Analyzer Spotify | Music Streaming Service Steam | Games Sumatra PDF | Lightweight PDF Reader SVP (Smooth Video Project) | Frame Interpolation for Video Players Synergy | Multitasking w/ Multiple PCs TronScript | Debloater Virtualbox | Virtualization Software WizTree | Disk Space Analyzer Wget for Windows (CLI) | Download FTP Contents XSplit | Screen Recording + Streaming [>Features than OBS] Youtube-DL (CLI) | YT Video Downloader (uses ffmpeg)
  17. Thanks
    nostalgia got a reaction from Seimeisen in HIZUMI (ex-D'espairsRay Vo.) new band NUL. has formed   
    reform despairs ray now x [2]
    Yeah, if he is really back to singing again, he should reform D'espairsRay along with the rest of the members instead of forming a new band and start from scratch.
    Wasn't the point of D'espairsRay's disbandment due to the fact that he wasn't able to sing? Karyu, Zero, and Tsukasa may be currently in other bands, but hey it's D'espairsRay, your original band, not someone else's existing project. You guys should definitely reform because HIZUMI is back now.
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    nostalgia got a reaction from RED99 in HIZUMI (ex-D'espairsRay Vo.) new band NUL. has formed   
    Vocals HIZUMI (ex-D'espairsRay)

    Programming 岸利至 (KISHI) (a.b.s.)

    Guitar MASATO (defspiral)


    The band has formed on 2019.05.25 and will perform their 1st live at SHIBUYA REX on 2019.08.16.
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    nostalgia reacted to monkeybanana4 in HIZUMI (ex-D'espairsRay Vo.) new band NUL. has formed   
    DemoCD [limited] trailer: https://youtu.be/es0M0AGYQHw (no embedding allowed)
    Two Songs
    - XStream
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    nostalgia reacted to Furik in D’espairsRay is now on streaming platforms!   
    I know their MONSTERS album was up but I noticed a couple days ago that albums likes Coll:Set, MIRROR, and their later albums along with their EPs are now on Spotify and Apple Music from what I’ve seen. Just letting you all know. 👍
  21. LOLOL
    nostalgia reacted to saishuu in D’espairsRay is now on streaming platforms!   
    jesus I read the title and thought they were back for a second and my stomach dropped
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    nostalgia reacted to Disposable in Rich people in vk?   
    Good indicator is that the richer you are, the less you release and tour. With that said the list goes: X, Luna Sea and L'arc, Glay and other bands dads listen to. These days you can't make the same money as in the 90's and early 2000's but some bandmen still make due for even if they have to tour constantly to get it. Ruki and Kyo for example are most likely not poor and starving when they sell clothes and other shit on the side in addition to fronting the two biggest bands of the generation that are still actively touring, and a guy like Sena from Raido has so much expensive stuff according to IG that if it isn't his then at least his gya are rich. 
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    nostalgia reacted to Zeus in random thoughts thread   
    lmao @ people who wish celebrities who don't give a fuck about em happy birthday but can't even remember their own friend's birthdays. priorities, priorities.
  24. LOLOL
    nostalgia got a reaction from Kyo_Toriko in Guitarist Lin has joined Nocturnal Bloodlust ! + new mini-album "UNLEASH" release   
    Now he can form a band together with JESSE (Vo.) and KenKen (Ba.) in the jail. Only a drummer is missing though.
  25. I feel ya..
    nostalgia got a reaction from Cereal Killer 13 in Guitarist Lin has joined Nocturnal Bloodlust ! + new mini-album "UNLEASH" release   
    Now he can form a band together with JESSE (Vo.) and KenKen (Ba.) in the jail. Only a drummer is missing though.
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