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    DEZERT will release a new album titled "black hole" on 2019.11.27. バケモノ (bakemono) has been released digitally as of 2019.10.02. Tracklist: 1 Dark In Black Hole 2 バケモノ 3 Thirsty? 4 みぎて 5 白痴 6 Call of Rescue 7 半透明を食べる。 8 御法度 9 神経と重力 10 天使の前頭葉 11 ラプソディ・イン・マイ・ヘッド 12 感染少女 13 True Man 14 I'm sorry
  2. Girugamesh's 13's reborn turned 13 today! 🎂

    1. Anne Claire

      Anne Claire


      aaaaayyyyy happy 13th b-day

  3. nostalgia

  4. nostalgia

    ギルガメッシュ - Real my place (2016.05.12 OPERA CONCERT CLUB/Saint Petersburg, Russia)
  5. if (today === zeus.birthday) {


      return 'SGFwcHkgYmlydGhkYXksIGJybyEgSGF2ZSBhIGdvb2Qgb25lLg=='; // base64


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    2. nostalgia


      I'm not. I'm just multitalented and smarter than you.

    3. Zeus



    4. colorful人生


      } else {

      return 'Tm8gY2FrZSBmb3IgeW91IEQ6'; // also base64



      // Also, Happy Birthday @Zeus

  6. nostalgia

    I believe this is gonna be Jordi's new favorite album if you know what I mean.
  7. nostalgia

    wanna hear your mother tongue ♪
  8. mazohyst is the only song i hate among the entire DEG discography and i always skip it no matter how long it is.
  9. The title should be changed to "The World of No Mercy" according to their new look.
  10. Album arts for the new single have been revealed. 完全生産限定盤 通常盤 初回生産限定盤
  11. nostalgia

    Oh wow looks like they have many songs in hands. Having a number of brand new songs already written like this could probably tell that HIZUMI is very serious to start his music career again IMO.
  12. nostalgia

    This song is so damn beautiful.
  13. Now he can form a band together with JESSE (Vo.) and KenKen (Ba.) in the jail. Only a drummer is missing though.
  14. nostalgia

    so i finally found an appropriate thread to post this in.
  15. nostalgia

    These two should form a band together seriously.
  16. 1. almost 40 years music career. 2. but have only 3 major studio albums. 3. took 10 years to finish the new album. 4. the release date is likely the next century.
  17. Fast and Furious 9 is to film in Southern Thailand next month. The cars have arrived. So excited to see it next year.


    1. Bear




      This is a series that's gone from being godmotherfuckignawful and made for 19 year old "car lovers" with ugly car and their 14 year old girlfriends, to silly, over the top action movies that's as brainless and dumb as they are fun.


      Really looking forward to this. Even more so to Hobbs and Shaw. This movie looks so over the top that it could've been mistaken for a superhero spin-off or something.

  18. nostalgia

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